United hit for six as freefall continues

Pressure piles on Pardew
Pressure piles on Pardew
This isn’t a match report of the like you’ll be used to reading on here. To put it bluntly, I’m not quite sure anyone would want to recount the events of yesterday.

So for that reason I’m not going to bother and I’m going to have a moan instead. The facts are startling enough and the main one is that we lost 6-0 at home to Liverpool.

I’ve personally now got that sinking feeling and and I now firmly believe that our safety is now in the hands of the inability, or indeed ability, of other teams below us picking up points. I honestly can’t see us getting another win this season and at the moment getting a draw is a stretch of the imagination so it’s very much squeaky bum time on Tyneside as we await confirmation of which division we’ll be gracing next season.

What I saw yesterday was nowhere near good enough. A 6-0 defeat is never good, but to not find one positive from a defeat like that and, perhaps more worryingly, see a side who are supposed to be fighting for their lives crumble so easily is alarming to say the least.

So where do we go from here? Put simply I don’t know. I’m now at the point of backing the sacking of Alan Pardew after spending so much time teetering on the edge, but is it right to do it with three games to go? Do we get rid now and let John Carver have a go at motivating our players? There are risks associated with everything.

What’s gone wrong? Have we collectively overestimated how good our French imports are? To put it another way, are they not as good as a lot of fans thought they were? I still believe they are good players, but they aren’t being played in the right way and aren’t being motivated enough which is the job of a manager in my book.

Yes you can say the players have a responsibility and should be motivated because that’s their job, but we don’t know if anything has happened behind the scenes to affect that. Most people in normal jobs would just get on wit it, but footballers aren’t “normal” in that sense and need to be handled differently.

A dismal season is just getting worse and worse, and that real worrying thing is that it could still get worse. The threat of relegation still looms large and the result yesterday, although horrible to go through, will have very little to do with it in the grand scheme of things. If we go down it’s because we’ve not been good enough all season, not because we lost 6-0 yesterday.

I, like everyone, just hope we don’t have to go through relegation again…

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241 thoughts on “United hit for six as freefall continues

  1. Frickin hell, just reading in the jounal Shearer gets £500k for being a pundit on MOTD.

    That’s the same as Pards. Nee wonder he is encouraging Ashley to stick with Pards! 😛

    He’ll be frightened in case Ashley asks him and he has to knock his beloved toon back cos he is better paid and a cush number. 😆


  2. Oh dear. The cold draught has appeared. Close the window Toonsy. I’ll close the door behind me. 🙄


  3. The problem we have is that under Ashley the club has become a bit of a poison challice as far as managers are concerned. They will know he -1 .pays a pittance in managerial terms
    2. Doesn’t always back his managers unless panicked into doing so (see this january)
    3 .surrounds himself with unfootball educated yes men (see Lamearse )
    4.Cares more about advertising his tat
    5.Is likely to sale your talisman player from under you if a too good offer comes in.
    Now so long as you can live with those circumstances you’ll fit right in.

    I’m not a Ashley hater here ,I’m just telling it as it is.


  4. Bootsie @ 173: It’s the arrogantly named “REALITY TRAIN” that has all bases covered, fella.
    (1) Pards could be the next David Moyes so we must not sack him.
    (2) Perhaps his previous clubs were wrong to sack him when they did (3) I like him because he’s refreshing and he’ll listen
    (4) This club needs long term stability
    (5) He’s not the right man for the job, of course. Never said he was. When did I say he was?
    (6) Yes, I would sack him But Ashley wouldn’t pay the money to get anyone better because he is a tight arse
    (7) Yes I would sack him but a top manager wouldn’t come under Ashley’s contraints.
    (8) Yes, I am such a clever **** that I can second guess Ashley.
    (9) If I thought he should go I would be saying so, not giving him time like some spineless people on here.
    (10) I stand and shout in the ground against Ashley because I’ve got convictions (although not any more) but I don’t make the case long and hard on this blog for Ashley to get out of the club, even though I believe Ashley is the real problem.
    (11) I am such a clever **** I will wait until we’re in the bottom three before I will call for Pardew’s head.
    (12) What’s the point in calling for Pardew’s head when Pardew is the best manager we can get whilst Ashley is here?
    (13) Of course, we don’t need a shortlist of replacements up our sleeve. Did Everton have a shortlist of replacements when David Moyes was struggling?
    (14) Have you forgotten the shambles of finding someone the last time? What’s the point anyway? No one better will come while Ashley’s here.
    (15) It’s Ashley’s doing but there’s signs that he’s learning
    (16) If he changes his mind it’s because he’s listened to the reality train.
    (17) What we need is long term stability and whilst I’m very critical of Pardew, there’s many things I like about him. He’s very refreshing.
    (18) Pards could be the next David Moyes so we must not sack him.

    You call me for lacking “moral fibre”. It’s nothing to do with that. I happen to think that every man deserves a chance and that that is a principled position to take. It over-rides all my predictions. Once Pardew was given the job, he should be allowed a reasonable chance.

    Besides, the first thing this smug reality lot, not to mention a smug Pardew, would say is that you didn’t give him a chance. And they’d be right.

    Do you really think that you’ll be proved right anyway? If he gets sacked now, that lot will say it was down to you. So, if he got sacked in November when you were calling for it, you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on because you haven’t given him a fair chance.

    Let’s get this straight. I wasn’t boasting about my predictions. I was putting the record straight in the face of rank MISREPRESENTATION of my position going back to NOVEMBER. I was also explaining why I have come out now to call for his head. It was interesting to see what I was saying at that time because it was exactly the same complaints as I’m saying now. It’s uncanny.

    I wouldn’t be boasting about your predictions either mate because the fat lady hasn’t sang yet and you’ll be reminded about them time and again by the smug lot if by some chance this buffoon manages to survive. What do you think that stupid poll was about the other day?

    What’s happened is that the same old names have jumped right in with two feet on the back of their pent up frustrations and prejudices. 😛


  5. Kimtoon,
    I saw Tiote’s stamp. Its was nothing at all. Hardly even touched the lad. If he gets banned for that then there is no hope for justice.

    Although on his current form, I think Anita would be a better bet at DM anyway. Although Pard’s will go with Perch ahead of Anita.

    Then we’ll have Anita, Cabaye, Jonas and Perch all sat in front of the back four. 🙄


  6. Aussie Magpie Fan says:
    April 29, 2013 at 07:22
    B&B, no one likes a smug prick and that is how you are coming across on here.. Well done for predicting the end of days mate… you should be proud of yourself.. ffs, I can’t stand people that gloat about being right about a bad situation, particularly when they offered no cure for the problems.

    Now I know how you’re creaming because BIG SHOT’s back but come on cobber. 😛 It’s nothing to do with gloating. I’m explaining exactly why I’m coming out now to say “get rid”. At the same time I’m also putting right a blatant MISREPRESENTATION. I noted you were quick to jump when the same BIG SHOT took an opportunity to MISREPRESENT YOU in his ridiculous poll!

    It’s okay by me if you’re happy with “loaded” polls where you don’t know what your vote counts for, and characters who come out from a major HISSY FIT and SULK with SHIT statements like:

    “I love the fact that some people make decisions and don’t skulk and hide.They don’t mind making a decision and someday face ridicule cos they made the wrong decision.”

    Remember that comment STRUMPO? Some people are out to get you. Just wait until the reality train crashes into your little dodgem and you end up flat on the waltzer looking like a twerp once again. 😛


  7. Afternoon all

    Personally I think we need to stick by Pardew because sacking him at this stage would be counter productive.

    There are legitimate reasons why we are where we are in the league including

    1. club didn’t invest in players last summer
    2. paper thin squad
    3. injuries throughout the season
    4. gave the UEFA cup a good crack and very very nearly got into the semi’s which diverted our attention from the league

    I think we will scrape a couple of points at West Ham and QPR. This along with the teams below us being very poor will mean we will stay up.

    Once this season is out of the way Ashley will invest in the summer and next year we will be top 10.

    On the manager, Pardew is what we’ve got for a reason. Talk of Rafa and world class managers coming here are laughable. Why would they when they know their CV will take a dive.

    I wouldn’t want to jump on the new manager bandwagon again, it gets us nowhere.

    Given the right backing and resources I believe he can be successful (last season was a massive step forward for the club)


  8. “I won’t enter into a dialogue with someone who distorts the truth, AND has refused to speak to me since December OVER A BLOG ISSUE. !!!!”

    As the INCREDIBLE SULK knows, there is an open letter to him and his own independent adjudicators, which contains numerous questions that he refuses to address because he knows he can’t. If he does address it honestly, it will be the biggest climbdown in history. The climbdown of returning to this blog with his tail between his legs will pale into insignificance.

    He brought my mother into it the other day. If he cared about my mother more than saving his own face he would respond to that letter like a man, instead of leaving it lying unanswered on the table.

    As for DISTORTING THE TRUTH, my letter is there for everyone to see and invites him to show the truth. That should be quite straightforward because, as he’s so fond of saying, everything is written down.

    He’s been back here two minutes and distorted the truth already. When challenged by me, he doesn’t respond. He must think it is okay to distort the truth OVER A BLOG ISSUE!

    Hopefully, this post redresses the balance and I can say no more.


  9. @B&B
    I don’t label myself as “reality train” or any other. I just know that you claiming you are right just because 2 months into the season you “knew” Pardew was rubbish makes you a ****ing idiot. Did you call for his head in May?
    And the manager 2.13 years things bears no relevance whatsoever. I don’t know why you keep bringing it up. I doubt one single person here understands why.
    The average manager length during Ashley’s reign is under a year, why did Pardew last longer?! The average players is only at a club for a few years, lets sell Tim Krul!!


  10. You keep banging on as if people like myself have changed their tune.
    I still wouldn’t sack Pardew, as I’m still not convinced we would get a manager with any stock.
    The fact you wanted Pardew sacked in November makes you a fool, not some great prophet.


  11. Go on Strumps – Flee around in your little dodgem banging into things and missing the point. 😛

    I went back to November because I was quoted from then by some ridiculous person on a train trying to score a point whilst misrepresenting me. Why don’t you take your little dodgem and hit that point, which is the one you crashed into first?

    Your heed’s too dunched up to see the where the relevance of the average length of any football manager fits in. Where a crash helmet mate. Oh and mind that train! CHOO CHOO! 😛


  12. Strumps – I’m not banging on about people changing their tune. I’m banging on about people playing ten tunes at once.


  13. B+B 😆 looks like a lot of people are catching on to you 😳 maybe you should try changing the record and stop trying to claim to be the hard done by innocent victim that was misrepresented.


  14. Dave – You’re thinking the criticism of Strumps, the fair weather butterfly, is a good argument only proves to me how desperate you are. 😛

    Well anyone that can misrepresent views in order to shoot them down is pretty desperate.:razz: I don’t know how you’re not embarrassed by failing all the time to drag up the relevant quote when requested. 😛


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