Clearly lessons haven’t been learned!

Get to work Joe!
Get to work Joe!
Generally speaking I’m one of those ‘wait and see’ guys when it comes to Newcastle United.

Despite overwhelming evidence which suggests I perhaps shouldn’t be as patient I still find myself waiting to be pleasantly surprised only to be let down again and again.

Until now that is…

There is very little I can do to change what is going on at the club at the moment. I’m still waiting to come into the kind of money it would take to buy the club myself like I’m sure many others would do if they had the means and opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately writing this article, or any article in fact, won’t change things either but it does at least give everyone a platform to express their views.

With the start of the season roughly one month away I feel that we are sleepwalking into disaster. That’s not ‘we’ as fans, I mean ‘we’ as a club because unfortunately, as fans, we are unable to separate away from the club we all love and are tarred together with it and the decisions that are being made on behalf of all of us.

Lessons were supposed to have been learned from last summer where a lack of transfer activity cost us dearly and very nearly ended in disaster. Yes I get that some of the flurry of January activity was brought forward from this summer, but it shouldn’t mean that our recruitment drive can sit back and relax.

There are positions that need filling, some more desperately than others. There was a chance to get players “over the line” before pre-season even began which is obviously the ideal time to sign a player to ensure they are fully settled before the season even kicks off. Any signings we make now will have to hit the ground running and if they don’t they will feel the pressure. That’s if we actually do make any signings for the senior squad…

We hear constantly about how good our transfer policy and scouting network is, but somewhere along the line something is going wrong as new players aren’t materialising. Derek Llambias carried a lot of the can for it, but now he’s moved on there seems to be little difference although I will, begrudgingly, concede that Joe Kinnear hasn’t had a lot of time to weave his “magic” in his new role as Director of Football.

I’m just royally pi**ed off at the moment. If last season wasn’t the kick up the backside those upstairs needed then what will it take? A good balance sheet is all well and good but it means little and will deteriorate quickly in the Championship.

Things need to start happening soon, not just for us fans, but also for the players and manager. A couple of notable first-team signings will lift the mood undoubtedly amongst fans, will show our current players that there is a motivation to improve as a club, and will also give Alan Pardew some tools to work with that he desperately needs at his disposal.

Sadly though I’m starting to doubt it will happen…

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549 thoughts on “Clearly lessons haven’t been learned!

  1. i hope we go and buy a player better than shola. is that really asking to much of mike ashley ? maybe loan a player on a low salary better than shola ? if cisse goes will goufran be a lone striker for us ? if he gets injured is campbell good enough ? if so we deserve to go down 🙁


  2. i just read that kinnear has some big meetings this week. might lead to a few players joining our club. it might just raise a few hopes but i hope ba is one of them!


  3. Ausiie, you have to excuse our UK friends. This royal birth fever is clouding their judgement on trivial matters like footy:)


  4. MDS, don’t mention the royal birth ,it’s bloody wall to wall coverage here ,a simple announcement would of done ,but no they have to drag it out for an hour long special with all sorts of guest talking ******* 😆 . Talking of talking ******* has Joe signed anyone yet ❓ .

    Well we had the mother of all thunderstorms here in Bristol last night , torrential rain and thunder and lightening for an hour from 3.30am onwards ,easily one of if not the worst storms I can remember. My cat was totally freaking out too. This morning my bird table is swarming with starlings too which is weird .


  5. I saw yesterday that there are problems getting a work permit for Bony apparently ,wonder if that’s why we didn’t go after him. 😕


  6. @Aussie

    Baba Vangas crystal ball 😛

    It’s all pointing towards it. He’s brought Jokey in to undermine Pards hoping he would walk.

    Pards is playing it cool. He tries to bring Harford in as Jokeys minder.

    He hasn’t bought a player yet and Pards can’t be happy with that.

    If Pards sticks to his guns I can see Ashley sacking him.

    Just logic 😉


  7. The only way Pardz will go is sacked.. If we start poorly he is gone.. I can’t see him going before the season proper tho.. you have been wrong before so don’t stress over this one 😛


  8. i think if pardew was going he would have went before pre-season imo,Kim you have more chance of a big win on the lotto than hiddink coming mate


  9. Howay Troy, why does your ‘realist’ self believe that?

    I think my last Dozen comments or so have had “What a Joke we are” at somepoint of each post.

    Pardew: “HBA back to unplayable best”….Let him play a game first Alan, yeah? How can he say that, really.


  10. Any chance of a new article today.

    Was hoping to discuss the royal baby – well, it’s the only new arrival us Geordies are likely to see this summer isn’t it?! 🙄


  11. Here we are once again at the beginning of a new season with a squad shorn of numbers and with know new signings.
    It was patently obvious from the paucity of goals scored that we needed a minimum of 2 recognized goal scorers as we surely must say good bye to shola ( 5 years to late) and from the heavy defeats suffered last year clearly our defense needs improving.
    As an exiled Geordie in Alaska I’m just so frustrated to see another term of mediocrity on the horizon


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