Forget everything else! Our time is now…

newcastle-fans1 I just thought I’d pen a quick article asking for calm from everyone ahead of our final two league fixtures of the season.

Please don’t confuse my plea for calm as an indication that I’m happy or for people not to panic. It’s more that I’m asking everyone to focus on what is most important and that is our quest for survival.

I keep hearing a lot of questions that have been brought about by our poor season. Understandably so and I realise that it’s always going to happen after a season like we’ve had. However I just think it’s time to knock the questions on the head, temporarily, until we know what is what and where we’ll be next season.

The reality is that none of the kinds of questions posed can be adjudged to have any real accuracy until we know if we’re going to survive or not. Everything is on hold at the moment and whilst I’m not saying anyone should be oblivious to the spectre of relegation, I do think our focus needs to shift from tearing things apart to expending every ounce of willingness we have towards our team.

There will be plenty of time for everyone to dissect things after the season has gone and we know how things stand. That’s part of the reason there aren’t many articles on here at the moment as I can’t bring myself to think about anything else right now. We shouldn’t be in the mess but we are and getting out of it is more important than finger pointing or laying blame.

This isn’t one of those “support your team” articles. Quite frankly I think we’ve been superb all season and have stayed with the team far longer than perhaps we would have done in the past. It’s more a reminder that it’s pointless looking too far ahead when it’s things in the very near future which will determine what happens next.

These next two weeks are vital and it starts tonight with Wigan v Swansea. In an ideal world Swansea will do us a favour and beat Wigan but unfortunately for us the Welsh side seem to already be on their summer holidays whilst Wigan look up for the scrap again.

Come on Swansea!

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328 thoughts on “Forget everything else! Our time is now…

  1. My worry is now that Villa are safe they will ease up against Wigan like on the last day and if we ain’t beat QPR then it will mean getting a result V the Gunners who may really need the points too . With us and Wigan having the same goal difference too ,it’s far from cut and dried.


  2. wigan aint got a pray at arsenal they still fighting for a champs league spot


  3. lets all hope the cup final gos into extra time nacker them right out for the arsenal game 3 days later πŸ˜†


  4. πŸ˜• shame realy shame …reduct to support swansea πŸ™„ for save our arce…what a shame …absolutly dipointed… ❗
    genius pards …what a ****ing good idea to give him a big club like newcastle…sherer will very very unlucky to relegate with mercanaire player and missed experience.. πŸ˜₯
    but pards is a very poor manager…no excuse for him ❗
    well..thanks swansea…what a shame….


  5. TAE ,My thoughts exactly.
    My nephew is a gunners fan ,I’m expecting a text anytime to tell me don’t worry we’ll finish em off. πŸ˜†


  6. By the way saw the news -JIMMY TARBUCK 😯 WTF ,never would of thought he was like that .


  7. Why are we playing on Sunday at 3pm? There’s no Euro games for either club this week.


  8. If AP doesnt still go for the win, I will lose my but. Although bowing out of the season like a coward would be indicative of his reign this season. Shocking that were depending on the inadequacies of others to stay up


  9. Proof that the “FOOL” has not been setting us up for away win’s.

    β€œWe haven’t got a lot of time left, and Wigan’s result, when they beat West Bromwich Albion 3-2 on Saturday, has put pressure on us all.”

    β€œNot just us – all the teams above us. It looks like at QPR we’re going to have to try to win the game and see where that leaves us. We wanted to try to get two wins”

    He makes my blood boil πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  10. what did u say ❓ ❗ spoof ❓ ok…but i think u lack vocabulary mr troy staver…
    can u keep this word for a certain mr padew …i think it s the best synonym for him ..not for me …thank u…


  11. we dont have to worry about wigan now. we are mathematically safe if we beat qpr and villa lose to chelsea. even if wigan beat arsenal…if the above happens the table going into the last games will be
    nufc 41
    villa 40
    wigan 38

    villa play wigan last game so
    villa win wigan go down
    wigan win villa go down
    draw wigan go down

    so we beat qpr villa lose to chelsea its all over…

    watch us fu&* it up…


  12. so any1 taking taking a hoilday down there better get the dance moves perfected πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  13. Club statement:
    We will not be replacing Pardew in the summer
    We believe he is the right man for the job in the long term.
    Stability @ NUFC is far more important than short term success
    We would like to put it on the record that Alan has the full support of the board and thank him for delivering the piss poor mediocrity we have all been looking for.
    We look forwards to replacing wigan as the perennial survivors in the Premier League.
    We believe Alan will deliver some silverware to the club soon, but not another European adventure as that was almost too much for his pea sized football brain to cope with.
    Fat mick is salivating at the thoughts of the extra tv revenue over the next 3 seasons and reducing the clubs debt to himself.
    Owlhead would like the fans to stop ****ing and continue to fill the stadium every other week, despite the shyte football on show.
    Unfortunately season tkt prices for those not on the 10 year deal will have to rise due to inflationary pressures.
    We look forwards to seeing you all again in august, when we will be setting our targets on a midtable finish at best.”
    ps we spent the transfer budget in January so don’t go expecting any new faces over the summer. Hopefully this season will have spurred
    Cisse and the Lads on to greater things in the future.


  14. @Bootsy
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    ;-). You know exactly what I’m on about. πŸ˜‰
    But keep it up as you are entertaining πŸ˜†
    Just remind me how I find you on Facebook. πŸ˜‰


  15. you’re on the wrong thread again ya dafty πŸ˜•
    ➑ ➑


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