Game On! Sunderland v Newcastle

Sunderland's Stadium of Light.

Sunderland's Stadium of Light.
Mackems v Mags
Hold onto your hats, it’s about to get bumpy! And I’m not talking about the weather either…

The latest instalment of the Tyne-Wear derby will soon be upon us and with it will come the inevitable conflicting myriad of emotion.

The last feeling I had regarding this fixture was one of hurt, embarrassment even. That 3-0 defeat wasn’t nice but at least I now kind of understand how a Mackem feels. I don’t want to experience that again but unfortunately I can’t do a lot about it. It’s up to the players to make amends but a brief sit down with a DVD of that game at St James’ Park last season should at least get the players fired up for it.

Anyway, I really don’t need to go on. We all know what this means and on the other side of the divide is a fan base who will be thinking and feeling exactly the same as we are.

The match preview went online yesterday so it’s there for you to view if you wish to do so. It’s accessible using the links at the bottom of the page and features injury news, stats, facts and a history of the fixture. The official team news will be published below as and when it becomes available.

For a number of reasons this game is an early kick-off. Safety is one but also Sky TV have had their say as they always seem to do. The good news with that though is that the match is live on the TV here in the UK so catching a stream should be that little bit easier. Also a whole host of overseas channels are broadcasting the match thus increasing the possibilities further so if you do find a decent stream then please share it by leaving a link in the ‘comments’ section below.

That’s it. I’m off to bite my fingers down to the bone. See you on the other side!

Howay the lads!

Sunderland: Kieren Westwood, Phil Bardsley, Andrea Dossena, John O’Shea, Carlos Cuellar, Lee Cattermole, Jack Colback, Sebastian Larsson, Adam Johnson, Jozy Altidore, Steven Fletcher

Subs: Vito Mannone, Ki Sung-Yueng, Craig Gardner, Ondrej Celustka, Emanuele Giaccherini, Valentin Roberge, Fabio Borini

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Paul Dummett, Davide Santon; Moussa Sissoko, Cheik Tiote, Yohan Cabaye; Yoan Gouffran, Hatem Ben Arfa, Loic Remy

Subs: Rob Elliot, Massadio HaΓ―dara, Vurnon Anita, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi, Papiss CissΓ©

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519 thoughts on “Game On! Sunderland v Newcastle

  1. Chelsea is almost injury free. Van Ginkel is the only player listed as injured. They have a lot to choose from. I would be thinking hard about that match if I was Pardew.


  2. Stu @ 372 I agree 100% that that is the only way of forcing him, but I don’t think it would work as there is too many fans that just take what ever is dished out to them.
    Our club just go from one **** up onto the next we are a joke


  3. That Tarts letter is a massive overreaction if you ask me , this is probably one of the few times the local press has reported anything negative and they spit the collective dummy out because of it. Christ is freedom of speech dead in the NE now, the national press will be all over this like a rash where if they had not made an issue of it , it would of gone away. I wrote on here l;ast sunday that the Sunday Mirror had reported on the march with just a tiny 3″x 2″ column containing just 57 words including heading title, now it will be much bigger as I suspect will the next march 😳 . Stupid, cow and stupid owner, massively overreacting like a spoilt brat not getting their own way.


  4. Ashley does strike me as someone petulant beyond beleif. Obviously has helped him crush the life out of competitors like Wheelan but **** me he comes across as a spoilt ****. Sell us and get it over with please.


  5. It’s quite significant that none of the media heavyweights are catching on to this story. They are either unaware of this issue, or they are **** scared of Ashley prosecuting them or whatever. It seems to be big news in Newcastle and that’s about it.

    Apparently there is also a hidden agenda with Ashley being one of the few EPL owners who wants the newspapers to start paying the clubs to cover their games.


  6. maybe if Ashley gave the fans something positive to clap about the Chronicle would devote their headlines to that.

    Theres a reason fans marched.. whether I agree with it or not, the majority of people arent happy with Ashley and his running of our club. Apart from a few financiers on here that are hoping the “bigger picture” comes to fruition in 10yrs time πŸ™„


  7. Let’s just not turn up on Saturday! How ****ing ridiculous would he look live on Sky against Chelsea with an empty stadium?

    His ****ty brand would look pathetic too! WONGA would be knocking in his door, as would Sky, wanting to know why the game beamed around the world has a half empty stadium.

    Let’s get this ******* out of here!


  8. Munich, The Mirror and George Caulkin( the Times ) and The Telegraph and Daily Mail are all over the press ban story today along with the reason for it. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot or maybe it’s more press for our owner at any price . That’s ok what ever floats your boat but the bottom line is it’s the club being made a source of ridicule again and the fans by association πŸ‘Ώ Sorry but this owner is a total control freak and an arrogant ****, and I hate him more with every passing day. I have honestly tried to warm to him seeing he was trying to financially stabilise us but for every thing he does ok he completely ****s up the next move he makes. Now I know he’s not stupid ,he knows exactly what he’s doing and call me paranoid but I’m really starting to think he gets off on it, it’s that inexplicable . How can someone so smart in business be so totally inept at running the club on a basic level ,ie , the right personal in the right positions πŸ˜• . My flabber is gasted at this latest **** up.


  9. Pards already said a few weeks back, when Mike is upset he does things that aren’t brilliant for the football club πŸ™„ huffy ****! πŸ˜›


  10. Mark ,Exactly, it’s almost a veiled threat isn’t it ,now don’t go upsetting poor Mikey ,he’s a sensitive flower you know and you won’t like him when he’s upset. πŸ™„ Well he’s upset plenty of us fans over the years ,yet we still spend our money on tickets ,shirts and merchandise like hopeless sheep ,well I say **** him and his sensitivity, I hope the local press go to town on him and Wonga get royally ****ed off with him too,serve him right .


  11. omg! Another Toon fan happy to be relegated. 😳 Whatever happened to the sentiment in the song that goes “… we’ll support you evermore …”?

    Seems as if some support is conditional: If it ain’t the way I want it I ain’t gonna play and the rest of you can go suck eggs.

    Don’t you just love the me-generation. πŸ™„

    But I shouldn’t be surprised that such fans exist. I read somewhere that the rusted on fan is the exception rather than the rule. There’re a lot of myths about football and its fans.


  12. KK@337 – Were you privy to what went on during the Tevez period at West Ham? Were you at the training ground and were you a witness to his attitude during this time? No you weren’t, so all you are doing is picking the bits out of Tevez’s history that suit your argument and ignoring the bits that do not. Maybe Tevez was benched for having a **** attitude or upsetting the change room harmony, have you ever considered that? No of course you haven’t, it is all Pardew and his inability to see what a wonderful player Tevez is!
    I must admit, I do feel for Tevez going from his version of what happened.. The poor bugger, being played out of his favourite position and being all lost and confused by the vast space of 20 feet from the place he feels most at home.. πŸ˜† FTSOTB πŸ˜†


  13. Oz, my old wife had a tale and she told me about a recipe.

    How to make a universal truth on a football blog:

    Take a dollop of newsmedia, add a twist of your favourite hobbyhorse, stir in a few bandwagons, let it set in concrete, serve with a huge dose of malice when the time is right. Garnish without a skerrick of support.

    Eat with one eye tied behind your back and blinkers on the other.


  14. Vegas πŸ˜† spot on mate… However, you missed two garnishes, which are a large handful of football manager and google search πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. Bris-hold on there fella, Stuart/Dave are as old as you by my reckoning ❗ . Be ****ed about wanting us to go down, that’s financial oblivion and it didn’t get rid of him last time anyway did it? We need to wait until he sells all his SD shares, he seems to be in the process of it, hopefully he’ll get rid of the lot in 5-10 years and will then just go and enjoy his money on hookers and cocaine and not nufc 😐


  16. Well ,we can only wish he would go on a cocaine bender in the arms of a few hookers, that might just see him off.


  17. Aussie-if I had his money I doubt i’d be in any state to enjoy it or have any idea where it all went when I woke up poor again πŸ˜€

    How you doing in the fantasy league fella? πŸ˜‰


  18. Stem, I’m off to apply for a gig at the comedy store, I know I’ll get the spot as I have a ton of material based on the Toon ,it’s a sure fire winner mate. πŸ™„


  19. Make sure you don’t hurt Ashley’s feelings, he can’t take a joke and we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings and end up with Dennis Wise back. Mr Blobby with out the suit


  20. Stem , blimey, just had a terrible thought, with Halloween fast approaching would Mikey spring a horror like that on us πŸ˜•


  21. Wouldn’t put it past him Kim. His main duty at the club would be teaching Joe how to use a computer and scouting players on youtube who you have never heard of and our completely ****e πŸ™‚


  22. Is anyone interested in the capital one cup on Wednesday ❓
    I was going to just turn up and pay at the turnstiles, but after the performance against the scum on sunday, I’ve decided to not bother.
    After all winning a cup is NOT our priority, so why bother wasting my hard earned cash.
    No doubt we will take another humping off city too, anyway ahead of the defeats to Chelsea and spurs.
    Happy Days πŸ™


  23. after many many yrs of being a season ticket holder i gave up my season ticket as my own protest to jabba,a few yrs ago,and would pick and chose which games i went to,at the moment i chose not to go to any,sad sad times at SJP πŸ™


  24. Ice, the bugger’s tarnishing the name of NUFC with every move he makes. I desperately want rid of master tactician Pardew but who will he choose instead. Wise and Kinnear?
    Pissing me off into apathy . . . just like Pardew’s doing to Benny, Marv, Sissoko, Anita and many others. On Sunday they just looked like they didn’t care with at least four of them out of their natural positions (like that Aussie?). Gouffran the line hugging right winger? 😈


  25. GEORGIO what hurts most is i cannot see him (jabba) ever selling up and why would he where else could he make a few million every year for doing nowt we will never ever move forward,he is happy just to hang on to a place in the PL,there is only two ways to shift him,the fans to stop turning up at SP,that wont happen,or the press world turning on him that might work,on managers ive got to the point that i dont give a ****,no decent manager would work with him imo,i have never rated pardew even when we finished 5th i never thought he was the guy to take us forward,the mans a clown,as i said sad sad times at our home πŸ˜₯


  26. Icedog @ 412 hits the nail on the head.
    We are not doomed or anything, but the club has no ambition other than to carry on milking the cash cow that is the EPL.
    The attendances will drop off rapidly soon enough.
    The atmosphere in the stadium is appalling most of the time.
    No buzz whatsoever.
    I HATE this regime. πŸ‘Ώ


  27. Pardew always sticks up for Ashley by saying we can’t compete financially or without Ashley we would be another Leeds united. Or if we spent another million we would be in the red! It’s comments like that which keeps his job safe but I don’t buy it. Without Remy’s goals we would be looking at the bottom three.


  28. Cant understand why we cant start getting decent service into the box for Cisse.
    Is it really rocket science or something ffs ❓
    We have players and coaches who cant get the very basic fundamentals of football right.
    Its a very simple game, yet pardew has to try and make everything so complicated.
    If they cant get the basics right, like passing the ball to each other, then all the technical **** can go out the window.
    For goodness sakes, I’ve seen more organisation and teamwork at schoolboy level.
    What is going on ❓ ❓


  29. @AMF – 387

    No, i was not privy to what went on during the Tevez period at West Ham.
    I wasn’t at the training ground and i didn’t witness his attitude during his time there.

    Maybe you are right, Tevez & mascherano might have been benched for having a **** attitude or upsetting the changing room harmony. The same with anita i guess? Such a lazy player anita and he probably has a mr big attitude too, right??

    “I must admit, I do feel for Tevez going from his version of what happened.. The poor bugger, being played out of his favourite position and being all lost and confused by the vast space of 20 feet from the place he feels most at home” – THIS COMMENT IS RIDICULOUS!

    I had to leave caps lock on because it was so silly!!

    You could play most premier league players in most positions & they would do ok but they would play nowhere near their best! They’d be limited & they’d make mistakes. Sissoko, Gouffran, Anita, Remy, Cisse, Ben Arfa, Ba! The list goes on & on!!

    Brendan Rodgers changed his enitire fofmation & playing style to get both suarez & sturridge playing well together. Pardew could only get ba OR cisse playing well with the second player playing as a winger.


  30. Bb & icedog @ 416 & 417 have it spot on.

    If the manager & coaches can’t get the best out of the players as a team, then they are not doing their job properly!

    If the manager & coaches were getting the best out of the players but the players were just not good enough i’d be moaning about ashley & kinnear but the truth is pardew has a very good set of players.

    We have a squad as good as everton & better than southampton, swansea etc & we still expect to lose to them! Why!!


  31. KK@ 419,i agree imo we do have better players but a very poor manager and back room staff,you wonder why we lose to them,easy they play a style that plays to their strenghs,they havent got the class as some of the top teams but will always give them a game they defend from the front and when they lose the ball the TEAM graft to win the ball back,how many toon players want to graft?? none imo and can we blame them,playing for the clowns in charge of our club


  32. Don’t worry I hired you the best manager and director of football and your still moaning ? I’m going to cry


  33. @newkie

    Tiote, cabaye, sissoko, cisse, gouffran, remy are all behind anita in my opinion.

    Anita should be the first player on the teamsheet. The team should be built around him in the same way it was at ajax.

    It goes back to the article stardust wrote a few months ago; mike ashley needs to choose between pardew & carr.

    I would hope he chooses carr as i’ve seen how good cisse, tiote, cabaye etc can be.

    Pardew on the other hand has been sacked from a premier league club, championship club, league 1 club (in that order) before being hire at nufc. He is a manager that was working his way down the leagues!!


  34. @icedog – 421

    Play to the strengths of the players

    Defend from the front

    Graft as a TEAM

    3 basic things to do – you’re right its not being rocket science


  35. kk – 100% agree about Anita fella, but Pardew is doing his best to screw him up aswell.
    The lad must feel pretty dejected being dropped all the time.
    Especially for players who cant even pass the ball 5 ****ing yards.
    (are you listening Sissoko).
    The longer Pardew remains in post, the worse the TEAM will become.
    He is flying on a wing and a prayer without a clue what he is doing.
    He relies purely on any one player performing out of his skin to get us out of the ****. When that doesn’t happen – which is often – we lose.
    The crazy thing is, even if we got relegated again, I doubt Ashley would want to replace him.


  36. I am so angry and frustrated at what we see happening at NUFC.
    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈


  37. I keep hoping Crystal Palace will make a move for Pardew 😯
    I’ll pay his train fare – 1st class. πŸ˜†


  38. Re John Carver:
    Agree he was seen as a good coach, but that was 15+ years ago.
    He clearly is still living in the past. Old school English clogger style football is dead. The modern game has passed him by.
    Time for change


  39. Yeah, anita ahead of remy for me.

    Remy can be very good but he’s said himself, he’s like an f1 car. He needs ideal conditions for him to play well.

    A centre back that goes through the back of him in the first 5 mins of a game (someone like terry) & we probably won’t see him for the rest of the game πŸ™

    He has done well for us so far but so did cisse when he first came. Both are good players & could be very dangerous with gouffran too. So much unused talent & potential being wasted.

    We all know that remy will be out with an injury (probably hamstring or groin) for a few games in the next few weeks. Unless our play improves we’ll struggle before an upturn leads us to a mediocre midtable finish for the end of season.

    We are not at risk of relegation but we also have nothing to challenge for or play for.

    I also just realised – STaylor, ameobi, carroll, vuckic always injured! Something to do with the way we treat our players??


  40. While I’m gutted about what’s happening at the club – the press ban being just the latest in a jaw-dropping sequence of weapons-grade cluster****ery – I feel the need for a bit of a rant at the rants about Sunday.

    Still with me? (I’m not)

    I know I’ll get slammed for this, but I honestly think the reason we lost was that Sunderland had a good game plan, executed it well, and worked their determined, unwiped arses off. They’ve got a good manager who knew what it would take to nullify our attackers, and somehow engendered enough belief in their limited squad to do it.

    I don’t think Pards screwed up particularly – certainly not so much as some are making out. But I do think he was outwitted by his opposite number.

    My main complaint about our manager at the weekend was his unsporting reaction. Instead of just giving credit to the opposition, he made all kinds of excuses and claimed we “bossed the game” when clearly we’d not done anything of the sort.

    Just pissed off, frankly. Not much sign of anything to smile about for the next two-and-a-half weeks, either.

    Feggid. πŸ™


  41. KK: Not completely sure about this bit: “We are not at risk of relegation”. I agree that it looks unlikely, but I’d not bet my house on it.


  42. KK – agree mate, Anita should be in the team preferably instead of Tiote who flatters to deceive and really just slows down the team. He wins some tackles, is very strong but is a poor passer and takes the obvious option every time, sideways or back.

    Pardew’s a **** manager who is alienating player after player with his masterful tactics. Carver and Stone are no better and I have no idea what Pedro does.


  43. Whumpie , I’m with you mate ,not gonna put the house on it either, too many variables to conspire against us. πŸ™„


  44. Kim & Whumpie – there’s got to be 5 or six teams worse off than us. Palace, Scum, Cardiff, Fulham, Norwich, Stoke, West Ham, Hull? That list makes me feel better. Would I be pleased with finishing 12th? Fuck off.


  45. Georgio ,Did you see stoke v Manure, I wouldn’t bank on them being worse and no way Fat Sam will oversee a Hammers relegation as for Norwich and Fulham both could feasibly have new managers in place before long if you believe the press which could transform their fortunes. I do agree Hull look a relegation possibility as do Scum and Palace depends on who comes in to manage , I don’t see Cardiff going down personally.


  46. You could well be right Kim. Maybe just consoling myself. However, Stoke have lost 4 on the trot, Norwich/Cardiff stalemate. Palace and the scum are as good as gone. Fulham beat Palace but have been shockingly bad. We’ll see and I agree somewhat. 11 points from 12 games won’t look too good. πŸ‘Ώ


  47. I’ll stick with my prediction of us finishing somewhere between 11th and 14th depending on injuries mainly. There is no sign that the club have turned a corner in a positive way. We have some decent players but they don’t play well as a team for Pardew often enough. There are several up and coming clubs as well as the top 6 so I can’t see us finishing in the top 10. Whether a 14th place finish would get Pardew sacked is not clear to me as the owner is a complete fool when it comes to football.


  48. Georgio – interesting list! Trouble is, of the five of those we’ve played, we only beat 2. (W2, L2, D1) Hardly conclusive, is it? I’d put us at about a 25% chance of going down. Not good.

    I think Ashley’s continual campaign of political own-goals is going to be our main problem. How many times can a new, foreign player find himself part of a club being laughed at or otherwise slagged off by everyone in the country before they just don’t want to play any more?

    What on earth must they be thinking about this Stazi-esque press ban ****e? Can you imagine the phone calls back to France? (“Listen carefully; I will say ziss only once…”)

    I suspect this is a big part of our consistent inconsistency. Pardew has managed to instil some belief a couple of times (dippers, Cardiff), but it must get harder every time Ashley does something stupid.

    So by now his job is pretty bloody hard… πŸ‘Ώ


  49. Georgio .I would snatch your hand off for anywhere around 12th right now mate tbh, though I’m far from happy with that in reality. With our fan base and players we really should be aiming for top 8 in my mind . It’s a crying shame we didn’t build on the 5th finish, if only Jabba could see that a little ambition could reap big financial rewards in more people supporting us and more tv coverage. It’s because of that , that Spurs are now doing so well , it’s not so long ago we were doing as well if not better than them playing wise. I remember just a few seasons back reading a Spurs forum just before we played them and them all moaning about the long trip up north for their in their words ” annual thumping off the Geordies ” how times have changed eh.


  50. GeordieTwo; I think you’re about right there. I’d go for anything from 9th to 13th – but we could easily be this season’s QPR.


  51. Kim – I remember that. And how reasonable the Spuds fans were on forums. Good lot, as it turns out. Much better run, too.

    This goes back to that matchday programme BS alledegly written by JFK. It just moaned about the income of other clubs without ever acknowledging that they EARNED that income doing things that we are just as free to do. Why is he here, rather than spending his salary on someone who goes overseas to build support there?

    And do they not think we are all fully aware of the size of blatant freebie Sports Direct are getting off us? The BS I can stand – but why continue to take us all as complete mongs?

    Just sick of the whole thing.


  52. Ok, here’s an idea. The “Four at Forty” campaign. At every match where either MA or JFK are in attendance, on the 40th minute, all fans turn towards them and (keeping it just about broadcastable) stick two lots of two fingers up at them?

    It sounds a bit lame (and yes, I considered “The Midway Moonie” and others) – but imagine what 100,000 v-signs all pointed at a bright-red Ashley would look like in the media!

    Also, it’s something we can all do, at no cost, every match, without missing anything or failing to support the team. The “Time 4 Change” march was ok, but this is a way to keep reminding those idiots, week in and week out, that they’re not welcome.

    What do you think?


  53. Yes it’s a dangerous position to be in Whumpie, Kimtoon and others. We don’t play well often enough against bottom 6 sides. We’ve already lost to Hull at home and Sunderland away. Very poor results based on the quality of those clubs. Even the West Ham draw at home was a very poor result. The lack of a clear football vision except to spend little going forward is a huge anchor around our necks.. We dawdle when it comes to making crucial moves for players. Yes we have Remy for a season but that may be all. Cisse has completely stopped being an impact player. We have problems at the back as well which should have been sorted by now and on the wing. All for the lack of a reasonable amount of spending. We also hold on to players who should be moved on far too long such as Gosling and Obertan to name but two. Sorry for the long post but we have a lot of issues to deal with.


  54. Whumpie .Love that, press would have a field day and we know Mikey doesn’t do embarrassed πŸ˜‰
    I like Spurs fans they are by and large a realistic lot I find, there is no reason why we can’t emulate their success if we only showed some ambition .Can you imagine any other set of fans swallowing the line about cups not being a priority 😳 You have to ask what the **** are we bothering for if we don’t ever intend to compete for a Trophy,it’s not like we expect to win the bloody league or even the Europa cup for that matterbut I’d like to think that we had a shot at the cap 1 cup or the fa cup like.


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