Is it a waste of time trying keep Yohan Cabaye?

Cabaye has eyes on bigger things
Cabaye has eyes on bigger things
In terms of transfer news, the last few months have been pretty sweet. That is the security that the closing of a transfer window brings.

Right up until the last moments I was waiting for one of our players to go, and the smart money looked to be on Yohan Cabaye making a move elsewhere.

However he didn’t. He stayed and regardless of what has gone on he is back in the team and has been performing well. The only issue is, with another transfer window fast approaching, all of the stories and speculation will once again resurface. In fact they already have and once again it is Yohan Cabaye who is at the forefront of them.

For instance take these quotes from a radio interview in France:

β€œI miss the Champions League. I’ll finish this season with Newcastle and concentrate on the coming months and then we’ll see.”

Now he’s not exactly saying he’ll be off in fairness but even so it’s not great news. Clearly he has eyes on bigger things and although I doubt he, or many players who are looking to get into World Cup squads, would be looking to move into a new team and new surroundings a few months before squads are drawn up for the summer, a good World Cup would most certainly put him in the shop window.

I’m not getting too down about Yohan Cabaye. I think he’s a great player on his day but I also think in Vurnon Anita we have a player who is capable of replacing him in the side. I just wonder if the hassle and destabilising effect is worth it?

We’ve won three on the bounce so I feel a bit out of place having a moan about things, but then again three wins only papers over fundamental cracks that are still evident at United. The reality is that all players are for sale so don’t get too attached to them.

In terms of Cabaye, I think we’re peeing against the proverbial wind. We’re being used as a stepping stone which I’m annoyed about but I can also understand. If the ambition of a player can’t be matched here then why should they stick around in what is such a short career? What annoys me more though is that this also seems to fit with the blueprint of the club which makes it all a waste of time trying to keep hold of Cabaye.

Or anyone really…

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310 thoughts on “Is it a waste of time trying keep Yohan Cabaye?

  1. Newkie, I will be happy for Saylor to be away from first team as well. Willo for all the stick he gets generally works well with who he is teamed up with. Saylor could take note of how it is done…


  2. Hahahaha. How easy is it for me to show up Aussie & Bootsy. πŸ˜†

    Easa! πŸ˜† Easa! πŸ˜† Easa! πŸ˜†


  3. Oh my, we’ve gone too far with this joke… you can see the pain behind Troys laughter, its palpable 😯 Tears of a clown! πŸ˜›


  4. Alan Pardew β€˜No Financial Restrictions From Mike Ashley’

    β€œSometimes you do lose a player, look at when Andy Carroll left. He was 22 and playing for England, a young player from the City but we have done brilliantly with the money.
    β€œA brilliant sale for us and that money has been used to strengthen the group and to bring in quality players.
    β€œWe may need to do it again, we may have to do that to get where we want to go, we have to accept that.”

    More verbal diarrhoea from Pardew.


  5. @Bootsy

    That’s why you need a puppet to work under Ashley. That’s why Pardew is perfect.

    Otherwise we would have a new manager every season. Ah hold on, that’s what you want. πŸ˜†


  6. Erm Aussie, maybe because it could be shown in 3o different countries across Europe but that still wouldn’t be “worldwide”, it really is basic English…well for most people anyway πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  7. Semantics. πŸ™‚

    Now that was a good era in the early 80’s.
    The New Semantics era.

    Boy George
    Depeche Mode.



  8. @ Troy – only at NUFC does a manager come out with the most embarrassing statements like this.
    Justify it all you like.
    I think it’s a disgrace.
    Why do we have to wash our dirty laundry in public.
    If it’s accepted that we have to sell to buy, then lets at least do it in private ffs.
    He’s just a glorified tout/salesman for the regime.
    πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  9. Richie, fair enough, there is no world outside of Europe :mrgreen: you have backed a dud and blown your hard earned cash on this one mate πŸ˜†


  10. will be a couple of good match-ups against Wet Brum.
    Willo v Long
    Remy v Olsen
    Tiote v Sessignon

    We need the defence to restrict the chances they get, because if they make as many chances as Norwich did, we will be in trouble, as they have more clinical finishers than Norwich.
    Ideally we need to get the early goal again before they settle
    I think we can win this game, but desire and effort wont be enough.
    We need goals.
    Howay the Lads πŸ™‚


  11. Aussie for the ftsotb, one last time cos it’s boring…
    Troy said “worldwide” which is simple enough to understand, your following comment implies that he said “not broadcast in other countries”
    there’s a huge difference in the two which is all I was saying, if you think there’s no difference then fair enough, you’d be wrong but fair enough πŸ˜‰ :mrgreen:


  12. @Richie

    It’s like banging your head against Ayres Rock. 😯

    Just nod and smile to Aussie. He understands that better πŸ˜†


  13. Aussie…Aye I have ‘cos all is good with the world, just ordered my ticket for the Southampton game :mrgreen:

    Troy…I like to try and help educate the disadvantaged “worldwide” but sometimes you just can’t do anything πŸ˜‰


  14. yeah you’re right Richie……..
    its gotten boring. 😳
    anyhoo here’s Lawro the ****s prediction:
    West Brom will regard themselves as being sloppy for throwing away a two-goal lead against Aston Villa after going ahead through two outstanding Shane Long goals.

    The Baggies have only lost one of their past nine league games but they will probably be disappointed to be only 11th in the table.

    Mind you, they have definitely shown what they did last season was not a flash in the pan.

    Newcastle will still be expected to win this game, however, after winning three in a row including wins over Tottenham and Chelsea.

    All of a sudden, Magpies boss Alan Pardew is flavour of the month again, when five or six weeks ago he was apparently going to be the next manager to go. That is the madness of the Premier League – things change very quickly.

    But it is this sort of game that has undone Pardew in the past, at home against beatable opponents.

    Pardew got things right when Newcastle beat Norwich on Saturday but can he do it again against West Brom? I am not so sure. Usually something happens to put a spanner in the works.

    Lawro’s prediction: 1-1


  15. Papiss Cisse has dismissed speculation linking him with a move to QPR, the Newcastle Chronicle reports.

    The striker was recently linked with a move to Loftus Road as part of an exchange involving Loic Remy, who is on loan with the Magpies.

    But Cisse has apparently made it clear he intends to stay at St James’ Park and fight for his place.

    β€œI always just keep working hard for the club,” he said.
    No shock there then


  16. I see NUFC stats put together some quite interesting stats regarding Cisse and Shola.

    For those who didn’t see the stats (for this season):

    Shola’s first touch 93%
    Cisse’s first touch 93.4%

    Shola’s passing 68%
    Cisse’s passing 80%

    Chances created
    Shola 6
    Cisse 10

    Career goals
    Shola 1 in five
    Cisse 1 in 2.5

    Shola had a good game against Norwich. But only because we are so used to him being **** he stands out when he does ok. Whereas we got so used to Cisse scoring that our expectations rose too high.

    For me, had Cisse played the full game against Norwich, he would have scored. He did in 20mins only to have it chalked off.

    Surely if we can have patience with Shola after 13 years and idolize him for one or two decent performances a season. Then we can give Cisse a bit more time before slating him?


  17. @Bootsy

    Pards operates on a higher intellectual level than you. πŸ˜‰ he’s a premiership manager and I fully understand his position. Absolute genius press tactics by Pards.


  18. Sorry to have bored you BB….

    yep, the West Brom is defo a banana skin for us.. I have tipped us for a win but I have a bad feeling about this one.


  19. Jesus JJ. I don’t think anyone in the world contests that Cisse has more talent than Ameobi.
    Ameobi has played much better this season – credited by most papers and fans as our motm last game. Has Cisse even been in our top 5 players for a single match this season?
    Chances created -> unfair comparison as Ameobi has played much fewer minutes.
    Key fact for me going into the WBA game on who to start:
    Ameobi has started 5 games this year. We have won 4.
    Neither Shola or Willo are better than the players they are in competition with, but they are both been superior recently and 100% deserve their starts at the weekend.


  20. I don’t know if you are just fishing tbh, I very much doubt that you will find many fans with “high” expectations of Cisse each time he comes on though πŸ˜†


  21. I do think he is looking more and more likely to score a goal.
    But perhaps its fair to say he needs more than 20 mins next time.
    That was a good goal he scored last week.
    Unfairly ruled offside AGAIN by poor refereeing decisions.
    He will come good. He has to.
    Hopefully he will break his duck tomorrow.


  22. And he gave the pre-match team talk. And he won the corner that lead to the 1st goal. And he cleared the ball from our 6-yard area when a Norwich goal seemed certain. And he instructed Gouffran where to move in the build up to the second goal.
    On the back of one of the best attacking performances from one of our players this season, some still look to have a go. “The anti-fans” πŸ™„
    Only sing when we’re losing.
    Maybe we should move onto making sure every single Newcastle fan is aware that Williamson is not a European standard defender πŸ˜• .


  23. Richie good to see you trying to help out the galah πŸ˜† but I dont think it will work πŸ˜†

    JJ its funny that some on here think Strolla overs lots more than Cisse who offers **** all to the team πŸ˜€ yeah Strolla played well last week but I wont be surprised if he is back to his usual self tomorrow


  24. ST – I don’t think JJ was having a go at shola, merely having a go at those of us (me) that have given up with Cisse..
    If Cisse wants to get back in as a starter, barring injuries, then he has got to be performing better than shola all over the attacking third.
    He has scored some great goals, but we need more than that from him.
    As you pointed out, shola was brilliant against Norwich, make no bones about it and a deserved MotM. But can he give us those performances on a regular basis ❓
    I would like to hope so, but I doubt it. πŸ˜•
    Cisse just needs his luck to change and to bag a goal, that will boost his confidence no end. He is shell shocked atm, and doesn’t deserve to start despite the stats being put out.
    Everyone wants to see Cisse scoring again, but he has to work harder to make it happen.


  25. @BB
    When is JJ not having a go at Shola ❓
    The stats are misleading anyway, I’m sure if it was chances created to/minutes played, Ameobi would be leading. And when you do goals to games stats, you should surely look at games started ❓
    Before the trolls come out. I believe Cisse is more talented. But has been horrendous this season (and for most of last), and in no way deserves to start until he can show more from the bench.


  26. Newkie, probably the same world where fans expecting the odd half decent performance from a 60k a week striker is them being impatient πŸ˜† πŸ™„


  27. ST – what is that Cisse is more talented at? I waited all last season for him to rediscover his form. I’ve given up, there’s no form, there’s no talent just a never changing vacant grin.


  28. Solano-aye πŸ˜†

    JJ was tearing into Shola after about five minutes of the game last week, I remember distinctly JJ telling me Shola losing every ball he went up for and not winning any knock downs. Which was remarkable as my eyes were telling me something else! Although the big man did foce the littler man to eat his words later on…. πŸ˜›

    Every man and his dog knows Cisse is more talented. Shola doesn’t have some legion of fans that turn out to boo off any other striker-he has been slagged off more than any player I remember, go down Quayside and no matter the result be it 0-0 or 0-5 there will be lads telling you it was Shola’s fault. However lately he has been playing better than Cisse (he did in pre season to, because he actually bothered to turn up to it) – maybe if Cisse had worked on his integration into the side he wouldn’t have had such a bad start to the season? Just a thought. He has looked better since being dropped so hopefully that’s put some fire back in him and hopefully he will get back to scoring. I still have worries about integrating him long term with the players we (currently) have-but that could all change by next summer. The most important thing is he starts scoring again.


  29. The fact is we are winning without gettting much from our CFs. If that position is addressed in January, orCisse finds his form, we could be in for a great season. TBH, I’m counting on the former at this point


  30. West Ham striker Andy Carroll has returned to training after a frustrating run of foot and ankle injuries


  31. MDS
    It says a lot when fans think it’s more likely that Ashley will spend than Cisse finding form. Worrying thing is, I think I agree with you 😯


  32. Newkie
    Yeah, he’s the panto villain. People love to hate him. But it just wouldn’t be the same without him there πŸ˜‰
    Feel the same as you about Cisse, I just don’t feel comfortable relying a striker that is so erratic and dependent on wonder goals, service doesn’t seem to be the problem. If we could sell and replace, I definitely would.


  33. I actually think Shola is a better footballer than Cisse, He isnt a patch on him goalscoring wise but he holds the ball better and links with his team mates much better even if this seasons stats dont back me up.

    The penny will drop with Cisse and he’ll be scoring again his career record guarantees it but Shola deserves to start with his current form…


  34. I will judge Shola when he performs against a better defence than that of Norwich and if he can perform for more than one game. If he has improved, then great


  35. ST- I like Cisse and hope he finds his form. All strikers go through this. But its gone on so long now that I am concerned he won’t fond it.


  36. Agree with Lee completely there, other than switching Arry in now for Pardew. I think Arry is alright and back when we appointed Pardew I would definitely have preferred him (even tho i didn’t like him at the time) and he is still arguably the better manager (providing he can throw money at a side) but he has talked his way out of ever getting the job with us, constantly tapping up our players and the like. Prick.


  37. @Bootsy

    He’s copied his craic from me. Not my choice but he’s doing a great job.

    I wanted Benitez.

    It’s never ganna happen with Mikey in charge so Pards gets my vote.


  38. The great thing about Shola is, he reads the game, scores crucial goals in crucial games, has champions league experience, leads the line with aplomb, is a Geordie, wears the shirt with pride, has a lightening speed of turn over 2 yards (vital for any premier league striker), close control, harsh direct and punishing shot, heading ability to compete with the best in the game, gives his all, a real professional on and off the pitch.

    These are facts. Yes, he’s not a flamboyant personality and that’s been his down fall in not obtaining a big money move. Fact!

    I get so annoyed when fans who can’t read the game make big sweeping statements about Shola.

    Every manager who has been at the Toon swears by him. That says a lot. Learn about the game before making ridiculous comments.


  39. Why compare Shola with Cisse ?

    Shola is a Geordie legend who has given his career for his “home town” club, scored some fantastic goals, always gives his all, and without a hint of controversy. That the lad may go to the world cup with Nigeria is just out of this freaking world for the lad. I REALLY hope it comes of for him..

    Cisse hasn’t done any of those things…..

    Is it ok if I lke them both though ? Fingers crossed that Cisse comes good.


  40. @MM

    That’s the trouble. There’s too many people who don’t read the game. πŸ˜‰

    If Shola had been as vocal as Barton then he would have been a top star.

    It’s strange how I can see it, Keegan, fat Sam, Gullit, SBR, Pards, & half a dozen others including Dalglish could all see it.

    But no, the unqualified take every opportunity to bring him down to their level.

    I’m still reminiscing about Sholas stalwart performances in the CL.


  41. Don’t forget that Shola is the 2nd highest goal scorer for NUFC in Europe.
    2nd only to Shearer.
    He’s not great, but he does give his all.
    Plus he has a nice collection of caps πŸ˜›


  42. @ Bootsy

    That’s a good point. 2nd highest scorer in Europe for the Toon.

    Can anyone really justify their criticism ? Really πŸ™„


  43. πŸ˜† good old Strolla is the striker to get us the goals to get us into the top 6 as he has been banging them in this yr πŸ˜†
    Troy did KK not try to sell him ❓


  44. Troy
    He’s a less consistent Steve Harper. Could he have realised his potential, and actually sustained form if he had left us? Maybe. He definitely has had long spells on the side either through injury or being 3rd/4th in the pecking order.
    Sometimes I think people like him and Harper wasted their careers by not moving somewhere and being first choice. But tbh they spent their life Newcastle, playing in Europe etc. And it’s great for us having players happy just to be at the club, and not causing any problems if they aren’t picked.
    When Cisse came on at the weekend he had a face like a smacked arse.


  45. @ Big Dave

    KK was the only one to try to sell him and he was quoted recently as regretting it.

    He reckons Shols proved him wrong.


  46. Shola gives us a different option that cisse can’t give – he can be annoying as **** but if Benny had skinned that Norwich player last week and played the pass we would be drooling and saying he should start very game


  47. He has a place in the squad – if we had better players ready then he wouldn’t play but sadly we don’t have
    No different to Williamson in my book who has done a good job generally in his time at toon although if we could sign someone better he’d be back in reserves


  48. Its all about the players you have at your disposal and who you’re playing against – pard’s by all accounts is a decent manager ( one of the best according to Barton ) but you can only play with what you have


  49. @Trumpers

    I have always maintained, the team should be built around Shols. The trouble is, there’s too many people who fall in the amateur trap of thinking he doesn’t score enough.

    Play him regularly for 90 mins and we might see the amateurs are wrong! Fact!


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