Newcastle v Fulham – Premier League match preview

Magpies v Cottagers
Magpies v Cottagers
Fresh from tasting victory for the first time this season against Morecambe on Wednesday, Newcastle must now focus their attention back to the Premier League.

The visitors this weekend are Fulham and United will be looking to build on the 0-0 home draw with West Ham last weekend by taking all three points against the Cottagers.

Our league for has been atrocious reaching back into last season so a result is needed even at this early stage of the season. We’ve not scored a Premier League goal in five attempts and in truth we could still have been playing against West Ham now and we probably wouldn’t have managed to find the back of the net. We lack bite in attack, but perhaps a midweek win might just be enough to get some belief and confidence trickling through to the players.


Loic Remy could feature from the bench and make his Premier League debut for us, but it’s the talk of another Frenchman that is dominating the headlines. Yohan Cabaye has reportedly been told to be prepared to play after refusing to play/being left out since the start of the season in the wake of transfer interest from Arsenal.

Steven Taylor completes the final game of his three match ban picked up for his red card on the opening day of the season although Jonas Gutierrez, Cheick Tiote and Massadio Haidara are sidelined along with Ryan Taylor. Mike Williamson and Gabriel Obertan have not been reported as being injured although their absence from any squad so far this season would suggest that they are.

Having made eight changes in midweek we are likely to revert to our regular side for this game which will mean recalls for Fabricio Coloccini, Papiss Cisse, Moussa Sissoko, Hatem Ben Arfa and Tim Krul among others.


Kieran Richardson, Maarten Stekelenburg and Fernando Amorebieta will not travel with the squad due to injury but otherwise Martin Jol has a full squad to choose from.


Newcastle managed to beat Fulham towards the tail end of last season with Papiss Cisse scoring a winner in stoppage time. In terms of the Premier League at St James’ Park we don’t have such a bad record having won five of the eleven times the two sides have faced each other here in the North-East. Three draws and three defeats make up the eleven matches.

However overall, home and away in all competitions it is Fulham who hold the advantage. In total there have been 60 meetings between the two sides with Fulham winning in 26 of those compared to 21 for United.

Stats and facts:

The three previous league meetings between these sides in the month of August have produced 19 goals – an average of over six per game.

The Magpies have managed only one shot on target in total in the Premier League this season; fewer than any other side.

Alan Pardew has used only two English players so far in the Premier League this season, fewer than any other side.

Final thought:

Quite simply we need a win and it must come at any cost. Fulham will be tough to beat and present a threat to us in attack so we need to be careful whilst at least trying to pose an attacking threat of our own. Suffice to say, despite registering a win the other night, I’m not confident again.

Howay the lads!

Date: Saturday, 31st August, 2013

Time: 15:00

Venue: St James’ Park

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219 thoughts on “Newcastle v Fulham – Premier League match preview

  1. Evans – I have a mate who works in the St Topez branch of Greggs. He was on the the other end of the phone to the hysterical Ashley who wasn’t happy that they had ran out of steak bakes – the fat man does love a steak bake πŸ˜‰

    M – when you put it like that mate πŸ™„ πŸ˜†
    I really don’t mind though coz 12m is way too much imo anyway.


  2. Sharpy, stop trying to save Jabba’s money mate πŸ˜‰
    Also Richie told me that you don’t have any mates so i don’t believe that St Topez story either πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  3. Another neet sleeping in the wardrobe! 😈

    Hi Aussie. I’ve been away a bit, locked in the wardrobe. You still whinging about the whingers? πŸ˜›

    Our very own Mavis Riley and Albert Tatlock. Aussie & Begas. πŸ˜›

    On the football. I genuinely can’t seeing us scoring today. We certainly won’t get two and if Mbiwa plays like he did midweek then we are in for a pasting. 😯

    I’m going to start the anti Ashley songs today at the match. I’ve had enough of the fat *******. 😯


  4. To be fair to Evans ,they DID all meet up on Jabbas yatch ,JFK confirmed that two days ago . πŸ˜‰


  5. You may have to take your gimp mask off before you can start singing Troy πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  6. Aussie ,Do you think you could post one of them deadly spiders you have over there marked for the personal attention of Mr .M.Ashley by chance. ❓ πŸ˜‰


  7. Kim πŸ˜† I’m not sure who is more poisonous, the spider or Ashley πŸ˜†


  8. “Fan confidence is at a low. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many fans across the board angry with how the squad has shaped up”
    “Scores of people are calling for the manager to be sacked to due his inability to tactically arrange his squad to make the most of the individual player abilities”…The only surprising thing about those comments are that they aren’t from a Toon fan or blog, it’s about Fulham and their fans are way less “deluded” than ours! 😯 😯 πŸ˜†


  9. @ SHARPY17 60
    if toon are prepared to pay 12 million for a 20 year old,should give ya a clue to how good he is bud


  10. Aussie ,I love it, Harry Hills TV burp ,every week we ask who is the best/hardest out of two things/people , then shout fight and the two come on and fight it out. Normally lookalikes or puppets sometimes the actual celeb if it’s a D lister πŸ˜† . It’s just part of the show ,it takes clips from TV shows and soaps and makes funny comments and observations or mocks up fake stuff into the clips ,very funny .
    When you said who’s the more poisonous ,I got a mental picture in my head of a giant spider and Jabba scraping it out on tv burp πŸ˜‰


  11. M @170 ,I have stopped eating them as I been finding lots of gristle in them ,haven’t had one in over a year now.


  12. Sharpy @151
    It wasn’t that they were out of steak bakes its that they couldn’t possibly make the three hundred-thousand that he was bulk buying. πŸ˜‰


  13. Kim
    No steak bakes 😯 sad times. Up north in my particular area there is a bakery chain called Baynes which I think is better than Greggs, their steak bakes, sausage rolls and chicken pies sure taste better. I sound like a right fat bartstard πŸ˜† . The kids at school would head there (or Sainsburys) for lunch.


  14. Well a nice win will cheer me up no end ,nursing a toothache today ,cracked it on a pretzel πŸ‘Ώ devil food.


  15. Andy ,We have Clarks pies in Bristol ,their bakery is up the road from me ,really nice pies and pasties .They supply all the chippies in Bristol ,clevedon and Portishead . When my dad retired he took on a part time delivery job with them so we got loads of free pies and eventually got sick of em, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing like.

    Andy I wouldn’t worry about a few extra pounds mate ,it’s something to grab hold πŸ˜†


  16. I think the fact I’m not at school (eating pies nearly every lunch) means I’m in much better shape. Been getting my fitness up for when I go to Uni. Both for trying out in football and for the babes 😎 . One week today till I leave.


  17. @Kim

    That journal article is spot on and well done to the paper for not pandering to the club like they have in the past.

    I really despise this ownership now.

    Even if we do buy another player, it’s not enough.
    I don’t believe for a moment that we will anyway.

    But where is Ashley’s statement of intent? Where does he want us to be in 3 years?

    If most fans feel as pissed off with the club as I do at the moment then there’s going to be a hostile atmosphere today and expect a mass walkout if we are getting well beat.

    I will show my arse in Fenwicks window if we score! I’m hoping for a nowts each draw.

    No goals in 2 games so far and hardly a chance created. Why will it change?

    It’s just a carry on from last season with less players and if the season had been extended I fear we would have dropped.


  18. Troy @181 ,I share your sentiments totally mate . We don’t look in good shape at all at the moment ,looks like Krul is crocked for today as well . I think we will be lucky to get a draw tbh today and we have to be relegation candidates if no newbies arrive by Monday. I can see Pards panicking and throwing Remy on too soon if we are getting beat and there by risk his injury worsening .The whole set up is a mess and embarrassment as it stands and I cannot believe jabba hasn’t learned that you cannot go into a new season without spending to strengthen ,he’s had enough years owning us and a relegation to know that by now.


  19. Ice, it will be interesting to see if Cabaye is in the team today.. if he is, i reckon there is no deal in place…


  20. Is there anyone still out there that thinks we will be making ANY signings?

    I don’t think we will and with all the new money coming into the club this season I really think its negligence.

    But I was expecting it so not really a surprise. I am at a point of wondering if relegation is the end game that will finally break the camels back and see Ashley finally walk away. He’s using the club as a cash cow now, finally we see this. Relegation would stop that and I believe he’d want to sell the club as he would not want to subsidise the club for another season. Also I believe it would be a watershed moment for the supporters – I believe it would be the end of the tether of many fans. Having said that, I believe if nothing happens in the transfer window it is time for a stand. Supporters should stay away, make WONGA put pressure on Ashley, make Sports Direct do the same and every other sponsor. Nobody wants to be associated with empty stadiums – especially in the PL. people will say it will effect the players and we need to support the team, sorry that notion is over. We need to be cruel to be kind. Short term pain for long term gain.

    Ashley has to go and the only way it will happen is if us, the supporters make a stand, stay away and hurt Ashley financially and fck the consequences of relegation.


  21. Stuart79, I think we have even deeper depths to fall to before things start to pick up . πŸ™

    A poor start, no gumpf up front, the fans, and to an extent the team, lose heart. The crowds drop off. Season ticket renewalls fail to be renewed in January… a battle against relegation, two managerial changes in one season…

    But worst of all, Pardew and his world class players continue with this boring shuffle shuffle tedious football


  22. KIM sorry for late repy,ime on painting

    Get French Football ?@GFN_France 1m
    The Times: Arsenal are very close to signing Yohan Cabaye for Β£14m from Newcastle they claim! #AFC #NUFC


  23. If swansea are in for odemwingie why aren’t we battling? can play across the front three, better than goof and shola πŸ˜•


  24. My prediction for today is: NUFC 0 – Fulham 1.
    This will be a horrible game where we will huff and puff resulting in Fulham taking control of the game and NUFC panicking.
    The fans sense of foreboding will transcend to the players on the pitch….


  25. Icedog, looks like the toon are being outmanouvered by everyone πŸ™‚ at least when it comes down to incomings… we are usually pretty competent at selling players though πŸ™‚

    Just like a dish washer-upper can’t be expected to fly a Jumbo Jet…. people are just not cut out for certain jobs. What is Joe Kinnear doing exactly, ?…. or maybe that’s why we sold Perch to release his salary so we could pay the legendary Director of F***all ? ? to do …exactly…what ?


  26. I don’T expect our club to have the same media presence as the top 8 clubs…but I sure as hell don’t like us having a media presence of a bottom 6/newly propmoted club, and that is just the way Pardew is talking us down… a shambles.. way out of his depth.

    Here’s a trick question…

    List the top 10 English managers currently managing in any of the top european (including British) leagues ? ….


  27. MM the whole show is a joke,thats not bloody funny for fans,just been looking at what pardew said about working on corners last yr,he is improving 😯
    300 corners= 1goal ffs,the mans a joke


  28. Dear Fan’s
    I stake my career that we get 3 points today. I think this will put us in the top 10 tonight then everyone goes home happy. If we win our next game away from home then we could be a top 4 contenders ?
    I have every faith in your beloved manager Alan Pardew. He will turn things around, trust me.
    We have good players like Shola, Sammy, Jonas, Taylor, Arfa, Cisse at this club. Hope to see you all at the sports direct arena with your nice wonga tops on, cheering on the lads ?
    Love from Joe Kinnear ( Director of Football)


  29. Dear Fan’s,
    I am still attempting to bring Ba back to the club. Please dont worry about getting players to the club. Why worry when you have me here to sort thing’s out.
    From Joe Kinnear ( Director of Football)


  30. Dear Joe,

    Will you please just stop? I wouldn’t mind if your posts were funny or interesting, but they’re just really not. Sorry, but please give it up.



  31. Good chance for Hull City to take the lead ,seems every one can threaten City except Toon 😳 Oh and offside for Graham goal too.


  32. I will be very worried if we dont get 3 points today. I think Pardew should be replaced after today’s game ? Enough is enough ? No more excuses just get the results we desperately need. I think our home should be our fortress. Please Alan dont give an interview if we lose. Just do one


  33. Wasn’t there a rumor doing the rounds a while back linking us with Graham? Is he any good?


  34. Yeah, Ice, I keep seeing those posts and I really wouldn’t mind if he/she had something funny going, but I just feel like there’s no life in it. Sorry, Joe, old pal.


  35. Fans , it the same with Troy.. i can’t remember the last time he posted something remotely funny πŸ˜›


  36. Scrappy game this , no real pace from Citeh ,think they got lulled into a sense of false security playing us . 😳 ,We paid them far too much respect ,not so Hull who are frustrating them ,Fernandhino giving away free kicks and City fans getting restless πŸ™„


  37. 0.0 at half time ,well done Hull so far,City need to get out of their stooper ,don’t think they are on their game yet ,expect a very different 2nd half from them .


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