United hit for six as freefall continues

Pressure piles on Pardew
Pressure piles on Pardew
This isn’t a match report of the like you’ll be used to reading on here. To put it bluntly, I’m not quite sure anyone would want to recount the events of yesterday.

So for that reason I’m not going to bother and I’m going to have a moan instead. The facts are startling enough and the main one is that we lost 6-0 at home to Liverpool.

I’ve personally now got that sinking feeling and and I now firmly believe that our safety is now in the hands of the inability, or indeed ability, of other teams below us picking up points. I honestly can’t see us getting another win this season and at the moment getting a draw is a stretch of the imagination so it’s very much squeaky bum time on Tyneside as we await confirmation of which division we’ll be gracing next season.

What I saw yesterday was nowhere near good enough. A 6-0 defeat is never good, but to not find one positive from a defeat like that and, perhaps more worryingly, see a side who are supposed to be fighting for their lives crumble so easily is alarming to say the least.

So where do we go from here? Put simply I don’t know. I’m now at the point of backing the sacking of Alan Pardew after spending so much time teetering on the edge, but is it right to do it with three games to go? Do we get rid now and let John Carver have a go at motivating our players? There are risks associated with everything.

What’s gone wrong? Have we collectively overestimated how good our French imports are? To put it another way, are they not as good as a lot of fans thought they were? I still believe they are good players, but they aren’t being played in the right way and aren’t being motivated enough which is the job of a manager in my book.

Yes you can say the players have a responsibility and should be motivated because that’s their job, but we don’t know if anything has happened behind the scenes to affect that. Most people in normal jobs would just get on wit it, but footballers aren’t “normal” in that sense and need to be handled differently.

A dismal season is just getting worse and worse, and that real worrying thing is that it could still get worse. The threat of relegation still looms large and the result yesterday, although horrible to go through, will have very little to do with it in the grand scheme of things. If we go down it’s because we’ve not been good enough all season, not because we lost 6-0 yesterday.

I, like everyone, just hope we don’t have to go through relegation again…

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241 thoughts on “United hit for six as freefall continues

  1. If we really are getting Rafa Benitez in – then we all have to admit that indykaila guy or whatever he is called on twitter is a legit “in the know” since he was the first to say it weeks ago.


  2. Funky-Or we could admit he took the only current PL manager who was widely known as not going to keep his job this summer-Benitez-and decided to name names?

    Has he got other stuff right before? Don’t want another Cwarr for people to harp on about.


  3. I would like to think the Board has a healthy shortlist of top quality, well researched replacements and could appoint a new man tomorrow because Pardew is a dead man walking. They are seriously negligent or deluded if they haven’t.

    This was the view of the reality train back in November on the value of shortlists

    “November 26, 2012 at 19:55
    We are a long way off January, with many games in between. Why would the board have a short list of possible replacements?
    If they have, then they haven’t learnt from their past **** ups regarding knee jerk reactions when it comes to appointing managers. 5 in one season rings a bell and then relegation !!”


  4. FJ

    If it does come true i doubt he was really in the know. Its would be more to do with the laws of averages some of them twitter tards are bound to get 1 right now and again. Newkie spot on πŸ˜€


  5. Twatter will be rife with speculation from now til the end of the season.
    Take it all with a pinch of salt until its official is my advice.
    I do believe Pardum will be gone sooner than later whether we survive or not.
    He is a dead man walking inho.


  6. @B&B
    You are a complete *******.
    This whole notion that football fans shouldn’t change their mind on things otherwise they are mocked is completely ridiculous.
    Circumstances, form, people all change. I’m sure if you look back to a blog in 2009 you’ll find people calling Coloccini the worst defender we’ve ever had, now he’s near one of the most talented we’ve had.
    Early November we were 3 points of the top 4. I still believe if Coloccini hadn’t have been sent off against Pool our season would have panned out differently, we would have had a much greater chance of beating West Ham/Swansea and it could have reignited our season.
    You wanting him sacked then was pathetic. Why then, why not last May? I’m sure some wanted him sacked then, were they “right”, no. Unbelievable.


  7. He tweeted about Man Utd discussing Falcao with Atletico Madrid about a week before ESPN reported it and he has also got several other things right.

    He called Warnock leaving Leeds several weeks early and has said O’Neill has the Leicester job in the summer if/when Nigel Pearson gets the sack. He has been very accurate from what I’ve seen.


  8. Strumpo – Choo Choo. Cuckoo! πŸ˜›

    Your ******* argument was probably your most cogent. πŸ˜›

    Of course, football fans can change their minds. Just not the big ****s who, as you well know, ridicule people remorselessly for their opinions at the time and are always ready to rake it up afterwards. I don’t pick on anyone other than the big shots who like to pick on the little people and have a good laugh at their expense.


  9. ST – your not alone in that opinion mate but I refuse to bite anymore with B&Bs posts – and you’ll probably find that there’s more out there in the same boat mate. πŸ˜‰


  10. Strumpo – The “REALITY TRAIN” FFS! Even the name tells you what they’re about. More fool you for jumping on board. Have you bought a ticket for the love boat? πŸ˜›


  11. Funky-fair enough then, let us know if he says anything more about us. My twitter chasing days are done πŸ˜‰


  12. In many ways this season was to be expected. We are Newcastle United, we don’t do stable. We do fiery brilliance or absolute mediocrity. Ashley didn’t account for the fact we don’t simply finish in the top 10. So unless we were going to do really well, it was going to be a season of struggle. in the 21 seasons of the Premierleague we have either finished in the top 7 and qualified for Europe(9 times) or been gash and finished below 11th with points in the 40’s.


  13. For the fans that back Roeder – his 7th place finish was followed up by a 13th place finish. A whopping 6 points more than we have now. (not that I wouldn’t love those points!)


  14. Doesn’t make pretty reading does it. Embarrassing. Pardew has lost the fans now fine. But you want to try and mock the people that he deserved more time on the back of a brief bad run in November?! I’m sure you were one of those that drove every other manager we have had in recent years out. If Pardew keeps us up and leaves in the summer I will bid him a great farewell, and thank him for getting us to challenge for the CL places, something only 2 of our PL managers have ever done.


  15. Sharpy – You’re the one back in February who stupidly said I had an arse full of splinters for not calling for Pardew to be sacked whilst predicting under-achievement and pain. At that time I simply felt that, over and above my prediction, the bloke deserved a chance provided our top flight status was not in jeopardy come the end of the season. I said when the time is right, when I’ve had more than I can stomach, I will be calling for him to be sacked. You tell me what’s wrong with that? That time is now. With any luck, my prediction of his sacking will come true now too.

    So whilst saying I had an arse full of splinters, you were openly declaring your position: “I like the bloke … and I like the direction the club is heading in.” CHOO CHOO! Full steam ahead.


  16. Strumps – I was giving Pardew more time back in November. It was the reality train who mocked me for not calling for his sacking back in November when I was predicting the mess he would get us in. Your mate Sharpy was one of them. An arse full of splinters was what he said I had. And I see he was quickly out of the woodwork to join you. I’m only now coming out and saying enough’s enough. Do you mind if I call you a *******?

    The reality train has now boarded the love boat and they still are backing Pardew – even though they say he’s the wrong man for the job – whilst also drawing parallels with David Moyes! Unbelievable!


  17. Strumpo @ 168 – “I’m sure you were one of those that drove every other manager we have had in recent years out.”

    How sure are you? Do you realise that the driver of the train you’re on is proud to say that he once went pitch side after a match, put his arm around a previous manager, had his photo taken with him, and then told him he was a disgrace, and he should resign if he had any honour.

    I’m in the vast majority in calling for Pardew to go now. You’re in the minority, aren’t you? What are you expecting to happen? What reality are you delivering for us?


  18. All I want to know is why Chris Hughton got fired for a better run with a lesser squad yet Pardew escapes.

    It certainly adds fuel to those who believe Pardew owes them something. It’s one rule for one and one for another it seems in respect to managers. We even sacked Big Sam for less.

    The whole Pardew thing seems shady to me.


  19. Blackley & Brownlie
    You say:
    April 29, 2013 at 00:46

    Strumps – I was giving Pardew more time back in November. It was the reality train who mocked me for not calling for his sacking back in November when I was predicting the mess he would get us in.

    So you predicted the mess we would be in now back in November, ?
    yet in your infinite wisdom deemed he deserved more time 😳
    talk about covering all the bases.
    You should have gone with your convictions in November and called for his head then, like I and a few others did.
    It was obvious even way back then where this season was headed.
    You clearly lacked the moral fibre to back your instinct then, and chose to sit on the fence. Now you are making a big song and dance.
    ffs grow up and give it a rest.
    Your pettiness and name calling is making you sound more and more like your brother everyday.
    This blog cant take another one.
    Your brother makes a good argument as to why he thinks it is better to keep AP. Rightly or wrongly. you however want your cake and to eat it.
    The stupid sniping needs to stop. You have made your point over and over again. Let it go now for the love of God.
    Who do you suggest the fat controller should get to replace AP, whose head you are now calling for?


  20. FJ – “The whole Pardew thing seems shady to me.”
    Yes, it has been from the very start.
    The Hughton sacking was a disgrace, only to bring in this no hoper.
    Reap what you sow Ashley.
    But its us fans who suffer, as ever. πŸ‘Ώ


  21. B&B, no one likes a smug prick and that is how you are coming across on here.. Well done for predicting the end of days mate… you should be proud of yourself.. ffs, I can’t stand people that gloat about being right about a bad situation, particularly when they offered no cure for the problems..


  22. ive worked out our recent slump in form is because pardew has changed his note pad and pen πŸ˜‰


  23. I’m still in shock, typical pardew team selection where he sets us up not to concede then hopes to bring on game changers after 70 mins – you can sort of see what he was thinking as it almost worked against Benfica, trouble is conceding after a few mins shot him in the foot, the players didn’t know what to do and he then pards looked clueless on the touch line as he has no plan B

    Think everyone other than Debuchy, Sissoko, Cisse were awful, at least those three showed some spirit although Debuchy showed a bit too much
    I love the fact that Taylor but his heart and soul into a game but he’s become a liability, he just can’t control the line – kinel man, as a local lad he should be bossing that whole line and barking orders out, instead he’s just wandering about out if position – admittedly he wasn’t helped by our hopeless midfield on Sat – where are the two banks of four denying space to the opposition
    It’s not as if they were all in the opposing half helping out cisse
    Pards has no idea – they should be coaching that as a basic, we have been totally unorganised most of this season and that is down to the coach

    Seems to be a lot of Benitez rumours about but I don’t think he’d come on a contract that Pards has i.e low basic wage plus bonuses for league position and length of cup runs – forget the yes man tag, he’s working for the ruskie where he has very little say so already does the yes man thing
    Think he’s be a better manager than Pards and our is someone who has actually won things as a manager at different clubs


  24. Aussie – I refuse to communicate with someone how is clearly gloating at the clubs demise – some supporter!.
    Was giving Pardews time at NUFC some thought last night and although the history books show finishes of 12th and 5th so far – really, had we won the WBA game it would show 8th and 5th which would have been consistent to where we want the club to be. Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t have changed things this season like, but it may have bought him a bit more respect.

    It does make me wonder what happens in football clubs to change thinks so drastically. I mean Harry Redknapp hasn’t become a **** manager since going to QPR has he?! QPR aren’t blaming ‘Arrys tactics are they?! yet they have won 6 fewer games than us this season.
    Anyway, that has nowt to do with our plight, but I don’t hope we can make it 7 fewer wins by taking 3 points from the in a couple of weeks time.


  25. BTW: I’m not singling Taylor out as the worst player on Sat but as a local lad he should be feeling the threat of relegation more than anyone and knows how it feels for the fans. That’s why he should be taking control of the back line rather than running round like a headless chicken throwing himself into last ditch tackles


  26. I’ve maintained throughout that the only time to consider replacing Pardew was if we were in dire straits, in the bottom 3 and we needed a boost from any replacement manager who could get the honeymoon period that many new managers get.

    That is still not the case at this time and therefore I won’t enter into a dialogue with someone who distorts the truth, AND has refused to speak to me since December OVER A BLOG ISSUE. !!!!

    😯 πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    Anyway, my thoughts are, I believe Ashley will stick with Pardew unless there’s more going in behind the scenes that we don’t know of and if the dressing room is lost then its inevitable.

    Prior to the Liverpool game, it seemed the dressing room was still backing Pards and it will be interesting to read the statements coming from the players in the next few days.


  27. Batty – would you not take Rafa over Pardew?

    I would be I don’t believe he would take the job as his wages would be one of the highest in the premier. He’s still classed as one of the top managers worldwide though at the lower end of that bracket.


  28. Sharpy – yeah mate, their is no point arguing with the brothers grim on here πŸ˜† neither of them have ever been wrong on anything thing 😯 ………………………………………………………………………………….. ever πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  29. Shearer has stated ;

    β€œIt has brought calls from many fans for a change of manager but I wouldn’t join that clamour.

    I think Pardew has enough credit in the bank from last season to be afforded another chance but he’s under massive pressure.

    If this trend continues 2 months into next season there will be even more calls for his head.”

    I think that is a pretty fair assessment of where Pardew stands at the minute and history tells us that when Newcastle change a manager with no immediate replacement, rather than any improvement the immediate situation usually gets several degrees worse.


  30. @Aussie

    I agree about B&B but you know I’ve been wrong a thousand times. πŸ˜›


  31. Troy – I have been of the same opinion as Shearer throughout. However I would go a bit further to say that IF the board are going to allow start as manager next season then they have to 100% back him in the summer. It’s no good saying ‘you’ve staying but you’re getting nowt to spend on players’. It has to be all or out for me like.

    Batty – Pardew started the Rafa rumours after the derby game mate πŸ˜†


  32. Shit!!!! I got that the wrong way round!! Stop press! 😳

    It was meant to read, I was right about one thing I knew you were a tw@t! πŸ˜›


  33. @Sharpy

    I agree. This squad needs strengthening considerably. The lack of quality in depth is frightening. Any injuries and we woeful particularly in the most important position, strikers. Heaven forbid if Cisse had been injured post January. !!

    On reflection, the club stated they called it wrong by not buying players in the Summer. Yet they started the second half of the season with one recognised top striker!!! Shola was our back up.

    That needs addressing with an additional 2 new strikers to come in this summer.


  34. Troy – the striker situation has done my head in for 2 seasons now mate. Ba preferred playing as a lone striker and his form suffered when paired with Cisse. Cisse prefers playing in a strike partnership yet is continually played as a lone CF and as a result his form has suffered.
    As you say, whilst the Jan transfers were good ones, not replacing Ba was another big transfer mistake. Couple that with the club then also allowing Ranger and Xisco to go (which was no real bad thing) it left us far to light up front. I still don’t understand why Campbell hasn’t been bled yet either. I know he’s still young and should be eased into things, but Shola doesn’t score goals so Campbell should get a crack at it.


  35. @Sharpy

    I can only think Campbell isn’t quite ready yet. Blooding a young player too early can destroy their confidence if not ready. Who knows what Campbell’s personality is like. Some are confident and others wilt under pressure and a relegation battle may not be the right time.

    Its normally best to bring young players into the first team when there’s no pressure and gives them time to find their feet.

    Any mistake at the minute by any player results in loud groans around the ground. Patience is thin and next season may be more suitable for him.

    Bearing in mind, Shola has only ever experienced groans he thinks its a sign of affection. πŸ˜›


  36. Aussie

    I put a list up on the other thread regarding people’s choices of whether Pards should be sacked now. What’s your viewpoint? Yes/No?


  37. Troy yes i would take raffa over pardew ,saying that ide take gary neville over pardew at this moment in time πŸ˜†


  38. We have to take the positives out of it πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    Bizarre that the late goal at wigan which should have sent them out with a spring in their steps, Knowing that a win would end any worries did absolutely **** all to motivate them.

    If there is a very ropey silver lining its that not a huge ammount has changed we still need to get 3 points and thats only if the others manage to string some results together, Id rather be the team in possession than the teams chasing…


  39. Does anyone believe it may influence Ashley to sell up if we get relegated or do you think he’s realised the club is too good an advertisement board for SD. ?


  40. Once the manager loses the dressing room the inevitable outcome is his departure, the main reason a manager loses the dressing room is cos his players no longer agree with his tactics etc, for me the earlier you nip this in the bud the less chance of a total catastrophe so for me pardew should go. Look at the Mackems, no one is suggesting di canio is Matt busby but the players have a new license to perform and its worked for them. Remember roeder when he took over, we were a different team to the souness one and went on a run and finished the season well. Time has shown this was down to souness’s absence and not roeders management which was proved in the next season when we were dreadful. It never matters who comes in it matters that the previous manager has left, look at gullit and dalglish. A good manager is one who can still pick up points and keep the dressing room together when you have the eventual runs of bad luck and injuries, pardew has done neither and for me his main downfall has been believing his own hype. I don’t see him picking up anyone points so I would gamble and see if this gets a reaction from the players cos otherwise were relying on two teams doing badly and villa have benteke and Wigan have previous of relegation battles. Not good in my opinion.


  41. I think he’s here to stay. He has tasted what it’s like and I think he likes it.

    I think he wants to bring NUFC up to top 8 and win some cups.

    He will spend to do so.

    However as you say Troy he is a gambler and may decide to fold if we are relegated and he gets a decent offer.


  42. I guess he hasn’t although that team selection on Sat was an obvious sack me suicide note. The whole team set up was totally wrong. He must have a mind full of broken toys. He started with Cabaye as some weird sort of no 10 and Sissoko as a right winger. ?????
    Jonas is totally shot as a PL player. Perch wouldn’t make any other PL team. Tiote’s gone from a Β£20m player back to a Β£3m player who’s totally lost his way. The gap between the midfield straight line and the defence was massive and an absolute invitation to run through.
    Benny is a lefty. Why oh why does he play him on the right, trapped on the half way line/touch line. It’s criminal. I’ll be really surprised if we get another point and and the moment we’re hot favourites for the drop.

    When we were in the Championship were there internet streams?


  43. @Shaun Mc

    I agree and if he has lost the dressing room you can’t recover. That will become evident one way or the other over the next few days and next game.


    There’s question marks seriously hanging over Ashley’s head again and his business policy.

    He needs to seriously strengthen this squad this summer and show ambition. Plus, I do feel he needs to get a top quality manager but he will need to pay top dollar.

    That seems to go against his current policy of paying peanuts to an average manager. Ashley needs to learn from this experience and I’ve got to add, top 8 long term is not ambitious enough. Europa league should be our minimum target and anything less would be mediocrity.


  44. I always thought Ash wanted his money back first and foremost, if he could do that fastest by making us successful then he’d be all for it, otherwise he would be happy to scrap along, recoup his cash, build us as a financially stable side and concentrate on turning us profitable.

    If we go down I do think he could lose interest…not really a good thing as if we did we’d be worth **** all once again with nobody interested.


  45. Troy – if Ashley’s player dealing are anything to go by, then I predict he’ll stay on until a mega rich Russian or Arab comes in and makes an offer too good to refuse. In the meantime I think he will stick to his plan of balancing our books and making our club as little a financial risk for any suitor as possible.

    As for people still using the likes of the scum changing their manager to change their fate. I will again point out that we did a similar thing bringing in Mr Shearer with about the same number of games left – we all know the outcome of that one.
    Changing your manager provides no guarantees.
    QPR changed theirs in Nov and still went down, Reading changed theirs about the same time as Scum they have still went down, Wigan on the other hand have had the same manager for the last 8 relegation battles and are still in the PL.
    As a fan of blackjack, sometimes it’s better to stick and hope than twist and go bust.


  46. i see the so called 8 yr contract is a con in so much it is a 12mth rolling contract lasting for 8 yrs he can be sacked anywhere in that 12 mth time frame the first part runs out in sept so he can be sacked and the coachs,therefore ashley only has to pay him until sept,nee dummy that ashley


  47. @Newkie

    This season of all seasons gone past is the most important to stay up as the new TV deal comes in next season.

    It cost around Β£40m or so last time we were relegated and that went on the loan he gave NUFC.

    The interest free loan is ganna be some size. Can you imagine how much interest Wonga would charge!! 😯

    Relegation this time would be unbearable!!


  48. Troy – did you see the look on Dekkas face when the camera panned to him after whatever goal it was on Saturday. I wonder if he has gone back to Ashley and said a similar thing.


  49. @ Ice

    Where does it say that? To advertise that as an 8 yr contract was a complete hoodwink to the fans.


  50. Ice – I think anyone with half a brain expected that to be the case though didn’t they mate. The 8yr contract thing was just another stick for the regime haters to hit them with.
    Where have you seen that like mate?.


  51. Ice

    The 5 year contract he signed when he first got the job had a set compensation package in it for whenever he got the push. He might as well be on a weekly rolling contract for all it matters…


  52. Sharpy @212 ,Yeah I posted about that on sunday ,it told it’s own story didn’t it . He looked like he was gonna go straight to mike and say sack that man now .


  53. What is the point of stating it was an 8 yr contract if it wasn’t. They might as well have announced it was 25 yr one as 8.

    If this is true, which we all suspected then it just reflects badly on Ashley IMO.

    I’m not as anti Ashley as I used to be. I think he’s come a long way and after many horrific PR blunders he has done some credible things.

    The finances seem sorted and the season ticket deals spring to mind but he is still always on the brink of a disaster and none more so than this moment in time.

    I hope he makes the right choice.


  54. Troy-aye, and after we are pillaged/players jump ship I can’t see us having as strong a squad, as much as I have hope for Campbell we have no clue if he will ever be as good for us as Carroll was during that period.

    Ashley’s attempts at growing our academy have been pathetic as evidenced by him admitting defeat saying we wouldn’t buy anyone under 18. We shouldn’t buy anyone under 28 as they seem to get worse with us no matter the age..


  55. Looks like we may have Tiote missing for last 3 games .His stamp on Sturridge went unseen by Marriner and the FA await his match report before deciding on retrospective action.


  56. @Kim

    The most ridiculous ruling ever. If the ref doesn’t see it then the panel can decide their fate.

    If the ref sees it then the panel can’t decide their fate.

    If the ref had seen Suarez’s bite the maximum he could have got was a red and 3 match ban for violent conduct.

    Madness. That needs changing and everyone knows it except the FA.


  57. If we go down we’ll lose Colo Benny Cabs and Cisse for sure and I can see Marv and Debbie going too ,even Sissoko could be sold, These players are all internationals and will not want to be in a lower league with the world cup looming on the horizon. We are on the precipice of disaster make no mistake if we drop ,more so than last time .


  58. 1. SolanosTrumpet says:
    April 28, 2013 at 23:51
    You are a complete *******.
    This whole notion that football fans shouldn’t change their mind on things otherwise they are mocked is completely ridiculous.”

    Strumpo – Just a reminder that I am responding to the BIG SULK, who took a hissy fit when he had to take down his ridiculous disclaimer and ran away for months.

    The BIG SHOT wasn’t back for two minutes when the other day he dragged up my quote from, yes, NOVEMBER and called it β€œbloody ridiculous”.

    β€œβ€¦ the statistics that a premier league manager lasts 2.13 seasons is bloody ridiculous really. That average may be longer now that Pards has beaten that record by a few months now despite certain people predicting he would be sacked right on schedule. (smug smiley) ”

    I was the only one who used that statistic and I used it as a guide to say that he will be sacked long before his eight years are up. It is another complete and convenient MISREPRESENTATION to say I was predicting he would be sacked β€œright on schedule.” Unfortunately, it is the only way this lot knows to big themselves up and score a point.
    I patiently asked that that the misrepresentation be corrected, but not surprisingly nothing was forthcoming.

    Why didn’t you, Strumpo, jump on that at the time in your righteous indignation? Because you don’t want to shoot the driver of the train you’re on? No sorry, Strunps, you’re not on the train, are you? You crash around in your own little dodgem. πŸ˜›


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