Newcastle v Leeds – League Cup match preview

A tale of two Uniteds
A tale of two Uniteds
Newcastle take on Leeds at St James’ Park tomorrow evening with both sides eyeing progression to the next round of the Capital One Cup.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm and a winner must be achieved on the night with extra time or penalties on the agenda if the two sides can’t be split throughout the course of the evening.

This game give Newcastle a chance to put the defeat to Hull behind them in front of their own fans, and a travelling army of around 6,000 Leeds who will be making the trip to the North East hopeful of their side causing an upset. It can’t happen but all too often it does when Newcastle are concerned so complacency can’t be afforded on any level if Alan Pardew and Co are considering having a serious stab at a cup run.


Steven Taylor, Shola Ameobi and Massadio Haidara and Ryan Taylor are all out for this one whilst Yohan Cabaye is struggling with a groin strain. Jonas Gutierrez could feature after recovering from his recent hamstring injury however.

We are also likely to see some faces who are on the edge of the first team at the moment. Players such as Sylvain Marveaux and Cheik Tiote may be upgraded from their spaces on the bench and given a run out whilst younger players like Curtis Good and Paul Dummett may see some time on the pitch in much the same way they did in the last round.


Stephen Warnock is available again after serving suspension so Sam Byram remains Brian McDermott’s only fitness concern. The versatile 20-year-old will undergo a fitness test prior to the match.


Newcastle progressed to this round by beating Morecambe away last month. Leeds have had to negotiate two ties to get this far, beating Chesterfield 2-1 in the first round before seeing off Doncaster 3-1 away from home.

Stats and facts…

Newcastle have failed to eliminate Leeds from any cup competition since the club was formed. The covers four meetings, two in the FA Cup and two in the League Cup with those games taking place in 1931, 1933, 1966 and 1982.

This will be Alan Pardew’s first home League Cup tie in charge of United. The last home tie we played was the 4-0 home defeat to Arsenal at the tail end of the Chris Hughton era.

Newcastle have lost just one of their last nine games against Leeds (all in the Premier League), winning six and drawing two.

Final thought:

Ordinarily I’m all about giving some fringe players the chance to impress in games lie this whilst retaining a certain amount of strength to get the job done, but the performance against Hull (this is the first time I’ve mentioned it!) requires a change of approach and I’d like to see a full team named from the start.

Papiss Cisse has to start for me. He’s gone 16 hours since he last found the back of the net and he needs something to fall for him soon, but if it doesn’t happen against Leeds then action needs to be taken and he needs replacing for the next league game. This is his last chance.

We’ve seen how we can play, so treat this game as any other league game and try to go about it in the same way that had fans feeling upbeat just a few days prior to the Hull debacle.

Howay the lads!

Date: Wednesday, 25th September, 2013

Time; 7:45pm

Venue:St James’ Park

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140 thoughts on “Newcastle v Leeds – League Cup match preview

  1. Aussie – that’s the point! You say The club owes the money to Ashley does it not? He is the club. How can he owe himself money?

    It’s the same as the covering of SJP with SD advertising for nothing!


  2. Evans – you obviously fell into the same trap as myself and many others.
    Pardumdum puts out his bull**** in conjunction with the Ronnie gill in order to sell tickets.
    Works a treat every time.
    If we get through to the next round, I hope the ground is empty.


  3. I like STs suggestion @47 except I can just imagine their response. All of this does my head in. I’ve always believed it was our club, now it seems battle lines are drawn between them and us the fans. We’re muddling ourselves into mediocrity. As BB says Really wish I hadn’t bought a tkt for tonights match now. It won’t and can’t be fixed unless Ashley sells and he has no intention. 👿


  4. Wow, i haven’t mentioned one word about the free advertising and yet it gets front and centre attention in reply to my interest question!
    Put ya pitch forks down will ya’s 😯


  5. Aussie it saves Jabba money because he loaned himself money because he ****ed up big time when he bought the club without doing DD then it cost him money to pay off BSA and all his staff, then cost him more to get rid off KK then to round it off he got us relegated, so he caused all the **** that led to the club being in debt and some people seem to think that its good of him not to charge himself interest on the loan that he is responsible for 😯


  6. Toon Chicken @ 15
    There’s no replays in this competition mate.
    Has to be a winner on the night
    switch on man 😛


  7. Big Dave, i agree he has ****ed up… and i am not praising him for not charging interest on the loan. All i am saying is that if the money was still owed to a bank, it would be costing the club a **** load each year.. to be honest, if i was in his position and i had spent 100 ‘of millions on my club i wouldn’t charge one of my own companies to advertise at the ground! Im surprised that people are surprised by this..


  8. Aussie – I understand what you’re saying, so for arguement sake I’d suggest a fair interest rate would be around 10%. From the link that Mark posted we acknowledge:

    On the Commercial income side we are one of the weakest clubs around. The Directors are working with Wonga and Puma to improve that situation but there was little information about what plans we have in place. Our commercial income shown in the accounts is about £13million. Man. Utd for example was shown recently as £153million! We were told that we couldn’t compete with Man. Utd.

    Ashley and his bunch openly admit that they have no ambition when it comes to cups competitions or finishing higher than Europe – Christ we are the only club I know who are happy NOT to be in Europe.

    If Ashley left for a new owner who came in with ambition that this lot lack and the willingness to strengthen the team/squad where needed but said, the debt is a loan from the banks – so we pay interest. So long as the same owners had a commercial team that would generate that extra £10-15m to cover that – which should be realistic based on the size of our club and fact they admit we are one of the weakest at present.
    I’d swap having to find that extra cash under a new owner who wanted NUFC to be the best club it can possibly be.


  9. No Georgio because it might make Ashley look a little nicer and we can’t have that 😉


  10. By holding on to the debt and not repaying it to himself, he is basically making the club unsellable. After all its a condition of sale that the debt to himself is repayed at that time.
    Like all captains of industry, he is in a win win situation.
    Unless some mega rich idiot comes along we are stuck with this ******* for a very long time to come.
    Oh JOY 👿


  11. I find the lack of cup ambition more disturbing than the free advertising.. what are you playing football for if it isn’t to ultimately win something.. piss poor attitude from the board..


  12. Ashley is unwilling to sale the club and is here for 5 more years. It says we owe 111 million and the 18 million is there just encase. I can’t understand it really. 158 million manu make on sponsorship alone and us getting 13 million from wonga. Surely 10 million a year of virgin was better business and I can’t understand why we left. t.v revenue and going up this season it looks like a longer wait for silverware. I’m all for not paying ridiculous agent fees and maybe january signings is the best we can hope for ?


  13. If the club gets a reputation of having no ambition, then sooner or later no decent players worth their salt will want to come here and play.
    For the vast majority of players, its not just about the money. They want to win silverware and make a name for themselves.
    Which idiot would want to play for a club that has no desire to win anything.
    No wonder the players we have are not motivated.
    You couldn’t make this **** up.


  14. Hey, why don’t we start up as accountants instead of football geniuses.
    That’s what it’s coming to – NUFC is just a huge spreadsheet. Or is it balance sheet?

    Anybody think Cisse will ever score again?


  15. To be fair you can see Aussie’s angle-what he’s saying is Ash could have loaned the club the money on the basis we paid interest-which would have gone directly into his pocket from the clubs coffers, say 10 mil a year. He could then say right I’ll pay 10 mil to advertise Sports Direct **** all over the stadium. = Free advertising.

    The thing is though if he was going to do that he should have done it from the start and made it clear. Don’t lie and say you were pitching space for other investors. It’s just like the stadium change. Were we actually looking for investment? Everyone would hate the company that renamed it. That’s why Wonga was a sly manouvre for him to save face and to somehow make Wonga look like “good guys” 😆


  16. @Georgio
    Mata? Bertrand? Really? Torres – iffy now that Eto’o has arrived. Ramires off the bench.
    Anything to offer on Spurs/Man City?
    Point is – teams aren’t playing “mostly their first teams” as you claim. So don’t bemoan whether or not Pardew does because of this.
    It’s tiring hearing Pardew getting lambasted for certain things.
    “Being ok with not strengthening” is another.


  17. Aussie – likewise the advertising isn’t too much of an issue for me, based on the point Newkie just made – interest free loan offsets the advertising.

    But the lack of cup ambition is a huge thing for me like. That and the fact we only generate £13m commercial income against MUs £153m. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting to be up there with them – I wouldn’t even except to be over £100m. But I think a club our size should be generating far more than £13m a year like?!.


  18. Mark@41 ,Well that’s depressing news. 👿

    Evans@56 ,That doesn’t surprise one bit mate ,I alluded to that very fact in the previous article before you’d even posted . Thanks for the link@60 by the way ,will have a read when I get chance. Our Board are a bloody disgrace if it’s true that they aren’t fussed about the cups but I’m not surprised as I said I suspected as much for some time.

    It begs the question ,why the **** do we as fans bother following the club 😕 if all we have is mid table mediocrity to look forward to each season then tbh it’s pointless really. Jabba and the board are failing to grasp the very fundamentals of what fans of a football club want to see/achieve and it’s bloody depressing to see how they are trying to keep us in the league just to make a few bob with no outlay and no silverware .

    Richie@68 ,Here here ,perfectly put mate.


  19. Sharpy @98 ,Yeah that’s beyond pathetic £13m ,really shocked it’s that low ,I would of expected around £40m tbh ,but what do I know.


  20. Spot on Newkie @95. You’ve got the owner sussed mate. As for the game Jonas is still out injured but it sounds like we’ll see Sammy, and Dummett. I’m fine with that. Big question marks for me around Cisse. Do we start him or bring him off the bench? Remy is to be rested it sounds like. We’re going to need goals. I would hope Benny doesn’t have to come on to save us again. Let’s score early and then establish dominance at home for once for the entire match.


  21. 13M pounds commercial income is very poor. What club of our size has that little coming in? Wake up Ashley. I’m going to try to compare with other teams. Let you all know if I find anything.


  22. @Sharpy. aye, I started 25 yrs ago when there was about 40 staff and everything was on floppy 5.25 & 3.5″ disks 😆

    took my redundancy 5 yrs ago after 20yrs. good company but it was changing too quick for my liking. I was on the web team before i left. canny boring too lol


  23. tbh If it was because of the interest-free-loan then fair-do’s its just the way they try and bull**** saying the boards would of stood empty if SD werent plastered al over the place.

    I’d love to see how many companies they’ve knocked back so SD remain.

    we’ll never find out **** like that tho


  24. Ownership: Mike Ashley owns Newcastle United via his company, MASH Holdings Limited
    Turnover: 7th in league, £93m (up from £89m in 2011)
    Gate and matchday: £24m
    TV and broadcasting: £56m
    Commercial activities: £14m
    Wage bill: 8th, £64m (up from £54m in 2011)
    Wages as proportion of turnover: 69%
    Profit before tax: £1m (down from £33m in 2011)
    Net debt: £129m
    Interest payable: £0.07m
    Above are the goodies on us. Note that turnover at 7th in the league. This is all 2012 data of course. Profit before tax is 1M pounds, down from 33M pounds in 2011? Don’t understand that. Norwich had the same 14M pound commercial income as us and a 16M pound profit before tax! Unbelievable but mostly due to much lower wages (they finished above us last season despite all that). Stoke and Sunderland are very poorly run in comparison.


  25. Agree Aussie/Sharpy-the lack of cup ambition is crazy. They would get a bloody fanfare in the streets for weeks if we won something, why the hell don’t they want to tap into that even if it doesn’t bring massive financial rewards? I know it should be “a chance to look at the squad” but it shouldn’t be some sort of farm to throw the youngsters at. Getting embarrassed by lower leagues year on year wouldn’t do much for confidence in the youngsters either…

    G2-I don’t really know much about the other club’s commercial income, obviously we’re behind manu/mankitty/chelsea/arsenal/liverpool/spurs but we really should be the next in line. Us, Everton and Villa should be fighting out that spot globally really…


  26. G2-The profit in 2011 accounts came from the sale of Carroll I believe. That’s why it’s low the next year, but technically it was an increase in profit by 4 mil or whatever.


  27. It was only last year we managed to get rid of Smudger and Xisco. 110k a week between the pair was probably half of Norwich’s wages back then anyway 😆 😥 😥 😥


  28. club finances 😯
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 👿


  29. Note we were 8th in the wage bill but finished 16th mates. I think this has been discussed before but it should be completely unacceptable. Even Ashley should see that stick out like a sore thumb. It points again to the manager and coaches for me. Are we getting the most out of our foreign players? Not even close.


  30. Bootsy. It’s interesting reading about finances.

    Each to their own. I can’t stand formations and transfer targets but some love discussing it. 😉


  31. You can learn a few things from club finances BB mate. According to most of us all Ashley cares about is the dosh yet he actually runs a very poor club as far as making profit is concerned. How to make sense of that? It smacks of incompetence at every level.


  32. @Mark

    Totally agree about the bull****. Why not be honest and say its cos of the interest free loan and not cos they can’t sell the space. I’ve never heard so much crap and blatant lies. 😈

    I was all set to go tonight to the game but I’ve sold my ticket for a fiver cos of the **** they’ve spoke about the cup not being a priority and it’s to field squad players. If they aren’t bothered then neither am I.

    I can’t believe their ambition is to get in the top 10!
    FFS we came 5th two seasons ago and Pards stated Europe was his aim at the time. !

    Absolute shambles. Fast losing patience with the hierarchy. 😈


  33. Wages as a proportion of turnover (69%) has to come down or position in the table has to go up by a long shot. Ashley will see that, hence no spending to speak of last summer on incoming. He will sit tight now and see where we finish this season. If we’re below 10th change will come at the manager level because it’s cheap and easy to do. Don’t expect much spending in January either as far as I can tell. The smart thing to do would be to bring in a top manager but we’re talking about Ashley here.


  34. @G2

    I’ve pointed that out many times. The best way to save money and improve the team is to pay top dollar for a top manager and play within your budget for players. Top managers can get the best out of mediocre players. The knock on effect is obvious. Not to the Regime tho. 🙁


  35. I’m having a reet Uzzy the neet with that chronicle article! 😈 top 10? I can accept that Spurs, Liverpool, Man city, Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea should be above us but who else? 😯


  36. I see others beginning to climb as well with the right club policies. Southampton have good energy and play hard for their manager. Same with Everton. We are the ones that constantly underperform.


  37. When I look back on it the problem for us is mainly ownership and management that keep dragging us down. We’ve had some very good players who came and worked hard but having Pardew, Kinnear and Ashley around is like have a lead weight tied to your ankles. Lack of ambition soon gets into the dressing room. The players can read and have ears. When they hear Pardew whinging on about everything it’s bound to affect them.


  38. Mark…That’s the worst thing, all the bull****ting. If they just come out and said, he’s given an interest free loan so he’s not gonna pay for his advertising it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s all lies or bull**** from this lot. It would still be ****in annoying but at least understandable. People keep saying he’s not a football man o he’ll make mistakes and learn from them…which ****ers has he learn’t from exactly? certainly none on the football side of things that’s for sure.
    …Anyhoo, a win would be nice even if it means **** all to the owner financially :mrgreen:


  39. Richie I wouldnt mind if it was Just Jabba that was making of the advertising but all the SD share holders are benefiting out of us when they have **** all to do with our club 👿

    As you say a good win would be good tonight


  40. Nice to see the club meeting with the fans to discuss the clubs agenda very good indeed i think everyone will agree. After all its what most fans wanted. I’m a bit surprised i seem to be the only one that’s mentioned it so far……. 😳 😆

    Think tonight’s game should be good for some reason i dont have the same fear that we could be over confident. I still think it will be a scrappy win with only a goal or two in it. Pardew doesn’t do big wins.


  41. Word up homeys.

    …can people still get streams for matches these days? Or have the Feds shut everywhere down this season. ❓


  42. @BD @125

    good angle to come from m8. this whole SD malarkey is pissing me off 👿

    I would love to ask Mike whether he’s had any interest in the Ad boards and if not would he ever consider letting a charity like children with cancer take a percentage of the boards. That would have him choking on his pies 😆


  43. Krul; Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini (c), Dummett; Anita, Tiote; Marveaux, Gouffran, Sammy Ameobi; Cisse.

    Subs: Alnwick, Yanga-Mbiwa, Gosling, Bigirimana, Obertan, Vuckic, Ben Arfa.

    Strong team, Hope Cisse gets one…


  44. Im surprised Good isn’t in the team he was very good last time out. No Sissoko either hmm guess we are keeping him safe for the Everton game.


  45. Mark and the SBR foundation etc there is so many good causes that would maybe show Jabba and the club of in a good way aswell as helping them out, I am not talking about all the SD signs but even half as they are stuck on every available space


  46. totally agree there mate. I doubt a bloke that employs ppl on zero hours would give any charity free boards when SD can profit instead..

    anyway.. 👿 2-0 to the Toon 2nite

    toon toon


  47. Cheers Dave. Yeah I thought there’d still be an unearthed, X Filesesque computer den of football nerds somewhere. The truth is out there. 🙂

    Ta for the links Mark, will checkem oot in a bit. 😎

    …I’m gona start predicting cliches, buzzwords and catchphrases for Pardew’s post match interview. I reckon he’ll say ‘we was’ at least 3 times. I also think ‘make no mistake’ will play a part. If we win, then add …’we’re very serious about this cup, and still in it to win it’, if we lose …’we’ll work very hard on the training pitch to rectify the defensive issues we witnessed tonight’. Also, …’Shola has proved time and time again that he’s Premiership clarss, and he showed that tonight with a wonder goal in extra time.’ 😆 , or …’we was well under par tonight, unfortunately our squad lacks depth and we had to field fringe players.’

    I’m actually starting to warm to comedy Pardew again now. 😆 I think he’s broken me.

    …actually, Pardew said earlier that there’d be ‘no excuses’! 😆 😯
    I’d guess there’ll be no post match interview if we lose then. Excuse is his middle name!

    Anyway, we should win. Wounded animal, and Leeds are ****.



  48. get in Cisse at last 😀

    Any one got a decent link ,I’m using marks but it stops every 20 -30 seconds ,it’s driving me mad.


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