Meet the latest transfer window saga

Remy Cabella
Remy Cabella
Maybe it’s just me but every time a transfer window comes around there always seems to a be some long-standing saga that tends to dominate the month.

Maybe it’s not just Newcastle United who go through this? To be fair they are the only club I look out for and don’t really keep an eye on what is going on elsewhere so maybe it goes on at other clubs also?

Anyway, back to United. This window appears to be no different. A few names have been mentioned thus far with the future of Loic Remy looking like it may turn into a saga, but one name has kept cropping up repeatedly with quotes and sound bites popping up all over the place, and that name is Remy Cabella.

Now I haven’t got much of a clue about him aside from what I’ve been reading about him from people who claim to have seen the lad play, but I could just as easily say that about most of our transfer dealings in recent years with the only exception being Yohan Cabaye who I had witnessed play prior to his move to St James’ Park, albeit just the once.

The previous days have been filled with reports from France, from player, manager and president regarding the future of Cabella and it is those who are touting the name of United more than anyone else. I mean just today Cabella has been at it and it quoted as saying the following:

“For the moment, in my head, I’m 100 per cent Montpellier,” he told French radio station RMC.

“If a proposal comes, it is up to the two clubs to discuss and I will think in terms of that. I am not aware of what is happening, I am dedicated to playing and that is the most important.”

Asked about a potential move to St James’ Park Cabella said: “Newcastle? Well, we realise that at some point we must leave. I think I’m capable of it. England interests me, there are good clubs out there. If Montpellier reaches an agreement with an English club that suits me, I’ll be happy.”

“I think this is my last season with the club and I do not want to leave Montpellier in Ligue 2. This is my last year and I hope to finish in style. I love England but also Spain Italy and Germany,” Cabella added.

As you can see it’s much ado about nothing that will no doubt be twisted and will have the most coverage extracted from it as possible. In reality there isn’t a lot there though, not for us anyway, and he could just as easily end up elsewhere or staying at Montpellier until the end of the season.

I personally don’t think we’ll see Cabella at United. I think we’re being used as a name once again just because, with our recent activity in France, we are a believable prospect who is perceived to have a decent scouting set up which makes it easy.

Anyone agree?

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115 thoughts on “Meet the latest transfer window saga

  1. George Caulkin ‏@CaulkinTheTimes 14m
    Pardew on transfers: “been quite quiet … The legs are working under the water in terms of making calls.” Also “no negative news.” #Nufc

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    George Caulkin ‏@CaulkinTheTimes 16m
    Pardew presser: Coloccini, Debuchy out. Santon hasn’t trained, slight doubt. Cabaye trained today. Krul fine. #Nufc



  2. For the attn. of everybody… McGeady is dog****

    never in our class. I’m surprised at Martinez if he goes to Everton – he’s not half the player that he had when he was at Wigan in that little Scottish guy whos name I cant think of at the moment – but always used to rip us apart


  3. TATTYHEED,i used to know a couple of lads playing in scotland,they said pepole had sussed McGready out when he was playing up there,clatter him early doors and he hid for the rest of the game 😉


  4. @ ICEDOG
    always been decent when i watched him maybe i caught him on his good days i aint seen a game were hes been clattered early mind


  5. but hes but linked plenty of times in the past so im sure if he was suspect mr Carr would of sussed it out


  6. KK@57-That literally makes no sense. You’re saying people who think we are mid table do not want signings because it’s pointless but you say we would move up a couple of places with a new striker?

    So mid table in the tighest margin would be 8th-12, a couple up from 8 = 6 which is a chance at Europe, so of course we should sign a good striker 🙄


  7. And a very good chance at Europe indeed. Assuming Man City don’t screw this cup up against relegation fodder like they did last year, Sunderland and Manchester United, not much between them these days 😛


  8. I remembered the little guys name – shaun Maloney

    better player than McGeady – who couldn’t even cut it in the SPL


  9. Aiden McGeady is ****e, trust me I’m Irish. Better Irish players plying their trade in the Championship, and with the likes of Stoke & Norwich. That should give you an indication of his level


  10. @Newkie

    I’m saying people who think we’re a midtable club shouldn’t complain about a lack of signings.

    They’re the same people that think we shouldn’t be anywhere near Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton.

    That’s 7 teams that are apparently impossible to compete with regardless of whether or not we sign a couple of players.

    Midtable = 12th-8th

    If we were going to finish 12th or 10th, is there any point in spending £15m just to finish 10th or 8th? Not really.

    Do you think we could finish 6th ahead of man utd & spurs with a couple of extra signings?

    I think we could so i want to see new players & a new manager. As i’ve said many times, this club should be challenging for 4th.


  11. KK 😆

    So only the elite sides make signings? Mid table and lower don’t make signings? Are you nuts? 😯

    If we mad enough signings we could definitely get amongst the elite but unfortunately Ash won’t bankroll a squad to compete with them. That being said every single side in the league is strengthening, if people honestly think we’re top 4 material even while those very teams look to improve and we don’t then they are bonkers 🙄 If all the mid table sides strengthen as well then surely we would need to strengthen to keep pace with them no 😉 I cant predict the finishes other clubs will have, what is certain is that we need a good striker to replace Ameobi and Remy and get Cisse firing, and better to get them in now than the summer so that they can adjust and we can get a good start to next season that isn’t “already over” np?


  12. KK Ethel, Genesis ref see Bris @ 1

    Re “Midtable Club” @ 92
    From this it is easy to see that we are 7th in EPL and would need to grow by over 50% to catch Spurs and Double to catch Liverpool in 5th. Therefore to expect us to compete with these is currently unrealistic.

    We could splash the cash and try to compete with the “bigger” clubs but no owner would be that stupid. Certainly not Mike. There are better buys abroad.

    We could get a world class manager to make us grow, but even on your list there is no guarantee that any of them could actually achieve that.

    So we can punch above our weight as Everton have done and finish above those who are underachieving. The real measure of our success is beating those around us such as Everton and Villa. ie 7th to 9th. However we should expect to aim to do better than that and get into Europe and try to build from there. As we have failed to do in the past.

    On that Basis Pards is doing a decent job and a couple of new players in this window would help consolidate our pressure on the teams above us. I certainly don’t regard the season as over. A solid second half would provide a platform to build on as we should have done two years ago.

    Personally I don’t see this as a negative viewpoint, as it implies growth and development.


  13. @newkie

    When making signings a cost to benefit analysis needs to be done.

    If (as some people on here believe) we’re a midtable club (12th-8th), is it worth spending £15m on a couple of players just so that we can finish 10th-8th?

    Teams at the bottom of the table will splash the cash because they need to stay up.

    I honestly can’t think of a decent reason mike ashley would spend money on transfers if we’re a midtable club. There is no incentive unless the aim is to challenge harder for a european place.

    Also, signing a player doesn’t equate to a team strengthening. That’s the aim but alot of the time new signings are a step backwards. If everyone around us is signing players, it doesn’t mean they wil all be harder to beat.

    I agree though, we need a striker this month as a minimum but that’s because i think we should be challenging for 4th (which we almost are).

    Without signings we will finish midtable so for those fans that think we’re a midtable club, they have no reason to demand a signing.


  14. @premandup

    Agreed, it’s unrealistic to try to compete financially against Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City & Spurs.

    I’m generally positive about the way Mike Ashley has run the club but the commercial side of things seem utterly rubbish. It appears like there is alot of wasted opportunities on the commercial side.

    I’d like to see us punching above our weight but it’s incredibly difficult to do.

    I’d like to see us as a minimum punching at our weight hence the reason for wanting a new manager.

    I don’t think pardew & the coaches are getting the best out of the players but some will disagree. They will argue that pardew is getting the best out of the players but the players are just not good enough. It’s debateable.

    I also agree, pardew is doing a decent job but that shouldn’t be enough to secure his job if we want to move up to the next level.

    We need to look to replace every player with a better player & every manager with a better manager.

    We could try to get a better manager & although there are no guarantees, i’d prefer it if we tried.

    I thnk we should be looking at a change in manager in the same way we look at player transfers. We shouldn’t stick with the same manager if there are better alternatives.

    Stability is a double edged sword. A lot of stable companies didn’t adapt because of ‘stability’ & for some of them, they’ve been left behind.

    On another note, Atletico Madrid have been doing incredibly well. They have more debt & less revenue than us whilst at the same time doing better than Real Madrid & as well as Barcelona.

    1 manager can be better than several worldclass players


  15. I agree KK a world class manager SBR and Sir John Halls money with KK’s enthusiasm were the reasons we have achieved anything recently. A manager who can get a club “punching above it’s weight” such as Diego Simeone is a rarity and it would be great to get one. It’s the only way we are going to challenge for 4th. However 5th to 8th for a few seasons to develop a platform as Spurs have done would be a good step. I see no reason why for this stage of our development Pards cannot achieve those goals for the next couple of years. If that proves to be beyond him, or that proves to be his limit, then is the time to change. Much as I’d like Bielsa in the risks would be excessive. As you say a Cost benefit analysis of the manager shows that at present the risks outway the benefits.


  16. sorry last sentence poorly phrased. You mention a CBA for players. I suggest a CBA for the manager. IMHO that would at this time show that change shows excessive risk.


  17. another French-based name to keep your eyes on this window –

    judge for yourselves re. the veracity of the link –

    ‘Steve Wyss ‏@meatmansoccer
    a reliable contact of mine who was at the match saw and recognised a NUFC scout there. Norman someone I think he said it was

    Steve Wyss ‏@meatmansoccer
    The presumption was he was scouting Ntep, couldn’t have been anyone else

    Steve Wyss ‏@meatmansoccer
    either wing or upfront. very skillfully gifted. This guy has a massive future ahead of him IMO’


  18. This is how sad it is supporting NUFC. We have more interest in the transfer window than winning something. This is the excitement for us. Twice a year!


  19. <<<<<<<<<<< hell why the hell would i lisern to a numpty called messi 😯 when we got footie genius like tatty head icedog and big dave and will add you to the list also richie 😆 what the hell would a dude called messi know about football 😆


  20. TAE…Obviously you didn’t read my link or if you did then you obviously agree with Messi when he said Jonas was the best player in the premier league 🙄 🙄 😆 😆


  21. Dave…Seems to be the way of some on here lately, “I’ll respond to a comment even though I haven’t read or understood what it says” 😆


  22. he did not say he was the best player in the prem 😯 he said he was one of the top prem players, and notice the date when jonas was at his peak.Nice try though bud 😆


  23. TAE…He said he was as good as Rooney, Torres and Fabregas and that was before we’d seen the best of him, so Messi obviously thought he’d be even better than them once he did get to his best and yep I did see the date, at his best Jonas wasn’t even if the top 20 players in the Premier league so Messi was wrong 😉 Being a player even one as great as Messi doesn’t mean you’ll be the best judge of other players otherwise they’d all end up as scouts…Nice try though bud 😆 😆


  24. Messi:

    “He is a fantastic winger, can beat players with ease and is a fantastic crosser of the ball.”

    We all know Jonas is terrible at crossing… Pardew gets blamed for ruining players with his tactics but nothing he’s ever done tactically could make an allegedly good crosser of the ball appear so useless at it.


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