Kinnear gets the elbow, but why?

Mike Ashley Joe Kinnear First off let me just say that I’m not complaining about Joe Kinnear being pushed/shoved or voluntarily walking/staggering away from his role as Director of Football at Newcastle United.

Quite the opposite in fact. I’m pleased that the man has gone. Nothing personal Joe but I just thought you had fundamental issues in doing the job you were supposed to be doing. Auf wiedersehen pet and all that.

However it has come as a bolt from the blue so what exactly has gone on behind closed doors for this to be the outcome?

To be honest I doubt we’ll ever find out. Kinnear may well get the ear of a radio station but the buffoon has got so much wrong previously (like player names for a start, oh and also saying no players would leave United shortly before Cabaye left for PSG) you wouldn’t be able to believe a word he said.

Apparently there are no plans to replace Kinnear with another Director of Football so does that now mean that the manager will have more say on transfers? Maybe Graham Carr will be given some more influence rather than feeding targets to Kinnear only for nothing to happen?

Having been critical of Kinnear you have to remember that he was not and is not the exclusive problem at our club however his failure to land a first team player on a permanent deal during his tenure does stick out like a sore thumb.

I don’t know what is going on or why there was this need for sudden change. It’s welcome as it’s a sign something is changing and that perhaps there is someone somewhere in the corridors of power that at least empathises with us.

Then again it could all be a PR stunt and Kinnear could be made to look like the fall guy. For all we know he may not have been given the cash to splash by Ash?

That wouldn’t be a shock, would it?

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291 thoughts on “Kinnear gets the elbow, but why?

  1. KK
    You are deluded πŸ˜€
    Can you send me one of your happy pills please.
    Kim – don’t worry , we will be over the 40 points mark fairly soon but I am beginning to think we might end the season with 50-53 points , which is a bit less than I’d hoped for.


  2. Willie Donachie suspended?

    The guy should be sacked!

    It’s because we have people like him that we don’t have any good players from the academy make it through to the first team.

    Sack the rest of them too!!

    I’ve no idea how clubs like Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad, Porto even Lille bring through quality players on a consistent basis.

    Actually, i do. Those clubs have good intelligent & professional people behind the scenes whereas we have clowns, jokers & ‘old school’ guys.

    Football is not in the genes but that’s what we seem to focus on at the club (& generally in England). That’s why we produce & give preference to players like shola, Carroll & ranger etc.

    More important than size & pace is vision & technique.

    At Club level & at National levell there really is no surprise why we struggle for success.


  3. KK I’d be real interested to know the details about our scouting system outside of France. How many scouts, what are their backgrounds, where are they located, what leagues do they scout, etc and how that compares with other European clubs. I might have missed it but can’t remember any reporting on that subject.


  4. @bigdave

    Shola isn’t a ‘real’ striker.

    He is more of a ‘chance creater & producer’.

    He’s created a chance on average (this season & last season) every 48 mins.

    That means he was the 3rd or 4th best creator in the team.

    Now that Cabaye has gone it means he is the 2nd or 3rd best player we have to create chances in the final third 😯

    Mins per Chance created – 2012/2013
    1) Marveaux – 30 mins
    2) Cabaye – 40 mins
    3) Ameobi – 45 mins
    4) Anita – 51. mins
    5) Sissoko – 56 mins
    6) Ben Arfa – 58 mins

    Mins per Chance created – 2013/2014
    1) Marveaux – 14 mins
    2) Sissoko – 46 mins
    3) Cabaye – 49 mins
    4) Ameobi – 50. mins
    5) Anita – 63 mins
    6) GutiΓ©rrez – 63 mins

    Mins per Chance created – This season & last season
    1) Marveaux – 26 mins
    2) Cabaye – 43 mins
    3) Ameobi – 48 mins
    4) Sissoko – 49. mins
    5) Anita – 55 mins
    6) Ben Arfa – 62 mins


  5. So playing Shola as a lone ‘striker’ is really the same as not playing with a striker.

    But hey, if it’s worked for Barcelona & Spain then no doubt Pardew will get it working for us.

    And look at that utterly lazy & selfish Marveaux. What’s he doing at the top? 😯

    I’m shocked because he doesn’t seem to run around alot so he must be rubbish.

    It doesn’t matter though, he won’t be able to make the matchday squad because we need 3 left backs more than we need a killer pass in the final third.


  6. @MDS

    That’s a really interesting question tbh.

    We’re in the top 25 biggest clubs in the world & we play in the most watched football league in the world.

    If we really have global ambition (there’s that word again!), then we should have a network of scouts spanning the globe.

    We should have small feeder clubs & training facilities all over the world to allow us to have first pick of any players with potential.

    We should also have mutual agreements with major clubs in foreign leagues. I think Spurs have one with Real Madrid & Chelsea have one with Vitesse Arnhem.

    I don’t think there is enough info about how we do it. I imagine it’s more a case of agents ringing up & getting a training session for their player. We assess them in training & decide whether or not to takevthem on.

    After that we stunt their development & eventually let them go.


  7. KK I’d like to see the club enter into arrangements with foreign clubs. Just in my neck of the woods there’s a few European clubs that have enterered into affiliation agreements with MLS clubs through which they share scouting services, physiology/training practices, and as a place send players recovering from injury or on loan deals, etc. It’s done a lot in the SA leagues as well.


  8. @ KK

    You seem to want everyone sacked including Pardew. I would hate to work for you. πŸ™‚

    Without knowing the facts of his suspension it’s ridiculous to state he should be sacked. πŸ˜‰


  9. @premandup
    27! Hmm, hopefully it’s just a small change & we’re not far from the top 20.

    @sidekick πŸ˜†

    Those arrangements sound very useful to both parties especially as there is no prospect of rivalry.

    Lol, i think you’re more happy with the status quo than i am.
    I want Mike Ashley gone, you do too.
    I want Alan Pardew gone, you don’t.

    So it would seem you are twice as happy with the status quo than i am! πŸ˜†

    You wouldn’t be able to work for me, i’d sack you! πŸ˜†

    Re the suspension, i don’t know the facts of why he has been suspended but my reason for sacking him is because he doesn’t appear to be much use.

    What qualifications has he got? His experience is not impressive. Tbh his experience looks rubbish.

    We seem to have a quite a few people at the club where their role is the biggest they’ve ever had & are ever likely to get.

    Pardew, Carver, Donachie – i could go through the entire backroom.


  10. pardew starting with the soft soap crap, we will bring in three or four players in summer,yes jabba I will feed the fans a bit of your crap don’t worry,I won’t tell them you will sell a couple to pay for it,they are sure to buy it they have before,not me old lad. πŸ‘Ώ


  11. What is Tiote’s injury Kimtoon? This doesn’t sound good at all. As for Donachie let’s wait and see but it doesn’t sound good. You should never strike a player in my view. You can have plenty to say to him but hands off! The reserves have been poor for a number of reasons which have been mentioned at That said however it’s not clear to me that we have a very good organization for hiring quality people. Let’s see, we hired Joe again didn’t we? How well did that go? And we’ve had numerous other farces at the club including the poison dwarf Wise. I’m afraid incompetence begins at the top with us. πŸ™


  12. lol pardew just said we have a list of players already for the summer 😯 😯

    We have lost our best player and in the summer hopefully we can bring in three or four great players. Let’s hope so because this club deserves it.”

    whatever u say Alan πŸ˜†


  13. This is horrible ice mate. Our squad that many were saying is very deep in talent just a few weeks ago will be put to the test now. What kind of lineup can we field against Chelsea? A poor one I’m afraid. Joe has left us in excellent shape I see (and Ashley is still busy counting the Cabaye cash so please don’t disturb him with minor problems like the welfare of the club). πŸ‘Ώ


  14. Put a plug in it Alan! We’ve heard it all before. Ashley might bring one or two in if he can sell a couple and make money on the deals. Remember net negative spend is our motto. πŸ‘Ώ


  15. Yes the summer should be very exciting Mark mate. I can’t wait to hear the excuses after we sell Tiote, Krul, and Ben Arfa and bring in a couple of 17 year olds as replacements (nice and cheap eh Mike)? Beautiful.


  16. I’d expect Colo, Gosling, Obertan, Marveaux, Remy & Shola to leave.

    Hopefully we can keep Colo, Marveaux & Remy but:

    Colo will probably want to leave due to personal issues and is only still here for hus last chance to go to the worldcup.

    Marveaux will want to leave because he wants to be playing football.

    Remy will leave if a better club comes in for him. Perhaps Everton because they’ll need someone to replace Lukaku.

    I’d want STaylor to go because whilst he’s a decent Centre Back he’s yoo injury prone.


  17. Our depth is truly awesome, as we are going to find out against Chelsea. Beautiful. It really pays to have a top quality DoF on the job. Oh wait…


  18. So we’ll possibly need:
    2 centre backs
    1 Attacking midfielder
    1 Winger
    1 Striker

    I imagine that’s the bare minimum we’ll need to bring in.


  19. Got to admit, Pardew deserves the **** thrown at him for his comments.

    He never let’s Ashley down that’s for sure.


  20. No problem KK mate, I’m sure Pardew is going to have a war chest of 7 or even 8 pounds to spend in the summer. Players are already lining up to come to us. With our world class approach to the game, our massive commitment to excellence from the owner, you can understand why only the best players want to come.


  21. Troy – ya dead right mate. Just watch the Pardew clip on SSN about him being sorry to loose Joe. It’s always sad when someone looses their job but that was the boards decision – hang on, I thought he resigned!, surely that makes it Joes decision?!.
    You’re a ****ing gob****e Pardew!.

    Re Donachie – I’d sack him!, move Carver to the U21s and get a better coach in to help with the first team.


  22. one thing for sure De Jong will count as one if he stays,they are all lying cheating scum bags,its like the 20mil a yr they said was going on players where is it??and that was before they had their money upt to60 mil a yr I believe nothing this lot say never did and never will


  23. Dont think Cisse will be leaving before the end of the season Ruben Kazan were the team after him i think . Well they have bought Mataz a striker from PSV Eindhoven today according to reports here in Holland


  24. Pardew really is in a weak position but he continues to toe the line for MIke. His squad is actually quite poor and nothing has been done about that. No key decisions made since Joe came in. Surviving on loans and selling our best players. This smells rotten to me as well ice mate. Setting it up for a big turnover this summer but we may end up with a much weaker starting 11 at the end of it. Now that Ashley sees that we can compete in mid table he won’t spend much unless he gets an absolute windfall in the summer.


  25. We’ll need 5-6 newbies come summer and anyone who thinks we’ll get that many in is living in dreamland imo. They would need to be of the same quality not potentials because we will struggle otherwise. A striker of Cisse former ability should he leave and if Remy and De JONG leave as well another top quality striker will be needed, don’t forget we never replaced Ba permanently only loaned Remy. A striker to replace Shola or utilise Armstrong if he’s up to it. If Colo leaves Mbiwa will step up but we’ll still need another CB. We could do with another decent RB too for when Debs out/sold. I could go on but you don’t need me to tell you what a potential time bomb it is.


  26. Yes it’s setting up to be quite a summer. How much will really get done though? Ashley always goes for the minimum. A striker if Remy leaves, a CB if Colo goes and possibly an ACM but only if we get plenty of dosh in. And yes you’re right ice mate, there is no such thing as enough money for Ashley. Obertan should be gone and if we lose Ben Arfa will we replace him properly? I doubt it. How can we strengthen the club with this much having been left undone?


  27. I wonder what Benny is worth now with just over a year left on his contract, the lack of playing time, and some inconsistent play when he is on the pitch? I would have to think he’s not worth much but what about the cost of re-signing him? What kind of wage will he want? And is he worth it? Can we get the best out of him or Cisse? I have my doubts. I’m just worried the club has no real plan going forward.


  28. Mark – You might not be too far off but I definitely think Remy, Cisse and Shola will be gone and we may sign LDJ on permanently. Colo will go as I suspect he’s been told he can. But let’s be honest, even if we signed Remy and LDJ permanently we wouldn’t be any stronger than now so there’s just so much work to do on the squad it’s incredible.


  29. KK has it ever crossed your mind that the younguns we have just arnt good enough ? Rather than Donachies fault πŸ˜‰

    As for the players Pards is talking about in his ****ing dreams unless more of our best players go , which I wouldnt be surprised about


  30. Add Krul, Tiote and Debuchy to the list of summer departures. They all have ambition NUFC does not. Two players in the door last week would have seen us challenging for 6th. Instead nothing the club is happy with mid table mediocrity.


  31. Remi Streete. Meant to be a hard defender. Getting chinned off an old gadge. Get rid of Streete soft lump


  32. looking for a new coach now wonder which mug will take it up,I think a few other coaches want to follow him out imo


  33. Ice as I said nowt would surprise me at our club.
    I really wish supporting the Toon was like being married, as if it was I would get a divorce asap


  34. DAVE aye mate same thoughts,his wife must have had the same thoughts thing is she done something about it and left him,only choice we have is stay away and bye nowt,but how many will do that???


  35. @bigdave

    You might be right about some of the youngsters not being good enough.

    In any case we have a problem at club level & at national level.

    I can’t think of 1 English player that would be good enough to get into the Spanish national team.

    Why aren’t more Englsh players going abroad to play football?

    We have a cultural problem.

    It’s almost as though we think because we invented the game, we don’t need to learn from foreigners.

    Even SFA at Man Utd was disappionting. He was at the worlds biggest club & had a secure job with his pick of any player & still he struggled in Europe.

    We need to improve just to stand still in football


  36. We’re lucky the premier league is the most competitive league in the world thanks to the money we pump in.

    Otherwise we’d be just as ordinary as Greece.


  37. If WD struck Streete then he’s right to quit. Can’t go around striking our young players for giving away a pen to Sunderland. A subtle hemlock sandwich would of been much more appropriate πŸ˜†

    Apparently JFK would of dealt with it before he resigned. πŸ™„ He would of sanctioned another beating..


  38. “You might be right about some of the youngsters not being good enough”…Definitely right, a couple of years back I did put the figures up(can’t be arsed finding them again) but the percentage of players at “all” Premier league academies who go onto be professional footballers at “any” level is tiny. I think we have at least 4 or 5 who’ve come from the academy and feature fairly regularly in the first team squad which I’d guess would be about average for most teams. Then we have the big clubs who can pick and choose the best youngsters from around the world so should always have a better chance of them making it, you could also say poorer clubs have to develop youngsters to survive and so put more effort into development than we do and so “possibly” have a better chance of bringing more through.

    “In any case we have a problem at club level & at national level”…Again definitely, It’s a little known fact that most of the world’s football is played by foreigners πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† and they play way more technical and attractive type of football than us, we can learn a lot more from them than they can from us and that’s why we need someone who can take all the best bits from root level up around the world and implement them here at international level and clubs need to do the same thing. How many of our youngsters at Premier league academies are being coached by “jobs for the boys” ex pro’s who’s ideas and methods are from the days of yore when Ice was still playing πŸ˜‰

    “Why aren’t more Englsh players going abroad to play football?”…For the reasons listed above probably added to the fact that even some of the better ones maybe would struggle to play in more technically “advanced leagues” and finally money! Few European clubs can top Premier League wages and the ones that can have their pick of the best players around the world so have no need to buy an English “clogger” πŸ˜‰


  39. πŸ™„ waayyy toooo wordy! πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    Kinnear gets the elbow and WD gets the punch! :mrgreen:


  40. πŸ˜† being a one finger key pusher myself, I can well imagine how long that took! πŸ˜†


  41. Aussie…Aye πŸ˜† , though what I can’t understand is why I only get blisters on the tip of my right index finger and palm 😯 πŸ˜†


  42. πŸ˜† I can’t answer that mate, different strokes for different folks as they say! πŸ˜†


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