Game On! Aston Villa v Newcastle

Game on at Villa Park
Game on at Villa Park
The focus can return to Premier League football this weekend as international games get shelved for another month or so at least.

That gives us a chance to build on back-to-back wins against Morecambe and Fulham by attempting to make it three wins out of three games by winning at Aston Villa this afternoon.

Positive? Yes although I don’t know why… The reality is that we’ll do well to get a point against Villa although as ever I’ll be over the moon if we manage to exceed my lowly expectations. Safety mode again, expect defeat and anything else becomes a bonus. How about that for sapping the positivity away? There is an actual positive though…

And that is the fact that we have almost a full squad to choose from. We could actually name our strongest team all at the same time for the first time in what feels like ages. Even Alan Pardew is claiming that he has a “selection headache” ahead of the game, which is more than likely caused by wondering how to shoehorn Jonas Gutierrez into the side at any cost! We’ll soon find out however as team news will be added in fully below as and when it becomes available.

If you’re looking for a bit more information and some background regarding the match then why not take a look at the match preview linked at the bottom of this article? It features news regarding injuries for both sides, some history and some stats and facts for you to peruse at your leisure.

That’s about it really. Now it’s up to our team to do the talking for us. Will they make us happy come the final whistle or will we be feeling deflated once again? We’ll soon find out.

Howay the lads!

Aston Villa: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Okore, Luna, El Ahmadi, Westwood, Agbonlahor, Delph, Benteke, Weimann

Subs: Steer, Clark, Bacuna, Helenius, Sylla, Tonev, Kozak.

Newcastle: Krul; Debuchy, Coloccini (c), Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon; Anita, Sissoko, Cabaye; Remy, Cisse, Ben Arfa

Subs: Elliot, Dummett, S.Taylor, Tiote, Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Gouffran

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318 thoughts on “Game On! Aston Villa v Newcastle

  1. Great win. Some good football as well. Love it, just love it. Ben Arfa the big winner, but I think the whole lot of them put in a good shift.


  2. Maybe Pardew’s criticisms of HBA’s overall game against Fulham contributed to his stormer today 😯


  3. SolanosTrumpet

    Yes, that and the fact Villa gave him so much space. I’m surprised at how open Villa were today. We looked a lot more threatening than they did, so surely Lambert should have tried to squeeze the game and make it tight?

    Anyway, good win and fully deserved. Best performance for well over a year.


  4. The result is fantastic but the performance was just brilliant. Great going forward and kept the ball better than we have previously.

    Sissoko, Anita and Cabaye look good in midfield and front three looked dangerous – albeit I would prefer to have another option to Cisse.

    We should be beating Hull next week too.


  5. Yeah, Mbiwa was very good today. Colo too. And, who knew? Debuchy even defends!

    Krul’s brainfart, though… and Villa had one or two very clear chances they should have put away, didn’t they?


  6. Way to go Lads πŸ˜›
    I called the win yesterday, thanks to the lads and not to Pardums game plan. What the **** he says at HT defies belief.
    First half we were good, but we buckled under the pressure 2nd half.
    Goofies goal was perfect, and knocked the stuffing out of the villains.
    I’ll give Pardum credit for his subs, although I would have pulled Cabaye off sooner.
    Cant wait for work on Monday morning. πŸ˜†


    This guy cost 40 MΒ£ !
    What a ****ing big boss top player ❗ 😯
    Did hou how he s browken ****ing back and neck of them ❓ 😈
    Wouaooooooooooooo ! Special hat reverency ! BENNY BOY ❗ ❗
    Big big touch of pur classs today…realy….


  8. aye Troy Stavers will be featuring in the Fenwicks Christmas window 😯
    woo hoo hoo what a nagger πŸ˜›


  9. @FSOTC

    I can remember the agbonlahor one and thats about it. apart from that one they didnt really get many any clear cut chances. I thought Gouffran had missed and nearly had a heart attack πŸ˜€

    Gouffran – Remy – Ben Arfa as our attack would be good to see.


  10. thought afra looked good today,done what hes payed to do and looks a lot bigger threat when he puts the ball in the mix asap instead of takeing the game to walking pace like he did v fulham.Think he should of had a pen also looked a 2 arm shove to me,but need a better view on the big tv later.


  11. Santi–I don’t remember who they were, but they had one very clear chance they should have scored and I remember another that maybe would be better described as a half-chance, but they were pretty well limited beyond that, it’s true. Had they scored that clear chance, though, would we be as happy?

    Ah, nevermind–Ben Arfa was superb today and with slightly better decision making, we could have had one or two more as well.

    Good win. Amen.


  12. Yeah–Ben Arfa’s mixing it up now, running at players, then playing an early pass, then drawing players in and passing… much more complete performance from him today and very mature. Great game, he had.


  13. I see all those Pardew knockers are forgetting to knock him. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† you know who you are and so do I. πŸ˜†

    Right, off to Fenwicks. Catch you later. πŸ˜†

    Great entertaining performance that like leek like! πŸ˜›


    What times the show on at fenwicks bud 😯 will get the camera ready πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. Troy, are you rocking the Prince-style assless pants, or will you drop your drawers once you get to the window?

    Good luck & have fun in the county lock up if you go with the Artist Formerly Known as Stavers get-up.


  16. There’s something to be said about sticking with a manager. Maybe me & Dave were right. It’s a learning curve for him and last season would have been beneficial for him.

    Let’s be honest. Pardew did something right today. πŸ˜‰


  17. “Let’s be honest. Pardew did something right today”
    I have a different take on that.
    A fit and lively HBA made all the difference today.
    Take his creativity out of the team and its the same old pish as last season.
    We fannied about in our own third far too much for my liking, particularly in the 2nd half.
    Cisse is the same **** as last season too.
    I don’t see why Pardum should get any credit, except to say at least he got the right line up at the start, for a change.
    Set pieces no better either.
    Pardums tactic is get the ball to Benny or Cisse and HOPE for a flash of magic.


  18. @BB
    What about the greatly improved defensive performances the last few games?
    Benteke was as anonymous as Cisse for the most part.
    If we hadn’t have won Pardew would have been blamed for not playing HBA through the centre like many fans are crying for, true?


  19. And some people are blinded by a win and 3 points in the bag. πŸ˜•
    Its called papering over the cracks.
    Its early days still, but I don’t see a great difference from how we were playing last season.
    We look very shakey defending corners and free kicks. And our own set pieces are no better.


  20. BB sad for you. can’t even enjoy an away win. Let the euphoria die down and the analysis can wait til the review thread. Meanwhile sup thy half of mild and don’t kick the dog.


  21. look ‘Hatam’ was awesome today.
    If you think that’s solely down to Pardum, then fair do’s.
    Hopefully he can work his magic on the remainder of the squad too.


  22. Who are these people who that think Pardew did a good job and we played good football today??

    Our performance was OK. It was satisfactory. Barely acceptable.

    The way we played today, should be how we play when we are not playing well.

    I want to see how we play when we are playing well. Really well.


  23. Prem – I did enjoy the win. I also enjoyed the individual performances of some of our players.
    I particularly enjoyed the first half and the effort put in from the lads throughout the match.
    I agree there was some good defending and and good tackles getting put in.
    I just wont give pardum any credit YET, as he doesn’t impress me one jot.
    Never has.


  24. Yes, the defence did do their defensive job today. Debuchy and Santon are fantastic fullbacks. Colo & Mbiwa are absolute rocks. It’s what i would expect from players as good as they are.

    We just put out the best team we’ve had in 10 years and we came away with an ok win.

    We should have blown Villa away. They were clearly not at their best and that’s why their fans are complaining.

    We were clearly not at our best but a lot of people on here think that’s good enough.


  25. 😯 BB 😯

    u didnt see any good 2day.??

    we had a decent shape deploying 433. Anita, Sissoko and Cabaye looked great with tiote coming on to do well. Even Sammy stretched their line..

    The defence looked solid apart from a Krul flapper & the forward line looked dangerous… some people πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  26. @BB

    Pardew made the sub to bring Remy on at Fulham Which then led to Remy changing the game and us taking 3 points instead of 1. Good job Pardew

    Pardew brought Gouffran on who scored the winner for us getting us 3 points instead of 1. Good job Pardew.

    I dont think anyone’s opinion of Pardew has changed but he does deserve a little credit for making good decisions just the same as when he makes bad ones we all give him so much ****.


  27. Pardew and his backroom are clearly not getting the best out of the players.

    If they were then we would be able to compete with the top 6 instead of the likes of Aston Villa.


  28. Great win ,good performance and Pardew coming out and saying 433 is the way too go and this was the first time since Ba left that he feels he could pick a team too play that way . Good times are coming lads and lasses ,at least no relegation fears this season ,would try Goofy ahead of Cisse next game though . Oh yeah and the scum doon the road are going down πŸ˜†


  29. well chuffed for Anita to be finally giving a fair crack of the whip.. looked good with his 1-2’s in the middle.

    Keep this up we’ll have to sell Barfa in Jan, can’t be getting too close to the Euro spots πŸ˜€


  30. Mark – wtf are you on about. ???
    Where did I say I didn’t see any good today.

    Santii – try reading my comment at 231
    I’ll give you a clue. 2nd last line “I’ll give Pardum credit for his subs, although I would have pulled Cabaye off sooner”


  31. I did see an improved performance from Cabaye and i was surprised at the tidy job Tiote did when he came on.

    Sammy should have been easily able to stretch Villa. They were very tired.

    If being a manager is just about picking the team and deciding which subs to use, i should be the manager.

    I’m not the manager because it involves getting the best out of the team and players. I didn’t see anyone play even close to their best today.


  32. Well I’m quietly chuffed with my positive vibes. 😎 . I thought Debuchy was good in the last home game and IMPRESSIVE in this game….Critics where are you now? In other words, listen to me….. Nah i’m just kidding, but the head has grown a size. πŸ˜›


  33. @Axel lol

    Did you see the refs decision in their game it was a shocker like. They are all going mental “corrupt” “bribery” and so on lmao i love it πŸ˜€

    When was the last time we had all our first team available like we did today?

    Positive momentum can do wonders. We have a pretty easy run of games coming up as well 1st place by November πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†



  34. Yes I agree that Anita had another solid game, particularly in the first half.
    Lost his way a bit in the 2nd, but then so did a few others.
    To be fair villa were awful in the 1st half and we should have scored more than 1.
    2nd half they were all over us at times and we struggled.
    I just want to see us keep improving week in week out. If Pardum deserves credit, he will get it.


  35. @BEARDSLEYS BOOTS 253: Could not agree with you more. It was a Ben Arfa inspired Victory. Without him today we would not have won. In fact had he not been in that mood today, we would not have won.


  36. @Santii – 266

    Pardew put Remy on at Fulham to help get him his match fitness. I knew he would make the change when he did before the match had started.

    Pardew brought Gouffran on today not because he wanted to change the game. It was because he doesn’t think Remy is match fit. Again i knew he would make the change before kick off.

    So predictable. Same thing with Tiote. My hunch is that next game Tiote will start and get subbed in the second half only to be replaced by Anita. I hope i’m wrong.


  37. Well the next match is Hull at home.
    If we keep improving, we should destroy them.
    A result other than 3 points wont be good enough.
    Can we agree on that ?
    No midweek distractions, no injuries, no excuses. Simples.


  38. Ben Arfa is a shadow of the player he could be. Under the right manager he would be one of the top 5 players in the world.

    Good job he is a ‘maverick’. Otherwise he might have actually listed to Pardew and become even worse.


  39. Although I should also credit Pardew for his selection today. He is working on something I have to admit. We are looking harder to beat but too few games to really tell and there I have to admit something is coming from Pardew here.


  40. LALAS πŸ˜€
    scums next 5 pl matches
    west brom (a)
    Liverpool (h)
    Manure (h)
    Swansea (a)
    NUFC (h)

    Can see just 1 point from them five if I’m honest.
    Taxi for Di Canio


  41. In contrast, I can see us getting 11 points from our next 5 matches 😯 if we carry on improving and playing positively.
    Hull (h)
    Everton (a)
    Cardiff (a)
    Cesspool (h)
    Scum (a)

    Top 4 here we come :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  42. If you look at the table and extrapolate:

    Liverpool will win the league with 114 points!
    Arsenal & Spurs will battle it out for 2nd and 3rd.

    We will challenge for a european place and finish in the top 8. The same can be said about Stoke, Man City, Man Utd & Chelsea.

    Everton will finish 9th with nearly as many points as last year.

    West Ham, Southampton & Cardiff will finish comfortably mid table.

    Sunderland, West Brom & somebody else will be relegated.


  43. It could happen.

    Interesting to see Arsenal, Spurs & Liverpool doing the best so far. None of them have changed manager this summer.


  44. KIMTOON@242 lol and people say we over react when the Toon looses the poor ****ers already think they are down when you read that . The most laughable is their is a few on their saying we were crap as well . πŸ™„


  45. @BB

    This is what i predicted after the Fulham game

    One down 5 more to go πŸ˜€

    Villa (a): win 0-1
    Hull (h): win 2-0
    Everton (a): draw 1-1
    Cardiff (a): win 0-2
    Liverpool (h): win 3-1
    Mackems (a): win 0-3


  46. Just seen this from a Sunderland fan and i thought it was pretty funny

    A pdc quote from when he started but **** replaces fit πŸ˜€

    On his training methods: “When I arrived at Sunderland I could see immediately that the players were not nearly **** enough. Some of them were only 60-70% ****. I know that with the right training they can be much ****ter. Even someone like Colback, who is already a **** player, I know he can be more ****. So I bring in new ****ness training, and specialist ****ness coaches. Soon the players are much ****ter, some of them as **** as they’ve ever been. My aim is to give the fans the ****test Sunderland team they’ve ever seen. If they follow my approach they can be **** from kick off right until the final whistle.”


  47. Never saw the full game on the internet today, but I noticed Villa made the big mistake of not doubling up on HBA, and it cost them dear.
    Cisse is still not doing enough for me up front, neither attacking wise nor defensively.

    Ecstatic about the result, and congratulations to Pardew. I’m gona really enjoy my Saturday night but not getting too carried away yet.

    Howay the lads !


  48. So if Cisse remains as he is, how long before we swap him with Remy and play someone else wide left? πŸ˜• He really needs to find some form. Even if it’s not goals, his touch needs to come back to him otherwise we’re just playing with 10 men. Right now you can’t blame Benny or other players for ignoring him πŸ˜•


  49. @293 πŸ™„
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    ” My aim is to give the fans the ****test Sunderland team they’ve ever seen. If they follow my approach they can be **** from kick off right until the final whistle.”
    class πŸ˜†


  50. Glad to see the sky stopped falling as I was beginning to worry about the safety of our friends in the northeast. Great performance by the lads and three valuable points. Pards got it right today across the board too. HWTL


  51. A great away win against a poor Villa side, and the “told-you-so’ers” are out in force πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Of course it was a great win, but there is still a long way to go. It’s a pity we’re still carrying our centre forward Cisse, in fact we have been for a while now, but I’m sure he’ll come good. Fantastic to have HBA and Remy in the same team, but most pleasing of all is we played some attractive football today, not the mundane dross of last season.

    HTL !


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