Cisse dispute allegedly resolved

I wonder if this had anything to do with it?
I wonder if this had anything to do with it?
It seems as though peace has been restored at NUFC, and I’m not talking about our tranquil, calm approach to incoming transfers either!

Instead I’m referring to the dispute that has been ongoing between the club and Papiss Cisse regarding his refusal to wear Wonga branded items of club clothing.

According to most of the mainstream publications (hence why I say ‘allegedly’ in the headline!), a resolution has been reached between the two parties and Cisse will now join in with the rest of the squad as they continue their pre-season preparation ahead of the big kick-off against Manchester City in just over three weeks time.

Quite what has caused this sudden resolution will be speculated about, with some media outlets suggesting that the club called in an Imam to discuss with Cisse his concerns. Of course I could just as easily speculate and suggest that the timing of a photograph showing Cisse in a casino shortly prior to this resolution may have something to do with it but who really knows eh?

All that matters in the end is that it’s sorted and Cisse will stay with us unless a big money offer comes in.You know, the ones we apparently can’t turn down. Cisse has his critics who bemoan his offsides and the chances that he misses but the fact remains that he is our number one goalscorer as things stand and we would have been relegated had it not been for his strikes in the latter part of last season.

With this latest controversy out of the way perhaps the club can now focus their full attention towards bringing some players in before they get snapped up by other clubs, as looks likely to happen with Gomis.

Maybe I’m just asking for too much though.

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416 thoughts on “Cisse dispute allegedly resolved

  1. There are loads of small businesses out there where the owner gets the minimum wage or less, let alone able to employ someone.

    Still, that’s no excuse for ripping off workers.


  2. never said it was Bris. in the 80s I worked for a multinational and was a senior union official. In the nineties I moved over to the management side and supplemented my engineering qualifications with degrees in management and took on a high stress senior role. seen all sides.


  3. how can an employee thats on less then the minimum wage afford to pay an employee thats on the books but not actually working due to lack of graft.. he could always go to wonga 😛


  4. Lets get this into perspective.

    SD are a hugely profitable company and are paying 2000 of its management £75k Bonuses yet the shop floor workers are on zero hour contracts on minimum wages.

    This is about a hugely successful company.

    Mike Ashley is a ruthless businessman that treats the workforce with contempt. Just like the toon fans.


  5. ah thats sweet than troy.. I thought you said ‘any employer’.. my mistake 😉

    but yeah, totally right m8, hes a total **** bag


  6. You will of course recognise that Mike does not receive a salary from SD not since he sold it in 2007 and his bonuses have not been paid for the last couple of years. He dose not draw an income from NUFC either. He must be paid even less than me 😆 😯


  7. @mark & Prem

    The way you defend Mikey makes me think you adore his business philosophy with NUFC.

    He’s got no ambition to get into Europe. He wants to sit mid table.

    Why do you’s tolerate the obvious. 😯


  8. that was a canny topic change from the non existent transfer talk..

    lets have another. who thinks anyone habitually on the dole should have their ovaries tasered after their 2nd child.. 😯


  9. I’m not defending him either, it’s just that I’m never comfortable with the victim cr**

    Valid on occasions but rarely and wildly overused.


  10. @prem

    I’ve got no doubt he’s got the balls to sack Pards and I’m convinced if he doesn’t walk he will sack him. This will not last with Jokey and Pards. Guaranteed.

    I just believe he expected Pards to walk having brought Jokey in to undermine him and save him a fortune by not having to pay up his 8 yr contract.

    You can’t really be serious if you think Pards and Jokey will get along long term and really bieve Pards is happy with the set up.


  11. If Rodzilla went by the name Rodzilla Force Bayonet it would be an exact anagram of Lord Lizard of Cantebury. 😯


  12. Troy I turned into a dark corner overnight, and am currently running into a 45 degree angled wedge (feels like plasterboard), my flippers are treated with sandpaper soles for extra grip, so I guess I’ll just keep running as hard as I can. 😎

    @398, no it ain’t. 😛 😆


  13. @Mark

    Obertan has been to see his parents on Mars so missed all the preseason games. I believe he watched them via satellite though.

    His anagram is Bert Trebor. 😯


  14. I love the way Mark is still trying to work out the anagram. Be honest. You had a go. 😛

    I still love the fact Mark is actually called Trent Duval in real life but doesn’t want to come on the blog as a snob so goes by the name of Mark. 😛


  15. ah well.. better there than on the bench. I bet he’d prefer Bert Trebor than Obertan, its a mint name, very cool 😛


  16. lol its been in my favorites since the interweb was launched.

    you know my name is Dwayne mungo, this was discussed in 2011. keep up laddie 😛


  17. Richie, believe it or not my ex-boss was ‘anal teaser’. 😮

    …as I say, ‘ex’. 😉 😯


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