Could the DoF role ever work out at United?

Kinnear in his managerial days at United
Kinnear in his managerial days at United
I’ve been away for a few weeks. In fairness it wasn’t a bad time of the year to have a few personal problems as there is generally not a lot going on regarding football.

Or so I thought anyway…

The big talking point has been the appointment of Joe Kinnear as our new Director of Football. Now I don’t know if this is “old ground” or whether I’ve missed the boat regarding having a say on this appointment but all the same I’m going to carry on writing anyway, mainly so I can get some things off my chest and think aloud if you like.

I want to look at if things can work out with Kinnear at the helm. It’s a big leap of faith and I find myself not believing that it can before I’ve even got my teeth into the article but I’ll give it a try and see what I come up with.

The big problem is that we have very fresh first-hand knowledge of how catastrophically wrong appointing someone in such a role can be. You only have to go back to the whole Keegan/Wise affair to see how quickly and perilously things can turn sour.

This is not to say that a Director of Football can never be a success. They can. They are successful in varying degrees throughout Europe but for whatever reason they don’t seem to be the done thing here in England.

Kinnear’s task is to get the best team we can get, which sounds simple, but it’s not. Have a look around at successful Director’s of Football at some of the biggest clubs and you’ll see that a lot of them have a pedigree from within the game built up in their playing career that has given them a status, some clout if you like, that they have then carried into retirement and into their new roles. Look at German clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as indicators of that. If I was going to search for a similar United friendly figure the names would probably be something like Alan Shearer (even though that would never happen), Peter Beardsley, David Ginola etc etc. Players who have had a status within the game and an affiliation with United. Surely they would be better choices to promote our club to players?

The way this whole structure has been implemented is also a disaster. Success with a DoF depends on all parties buying into it with defined roles that all parties are clear about. All Mike Ashley has done is dropped the bomb and given people a choice to accept it or not like like it but accept it anyway and you have to think about the possibilities of why Joe Kinnear is actually here. To put pressure on Pardew? To undermine him? To make him up his game? To replace him? A DoF should have no designs on the job of manager or interfering in the team, but with Kinnear at the training ground and travelling with the team to matches could this be too close for comfort for Pardew.

I’ve tried and tried to come up with a reason for this but I simply can’t. I’m still as baffled now as I was when I first heard about the appointment and even a meeting between the club and fans and Joe’s now famous radio and interview ramblings have failed to clarify things. It can only end in disaster really can’t it?

The one positive thing I can think of is that Kinnear seems to have the ear of Mike Ashley. For whatever reason, Kinnear is the one who has been trusted with this role and ultimately the success of both the job and Kinnear hinges on how we recruit players going the forward. I tend to believe (or hope perhaps) that Ashley would be more willing to back Kinnear with him being his own man and all that, but then I though the same about Hughton, Llambias, Carr and Pardew at first…

So basically, after all this, I still don’t know is the answer to my original question…

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412 thoughts on “Could the DoF role ever work out at United?

  1. @372 😆 Reality monitors? 😆 A bit like the reality train 🙄 Now there’s a misnamed concept if ever I saw one.

    It looks to me more like looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection of fears, and then mistaking that reflection for reality.


  2. Sorry, “lick my *******” would probably be deemed more appropriate.
    CUNTS!!!!! 😯 😯 😯


  3. Rodz @ 378: I have. I have. And I’m in love. 😆 😆 {in self appreciation mode} (and alternative bracket mode.>


  4. Bris, you’re caught in a trap.
    You can’t walk out.

    I sit hear, fat and dribbling.
    Content. 😎


  5. Conspiracy theory; Mike pretends to hire JFK to divide our attention away from the chants of PARDS OOT. Plans to tell everyone he’s been fired after the close of the window, when we’ve bought no one sighting he made a mistake. Fans are relieved he’s gone and feel sorry for Pards.


  6. I can see what the toon are doing here like!

    Leave the transfers to near the end of the window and then the other clubs know you are desperate for players to strengthen the squad. They can have us bent over a barrel with our pants down and over price their players!

    Genius. 🙁 🙄 6 yrs in charge and we still dither and fanny about making the same mistakes. 🙄

    I mean, it was genius getting a new DoF in the middle of the window and the manager has only returned from holiday today to discuss transfers.

    Guess what our DoF is doing today. He’s going on holiday. Wooo hoo hooooo hoooo 😆 😆

    This is genius 😆


  7. We saw that Mike Ashley’s only focus is creating brand awareness for Sports Direct.
    We saw that with the “Rooney exclusive” on the SportsDirect news site.
    His attitude is that any publicity is better than no publicity.

    He is an astute businessman in the Clothing Industry and when it comes to assett stripping and freezing out competitors. That does take a genius, it just takes a lack of conscience and morals.

    However, football is a unique industry. And its clear that not only is Ashley clueless (his appointment of JK the ultimate proof) but he actually doesn’t give a ****.

    All he wants is to keep us afloat at the cheapest possible cost. Until it gets to the point where he can make a profit out of us.

    Yes he has put around 137mil into the club to pay off debts. But a good chunk of those debts were cause through his **** ups. His loss of revenue.

    The Newcastle United brand was far far bigger under the Shepherd regime despite his flaws. Since Ashley has taken over, Newcastle have become “smaller” as a club brand worldwide. But SportsDirect has grown massively as a brand.

    For Ashley, that is all he cares about. He is now known worldwide, as the Newcastle United owner that is a ruthless and astute businessman.


  8. @JJ

    Totally agree. 😉

    But the reality crew point that out seasons ago. 😉

    Can’t believe you’s didn’t see it coming. 😯


  9. How much has he put in? 237 mil? We’re talking millions there? Pounds?
    Wow! That’s a lot of money to spend for someone who doesn’t give a ****. 🙄


  10. @Begas

    You’ve missed his point. He does give a ****. But only about SD.

    He gives a **** also to hover above relegation and below Europe.

    Most are clicking on now but I still see you are blinkered. No doubt you’ll be the very last. 😉


  11. I think this window is going to turn into a farce ( if its not already one ) I just cant see us buying the quality that we need. We need a quality striker. If we got someone in who could get us 15+ goals I think we’d be easily top 10 and depending on a bit of luck could challenge top 6. But I just cant see it happening. I do think we will lose Cabaye , which is a shame. He is quality, didnt show it much last season but neither did anyone else really. I have been a big supporter of Ashley but I think he has dropped the ball here big time. I do think a football person is a step in the right direction away from Llambias but Kinnear isnt that person. He is a nutjob. Plain and simple.


  12. Troy fizzes -I mean, it was genius getting a new DoF in the middle of the window and the manager has only returned from holiday today to discuss transfers.

    The transfer window open officially on July 1st and Kinnear was here well before that. So I am not sure how you call that arriving in the middle of the transfer window 🙂

    Do you regret making such an unfounded statement Troy?


  13. Everytime I think of NUFC at this present time I just hear the laughing policeman in my head…


  14. Well .it’s Friday Joe ,no sign of our first signing yet 😉 Oh what’s that you’ve bought a kid from Metz ,oh well that’s ok then we’re sorted now 😀 Thankyou Joe you’re a genius how ever have we coped without you.


  15. No doubt, Troy. No doubt. Keep fizzin, son. 😉

    So, logically (you might want to look that word up), if Newcastle were in the top 6 teams in the EPL the SD brand would get even bigger. But Ashley’s probably too clueless to realise that. 🙄


  16. I see Norwich have landed Redmond ,well done Hoots ,would of liked him at Toon. 🙄


  17. it’s all very well signing redmond but are youth academy is category B and both scum and middlesbrough have category A. kezmen will probably need years to be ready and might never make it


  18. Littlt tit bit for you chaps to lighten the day. Me journo pal reckons an announcement of sorts could come out of NUFC today.

    No idea what but could just be JFK getting a haircut


  19. Bris ,

    I take it you don’t know the costs of marketing, and worldwide advertising? He has saved millions.
    Also, he has invested in an asset which how a lucrative income. That will only increase in value.
    He may have invested a large sum. Although comparatively speaking its not as much as it sounds.
    But he hasn’t lost a penny and he’s gained one hell of a lot of exposure both for himself and Sports Direct, which is all he really cares about.


  20. Current blog self pity rating – 😥 😥 😥

    When it gets to 5 x 😥 this place will explode 😆 😆


  21. Bris ,

    I take it you don’t know the costs of marketing, and worldwide advertising? He has saved millions. The Sports Direct Brand is now known globally.

    Also, he has invested in an asset with a guaranteed increasingly lucrative income.

    He may have invested a large sum so far, but comparatively speaking, in big business, its no where near as much as it sounds.

    But he hasn’t really lost a penny as he still holds valuable assets and he’s gained one hell of a lot of exposure both for himself and Sports Direct, which is all he really cares about.

    Bad news and controversy sells more newspapers and gets more publicity than anything else. It costs him nothing but a few disgruntled Newcastle fans.

    Nobody in South Africa, India, etc knew who Mike Ashley was or Sports Direct. Now every football fan does know. Because Newcastle are constantly in the paper, and his name is mentioned, along with his business.

    His manager has already stated he is please we aren’t in Europe. Its a distraction for him. It results in unnecessary investment at minimal return (for him anyway)…
    Champions league brings in big income and exposure. But it would cost him hundreds of millions to get us their and sustain us. Its far easier to get exposure the way he is doing it now. FREE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY.

    The appointment of JK and the press frenzy it creates is perfect for him.

    He doesn’t give a **** about the club or ambition, as long as we stay in the Premiership, he is happy.

    “Stay in the league at the lowest possible cost” – that is Ashley 100% happy.

    You should try be less condescending. Especially when you are so logically challenged yourself. 😛 😆


  22. Condescending? Moi? 😆 But it’s ok, I don’t mind slumming it with you guys. 😆

    So, ignoring your own condescending opening remarks … Nice theory, JJ. But no proof. Still only based on opinion. And I have no problem with opinions. What gets me is when opinion is stated as fact.

    eg: “… which is all he really cares about.” How do you know what Ashley really cares about? Yet it serves as the basis of your theory. At best, you have circumstantial evidence based on predisposed opinion.

    Good try, though. 😛

    And who knows, you may well be right. 😉


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