Another awful transfer window

Kinnear spotted doing some work...
Kinnear spotted doing some work…
So the transfer window has been and gone and with it so have our chances of adding to the squad we have.

On the positive side we didn’t lose any of our key players thus keeping hold of Yohan Cabaye who will no doubt be “like a new signing” in the coming days.

All we have to show for our endless scouting missions, our protracted negotiations and all the waffle that goes along with it is a loan signing from a relegated club who we don’t even have an option to buy at the end of the deal according to reports. It’s not great is it?

There is a new TV deal in place, a deal so lucrative it ensures that even the bottom club in the Premier League will pocket more than Manchester United did for winning the league last season. We have a sponsorship deal in place which, despite the controversial nature of it’s business, apparently “allow us to buy a new player each year” according to Derek Llambias.

So where has all the money gone?

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that the TV money is awarded in stages so it’s not like we have a £60 million pot of cash just sitting there, but it’s the same for other clubs aswell. Some of them have front-loaded the cash and put the bulk of it up themselves so they can improve now, others have spent what they wanted to with what hey have available and then there is us who have spent just £2 million.

Regardless of however people want to paint us I do think we are quite a realistic bunch. Many of us know that we won’t be spending £20 million on this or that player and to be honest that doesn’t bother me personally. However we do want to see strengthening of some description and maybe a willingness to back a Chief Scout who is noted for his eye for talent.

Here’s a difficult thought…. How about spending a bit on Carr’s recommendation and perhaps making more money back in the long run rather than outlaying the bare minimum? Speculate to accumulate if you like, only without leaving us short when the eventual injuries hit.

I’m not surprised by our transfer window at all which has probably been shown in my articles, or lack of them, about transfer links here and there. I’m not surprised we’ve signed nobody and I believe that was our plan all along.

Obviously I feel sorry for the fans as we pay our money into this club in many ways and we deserve more than having to wish for a perfect season when it comes to injuries or suspension. It was bad last season but at least we don’t have the inconvenience of the Europa League this years eh?

I feel sorry for the players who have basically been told that they are going to get no help even though they struggled last season. Can anyone blame Cabaye for wanting to be away? I bet he’s not the last one to be casting envious glances elsewhere.

I also feel sorry for Alan Pardew. Now he brings a lot of things on himself as he can’t control his mouth and no matter how hard he hops for “one or two” to be brought “over the line” the reality is that he has no say in how things like that work and just has to get on with the players he has at his disposal. I’m sure Pardew is no different to other managers who will always like to see their squad added to, unfortunately he just doesn’t get a choice about it.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know. People won’t walk with their feet, not enough to make a difference anyway and if they do it will just be reflected in the balance sheet which will then be used as a stick to beat us with and as an excuse to not spend again.

These are dark days and I only hope Ashley has failed to spend because there is something bigger going on behind the scenes, such as a sale. He’s done some great things for Newcastle like sort out the finances, but that needs to be balanced with improving the first team and on that latter score we’ve been woeful.

The end.

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389 thoughts on “Another awful transfer window

  1. @Axel

    If you are happy with Pards speaking utter **** then crack on.

    Why does he have to? He either can’t be happy with the situation and therefore should say so in a diplomatic way or if he is happy then he’s an idiot.


  2. TROY if you go in depth into figs( ime no wizz kid) but we are 20/50mil worse off since jabba came,but admit its in a interest free to big hearted jabba,but have missed out on millions in lost adverts over 6yrs that he gets for free,fat freddy at least had the toon at heart,jabba has no heart,but do fans think about balance sheets looking good i think not


  3. @Ice

    I don’t want anyone to think I’m comparing his regime to FFS.

    I’m just asking, since he drew the line in the sand since he was forced into providing an interest free loan, how have we progressed.

    I thought in 6 yrs he would be well on the way to having that loan cleared and have us fighting for Europe each season, albeit Europa.

    We go into this season with a £130m loan and frightened of relegation.

    How is that progress in 6 yrs. ?


  4. TROY Thats the trouble though m8 it does not matter what he says , he pressed in a diplomatic way for new players and got none . His whole demeanor these last few weeks says enough , he is well pissed off with the fat **** and joe kinnear . What does the bloke do ?walk away ? would you on an 8 year contract ?if you did then your an idiot . The bloke is backed into a corner and the only way out is for the fat **** too sack him and pay him the remainder of the contract , a contract that although should not have been given , was given . I say fair does to the bloke take the **** for every penny he can . Just like the fat **** is taking the Supporters for every penny he can squeeze out of them .


  5. Pardew needs to learn when to stop being taken for a mug, grow a pair and tell it how it is. its very creepy they way he shoulders some of the blame for Fatty and JFK

    “We have to make sure we get one or two transfers over the line before deadline.”

    Pardew’s message to the fans after avoiding relegation at the end of last season:

    “We’re very, very lucky to have the support that we got and therefore we owe them a debt next year to make sure that we serve up a better standard of football and better quality of results.

    “We showed we’ve got great players. We’ve had some performances out there which were top drawer. We know, in that (dressing) room, we’ve got 80 per cent of the team.

    “We still need to make sure we get two or three recruits in there which take us forward. If we can do that, they’ll grow as well, and we’ll be much, much better next year.

    “You hear managers taking about needing three players to make the perfect side – Arsene would probably say the same – but we genuinely, genuinely need a couple in that first team that complement the others.”


  6. Good digging Mark.

    I can only assume he’s more than happy to run alongside Ashley and take the piss out the fans.


  7. @Troy. it was on m8.

    It seems they all have their own agenda here but ultimately its the fans that suffer..


  8. Troy, i think you will find that we out right own all our players now, because we pay cash up front.. so there are no ongoing payments.. that is a good thing. 😉
    And i think that you will find that all of our debt had been consolidated by Ashley and that is also a part of why the amount has increased.. so debt that was going to be paid off over a period of years was paid off via his interest free loan..


  9. @Aussie

    Thanks for the inaccurate info. 😉

    The £100m included the Michael Owen etc debt.

    I want to know how he’s progressed things since be arrived. The reason it’s bigger is because we got relegated.


  10. I told you one thing in regards to progression and you skip over it as per usual.. classic Stavers… deary me.. 😛


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