Ton-up Pardew still has work to do

100 games in charge for Pardew.
100 games in charge for Pardew.
Alan Pardew celebrated his 100th game in charge of Newcastle United last night with a much needed win over struggling Aston Villa.

However if you look at his record during his time at United you will see there is still plenty of room for improvement for the former Reading, West Ham and Southampton manager.

The stats will show that Alan Pardew has guided his team to victory on 37 occasions, overseen defeat in 36 matches with the other 27 fixtures ending in a draw leaving his with a winning percentage of 37%. I’m not going to compare his winning percentage to different former United managers as we’re in different times with very different circumstances to previous managers.

Just to give a quick example, people will instantly drag up Chris Hughton and his record without mentioning that the vast majority of his games were played in the second tier of football. Kevin Keegan also has the benefit of playing some games in the second tier. It’s hard to compare different people, different personnel, different owners and different times using just a statistic.

In defence of Pardew though, even thought the stats aren’t that good, there have been mitigating circumstances. I’m not making excuses for the man as he is perfectly capable of doing that himself, but the things that stick our for me are having to play for half a season without a striker thanks to the sale of Andy Carroll, plus there is this season where a bit of motivation from the board in the summer would have seen us higher up the league than what we sit currently.

However this isn’t purely a defence of Pardew and there are many areas where he can improve upon. It’s just important to remember that he can only really work with what he is dealt and I have the feeling that will be the same for any manager that is employed under Mike Ashley.

Certain tactical decisions have left me wondering what is going on and some substitutions have been worrying, but then I don’t proclaim to be a tactics guru like most other people seem to be and I’ve not played Football Manager in years so perhaps it’s just something I’m not seeing. They are the kind if decisions that get praised when they work and the team is winning but get questioned when circumstances are reversed.

So in summary his first 100 games aren’t bad, but there is definite room for improvement which will hopefully come now we have a squad with some quality and depth in it.

This team has potential, it’s now up to Pardew to help realise it.

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165 thoughts on “Ton-up Pardew still has work to do

  1. Come on Spuds and Spam man!!

    I’d take Gameiro on loan like. I’d sooner sign someone permanent like but a loan is better than nowt and may give us a bit of a goal threat from the bench.
    I’ve see afew bits of footage of Willy Bonny and I’m starting to really warm to the idea of him being signed – if that’s a real possibility like.
    I live in hope that we will bring a forward in before tomorrow night – but I know it’s highly unlikely.


  2. I remember everything.

    I remember bob carolgees and spit the dog.

    No cares now though.

    No one.


  3. Troy I thought Batty got a buyer for your settee but now its logged in to the blog whats going on there, maybe it’s loves you too much to leave you.

    Kim I didn’t think he was due back until feb


  4. Kim I don’t care what anyone says I like Carroll and would take him back tomorrow, at the right price offcourse πŸ˜‰

    Ice Batty told me about your nasty comment about me today πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜‰


  5. “I’ll never sell you”

    “I’ll never leave you”

    “I’ll never sit on you bare arsed after I’ve been doing my aerobics class”

    All lies.

    I’m not bitter…. I’m disappointed.


  6. lol that jane Fonda’s scored two again for Reading 😯

    where did they snap him up from, Psg..Marseille? no Rotherham United.. πŸ˜€


  7. I dont believe the Fondler has scored twice again. πŸ‘Ώ
    Another great comeback from Reading.


  8. @troys leather settee

    does troy wear his leather wrestling thong while sitting on you or does he cover up.. I bet youve got a bit of a pong 😈


  9. Asshole Vile down to 19th. :mrgreen:
    Wigan also drop in to the bottom 3.
    We need to have wet spam and norwich in our sights now.
    I feel more confident we can survive now.
    Looking good. πŸ˜†


  10. Does anyone remember the flumps?

    80’s kids TV show about a family of fuzzy balls?

    I don’t.


  11. Reading are now out of the relegation zone. Adam Le Fondre cost them Β£300,000 from Rotherham. What’s he worth now?


  12. Chelsea will want to hammer whoever they’ve got next in the league.

    Who’s that then? πŸ˜₯


  13. Newkie @ 99.
    I’d rather take a striker that can actually score, not flatters to deceive.
    7 goals in two years. £5M 😯 no thanks. Plus he wont want to be dropping his wages either.


  14. What the **** happened there!!!
    I turned SSN off thinking Chelsea had that one in the bag – the ****ing useless ****ers!!
    Norwich and Fulham picked up points tonight when we could have done with them getting beat to let catch them up a bit.


  15. Well while i wanted a Chelsea win this does prove they are to be got at , we are capable of getting something against them at SJP , The Frenchies have now had a taste of how the premiership is , lets get ready to rumble .



    If you have a heart, please don’t sell me.

    Try and remember the good times. Remember all those times we made love? They were beautiful.
    The best times were in the 90’s when you put channel 5 on in the background when we were intimate.


    Goodnight sweet prince.



  17. Ice – I reckon the scum have got a good deal there like – hate to say that, but I reckon he’s a 10-15 goals a season player and that’s not bad for Β£5.5m.

    Newkie – I’d take Carroll for Β£5m as well as long as we weren’t paying him Β£80k pw. I reckon he’ll be on the move in the summer and it will be interesting to see where and for how much. I fancy we will be paying great interest if he was available


  18. Kim I would love to have him back, call me an old romantic but I think there is something special about having Geordies in the team as they understand fully what it’s all about,

    Troy don’t do that on the settee it’s clear he loves you and can’t go on without you


  19. @BD

    I’ve got to let it go. I’ve got to let it go. !

    Don’t make this any harder for me!

    It’s hard enough as it is! We’ve been inseparable for a decade. But the time has come to replace it.

    It’s life Dave. Tough decisions have to be made.

    Its going back to the Fairholm social club. πŸ˜›


  20. TROY give it a good sending off , get a slapper roond and give her a good todgering on it for its last night like 😈 😯 and i meen a RIGHT GOOD TODGERING .You know it has to be done .


  21. Chelsea are playing completely ****e at the minute and they really won’t want to be coming up here. We should be looking at winning that game.


  22. By the way, I watched the game again today and I disagree with people who claim Steven Taylor had a great game yesterday. He had a good first half, but was anonymous in the 2nd. Lost almost every header he went for, got caught under the ball(again) and almost cost us a goal trying to block Benteke off instead of attacking the ball.

    M’Biwa please.


  23. i agree 100% THE KID saylor is lucky he is a geordie that reason alone cover’s his negatives with some fans , he is decent but will never be international class M’biwa &Colo should be the 2 untill the end of the season .Colo seems too have decided he is here for the near future .


  24. I think Saylor is a decent, if not world-class, CB. But that’s what you need as a backup 2 top class CB’s (Mbiwa, Colo).


  25. The Saylor debate around whether he is good enough or not has been going on for as long as he has been playing first team football. That probably speaks volumes about his talent because after all this time he has not really cemented himself as a certain starter. Sure there have been injuries but they are not solely to blame for all of the conjecture surrounding his style of play.
    Personally, I think he a solid player but can be prone to recklessness and bad positional sense when defending. I hope M’biwa steps up and takes his chance, it would be nice to have two level headed CB’s (Collo) that can play the ball out on the ground. Everything Saylor does seems to be at 100miles per hour which comes across as slightly panicky.
    And as far as being our next Captain, well I think he is not ready at all. After seeing his dance in front of the Villa keeper, it has confirmed my beliefs that he is not emotionally mature enough to be a leader amongst men. I would be down right embarrassed if he was our captain and he did that 😳 πŸ˜†


  26. Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage
    Possibly. I think there may be one more coming in, think it could be Jermain Lens of PSV.

    Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage Last I heard a bid had been made. I’d be surprised if it happens.

    Just came across this


  27. Way back on October 22, 2011 at 10:30 I said, “There’s a Kiwi who plays for Melbourne Victory that Pardew should have a look at. He’s just a young guy – 18 or so. Marco Rojas, his name is. Good player. Good close control.”

    The talk this week is that Rojas is being scouted by Liverpool and Juventus. I’m available as a freelance scout, Mr Ashley.


  28. Vegas, you spend too many afternoons sleeping on the couch to be a full time scout πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Agree about Rojas, very silky player, great potential….


  29. I can’t believe he’s still ditching me.

    I was trying a bit of reverse phsycology there.


  30. how can I be conversing with a sofa?? they don’t have fingers so how could it type? 😯 sheeesh, some people have no idea πŸ˜•


  31. Dear settee,

    This hasn’t been an easy decision. But it’s a decision that had to be made.

    I feel we’ve drifted apart and you no longer fit in with the surroundings.

    Can you remember 21 inch TV we had with mono sound? I had to give that back to the charity shop.

    The sheepskin rug? I had to remove that, though I still use it as a coat in the winter. 😯

    I’m sorry, its ended this way, but there’s something I never told you. Your real home is the Fairholm Social club in Benwell. 😯

    Jimmy Kebe from the club committee is picking you up next week.

    Best wishes



  32. I talk to Big Dave on here, that’s like talking to a brick wall. πŸ˜‰ So it’s not a stretch talking to a sofa! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  33. Nah, waiting for orange to send router but bloke in the local orange shop has loaned us a mobile thingy, its not bad actually, pushing out 6mb which was good enough to watch Villa game on my phone (laptops in old flat)


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