Newcastle v Arsenal – Premier League match preview

Magpies v Gunners
Magpies v Gunners
Newcastle head into the final game of the season with little to play for other than pride having sorted out those lingering relegation issues last weekend.

The visitors on the other hand have some pressure on them and must win the match if they are to ensure that they pip their North London rivals to that final Champions League spot.

Going back to that opening paragraph, I say we only have pride to play for but that is a bit unfair. With final positions between 10th and 17th open for occupancy depending on results elsewhere there is a hefty amount of additional prize money left to play for. With each place worth an additional £750,000 the coffers of the club could be swelled by additional £4.5 million, so to say only pride is at stake is maybe a bit harsh.

Mind you the most important thing is being in the Premier League next season. That £4.5m will pale into insignificance when you consider how much the new Premier League TV deal will be worth to clubs next season. With the bottom club next season set to receive roughly the same as what the league winners have received this season it gives a rough impression of the kind of riches on offer. But that’s for next season, first let’s try and finish this one off in style.


Tim Krul will be missing through injury whilst Rob Elliot misses out through suspension meaning that Steve Harper will get a chance to make a final appearance of his 20-year spell at United on home soil.

Sylvain Marveaux, Cheik Tiote and Steven Taylor are all available for selection although Moussa Sissoko, Massadio Haidara, Shola Ameobi and Davide Santon are unlikely to be involved. Ryan Taylor and Haris Vuckic remain on the long-term injury list although Sammy Ameobi and Shane Ferguson are available for selection after returning from loan spells at Middlesbrough and Birmingham respectively.


Olivier Giroud is likely to return to the starting line up after serving his suspension although Mikel Arteta will miss the game after picking up a calf strain in the midweek win over Wigan.


Earlier on in the season United saw themselves resoundingly beaten 7-3 at The Emirates so some amends needs to be made for that one.

However to do so United will have to overturn some dismal recent form against The Gunners. We haven’t beaten Arsenal at St James’ Park since 2005, even though the 4-4 draw a couple of seasons ago felt like a win!

There have been 80 games played between the two sides at St James’ Park. United have won 40, Arsenal 20 with the same amount as that ending up in a draw. Overall, in all competitions, home and away, there have been 164 meetings between the two teams with Arsenal just shading it by 65 wins to 62 for Newcastle with 37 draws making up the numbers.

Stats and facts:

Newcastle have won just one of the last 11 Premier League meetings between the two sides.

United have won only one game on the final day of a Premier League season in their previous 10 campaigns.

Alan Pardew’s side have won just three of the 19 games they have played against teams in the top half of the table.

Arsenal have the best away defensive record in the Premier League and have conceded just 14 league goals away from home this term.

The Gunners are looking for a fifth consecutive away league victory. The last time they managed such a feat was in 2004.

If only the second half of games counted, Arsene Wenger’s side would already have been crowned Premier League champions.

Final thought:

A lot has been made of Alan Pardew’s comments post-match last weekend where he said he wouldn’t care if we lost 4-0 tomorrow. Am I the only one who can see those comments as an expression of relief? Or has the tenure of the Silver one become so untenable that his comments are to be taken literally? Only when they can be used as a stick to beat him with seemingly as, if you recall, a lot of people say they can’t believe a word he says, so why treat this differently?

Newcastle must bow out with a good performance tomorrow even if a win could be beyond us. For the first time in weeks the pressure is off us and we can try and put on a show in front of our own fans and hopefully bury what has been a dismal season and put it behind us.

Another tepid performance though will just increase the pressure further and may tip the owner over the edge. Perhaps he might do something about Alan Pardew, although looking at pictures of him and Pardew at the training ground the other day it didn’t seem as though the manager had a ‘dead man walking’ look about him.

Bridges need to be built and whilst the manager is taking the bulk of the flak the players must also take some share of the blame and must respond accordingly. Collectively they got us over the line, just, and must show that things are going to change for the better.

Howay the lads!

Date: Sunday, 19th May, 2013

Time: 4pm – Live on Sky Sports 1

Venue: St James’ Park

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271 thoughts on “Newcastle v Arsenal – Premier League match preview

  1. Barton 😯 do we really want to go back down that road?

    Ashleys gamble, if it comes off will only be paid by our league positioning anyway. £800k per position i think or there-abouts + more tv money is likely for a higher position, so his bet is safe


  2. Michael12 –

    “Goals have been our biggest problem since Ba left and people here would like to see Carroll back.

    Sentiment over sense.”

    I don’t understand your point mate?!. Everyone gets that we are short of goals – hence why we are are mentioning Carroll. He is a CF that Pardew himself has suggested could be a summer target, so people are exchanging their opinions if that were to happen.
    In terms of sentiment over sense – I don’t believe anyone is saying that he’s their first choice.


  3. actually 800k might of been a few yr back

    Newcastle could finish as high as 10th if results go in their favour, with a £5m difference in Premier League prize money surrounding their final position.


  4. Last game of the season, the slog is almost over. I am really looking forward to the transfer speculation, should be good times 🙂


  5. @Mark

    Barton is almost French now. He speaks with a French accent and its almost as if he has a string of onions round his neck as everyone he speaks to, have tears rolling down their cheeks.


  6. The tea lady has demanded to stand in the technical area today and shout instructions instead of Pards!! 😛
    You never know we might win now! 😛


  7. Ena the tea lady will be stirring in heaps of amphetamine into the players cups of tea.

    1 spoonful or 10 Cisse? 😯


  8. @Sharpy
    I agree, firstly if the bonus was for the players only – none of us would have been happy, as they are paid enough and shouldn’t need anymore money to up their awful games. Secondly the bonus split between them would probably barely register they earn so much, the guilt of letting down general staff might motivate though.


  9. Our end of season last games tend to be ****e, and we have a terrible record against Arsenal, but I think we might win today!
    I reckon Arsene has a few St James scars after his last two visits here, this could be a third.. Wenger to Real Madrid after they fail to make CL, heard it here first…


  10. Mark – I know in terms of Ashley’s financial loss it’s not gonna hit him too hard in the pocket, but if you think about it from the staffs point of view, it’s a large about of money.
    I’m not sure how many non playing/coaching staff we have but for arguement sake say 500 – it’s probably less, and if so the cut is bigger – but at 500 they stand to get 2k each.
    If your one of kitchen staff at the training ground who run round all day feeding not just the first team but the kids as well, probably on 12-15k pa, then 2k bonus will go a long way mate.


  11. @Sharpy. totally agree mate. its great for the staff, a nice gesture. I wasnt saying otherwise.

    Some of his Sports direct staff (2k of them) got 20k each 😯 recently after his shares hit their targets.


  12. Mark – sorry if that read wrong mate, I wasn’t suggesting you were.
    Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll see a penny of that bonus but its a really good gesture and I like the fact that he’s prepared to share his wealth this way.


  13. sharpy no probs m8.

    Aye, looking at the bookies, the chances of us winning are slim but you never know.

    about him sharing his wealth, this is why I don’t understand the kinnear argument. Surely Harry Redknapp was offered a decent wage and KK was on 3mil a season. I think Pards was chosen for more than a **** pay packet.


  14. Andy@219 You ask why the players will respond to non playing staff getting a share of £1m .Ask yourself if it were you in the players shoes wouldn’t you feel some pressure to perform for the people that cook ,clean and so on for you ,I know I would. Any player with half an ounce of decency must realise how much less these folk earn than them and should feel embarressed if they don’t give it everything.Should they fail to win Ithink they need to have a whip round to make up for it.


  15. Kim – I think Colo will have that mindset and I’d hope he’ll have the rest of them thinking that way as well. When you read about the type of person Cisse is and the funds he sends back home, I think he’ll be another who understands the magnitude of the gesture as well. Harper will know alot of the staff from his time at the toon so between those 3 I’m sure the team will give it a go.
    I’m not so confident of the whip round idea tho 😆


  16. Sharpy
    I’m not suggesting we give a bonus to the players I just don’t understand what giving it to non-footballing staff is going to do for the players. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a lovely gesture but I just don’t see the practicality of it, the non footballing staff aren’t going to contribute to us winning.


  17. Andy ,It’s a chance for the players to say thanks and show the appreciation for everything the non playing personel do to make their lives easier I would think. They should be busting a gut out there today for the staff and the fans imo.


  18. Andy – they may not score the goals mate but you are talking about the people who keep the pitch in excellent playing condition, people who clean and lay out the strips, clean and polish the players boots. Staff who on match days do everything bar wipe the players arses after a ****e so that all the players have to do is focus on the game.
    I know you’re waiting to start Uni mate and I’m not sure how much work experience you have mate but trust me mate, the success of any organization is dependant on every person doing their bit well.
    I think it’s a good way of saying to the players “you’ve been gash for most of the season, here’s your opportunity to regain some credibility”


  19. Sharpy I agree the players can garner a lot of respect out of today should they get it right.


  20. All the very best of luck to you lovely Geordies today.I do feel however that if you can take points of the Goons we will still find a way of shooting ourselves in the foot.


  21. I don’t think our lot have them in it to get a result today, no matter what Ashley offers. Let’s be honest, the stakes were much higher against Sunderland and what did we get from the losers ?

    Ena the tea lady with Pardew’s notebook in the technical area sums the season up perfectly for me.

    Let’s get this chapter closed as quick as possible.

    Michael 12, you just like to provoke mate.


  22. Kim and Sharpy
    I personally would be incredibly grateful for their contributions and would put in the extra shift as a thank you, but would some of these foreign players care about them? I’d like to think so but I’m not sure, M’biwa and the others haven’t been here long so won’t know how important they are to the club.
    Had a bit of work experience
    Garden centre, for 6 months, was picking up **** and sweeping floors
    Volunteered at Zoo outside Edinburgh, for 6 months, for DofE (burned down last month 🙁 ), was cleaning Reptile enclosures and feeding them
    Tennis coaching, still ongoing, telling little kids to do tennis drills when they just want to muck around and play games, one girl last month was surprised to find out I was straight 🙄 .
    So I haven’t had too much work experience but I’ve had a bit and it was heavy lifting (not so much the last one)


  23. God you gotta love Jabba he is going to give the b/room staff a £1mill bonus if we do the real hard task of beating an Arsenal team that will be all out to seal CL footie next season, and if we did manage to win Jabba will get himself a couple of mill in the process by higher up placing


  24. Andy – I wasn’t trying to be a bell end with that question mate. I’ve never been to Uni so don’t really know how that world operates. I’m sure you’ll go on to get your grades and bag yourself a good job buddy, all I meant was that its important to acknowledge everyone’s contribution, from the cleaners to the big cheese.
    I would hope all the players understand that this is a way of looking like the good guys, at the expense of Mr Ashley. They may well have a win/clean sheet/goal scoring bonus built into their contract anyway. I know he’s not playing today, but Sissoko waved his signing on fee to join us which suggests they aren’t all about personal gain.

    Dave – That’s one way to look at it, but by the same token, if we won today he’d get that money anyway and could have kept that Million for himself.
    Would be interesting if he’s offered Pardew anything for a win today though?!


  25. Goals have been our biggest problem: Conceding them.

    We’re 13th in goals scored, with 45 all season and obviously that needs improving.

    But we’re 17 in goals against, having given up 67 to date.

    Sixty-seven! Only Reading and Wigan were worse. Floppy-chops’ QPR defended better this season than we did. They gave up only 59. So our bunch were WORSE then the relegation goons of Droopy Dog, the wheeler-dealer.


  26. Sharpy@255 He has made Pards an offer – Win and I won’t sack you 😉

    Wyart Lane@249 Hopefully we can do you a favor and keep our tea lady happy :).


  27. Kim – oh aye, I forgot about that 😆

    Wyart – on behalf of Ashley and all of our backroom staff, please pass on their thanks to Daniel Levy for the £1 million donate 😛


  28. Sharpy
    I know you weren’t being a ******* mate, loads of people go off to uni without previously having lifted a finger, I was determined that wasn’t going to be me 😉


  29. Will this be Simpsons farewell today as well as Harper’s? I will miss them both. Two sound lads. Wish Ashley would keep them both. Hope everyone at the game gives them a rousing send off.
    I saw some awful pictures of flooding in the North East, is the pitch going to be playable?


  30. Jill @262, although Pardew blathers a lot at times, he is somewhat right about losing experience in the dressing room.

    If Collo, Shola, Simmo, Harper all move on, that is a lot of more senior pros to be replaced.

    Simmo has done a great job for the toon imo. It’s understandable though if the lad moves on, he’s played a lot of Prem League and Europa League games for the toon so can’t be a complete diddy. Yet the toon obviously don’t see it that way.

    I’m sure Pardew will find a place for Shola the legend somewhere in his backroom staff.


  31. Andy – good on ya mate. Whilst I never went to Uni the wife did and worked her way through it, so I don’t buy into the stereotype. Mind that said my cousin who be the stereotype personified 😆

    Completely off topic – I hate the new kit with that Wonga advertisement across the front of it. The colours of the away shirt are nice actually but horrible frontage


  32. Sharpy, no way I’m buying a shirt with ‘Wonga’ emblazoned on the front of it. I’m not taking the moral highground, I just don’t want to look any more a **** than I already do. 😆


  33. Isn’t there some doubt regardingcompanies like Wonga actually being allowed to operate ?

    I won’t be wearing a Wonga shirt either.


  34. Simpson has been a great player for us and has for me been our most consistent player since the Championship season. The goal line clearance master as well 😀

    Harper has been good when called upon and has been a great servant for so long.

    Shola has always been a bit of a joke for alot of our fans and every fan up and down the country but in between the joke performances he has had some beastly performances and we all love him for them.

    Simpson should be offered a new deal and the other two should be let go imo. I wonder how much Simpson wants in wages.


  35. Is Shola going anywhere like? still got a year on his contract and nobody wanted to buy him when he was at his…erm cough cough “peak” so I fully expect him to be slaying mackems next season.


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