456 thoughts on “A little look at strikers

  1. @ Trumpet

    You say we just need 2 signings and that’s all Pardew deserves.

    So we get the 2 desired players and we get hit with injuries again. Do you really believe the squad is strong enough bearing in mind we’ve lost Perch who was a decent utility player who play 29 times last season and Simpson who played 25 times.

    But you believe Pards only deserves 2 players despite us scraping above relegation last season.

    Let others decide Trumpet. I respect your views though feel you are so wide of the mark.


  2. How many times did Simpson play since Debuchy arrived? I thought you only compared teams at the end of the season?
    Say one position that Perch isn’t 3rd choice at the most now ❓
    Last year we had an unprecedented number of injuries.
    Still avoiding the second question eh 😆


  3. Trumpet

    I’m not avoiding any q’s. 😉

    The team is clearly not at strong as when we finished 5th. We don’t have Ba who is a top goal scorer.


  4. That’s been pointed out by Stu a while back. Howay fella , you miss some obvious points. 😉


  5. But at the end of that season we hit form playing Ba on the left wing. Would you not rather have Gouffran there? Sissoko for Jonas? Mbiwa for Saylor? Debuchy for Simpson?
    Na, me neither.


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