A not so fond farewell for Yohan Cabye-bye?

The end of the road for Cabaye?
The end of the road for Cabaye?
I like to think I know what makes most NUFC fans tick. Sometimes I do question it but overall we want to see just a couple of things from our players.

Those things are effort, 100% effort, and commitment to the cause.

Over the years we’ve had some dross on our books, but even the worst players will get the backing of the fans if they show that they are willing to give 100% for us.

Which is why whatever is going on right now with Yohan Cabaye is only going to end in one way, and that is with the player leaving the club come the end of the transfer window. Well obviously I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I’d be very surprised if Cabaye was a Newcastle player come the morning of September 3rd.

If he does end up staying with us then he’ll have a long road back with some fans who are all too quick to believe what has been put in the press. This strike business is something I’m wary of as there are conflicting reports all over the place and despite a load of misleading headlines popping up all over the place, I’ve not actually seen one solid quote that suggests that this is the case.

However it is clear that something is up. Whether or not it is true that Cabaye’s not been playing because he doesn’t feel mentally prepared, it is clear as day that there is a motive for him either not wanting to play or, dare I say it, being stopped from playing for Newcastle.

When I saw that Cabaye had been left out for the Manchester City game, and that Arsenal had bid for him, the very first thing I said to my Dad was that he was being left out to avoid an injury that would scupper the deal. I think I even said that’s the last we’d seen of him. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before, but I can’t see Newcastle turning down the money they want if it gets offered.

I’m past the point of getting attached to players these days. I know the deal and deep down so do most, and that deal is that we buy to sell on for more money. If Cabaye goes it will be a loss because I think he is a player that should be starting every game, but I also know that he is replaceable no matter how many people decide to riot after his sale.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is not to believe everything you read. It could all be true or it could be a little bit of a bend to said truth. After all, something like thins is a welcome distraction for a club who are seemingly struggling to buy players isn’t it? And leaking things to the press isn’t exactly a new thing to the powers that be at United….

Some food for thought perhaps…

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64 thoughts on “A not so fond farewell for Yohan Cabye-bye?

  1. Toonsy

    There’s been too much information leaked over the past yr which leads me to believe he wants away. Depression, loss of form, refusing to play.

    I know you suggested you can sometimes be wrong. I never have been. He’s a disgrace and he will be gone. The problem will now lie within the dressing room. He is influential, particularly within the French contingent.

    My only regret now is, I often got likened to Cabaye by the females and once he leaves the club, the comparisons may cease! 😡


  2. Troy – is that comparison a huffy ****er, who likes to push ballboys around? 😉 😆

    If we get the right deal for him he won’t be missed by me. It was a similar story last summer when we didn’t land Debuchy and he was linked with Arsenal then as well. He may carry influence with the French players but if that is a negative one then its better he leaves. Sissoko seems a big character and could well replace Cabayes influence – who knows.

    I think between Sissoko, Anita, Tiote, Bigi and even Jonas, we have ample cover for those 2 sitting midfield positions. So for me, any money we get for Cabaye should be spent on a wide player and/or centre forward.


  3. lets hope he takes debuchy with him ( a poor mans simpson at defending)

    on last seasons form he wont be missed too much and is clearly replaceable, whether they do replace him or not is another thing

    ba told in in December 2012 he was going and he was sold on the first day of the transfer window yet 9 months on we are with a week to go no nearer to bringing in his replacement

    pardew wanted a goal scoring centre back and two forwards before harper , perch and simpson left

    now joe says everyone agreed the squad was ok but it would be good to bring one more in !!!

    and he wonders where the negativity comes from

    last season we had a squad which we were reminded of all season that was too thin now with three having left it , and others on loan it is ok

    do me a favour joe do one will you

    do me a favour pardew stand up for yourself and tell the truth about how much your hand’s are tied, be a man about the situation

    we nearly got relegated last season , last second goals saved us, had the season gone on another couple of games we would have gone down, nothing has changed for me this season the pattern is continuing

    and those running the club don’t give a monkeys


  4. Sharpy17
    44 mins ago
    Cabaye to Spurs for £10m + Gylfi Sigurdsson, then use the £10m to buy either Ayew, Gomis or my preferred choice Finnbogason. That would give us this:

    ——————- Krul —————
    Debuchy – Colo – MYM – Santon
    ——— Sissoko — Anita ———-
    —- HBA — Marveaux — Sigurdsson
    —– forward or your choice —–

    Forward of Cisse, Remy or whoever we buy that £10m.
    I’d be well happy with that like.

    I posted this on the last article as an example of what I mean by replacing Cabaye with a wide man and CF.


  5. BIGPAPA – made a valid point on the last article as well. If we can’t spend the TV money on transfer fees coz we are tight on the wage bill, wher will that money go?!.
    I’d like to think its spend on improving things in and around the club. Facilities or scouting programmes. Maybe even setting up academies out in Africa or South American.
    Maybe saving it for a rainy day?! – but I think we all know its paying Ashleys loan off don’t we.


  6. Troy at 1… once cabaye retires and becomes a fat *******, i’m sure the comparisons will start up again…. 😆 😆


  7. Toonsy I agree and have said the same, its not like the club wouldnt leak stories stating that Cabaye is on strike etc to dirty his name and make the backlash less when they do sell him with no time to get a replacement in.
    But at the sametime it wouldnt surprise me if Cabaye is in a huff 😕


  8. @richie


    I can’t believe I complimented Aussie on the previous thread by suggesting he had more wit & intelligence than Begas and he has a go at me on here. 😯

    Ok, it’s not much of a compliment I agree, I mean, Stuart has more wit than Begas and a wombat has more intelligence. 😛

    Anyway, on the topic. I don’t see many from the Expectation Express on here lately. 😆

    It’s actually embarrassing how quiet they all are.
    The reality crew predicted all this. 😛

    Cabaye wanting to leave sums up the club. Absolute no ambition and I see trouble ahead. If we don’t get a win under our belts soon, and that doesn’t include at Morecambe, then we could spiral from the heady heights of 19th to 20th. 😯

    This owner is a disgrace.


  9. Could be interesting if they don’t manage to peddle Cabaye. What then? He either plays well or his World Cup is over already.


  10. Hes a pathetic example of the power footballers have these days.
    I do hope pards is sanctioning a big fat fine.

    If you dont want to play hand in a transfer request you pillock.

    In other news we will sell cabaye and not replace (we tried but failed) and Pards will come out and say he is happy with the squad best its ever been……


  11. I’m by no means certain he is striking, however I lost a lot of respect/interest in Cabs last season when he performed well below par for the entire season. Excuses were made but as far as I was concerned his head was already gone. Anita even yesterday showed what a centre mid is all about-100% effort and attention to the game, Cabaye last year would drop deep and hoof the ball up to whoever. People said Pardew’s long ball game went over Cabaye’s head, but Cabs was guiltier than most from taking the easier option than most and just hoofing it-particularly as he actually has the ability to pass a ball unlike Willo who I don’t expect anything from in that department.

    Cheers for the few classy assists you managed and the very classy goals you scored cabs, now can we please have a real striker 😕


  12. Cabaye wages should be cancelled as long as he remains at the club. Just another French player that’s gotten to big for his boots. Let him rout in the reserves for a year. Ashley rubbing his grubby fingers with a smile on his face. Please throw him off the tyne bridge head first ? Or if you know how to fly a helicopter throw Ashley out of that.


  13. The biggest issue with Cabayes game is his leg speed.. he seriously can not skip past players so he ends up sitting deeper as a result and sprays passes about. He has nice skills don’t get me wrong but we need players that will drive forward with the ball at their feet. This will close the gap between our forwards and mids. Tiote and Cabs are not that type of players and we are getting stretched as a result.


  14. If we moved our scouts out of France and into Spain or Germany I think they’d pick up on 3 young lad.
    Spain – Paco Alcacer, 19yr old CF currently at Valencia.
    Germany – Sebastian Polter, 22 yr old CF currently at Mainz.
    Germany – Tolga Cigerci, 21yr old right/centre midfield currently at Wolfsburg.

    3 young players who would be small fees and little wages but would improve our squad without doubt – especially the German boys.

    6 days of the transfer window to go and nee realistic bids in for anyone though so I don’t think we’ll be getting anyone in now like. 🙁 👿


  15. Soo, not too fused if he goes if we get good money and it is put back into the team…


  16. This might be daily fail style transfer story telling but do we think there’s a link betwen us bidding for Mccarthy and coyle talking up signing sammy on loan.

    They will reject £8m apparantly but how about £10m-£12m and waive the loan fee and wages for Sammy for a year ??

    Pretty much the same deal we should have done with brum redmond/ferguson…


  17. CC – £10m plus for McCarthy is too much for the lad IMO. I’d take him for no more than £8m and allow Sammy to go the other way at no cost to Wigan.
    IMO we are fine for central midfielders so spending £12m on another would be stupid.
    We desperately need depth in the wide areas so I’d sooner go for Tom Ince or Gylfi Sigurdsson or someone out wide.
    If £12.5m was too much for Bony – a CF we desperately need, but then they would spend a similar amount on a midfielder we don’t really need would sum our transfer strategy up completely.


  18. I agree but they weren’t expecting to be flush with Cabaye money at the time when Bony was available.

    £8m and Sammy for a year is a more than fair off imho but I doubt wigan will take less than £10m+


  19. According to an itk on ****ter we’ve been offered Andre Ayew and Jordan Rhodes but are focusing on other targets.

    If there’s any truth in this (which I very much doubt) then the JFKs even more daft than I thought, They fit the bill perfectly imho…


  20. Dear Newcastle Fan’s,
    Alan and Jonas will have this team firing goals on all cylinder’s but it doesn’t happen over night! You have to be patient, sympathetic and be more understanding. Alan love this club and more than anything and wants to win silverware. You can’t blame him everytime we don’t win a game and say sack the manager and the board ?
    It brings a negative atmosphere and damages the players confidence and morale of the club. You should be grateful we have such a gifted manager like Alan Pardew at our club! You should be grateful to have a Director of Football like me! You should be grateful to have a Owner like Mike Ashley, show some gratitude.
    From Joe Kinnear ( Director of Football )


  21. CC – I don’t believe for one second that we didnt expect to Cabaye this window to be honest. There has always been interest in him.
    If Wigan want more than £8m for McCarthy then we don’t get him – simple as that for me.
    And if those ****ter reports are true then we should absolutely be getting Ayew and Rhodes, I’d be interested to know who the other targets are though – McCarthy being one I assume.


  22. He set up Ba at wolves from a corner two years ago ffs what more do you want its not his fault the guy on the near post has got in the way on the other 200 odd since…


  23. Well ain’t missed much while I been out ,still no sign of incomings and looking like Cabs will be going very late in the window as well.

    I thought Pards had told the Chronicle that Cabs was being disciplined regarding refusing to play 😕


  24. Kim
    Aye it’s in the chronicoowl as well, seems like a nice lad but still isn’t banging in the goals 🙁 .


  25. I was wondering if Ashley, Kinnear and Pardew flew to Monaco to meet a potential buyer for the club ??? Aparently the owner pulled out of the deal but is it just a rumour ? Aparently the Fulham owner wanted us and know someone else ? Could Ashley secretly be looking to sale ?


  26. Team for morecambe?


    Tavernier, Willo, Taylor, Dummett

    Obertan, Gosling, Anita, Sameobi

    Ameobi, Gouffran


  27. Stem – stop teasing mate!. That would be better news than us signing Rooney, Suarez and Bale!.

    LST – for me it would be:

    ——————- Elliott ——————–
    Tavernier – Saylor – Good – Dummett
    ————— Bigi —- Kemen ———–
    —— Gosling — Vukic — Sammy ——
    —————– Campbell —————-

    We could have older more experienced players on the bench but I think if we aren’t gonna get new players in (as it looks) then the young players really should get a go and I think those players (bar maybe Kemen) is the closes to getting into the first team squad.


  28. LST
    That is the likely team , although I would love Cabaye to be made to play in place of Anita.
    After the ‘shock’ defeat Pardew/ Kinnear can trot out the well rehearsed line that we needed to give the fringe players a game but that they came up short against a full strength Morecambe team.


  29. Stem ,I think it was Ice who said about the Fulham new owner wanting Toon originally but Jabba wanted to maintain a 10% share in the club or something ,so he pulled out. That little gem is gonna put off all potential buyers I would think 👿


  30. Sharpy ,Aye when you think that the young lad Finbogasson at Heerenveen that Axel was on about will likely be on a lot less it is so frustrating we can’t get away from France like. Oh well our loss is Cardiffs gain if Axel is right 🙄 .


  31. @34

    bloody hell Sharpster, uve outdone yourself there mate…

    – Tav went out on loan to Shrewsbury, broke his foot and is convalescing at NUFC
    – Campbell is on loan at Carlisle

    also that team would get shat on 😆


  32. Rob Stewart ‏@RobStewart_ 2h
    @JADMiddy @MsiDouglas Any idea how much Jordan Rhodes is worth these days?


    Mark Douglas ‏@MsiDouglas 1h
    @RobStewart_ @JADMiddy They wanted £10m I think…

    Hide conversation Reply

    😯 Really


  33. Finnbogason sounds like someone who would’ve been mint on Champ Man 00-01

    readers of a certain age will know what i’m talking about 😛


  34. M – I don’t know why I put Campbell. I was talking to a Carlisle fan in Kirkcudbright last week about Campbell 😕
    But I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know about Tav like 😆

    In that case play Kevin Mbabu in place of Tav and actually I’d consider playing Cisse as a good game and a goal or two may give him the confidence he seems to be lacking.


  35. Kim – good on Deschamp I say. He could have just as easy said it doesn’t make a difference and you can’t leave a player like Cabaye out of the squad.

    Re Rhodes, didn’t Blackburn pay about £7-8m for him themselves?. It doesn’t surprise me that’s what they want having paid that, plus with the valuation of Ince and Zaha going to Man U for £15m. Rhodes did score a sack full of goals in the Championship last season as well to be fair.
    Good player but I’m not sure on £10m like.


  36. Cabaye seems to be under the impression everyone wants him. P.S.G and Monaco don’t want him. If he was that good Arsenal would have put in a second bid for him by now surely. Now he expects to walk back into our team like nothings happened, not a chance I can forgive him. Now the French manager saying if you don’t get games, you won’t play in the world cup. I hope he plays for the reserves. Ba was not as bad him. Total disgrace to the club


  37. SHARPY@45,aye mate a few prem clubs looked at the lad for a while,thing is for 7/8 mil they didnt follow it up the reason being the lad has no pace which you need in PL for that kind of money like


  38. Rumours going about that Socheaux want Marveaux and Monaco want Santon.

    We could be left with barely any good players at all when this window closes.


  39. FJ ,the problem is the club is in turmoil and other clubs know it. They probably think players want away from it or in some cases will be tipped off by agents that that is the case. It will be interesting to see exactly WHO we are left with first team wise when the window shuts as I’m thinking a few more shocks yet,as in Krul and Benny and the likes of Marv who must be sick of being either not played or subbed all the time. 🙁


  40. We could be left with one of the weakest squads in the history of the Premiership. We have no bargaining power on sales or purchases at the moment.


  41. Stem – if Cabaye was THAT good Man Utd would be buying him for £20m rather than flogging a dead horse with the £30 odd mill for Flabagast.
    The kids bought into his own hype and to be honest I don’t even think he’d get into the Arsenal team let alone PSG or Monaco.
    No, we’ll be left with a huffy ****er who will only play coz Pard hasn’t the balls to drop him. And if he plays well it will be because he wants a France World Cup place rather than giving a **** about us.


  42. My home town team Bristol City beating Palace but even funnier is the Scum losing 0.2 to MK Dons 😆


  43. Not really sure we should be mocking Liverpool and Sunderland for tonight. Is there another Premiership that has a worse record against lower division teams than us?


  44. Axel ,never missed a game from 11yrs old up to 16 ,but got totally disheartened at the way the club was run and that we always sold our best players ,a certain Andy Cole came from City remember. Was following Toon on and off from Super mac onwards and when I started work I couldn’t get to City games on a Saturday and kinda drifted away like ,Been more a Toon fan since 18 ish really . Better players ,club and until recently ambition 🙄 I used to eat my lunch with Kevin Mabbutt in the Robins Café 😆 He was such a poser ,loved himself and thought he was a top player which was funny as his brother Gary was much better.


  45. Fecking Scum ,reckon them players are **** scared of a smack off of DIC at full time tbh 😆

    Bristol City through ,may see a big team come to ashton gate if they get a home tie.


  46. The Championship home team were booed off by their own fans after a dismal display at Loftus Road, where Nile Ranger opened the scoring seven minutes before half-time with his first goal for his new club.

    The former Newcastle striker, signed on a free transfer this summer, finished at the far post following good work from the excellent Pritchard.

    😆 😆 😆


  47. How long has this transfer window been? 😆
    Seems like its been going on forever…. 🙄

    Anyway. Teams for tonight anyone?




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