Another awful transfer window

Kinnear spotted doing some work...
Kinnear spotted doing some work…
So the transfer window has been and gone and with it so have our chances of adding to the squad we have.

On the positive side we didn’t lose any of our key players thus keeping hold of Yohan Cabaye who will no doubt be “like a new signing” in the coming days.

All we have to show for our endless scouting missions, our protracted negotiations and all the waffle that goes along with it is a loan signing from a relegated club who we don’t even have an option to buy at the end of the deal according to reports. It’s not great is it?

There is a new TV deal in place, a deal so lucrative it ensures that even the bottom club in the Premier League will pocket more than Manchester United did for winning the league last season. We have a sponsorship deal in place which, despite the controversial nature of it’s business, apparently “allow us to buy a new player each year” according to Derek Llambias.

So where has all the money gone?

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that the TV money is awarded in stages so it’s not like we have a £60 million pot of cash just sitting there, but it’s the same for other clubs aswell. Some of them have front-loaded the cash and put the bulk of it up themselves so they can improve now, others have spent what they wanted to with what hey have available and then there is us who have spent just £2 million.

Regardless of however people want to paint us I do think we are quite a realistic bunch. Many of us know that we won’t be spending £20 million on this or that player and to be honest that doesn’t bother me personally. However we do want to see strengthening of some description and maybe a willingness to back a Chief Scout who is noted for his eye for talent.

Here’s a difficult thought…. How about spending a bit on Carr’s recommendation and perhaps making more money back in the long run rather than outlaying the bare minimum? Speculate to accumulate if you like, only without leaving us short when the eventual injuries hit.

I’m not surprised by our transfer window at all which has probably been shown in my articles, or lack of them, about transfer links here and there. I’m not surprised we’ve signed nobody and I believe that was our plan all along.

Obviously I feel sorry for the fans as we pay our money into this club in many ways and we deserve more than having to wish for a perfect season when it comes to injuries or suspension. It was bad last season but at least we don’t have the inconvenience of the Europa League this years eh?

I feel sorry for the players who have basically been told that they are going to get no help even though they struggled last season. Can anyone blame Cabaye for wanting to be away? I bet he’s not the last one to be casting envious glances elsewhere.

I also feel sorry for Alan Pardew. Now he brings a lot of things on himself as he can’t control his mouth and no matter how hard he hops for “one or two” to be brought “over the line” the reality is that he has no say in how things like that work and just has to get on with the players he has at his disposal. I’m sure Pardew is no different to other managers who will always like to see their squad added to, unfortunately he just doesn’t get a choice about it.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know. People won’t walk with their feet, not enough to make a difference anyway and if they do it will just be reflected in the balance sheet which will then be used as a stick to beat us with and as an excuse to not spend again.

These are dark days and I only hope Ashley has failed to spend because there is something bigger going on behind the scenes, such as a sale. He’s done some great things for Newcastle like sort out the finances, but that needs to be balanced with improving the first team and on that latter score we’ve been woeful.

The end.

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389 thoughts on “Another awful transfer window

  1. Kim- I know what you mean 😕 I was grateful that Pards seemed to have the backing of Ash because it meant no fire, no kinnear. But I never saw him coming in as a DOF 😕

    We’ve just got to hope the football is a bit more exciting this season.. 😕


  2. Yes injuries and suspensions will no doubt hurt us when they hit, But were hardly the only ones in this god awful league. People talk like every other club have 20 odd quality international players on their books and we are as far behind as Derby were a few years back.

    Have a look at the clubs outside the top 6, Most have got less strength in depth than us and certainly less quality individual players…


  3. Newkie@299.

    We are in total agreement there. Jonas can actually be quite effective playing the left side of a 4-4-2 overlapping and covering for Santon when he pushes forward. But in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 he really doesn’t have a place and Marv/Gouffron/Remy need to play the left side.


  4. For me the JK appointment is easy to understand: Ashley wanted a football man in that role and he tends to only hire his buddies. Poor way to run any business mind but that’s certainly MA’s track record with hires…


  5. MDS-If Jonas can get his legs back then his work ethic could help the side in a 4-4-2. Marv can’t cut it in the wing, goof doesn’t appear to be a winger (although would still be more effective on the counter) but if Jonas means Santon can storm forward more often and hook up with a Remy/Cisse pairing then he’s probably our best attacking threat on the left 😯 😆


  6. CC-We are stronger than most, but the discussion about how fans overrate their own players is an interesting one. We don’t exactly have 20 internationals ourselves, and of those we do, how many clubs would actually take Jonas, Debuchy and Tiote into their sides? On current form I would say maybe the promoted sides? And they could all well be starters for us, although it should only be Debuchy by necessity and the other ones benched until they show form.


  7. Yeah Newkie. I’m not opposed to a 4-4-2 in theory but we really don’t have the players for it. I mean, who would play RM? Obertan? 😯


  8. MDS-Benny would be on the right, he can still do it and offensively it would work but it’s not really making the most of his talents. I still think any one of our CMs in Sissoko, Anita, Cabaye and even Tiote would offer more than Marv/Jonas/Obertan/Sammy would on the wings, which is why we should either go for a diamond 4-4-2 and use our CMs and Benny behind the strikers, or the attacking 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 and no Jonas. It means we can stick to the formation even if we do get several injuries which I think is key.

    We’re setting up for the counter attack, Villa should be an interesting opponent to try it out on..


  9. @Kim

    Thanks for trying to drill it home to Aussie & Newkie. They really do struggle with the obvious so I feel it’s a wasted effort. It’s like trying to drill a hole into sand. As soon as you drill it the size of two heads, the hole is filled with their heads.
    You can never drill any further. 😆

    Absolutely clueless, the pair of them. 😛


  10. @MDS

    Cheers fella. But throughout FFS leadership we continuously made small profits and occasionally broke even. Albeit, those small profits were eaten up by FFS bonuses. That’s not go into some of the great ventures in Europe on the pitch.

    I am not supporting FFS here and not discussing that. This is about Ashley.

    There seems to be a bit of confusion here. The £100m loan was given (forced upon Ashley) because he didn’t do due diligence. All those extras you mention were included in the hidden debt which became the loan. That stood at £100m. Lets not forget that was partially the mortgage they had for the stadium rebuilding.

    You say we made £30m loss in 07/08. It was Ashley who sanctioned the buys of Colo, Smith & a few others on big fees and wages plus that season it cost us a staggering £17m to pay off Fat Sam and his entourage!

    So in 07/08 when he took over, he had a debt of £100m. The debt increased and wage to turnover ratio spiralled upwards when he got us relegated.

    It went as high as £140m before we were promoted.

    So leaping forward to now, there is still a loan of £110m. More than when he took over in 2007.

    The wage to turnover is no better now than in 2007. As far as I’m aware, it was never 80% in 07 but was 70%.
    (I am willing to stand corrected if someone can find stats differing on that).

    The team we have now faced another uncertain season and many believe a relegation battle. In 2007 we never had that feeling or expectation.

    Our squad is woefully thin on quality and the club still remains a laughing stock and considered an unstable club on and off the pitch with gaffes amok.

    So can anyone answer the question correctly. What has Ashley done to improve the situation on & off the field since he first loaned us £100m. ? 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄


  11. Four years and no improvement on wit 🙄

    I hope JJ starts up again this year, at least he debates something properly and can even be funny on occasion 😛


  12. As I read on Caulkins Twitter his loan to us stood at £150m of which he’s taken back £11m so far ,so club owes him £139m .


  13. Troy- the 2007/08 financials would be for the previous season (i.e. the last year of old regime), plus an additional 35M in outstanding transfer fees. And there is quite a difference between banks loans and an interest fee loan so there are savings there.

    Look, there are plenty of things to complain about with Ashley (on field performance, Wonga, JK, naming rights, etc) but are you really going to hang your hat on the financial condition of the club today versus the end of the old regime?


  14. @314 ,reading the bit about the treatment towards his own parents who gave him a leg up by re -mortgaging their home ,shows you what he is ,ruthless. 😯


  15. Two very interesting articles Kimtoon lass. So Ashley has made a profit from player transactions and not spent a penny? What a surprise. So he fell out with his parents after they mortgaged their home to finance his career? What a surprise. We’ve been dealing with this lowlife for 6 years now so we’re pretty clear on how he operates. My guess is he will eventually pass away wealthy, bitter and alone. That’s where he’s headed. A class individual. Not. Sell up quick Ashley. Your presence pollutes the club in every way possible.


  16. Operating loss in 2005 was -£7.5m, 2006 a loss of – £11.2m and in 2007 a loss of -£26m. These were the last. 3 years of Fat Freddie’s reign. On top of this FFS had mortgaged future TV revenues to pay for players e.g Owen.
    Washes salaries and expenses were 86% of turnover in 2005, 84% in 2006 and 97% in 2007. Wages and salaries on their own were 58%, 63% and 69% of turnover in each of those years

    In my view there is no doubt the club were skating on very thin ice financially and could well have gone bust. This is an unbiased article about the clubs finances and well worth a read. It has also been recently updated. Just google Swiss Ramble Newcastle.

    Ashley has taken now taken back £11m of his £140m interest free loan to the club but is still owed aroun £130 million. Fat Freddy had run out of credit and was paying 11% on the external loans costing millions in interest payments. Ashley on the other hand got himself some free advertising for Sports Direct in return for forgoing interest on his loans.

    I hate the way Ashley has treated our club and the disrespect he has shown the fans but in my view the club is in a stronger financial position. Ashley’s debt will slowly get paid down and it is unlikely the club will go bust. What we really need is a proper DOF and MD instead of the clown Kinnear. The buck stops with Ashley for this but unfortunately can’t see it changing any time soon.


  17. Excellent comment 3HW mate @318. It does put things into perspective. Ashley is definitely a different type of weasel than the previous weasel. A proven liar, childish in his behavior (drinking with the supporters then cutting the legs out from under them), and probably one nasty piece of work in his business and private life. Not my cup of tea but there is the one positive: the club is more financially stable now. So if he could please just sell up to an owner with football ambition and a brain larger than a pea when it comes to football we can all move on much more happily. We have the chance to have a club to be proud of again and Ashley gets his dosh back which is all he cares about in the first place.


  18. Why do folk get so animated about the clubs finances/debt etc?
    Mike Ashley has more than enough to bank roll the club to to a tune of £100m if he wanted to.
    Fact of the matter is he doesn’t want to!!!!!
    It is totally irrelevant discussing the clubs finances etc.
    “To mediocracy and beyond” 😆


  19. @GFN_France: DONE DEAL: Dijon have announced the signing of Romain Amalfitano on a loan from Newcastle. #NUFC #mercato


  20. @MDS & 3HW

    This was not about FFS as I stated. My sole point was about, from when he took over he has not reduced the debt or the loan whatever we call it.

    Through his own inability, it’s increased from when he took over.

    The wage to turnover ratio I’m surprised at and I will take a closer look at that.

    I recall in the KK era it was around 50%.

    So to conclude. In 2007 he inherited a debt of £100m. That is now £130m.

    We have a paper thin squad.

    We are still a laughing stock and make gaffe after gaffe.

    So in 6 yrs he’s improved nowt. 🙁 🙄


    You may not find the subject interesting but others do. 😉


  21. Our next 2 Prem games should be very interesting. Away to Villa and at home to Hull. Will Ashley go completely defensive against Villa despite the last 20 minutes or so vs Fulham? I’m fairly sure he will. And Jonas and Tiote will probably be back in the lineup if fit. Anita out for certain. Huge risk involved here to my mind and if we lose it puts even more pressure on Pardew for the Hull game. But he hasn’t shown any sign of really changing his tactics up until now. We must get points from both of those games in my view ie. 4 points minimum.


  22. You are right Troy the actual debt is higher now than when he took over. The main difference is he is not charging interest on his loan whereas Fat Freddy was borrowing money from the banks at huge interest rates. 11% or 12% and therefore paying millions of pounds in interest. The banks could foreclose at any time if the interest payments couldn’t be met. It’s obviously conjecture as to whether this would have happened but looking at those numbers and the trend it was becoming more and more likely.

    Ashley could also liquidate the club and try and get some of his money back but there is no way he could ever recover the £275 million he has paid out (including his loans). That’s why in my view the club is more financially stable now albeit still carrying a massive debt.


  23. So to conclude. In 2007 he inherited a debt of £100m. That is now £130m
    Yes (approximately)- the increase being solely due to maintaining a Premier League wage bill in the CCC. And we are no longer operating at a substantial annual loss nor paying 7-8M a year in interest. The question you have to ask is how much would the club be in debt if the old regime was still here operating at a 10-20M annual deficit? Or, perhaps a better question, what league would we be playing in if they were still in charge?


  24. The bottom line with Ashley is he has said he won’t finance any signings out of his own pocket believing he has spent enough on the club already. Any signings have to be from money generated from within the club. This means we can continue to expect no players in over circa £10 million and within the wages the club can afford (and possible sale of a star player every now and again)
    The current wage to turnover ratio is probably about 65-70% – we will know for sure next March when the next accounts are published. I doubt Ashley will let it rise much further.


  25. Yes the previous owner’s were financially incompetent it’s fairly clear lads. And our current owner is incompetent with respect to football. Are those the only 2 choices? Certainly not I would think or we’re wasting our time hoping the club will rise again and actually win something. In today’s football world to be real contenders we would need a multi-billionaire with a desire to own a club that wins trophies. It’s the most certain method for success. But Wigan won silverware, as did Swansea, as have other small clubs. An honest owner with a decent amount of assets who was willing to hire quality could bring us something (no guarantee of course) and I would be thrilled to see it happen. I point to Swansea again as the prime example.


  26. That’s my hope as well G2. I’ve been a Toon supporter for nearly 60 years and hope I am still around to see us win something. I never thought when I saw us win the Fairs Cup in 1969 that I would still be waiting 😥

    Hopefully one day soon we will get the honest owner you mention and some proper competent football people at the club in higher positions. In the meant time I am hoping we can just do a Swansea or Wigan and win something soon.


  27. I’m looking forward to find out if our fullbacks can improve their play this season. Both Santon and Debuchy have had fairly poor games for us. I’m still not clear on the reason for using Santon as a right footed left back other than that we now have Debuchy as right back. Santon clearly doesn’t have much confidence in his left foot and this is not likely to change now. If Debuchy continues to struggle would Pardew consider playing Haidara at LB and Santon at RB? I hope so. As for CB’s the class pair we have is clearly Mbiwa and Colo and they will probably get even better playing together. That leaves Saylor and Willo on the bench. I hope it stays that way and they both stay clear of injuries. If not we are likely to have more defensive nightmares again.


  28. 3HRS & G2 ,agree ,I don’t think any realistic Toon fan expects us to win the PL or even get top 5 again but a cup would be so good along with a tad more ambition.

    Talking of clubs with no ambition I will be watching sky sports 2 tonight to watch my two home town clubs slog it out . Bristol city v Rovers ,living a 2 min walk from Ashton gate ,am hoping no fan trouble after as I’m quite attached to the wing mirrors on my car 🙄


  29. G2 i am worried about our CB’S too Saylor is not much better than Williamson so if one of Colo or Mbiwa is injured for a length of time we are ****ed . As for Santon i think he would be more valuable too us as a right winger ,i am sure i read that was his natural position when he broke through at Inter , our LB could then be Haidara with Anita as cover for that position . That is where he played when he broke through at Ajax and had a couple of seasons in that position untill Frank DeBoer turned him into a midfielder . Midfield is sorted more or less but upfront its the same as CB one injury away from disaster . I think we have too play 433 with the squad we have and let our purples do what they do best , attack . Just have too look at the last 25 minutes of the Fulham game too see that . Just hope pardew takes the blinkers off and see’s it too .


  30. Spot on Axel @335. If we go too defensive against Villa it will all bog down as usual and we’ll probably lose. Too much time spent in our own end always leads to trouble. Let the flair players play their game Pardew and no Jonas please. As for Tiote it’s a real struggle to think he would improve the side right now. Press Villa in their own end and don’t give Benteke much time on the ball at all.


  31. I could definitely see Santon competing for the RW spot. He goes forward far better than he defends. Maybe we do have a decent winger at the club after all. He would certainly give Obertan some serious competition.


  32. too true G2 the lad must have something about him we still havent seen , Mourinho raves about him still . As for obertan the lad has pace too burn and as some on here have suggested maybe we should give him a go as a Striker , in the same mould as Cisse possibly ? with his pace surly their is a position for him somewhere to be found but an out and out winger he is not ..


  33. I have never been impressed with Santon when he has covered at right back. Defensively he’s about the same, but he looks completely puzzled when he storms forward and he can’t use his best attribute-his pace and dribbling ability on his left foot. Maybe he just needs more time to adjust there but I think he is still better on the left. His crossing is average and I’m still not sure if crosses are the best way to go-two were put on plates for Goof and Cisse and still no joy, although Remy is a strong lad so maybe he can change our fortunes with them. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a corner goal after that good form in pre season 😆


  34. Could be right Newkie @340. I just don’t see Santon as a fullback really. He just wants to go forward and use his pace and guile. I don’t think we’ll see any experimenting with Obertan as a striker unless it’s in the Reserve side Axel mate. We just can’t afford to do it in league games. We have Cisse, Remy, Ben Arfa, and Gouffran in the side so surely there is a striker partnership there somewhere.


  35. @3HW & MDS

    You are missing my point entirely.

    I’m not saying we aren’t being run better than the FFS days. I’ve said that is a separate issue.

    I am asking the simple question.

    What has he done to improve things since he took over?

    The loan has increased from £100m to £130m. It’s been as high as £150m. That was largely down to his incompetence by getting us relegated.

    The squad is still paper thin. We didn’t expect to get relegated in 2007 however, there’s a great uncertainty this season. We know he’s capable of taking us down cos he’s already done it.

    We still are the laughing stock of the football world.

    And he can’t fill the stadium yet it was always full when he arrived.

    I’m not comparing him to FFS. I’m just wanting to know how it’s better when the facts are, the loan has increased and the squad is still weak?

    That’s 6 yrs in charge and he had a 5 yr plan.

    Please try again. 🙄


  36. Looks like the Ashley lovers can’t explain how 6 yrs after he arrived, the loan is now £130m. 🙄

    How we face a tough season with a paper thin squad. 🙄

    How we are still the laughing stock of world football. 🙁

    How we now can’t fill the stadium. 🙁

    Where’s the progression in 6 yrs? 🙁

    Oh dear. 🙁


  37. I hope there’s not another 5 year plan in the man for the supporters’ sakes Troy. Here we are in year 7 now and no better off than when we got promoted. Actually probably worse off because we have Kinnear back at the club now. 😥


  38. @3HW & MDS
    You are missing my point entirely
    That’s becuase you fail to make it coherently, as usual.


  39. Any1 that cant see fatboy is running our club into the ground needs to pop along to spec savers in my view


  40. I’m just looking for some decent performances from the team in the next 2 games. That is a must for me. Pardew has to get points from those games or face more discontent. We should beat Hull by 2 or 3 at home and build some real confidence.


    pards asked for players last summer did not get them,pards begged for players this summer, did not get them, so the discontent should not be aimed at him it should be aimed at fatboy


  42. @ MARK
    you want to blame the wrong dude you carry on buddy,fatboy will be having a good laugh at peeps like you, while hes creaming off the money from the club


  43. @ MDS

    What is it that you are struggling with?

    I will ask again; where is the progress?

    In 2007 we had a £100m loan. In 2013 it’s £130m.

    In 2007 we never expected to be in a relegation battle. In 2013 we do.

    In 2007 we were the laughing stock of world football. In 2013 we remain so.

    In 2007 we filled our stadium. In 2013 we don’t.

    In 2007 we were full of hope with Ashley. In 2013 he is a hated figure.

    Please tell me how we’ve progressed in those 6 yrs. ?


  44. Oh I’m completely unhappy with Cashley TAE mate. You don’t have to convince me at all. But the team has to keep on playing games and we must get points while we can. The damage has been done by Ashley again as usual so we struggle on. Ashley and Kinnear should put on their clown suits and parade around the ground before each home game. They deserve it.


  45. I’m not entirely blaming puppetboy as hes as gullible as us but he has to share some of the blame for the loyalty he keeps showing MA and he must accept that the majority of the fans think he’s full of **** for spouting promises regarding signings, he knows ashley can’t finance..



    do you think MA has real ambition for us and has a real desire to help us get to the big time…eventually?


  47. @Mark

    Wow! You’ve jumped on one side of the fence! 😛

    Welcome home fella! I’m right behind your views! 😛

    Pardew is a huge part of the problem.

    I wish Ashley would understand he is in a privileged position and because he could afford to take a loss on selling the club, he would sell up or at least offer it on the market at a realistic price.

    6 yrs and I see no progression from when he took over.


  48. @ MARK
    no he aint got any ambition for us,the only ambition fatboy has got is lineing his pockets with the clubs money ever season


  49. I do feel slightly badly for Pardew but he’s also a bit of a wimp. He blathers on time after time uttering complete *******. I have posted many of his comments on here. The man is a BS machine. He blames everyone but himself. He’s perfect as a yes man for Ashley but that’s about it. He has asked for reinforcements but when they don’t come he smiles and says everything is fine. Sorry but most of us don’t agree. Everything is not fine. We have a seriously light weight squad thanks to Ashley but if Pardew had plums he would make a final statement and walk away. It turns out Llambias even has bigger plums than Pardew. Who knew?


    sacking pards will not change anything, fatboy will stick another dude in as manager that has to draw the party line,so sacking pards would take us straight back to do not pass go


  51. Sadly probably true TAE @366. A new owner is probably the only real solution. An owner with football ambition.


  52. Its excruciating not knowing what MA is up to. I wish he would speak and be honest..

    Its pretty obvious Pardew cant resist talking out of his ass & MA wouldnt sanction any players unless Cabaye was sold. JFK could of secured players if Cabaye was sold but not to the extent of spending the 20 mil. We’re just bobbing along content with Prem life, when 1 or 2 players could of made us decent.. How doesnt he see this.

    I honestly think he’ll be gone within the year..


    its the only answer for me a new owner,im fed up with watching fatboy piss on every1s hopes and dreams for our club


  54. That about says it all lads. Until he’s gone we’ll struggle and he’ll pocket as much money as he can. A man with no real values. A pleasure talking to you all again.


  55. For all those slagging Pardew for towing the party line ,i say give him a break on that one . He is backed into a corner by a **** that just wants yes men around him , if he walks we will get another manager in that finds himself in the same position . What i do get , is slagging the bloke for his tactics , they are poor at times but we will not get better than Pardew under this ownership but could get a damn side worse . Pards man management is good and at times that is the only thing keeping the squad together . The fact of the matter is we need him just as much as he needs us , because we will not get better untill fatboy sells up and ****s off .


  56. Looks like MDS has refused to answer simple questions. I suspect it’s because it’s going to go against his views on Ashley. 😯


  57. I don’t feel for Pardew at all.
    To parody another couple of comedians, as far as Mike Ashley is concerned, he has given Pardew all the right players but Pardew doesn’t necessarally play them all in the right order.
    As shown against Fulham ,he can put a team on the pitch to bore the fans for 70 minutes then change the team and tactics to give those same fans an exciting final 20 minutes.
    If Pardew was utilising correctly the players he already has then the fans might not be ****ing about the lack of signings.


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