Hats off to Ben Arfa! Newcastle 1-0 Fulham

Hatem celebrates in style
Hatem celebrates in style
Hatem Ben Arfa struck late to grab three points for United, ending over seven hours of match time without seeing a goal at St James’ Park and securing our first league win of the season to boot.

A piece of magic ensured that we mustered two wins within the space of the week to at least brighten the mood temporarily ahead of transfer deadline day tomorrow.

The most impressive thing for me though was the performance. Although the first half was tepid and devoid of any real attacking intent, our possession wasn’t bad and Fulham rarely got a sniff. However when our key players took to the field in the second period we looked more threatening, more urgent and in the end we could and perhaps should have won by more than one goal.

Our problems are in attack. Papiss Cisse and Shola Ameobi need things created for them and if they don’t get that their contribution is minimal. I actually sympathise with them, especially when you see what happened in the first half where they were left isolated for the most part and on the odd occasion that they weren’t the supply line got a bit greedy and tried something fancy instead of keeping things simple.

In truth the second period started off in much the same vein as the first ended, with Fulham rarely threatening and United lacking bite, but the introduction of Yohan Cabaye, Yoan Gouffran and Loic Remy seemed to tip the balance in our favour and gave Fulham more to worry about.

Hatem’s goal was fantastic and Robbie Stockdale in the Fulham goal couldn’t do a thing about it. It sums Ben Arfa up perfectly. An afternoon spent frustrating everyone by trying too much or by making poor decisions was topped off with that goal which gave us the three points. You can watch it again below.

Papiss Cisse hit the crossbar, Cabaye forced a save from Stockdale who then denied Cisse at the second attempt and Gouffran missed a couple of chances but in the end the one goal was enough for United.

We now have two weeks off as the international break kicks in and when we return we have games away at Aston Villa and at home to Hull to contend with. First off though we need to see what kind of squad we have left to utilise once the window closes. I suspect it won’t be too different to the one we have now and certainly won’t be added to but I may be wrong.

That’s for tomorrow though. For now, take a bow Hatem!

P.S; Just a couple of stats for you following on from the game yesterday.

– Hatem Ben Arfa has scored in all three of his appearance against Fulham.

– No team has played fewer long balls this season than……. Newcastle United!

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546 thoughts on “Hats off to Ben Arfa! Newcastle 1-0 Fulham

  1. @Newkie
    Imagine Kinnear calling up Mourinho trying to convince him that this was the club for Lukaku to develop further.
    It’s no wonder we only managed to get Remy, ‘Arry is the only one that bloody understands Kinnear!


  2. @ Begas

    Woo hoo hooo hoooo 😆 😆 😆

    Well blow me down 😆 for the sake of the blog 😆

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaargh haaaa haaaa ha. 😛

    Oh dear me how 😆

    Cheeses wept 😆

    I’ve heard it all now. 😆

    Begas is whining like starving dingo. 😆

    And this is the person who has criticised anyone for whining all summer. 😆

    Oh dear 😯

    How could you not see it? I’ve prepared you all summer. 😛

    Well, I’m off to bed laughing at Begas the whining dingo. 😆


  3. I am disappointed at the relative lack of transfers. I think we needed a new striker then I would be satisfied.

    I too would be tentative if I were Mike Ashley to give Pardew money when he clearly does not have a playing style other than scraping ugly results. Pardew does not know who he wants and when he most importantly does not know why he wants him or where he fits in the team and how to effectively use him.

    We bought 4 new players in Jan and 1 in the summer that is plenty. Pardew is yet to find an effective system with our current group of players why spend more?


  4. FJ, nufc.com have had a proper rant as well. Worth a peek.
    They’re usually quite reserved too (as opposed to Ed).

    Shitstorm ahead, goggles on… ➡ 😎


  5. So West Brom have signed Sessegnon and Anichebe for about £12M. Great, that’s them back in the race for a mid table spot with us. 😡


  6. Bris-who would buy us though? Just seems like clubs are bought every other week, we’ve been on sale for 3 or 4 years and not a sniff, we just aren’t fashionable/london based 😕

    Solano-Aye 😆 the man’s absolutely nuts, must be a great mate of Ashley because while Ash might hate us, I don’t see why he would devalue his asset or put it in danger by putting a complete fruitcake in charge. No ill wishes to him and his family but an early retirement can’t come soon enough 😕

    DJG-But Sess out on top of Mig earlier means the mackems are guaranteed to go down, just need an injury to Fletcher 😉


  7. Troy, there’s a difference between whining continuously every day for months (years?) on end and having a one-off vent. The former is a pain in the arse and the latter an instant response to the ****e happening at the club.


    I agree with you mate, I think taking on a manager like Di Canio and giving him free reign to buy all these crap Italian has-beens (Dossena) and never-beens (Borini) is a massive risk. Surely he will have to stick with him to well after Christmas though after putting so much backing behind him?


  9. Well suck me dry and call me dusty 😕 … what a great effort from old Joe… I for one would love his job because it seems that he simply swans around Europe doing sweet **** all… 😕
    I can’t even say that I am mad about this to be honest, or surprised. I feel like Rocky Balboa getting pounded by Clubber Lang… After the 30th punch in the head, it really doesn’t matter how many times you get hit, the damage is done. Fucken numb to it all 😐
    Actually, I spoke with Clubber Lang a week or two back…
    Aussie “Clubber, how do you think the transfer window will go for Newcastle fans?”
    Clubber “My prediction?”
    Aussie “Yes, your prediction”
    Clubber “Pain”


  10. I can see the excuses now…. from Joe or Pardz “We brought forward the signings we were going to make now and signed them last January, so effectively we are 6 months ahead of everyone else”


  11. Just been trolling through Newsnow and found an article on a “sale” to some Ukranian guy on The Mag. I don’t usually read anything from there. I wonder. I really am wondering. Or maybe I’m just hoping like hell.


  12. Vegas, I’ve already apologized for the not doing anything about Hitler! Obviously sorry isn’t enough for some people! 😯 😛


  13. It’s been boiling over in me for a while. I’ve tried hard to keep it under wraps until the end of the transfer window. Now I’m letting all the frustrations of the past few months out.


  14. Vegas, I know the feeling mate… Deep down I knew this was going to be a cluster **** so I am not overly surprised. It’s hard to fathom why we have a scout and DoF if we simply do not do any business. The mind boggles 😕


  15. The thing is, I agree with the general thrust of the negative feelings expressed on this blog. I have no truck with the opinion-as-truth sort of crap and the demonising of certain people to reinforce a particular opinion, or the many faceted bull**** some spout on a daily basis, but I agree that there is just so much wrong with the set up at St James’.

    I won’t be cancelling my tv subscription, hoping the lads lose their next game or wishing relegation on the club, though. And if I had a season ticket I wouldn’t be throwing it away.

    I said I’d reserve judgement on the Kinnear farce until the appropriate time – always happy to give people a chance. Now’s the time to vent, and I’m fizzin stronger than a staver.


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