The price of failure this season? A cool £9 million!

TV money
TV money
The latest figures for TV and prize money have been released, and they don’t make good reading for the finance wizards at Newcastle United.

The figures have revealed that revenue from prize money and TV income has dropped by roughly 20% following the disappointing 16th placed finish this term.

United’s high-flying fifth placed finish last season earned them £54.2m in TV and prize money compared to only (only, I know…) £45.1m this term. The reduction in revenue wasn’t all to do with league placing however as we saw ourselves broadcast less this term (16 times this season compared to 18 last season) which accounts for just over £1m of the difference, and it’s also worth noting that these figures don’t include any payments made for games broadcast in the Europa League, League Cup or FA Cup.

How is it all worked out?

Each Premier League team receives a fixed amount from UK broadcasting rights which is 50% of the total pot split between the twenty clubs equating to £13,803,038. All overseas broadcasting rights are also split equally between the twenty clubs giving each club another £18,931,726, or a total of £32,734,764.

This is then supplemented by “facility fees” which account for a further 25% of the total UK broadcasting rights pot which are awarded each time a team is televised. Each televised game is worth £578,326 with each club guaranteed to be shown at least ten times throughout the season. United were shown 16 times giving us facility fees totalling £8,654,602.

The remaining 25% of the UK broadcasting rights pot is then split depending on league position called “merit payments”, with each position in the Premier League worth £775,881. So QPR received the basic £775,881 with each position above that adding another £775,881. United finished fifth bottom so 5 x £775,881 = £3,779,405.

Equal share – £32,734,764
Facility fees – £8,654,602
Merit payment – £3,779,405

Add all that together and you get a total of £45,168,771. It’s all here on the Premier League website if you wish to have a nosey.

As mentioned earlier though these figures are for the Premier League only so they might not end up being as bad as they look right now and I expect a few million of that to be made back up meaning that in the end we actually won’t be too far off what we made last season.

Next season will be more interesting however. Manchester United earned just over £60m for winning the Premier league this season but that figure is expected to rise to roughly £100m for the eventual winners next season. It won’t be us so put those dreams on hold, but an increase in revenue should be felt throughout the league.

What happens with that money is an entirely different debate however…

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243 thoughts on “The price of failure this season? A cool £9 million!

  1. Troy,
    I have nowt but respect for Big Dave (blog polis), he is a top bloke who I am trying to cultivate into the anti “FOOL” brigade alongside Brigadier Ice Dog and Colonel TGS. LOL


  2. Did someone say Shola’s been offered another year? If that is true and it were the only thing I knew about our manager and his wishes for next season, I would be seriously worried about the man’s competence. Shola couldn’t make it in the Championship next season.


  3. Great words of encouragement from Llambiase today. Glad to see their goal for the club is to complete with West Brom, West Ham, and Swansea. I’m really pumped for the season!!!! 🙄


  4. @ Andy

    Wow really have they not been watching the PL the last two years what a ****ing joke how these people get paid to talk about football when they know **** all about it apart from maybe the big teams in England and whatever team they support. It embarrassing that these people are allowed to spout their nonsense. I like 2 leagues far better that the English league like. And if the french or dutch league got the money the English teams get it would be put to shame. Like their National team does every tournament 😀


  5. Toby…Keep the faith, it’s only the dream of seeing us win a trophy that keeps me going at times…however unlikely 😉


  6. B&B…Shola already has next year anyway, if he gets another year again then we have another 2 years of his showboating skills to look forward too 😯


  7. TLR – I reminded young Strumpo about the Lee/Dinnis fifth placed finish because our recent fifth placed finish is simply “awesome” to him. My point was, going forward, it means sweet F.A.


  8. Richie – I shake my heed! WTF?

    Did I mention I rifled one in at the Leazes End yesterday and put in a MOTM performance? I honestly think I could do better and I’ve got nearly 20 years on Shola.

    And to think some people on here reckon Shola’s a real aerial threat. I’d love to see what the stats say on that! Shola v Fellaini please, Coxy.


  9. Andymag@63, it’s really quite shocking how little even relatively experienced journalists and ex-players know about the Bundesliga. I’ve heard some fools quoting this season, and the fact that FC Bayern won by a street, as it being the norm. That is not the case, the Bundesliga is usually a tightly fought competition seldomly won before the penultimate round of games.

    Next season we will revert back to FC Bayern dominating, with the rest, including Dortmund, picking up the scarps unfortunatley.


  10. B&B… I believe you may have mentioned it once or twice 😆

    Shola is an aerial threat, I heard he’s taken out loads of the ****ers on the houses around Benton with his wayward shooting 😆


  11. So little nasty Llambias reckons the club is united. Let’s see how nasty it all gets if we’re no better after the first few games. 😯


  12. I thought he must have just bought one of those top remote controlled model aeroplanes. He doesn’t live far from the airport. 😛


  13. Richie – Did I mention it was a rocket that gave the keeper no chance? 😛

    I have to say it was £120 well spent. I’d love to do it again. Great experience. Thoroughly recommend it. It might take me a few months to recover like coz I’ve knacked a glute and am now on painkillers. 😯


  14. RT@87, that’s anew take on “aerial threat”…and I believe it 😆 😆

    Newkie@89, aye canny isn’t it. We need to be on our best behaviour when we now know the grown up’s are occassionally looking in 🙂


  15. Santii
    I think money is the problem, the Bundesliga is like 66% German in comparison with the PLs 30% British, the Germans aren’t getting the same attention so get their money from sponsorships and the like and put what money they do have into development, whereas we just pump it into transfers, mainly foreign players. “It shows more flair and its better football” is it? Cus I’ve watched the PL this year and also a fair bit of the Bundesliga and I can tell you the latter is far more entertaining and skillful.


  16. I think llambias did mention ‘at least’ 10th which quite frankly when you look at the top 7 eightth is the best we can hope for unless we seriously invest.

    And that ain’t going to happen. So put simply llambias is probably spot on


  17. Munich @ 86 – Thing is we joke about it, but it’s not funny. Not funny at all.


  18. BB @ 77
    Shola is the impact sub who doesn’t make an impact!
    I’m totally unsurprised to find Pardew giving him a year instead of finding a replacement.

    Don’t you know the stats have proved Shola is a prolific striker and integral to the entertaining pass and move football we played this year. Statistically speaking.


  19. Christ alive. What better message to send out to the footballing community than we aiming for 10th. Quick Ashley, might want to think about rerouting the phone system to Indian due to the stampede of phone calls we can expect as players beat down to achieve the elusive dream of mediocrity! Jesus wept. I’m normally quite balanced but this latest news is proving to be one long ball too far.

    Derek Llambias is about as charismatic as angelos epithemiou, with less footballing knowledge.

    The big concern now is when all goes to t1ts who’s actually going to ride into the rescue. Oh, is that JFK back in circuit training?


  20. The phrase that catches my eye in Llambias’ statement is “long term stability”. I really don’t think an underperforming manager brings you that. Last season was anything but stable. A poor season like last season might unsettle a lot of players.

    Moreover, I’m not so sure it’s healthy to have one man as manager for too long if he’s not achieving reasonable success season on season and fulfilling players’ ambitions.

    Besides, another manager could walk in tomorrow and his transition could well be seamless, especially these days when the recruitment team hold sway anyway.

    I would argue that a new manager might well bring greater stability if the existing players are more comfortable with him and his ways.


  21. Munich-yep best behavior, no more racism allowed Jerry Mag. There have been too many quips about johnny foreigners on here lately.

    Shola’s aerial threat comes from his sweet collection of hats, he is a threat to geordie boys everywhere because he might just steal their girl. Just sayin.


  22. Richie and MM,
    Don’t be ridiculous lads. There’s no way anyones Sky dishes are under threat from Shola’s awesome shooting skills.
    Have you seen most of his goals throughout his prolific career?
    There’s no way you can get much power on the ball when your shooting comprises of the ball bouncing off your knee or arse.


  23. This is an official announcement for all those departing on the Expectation Express due to depart from Platform 3 Newcastle Central Station.
    Please phone a taxi or use other forms of transport to Fantasy Island as this train is no longer in service. 😯
    Network Rail apologises to all fools who bought a ticket but take no responsibility for their stupidity. 😆

    All those who second guessed and predicted the Reality Train would be leaving on time, please form an orderly queue and board the train. If there are no seats left then you may stand. 😆

    Enjoy your journey to Mediocre City. 😆

    Bon Voyage 😛 😛


  24. Agree B&B, in all honesty I can’t see anything positive coming out of backing Pardew. The players are hardly rallying around in his support but the biggest knock on effect will be the fans. Pardew has spent every last bit of credit he had and then some.

    I think the fans behaved impeccably last season- we were served slop and and stood by every long ball and excuse that was dealt to us and we still supported the team, even in the face of the embarrassment that was Sunderland and Liverpool. There were no bed sheers, chants or boycotting – next year Pardew won’t have that luxury. Unless he comes out of the blocks like a racehorse I can see it turning very very ugly.


  25. The prospect of watching another season of fish face is seriously depressing: clueless what to do when everyone else can see the problem and has done for months, gesturing the players forward in the last ten minutes and the players taking no notice, and scribbling furiously in his little note pad only to turn to saviour Shola as the messenger boy.

    If the players are as depressed as me, we’ll have a mass exodus in the coming days and weeks.


  26. Please, nice Mr Ashley, sack Pardew before the incompetent clown masterminds another season of abject misery. Pretty please?


  27. Troy,
    You get what you wish for mate, the “FOOL” is ruining OUR club.


  28. Maybe the attention should be turned to Ashley.

    He is the one sticking by Pardew. 😳

    Oh no we can’t can we. Its his club and he can do what he wants with it. 😛 😛

    Oh dear. 😆


  29. @TGS

    I wanted Benitez but I second guessed Ashley wouldn’t sack Pards. 😉

    I can read the fat bloke like a book. 😆


  30. Troy,
    You are being silly, there is no way Benitez would be tempted to come here,
    So jump on your pathetic la la land Reality Train and keep going until you wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. I think most fans would consider a desert spoon as an upgrade to Pardew – at least it wouldn’t create as much flap and noise in the press!

    Hopefully they’ve at least prepared to investing a couple of decent coaches.


  32. @TGS

    You are being silly. There was no way Ashley was gonna sack Pardew and appoint a top manager which is what we need.

    So jump on your pathetic Expectation Express la la fantasy island and keep going til you wake up. 😆

    Oh the temper 😛 I can feel it 😛


  33. What’s the pro Pardew/Pro Rafa, Pro-Ashley/Anti-Ashley VICKY POLLARD crew on about @ 103?

    VICKY’s told us Pardew’s staying. We’re still waiting to hear for how long, according to the tea leaves. 😛

    “No but, yeah but, no but, what are they doin’ on our platform or sumthin’ or nuffin’ or sorta like thing coz they is well gonna get beat-ins!” 😛


  34. LST/Newkie – despite the time delay I still feel I need to clarify my post regarding Downing as it was left in a bit of a hurry as I was leaving for graft.
    What I meant was that Downing would be an improvement on Obertan IMO – NOT that I think we should be going out and trying to sign him necassarily.
    Townsend would absolutely be my preferred signing as he was only on loan at QPR and I think Spurs would let him go. Huddlestone may be another they would let leave, he’s not pacey but is a very good passer of the the ball, is good in the air and has a cracking long range shot on him, personally I’d play him CB but again he wouldn’t be my first choice.


  35. Troy,
    I would never expect Ashley to appoint a top manager!

    What worries me is folk like you accept Pardew, the bloody cleaner could do better than him, he WILL take us down.

    Wakey Wakey!


  36. @TGS

    This is not about Pards. Its about Ashley. Does the fact that he hasn’t sacked Pardew tell you the man has no ambition?

    That means he won’t appoint a decent manager. And yes we do need a top manager. Who are you wanting if you don’t want Benitez?

    Its no good losing your temper because I’m telling you how I see it and I told you that he wouldn’t appoint a better manager as better managers cost cash and long contracts. If they are any good they cost a fortune.

    So instead of losing your temper tell me who you would want and don’t just say anybody.

    I’ve put a perfectly reasonable argument up why I wanted Pardew to remain for the start of this season.


  37. @TGS

    Its Ashley I have the gripe with not Pardew and I can’t see why he isn’t get his fair share of the back lash.

    Of course, some idiot said back in November that he wouldn’t call for Pards head despite him saying he would get us relegated this season because its Ashley’s club and he can do what he wants. 😛 😛 😳

    Fuckin idiot that kid. 😉


  38. TGS i think jabba will only give him a couple of months to see what way the team are going then move him oot,thats the only hope ime hanging onto now mate,what ******** he is 🙁 🙁


  39. Southerngeordie – what in anyway shape or form has given you the idea that finishing ten isn’t ambitious? 🙂

    I hate to admit but llambias is right. We ain’t getting in top 7 so from 7-10 we may have a chance. The policy we use is that even if Benitez came in charge we wouldn’t get near top 6.

    It’s about accepting reality. Llambias is ensuring that even though it’s crap to watch the football Newcastle offer is still the cheapest around.

    We aren’t going to ever compete without investment. So whilst we ain’t got it no point paying arsenal prices to see a game.

    Businessmen are at the helm. Not dreamers.
    Sooner we all accept that the less angry about it we will become.

    Doesn’t mean we have to settle for it but that’s the way a lot of premier league clubs are run. We may be a big crowd team but we aren’t a big enough team to topple the top 6.


  40. The only person who seems happy with mediocrity is the one sporting the bright pink shell suit. Most other people want Pardew out because they understand football, and don’t give a **** for second guessing Ashley, even if they could.

    “Oh, my God! That is so unfair! This is like, well harassment! I’m off now coz there’s a well cold draught, innit? Anyway don’t listen to B&B coz everyone knows her fanny goes sideways.” 😛


  41. Can someone please clarify why San Lorenzo have reared their ugly heads again?! 👿 quite frankly “having the intention of talking to colo” is in my book tapping up.

    Ashley should shove it up their arse


  42. @Ice

    I want to see some intent to win the games in the first couple of matches at the very least. It would be nice if we could win a few by more than one goal as well.


    Looks like you have angered Vickey 😀


  43. My god. Everything the bumbling Boris does is copied off me. The Vicky Pollard joke was what I used to call him and he can’t think of anything original. Oh dear. 🙄

    Why don’t you get a back bone and F@@k off as you are the weakest person I’ve ever met and are a disgrace to our family name.


  44. @Santii

    I can reply back and it destroys the blog. If you want that I will. He’s a disgrace to our family and I find his behaviour repulsive for a man. If only you knew the half.


  45. Troy,
    How can you not have a gripe with Pardew? He has proved this season that he is useless!
    Why do you continually ask who i would prefer as his replacement? I can’t influence who Ashley will appoint next, this is a subjective point.

    The point that i raise is that Pardew is totally out of his depth and is ruining our club with his mismanagement.

    Most current manager’s could do a better job than him….

    Stardy to his credit highlighted the main problems in his superb article, Pardew is incapable of moving us forward with the squad at his disposal.

    By the way, not angry, just frustrated mate!


  46. Troy and B and B – any thoughts on the top ten finish insult?


  47. Troy its the internet. No need to get so angry. Ignore him if he is ruining the blog for you.


  48. TGS – not disagreeing with you but how did you compare with last season finishing 5th and manager of the year? One off? Pardew complacent?


  49. Your right Liam. Truth is its a bitter pill for most fans to swallow. The point that drives me to distraction though is, it’s not impossible for us to break the top eight as we’ve done it before, and arguably with a lesser squad. It’s widely recognised that we are only one or two at the most away from a fantastic team that is capable of giving anyone a game on their day.

    The sad thing is we’ve not even seen 50% of what this squad is capable of and under Pardew we are unlikely to.

    Maybe Llambias tactic is by setting lower expectations and overachieving that is seen as progress but it was only last year Pardew mentioned about breaking the top four, and already players like HBA and Haidara have openly said they expect us to compete in top 6 – what sort of message does today’s statement give to them?


  50. @TGS

    I do have a gripe with Pardew though I still say we will end up mid table-ish next season.

    That is what Ashley wants. Pardew is an average manager. What more can I say.

    I’ve said it time and time again, I don’t want Pards, I want a top manager. The managers role is the most important role in the club for me and you need to get a decent one in.

    What is wrong with my opinion that gets you frustrated? The only difference we have is, I don’t believe Ashley will pay compen to Pardew, Compen to a club we poach a manager from and if they are half decent then they will be in demand. Everton and Stole want new managers.

    You say I can’t guess who Ashley will appoint. Does it not strike home that he’s sticking with Pards for the reasons I’ve suggested.

    I get frustrated with the Organ grinder not the monkey.

    Do you not get my opinion?


  51. LST,
    One of fella and credit to him, but this season was a shocker and he deserves the flak ❗


  52. Re. your point on Colo Liam, I think there is clearly more to the situation than we know, otherwise Ashley would likely be taking a much harder line. It seems to be the case that the club have actively accepted Colo is leaving and literally seem to have no power to keep him which is strange.


  53. Santii – Who’s the hissy fitter in the onesie who can’t deal with the issues? 😛

    I only asked for a further reading of the crystal ball to clarify the BS. I hope VICKY hasn’t swapped the crystal ball for a Westlife CD again.

    “Stop giving me evils B&B!” 👿


  54. Troy,
    I respect your views but disagree, I believe that Pardew will be sacked by Nov 😉
    Dreading next season 😥 😥 😥


  55. There are two clubs in the EPL who have had exceptional sucess over the years, with a world-wide fan base – Manchester United and Liverpool.
    We have two other clubs not far behind them, owned by gazillionaires, who will go financially out of there way to compete at the top of the EPL – Manchester City and Chelsea.
    We have two other big clubs following up close behind these 4 clubs, who are regularly playing in or knocking on the door of the Champions League – Arsenal and Spurs.
    Each of these clubs have one thing in common. They are run by footballing people.

    That’s the top 6 places covered.

    NUFC is a club ran by persons who have limited if no “footballing awareness”. The ability and desire to improve that situation is in my opinion severely limited. The desire to make the financial “step up” necessary is most definitely not there.

    What can we honestly expect from our owner ? What would be considered a successful dip into the transfer market this close season ? How much would be considered a sound investment ? For the majority of the clubs mentioned above between 30 – 50 million euros I would imagine, probably more at a couple of these clubs.
    I cannot see our lot spending more than 20 mill all told. When you consider we will be losing a few senior pros, and a few squad players who simply aren’t good enough then we really need to start worrying. Combined with the fact that the fringe squad of which Pardew had so high hopes going into the previous season, fell badly short, then we really are in for a hectic summer.


  56. Anyone else agree we should get Troy and B&B on Jeremy Kyle. 😀

    Two Geordie Brothers At War On A Social Media Blog…..

    There you go Toonsy more publicity for the blog 😀 get on the phone to Jezza.


  57. @southerngeordie – therein lies the problem. Overachieving last year has warped the ambition of their 5 year plan. Each year they are set to improve and improve to the point we reach the champions league. We are in essentially year 3 of 5. Therefore surely no one would have expected us to be in the position we were in this season.

    Whilst I would agree pardew isn’t particularly bright the thinking of llambias does to some degree make sense. Why ditch a manager who is cheap and willing to act as a yes man in the 5 year plan take the hits and constantly be critised for them. Personally pardew was screwed over last summer we needed players much more so as we were in Europa. But the board stuck to their guns. Player retention seemed to mean more than progression.

    Then January struck with the illusion of investment but was merely a calculated risk. Ashley knew by outlaying a little then would mean survival and the promise of premier league money. Each time pardew has never really been backed convincingly. Even in this period he lost ba.

    I’m not defending pardew as quite frankly his tactics do seem of anything laughable but I can honestly say that if he gets a decent number 2 in and 3 first team players to bolster the squad and keep the best ones there is no reason why we can’t finish eighth even with him in charge.

    We all underestimate the power of backing would give pardew. He ain’t going to be complacent next year his jobs on the line.


  58. @TGS

    If Pards is sacked by November then I would expect someone like Alan Curbishley to be appointed. That is my worry.


  59. @MM

    Arsenal are the biggest footballing business there is. They are run purely to make a profit. The Glazers are 10x worse than Ashley and Levy is just as bad as Ashley in terms of sell a player to buy a squad. The only difference is They all have/had good managers in charge.

    Chelsea and Man City shouldn’t be alowed to play in Europe once the FFF Rules come into effect (this year?) Though they will no doubt find a way around it.


  60. Santii @ 128 – Spot on. I thought he was doing an excellent job at ignoring the hard questions whilst hailing himself as Derek Acorah. 😛


  61. If only pardew could base the first half of west Brom away as the basis for the rest of our games. That first half was the best we have played all season.


  62. LST @ 127 – “the expectation of at least a top-ten finish in the Premier League” were Llambias’ words.

    I think’s that’s reasonable. If we can keep well away from a season like last season, that’ll be some achievement with Pardew in charge.


  63. Santii@142. You got one of the angles on my post.

    I cannot see the Toon ever slugging it out in the transfer market. We are more or less forced to go the Graeme Carr route and try and unearth good players elsewhere in europe. At the same time we still need to look at picking up some EPL experience along the way, and that doesn’t come cheap either.

    I hope Pardew is up to the task of getting the squad sorted out.


  64. Agree Liam, the overachievement did blindside us all but the failure by all to capitalise on it knocked us back three steps. Ashley takes a huge portion of the blame but so does Pardew too.

    Even last year when it was all wine and roses my concern was his arrogance – two major awards and people suggesting him for the England job and I believe it all got to his head. He dropped the ball and thought he was too clever and it wasn’t until mid November when it all really started to unravel.


  65. Fuck me, looks like I’m missing a right battle tonight like. It’s a shame it’s turned into that like coz from what I read Tony and Troy are actually having a very relevant and perfectly valid debate, with not an insult or sarcastic comment in sight.
    Which is the point of sites like this in my opinion, but then I may be wrong of course 🙄


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