Fulham v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

Craven Cottage awaits
Craven Cottage awaits
Newcastle return to Premier League action following an enforced break due to Everton’s participation in the FA Cup last weekend.

The venue is Craven Cottage which hasn’t generally been a happy hunting ground for us over the years although Fulham, on their third manager of the season as they battle against relegation, have been woeful this term.

Things haven’t been going great for United either although admittedly they could be a lot worse. Our last game (yes we did play a game, it wasn’t just a headbutt!) ended quite well with us leaving Hull City’s KC Stadium with three points and a 4-1 scoreline in the bag.

More of the same will do very nicely indeed although any victory masterminded by Alan Pardew will have had to be finalised without the supervision of our manager who starts the first leg of his seven match ban meaning that he is forbidden from setting foot inside Craven Cottage. I am however half expecting to see a man in the crowd with a raincoat on wearing one of those big nose/big glasses joke facial disguise things.


Former Magpies Damien Duff and Scott Parker are both nursing knee injuries with the former ruled out completely and the latter reported as being doubtful for the visit of the club he used to skipper.


International duty has not been kind to United with French pair Loic Remy and Mathieu Debuchy both returning with injuries that will rule them out for the rest of the month. Hatem Ben Arfa is also listed as unavailable while Davide Santon, Rob Elliot and Sammy Ameobi are doubtful.

However it is better news on the defensive front as Fabricio Coloccini will return to the side after missing the trip to Hull through compassionate leave. Expect to see Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa shifted to right-back with Mike Williamson pairing up with Coloccini in the centre of defence.


As mentioned earlier, Craven Cottage has not been kind to us. We’ve not won there since 2007 when a Joey Barton penalty gave us a late victory and have lost the following four trips on the banks of the Thames.

At Fulham there has been 30 games played between the two sides with Fulham winning 18 times and only 7 wins for United. At St James’ Park United have won 15 times with Fulham recording 8 wins out of 31 meetings.

That means that historically Fulham have the edge over us having won 26 of the 61 contests. United have won 22 matches while there have been 13 draws over the years.

Stats and facts…

Fulham have the worst home defence in the league having shipped 31 goals from their 14 home matches.

The Cottagers have not won in nine league games and have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last 14 league outings.

A win against Fulham would give United their second league double of the season, and their 8th league victory on the road.

Three of Newcastle’s last five wins against Fulham have come courtesy of an injury-time winner.

Final thought…

I note, with extreme caution I add, that the oracle known by the name of Paul Merson has predicted a win for us. Whilst he probably can’t predict whether or not he’s going to wet himself today I do hate it when we are predicted to win.

Everything points to an away victory or at the very least a share of the spoils. Fulham can’t buy a win and that is precisely my problem. If there is ever a run of form to be broken or a goalscoring drought to end it invariably happens against us. Well it does in my head anyway. Call me superstitious if you like. The only saving grace is that Damien Duff shouldn’t be playing barring a miraculous recovery, which could also happen against us.

Fun aside, I do have issue with the way we go into these games. For whatever reason we just seem to be unable to get up for it in the same way we can when playing (with all due respect to Fulham here) bigger clubs like Manchester United etc.

Still, I guess that is something for John Carver to sort out…

Howay the lads!

Date: Saturday, 15th March, 2014

Time: 3pm

Venue: Craven Cottage

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54 thoughts on “Fulham v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

  1. You’d have to say we are favorites after our last run out and given Fulhams form, but this is where we usually slip up.

    Fulham are a bit dodgy for us as well, remember when they scored 5 second half goals (I think?) against us, so we can’t take them lightly.

    Haven’t been on for a while so I’ll just mention Pardew’s ban-it’s actually less severe than what I was expecting and probably about the best we could have expected.

    Also I see Spurs got completely outclassed by Benfica last night. I think that shows just how well we did in Europe last year considering we were hugely unlucky against them-two hits of the post or two brainfarts from Santon/Staylor averted and we’d have been alright.


  2. Have you got yourself a new bit of fluff Newkie? You haven’t been around much..


  3. I think we should carry on where we left of. So I will be happy with the 3pts, and hopefully there will be no distractions this time and it will be about the game and not butting heads


  4. Unfortunately where we left off was with Remy and Debuchy – probably our two best players. Mbiwa’s OK but Cisse or Shola? Mind you Cisse is bound to score sometime isn’t he? Been saying that all season. 1-1 for me.


  5. Sharpy – no contact at all apparently. Hope so anyway. Interesting no local paper or official website is reporting that HBA is away because of family illness. Doubt we’ll ever see him again πŸ˜₯


  6. Thanks Toonsy. Yep don’t know what to expect really tbh. Originally thought this was ours for the taking but with Remy Out and Debbie out not at all sure now. Goofy is always likely to get a goal though so who knows, Wondering if Pards plays it safe with Shola or trust Cisse to link up with De Jong tomorrow. If it’s the former I don’t expect any goals and if it’s Papiss then I hope for a goal πŸ˜‰


  7. Georgio ,If we go on a crap run now it will be because Pards is exiled and nothing to do with missing Remy’s goals , god forbid we should point out that we need a quality finisher like. πŸ˜‰


  8. Having watched newcastle for years this is exactly the kind of game we lose when it seems so obviously stacked in our favour.

    But not this time, We have shown some real form on the road this season and i expect a narrow 2-1 for us with Sissoko and the Gouff for us and probably Holtby (who we should sign in the summer BTW) for them


  9. What would you think about relieving Cardiff of Steven Caulker when they go down ?? Younger and better than Shawcross for probably a million or two cheaper.

    Certainly would be a decent fit if Saylor does join Hull


  10. CC, yep wouldn’t be against that mate ,able enough replacement for Saylor for defo and a lot less likely to make silly errors of judgement as Saylor. I personally think the Β£10m price tag for Shawcross is nuts ,but hey that’s what happens when you go British πŸ™„ .


  11. Who partners De Jong?
    Ben Arfa

    Or will we go five in midfield with Gosling pushing forward.

    Whatever we go with you cannot say we are full of goals


  12. Id go with HBA if hes fit:

    —Yanga Mbiwa–Willo–Colo–Dummett—
    —-Ben Arfa—–De Jong—Gouffran———-

    If not play Cisse and stay 4-4-2


  13. Is Ben Arfa finished with us? Surely he’s fed up of the bench but his play has been so inconsistent this year as well. So many rumours swirling around he club about players who want to leave.


  14. CC – I wanted to sign Caulker when Cardiff did mate. He was very good when he was on load at Swansea and has got better at Cardiff IMO. I think Cardiff paid Β£8m for him tho and will probably want more than that now I bet.
    I like the look Jamaal Lascelles from Forest and if they fail to get promoted this season then I reckon he’d be available for around Β£5-6m.


  15. Or let’s put it this way. Do we want Ben Arfa to stay? Is he wasted in a Pardew managed team? As with Cisse possibly? Will we make big changes in the summer or will Mike just try to paper over the cracks? Stay tuned for the exciting answers!


  16. What about Williams from Swansea Sharpy mate? Is he beyond us in terms of wages and fee required? I like his composure at the back. AT 29 he’s at his peak and could replace Colo if he leaves.


  17. Mark please! Harrumph. As Official Blog Hobbit it is my responsibility to remind you that these negative comments have repercussions. According to chaos theory if a giraffe farts in Africa people get colds in New Zealand. Just think about what your negative vibes might be doing mate.


  18. Without Obertan I don’t see us having much of a chance against Fulham. Who will run up and down the sidelines looking like Squidward? It’s a horrible situation.


  19. Geordie – I think he probably is now to be honest mate. I think if someone offers circa Β£10m for him in the summer then Ashley/Pardew would take that in a heartbeat.
    I think Pardew will go with Cisse in Remys absence and I reckon Cisse will be playing for his toon career as well mate.


  20. Yep I would agree about Cisse Sharpy. It’s all on the line for him in the remaining games. He has to have an impact or he is gone. As it should be. It’s been a horror show for quite a while now. I don’t think we would get 10M for Ben Arfa in the summer with only a year left on his contract but you never know I suppose.


  21. G2 – the last comment was obviously re Benny.
    Re Williams, he’s not a bad option but I think Arsenal are sniffing round him. Personally though I’d prefer a younger player early to mid 20’s so they could form a partnership with MYM to replace Willo and Colo.


  22. Good plan if we can get the right player Sharpy mate. And if MYM settles down and plays well consistently. Otherwise we might be in a bit of trouble again defending. What would you do with Saylor?


  23. Agreed Mark. Other than a strike from Sissoko its tough to see where the goals will come from. Hopefully Luuk can get one for us


  24. Harrumph, now MDS it seems like you’re straddling the fence there a bit mate? Is it pointy? Doesn’t that hurt? Just hop right off and give us a proper prediction. Mine is 1-1.


  25. G2 – the other option would be to use Benny as a make weight in a move for Cabella or Grenier – but I think that would depend on whether he would want to go back to France.

    I was thinking about it today and wondering which or how many (if any) of our young players will come through and whether we recruit or give them time. We obviously need forwards – but how many with Campbell and Armstrong coming through. The same with the defence with Dummett, Good, Streete and Tavenier.
    Do we keep sending them out on loan, or do we loan players in and give the young uns a chance to come through


  26. I think the young’uns will have to push their way into the team Sharpy mate. From what I’ve heard Tavernier isn’t going to make it. For me Campbell is playing in the wrong league. Good has a chance but probably a year or two away still. Armstrong looks very good so far but we’ll need at least 2 experienced strikers bringing in this summer for me. Not sure about Remi Streete. It doesn’t sound all that encouraging to be honest.


  27. The make weight idea with Benny is a very good one I would think Sharpy. Give him a fresh lease on life and us a potentially very good young player. I hope our management is as astute as you mate.


  28. Geordie – I agree, I think those that could make it are probably still a season or 2 away yet. I think forwards wise – if we signed De Jong and a permanent replacement for Remy – ideally Remy, but he doesn’t fancy it so maybe Finnbogason or Abel Henandez. Those 2 with Cisse and Campbell & Armstrong should be enough. Defensively, I think if we add a CB who could over RB (and sell Saylor) then we should be covered – with Raylor hopefully back.
    Then maybe 2 attacking midfielders – maybe Cabella and Siem De Jong. That should still allow the likes of Sammi the chance to break through.


  29. Its good to have some football to look forward to isn’t it πŸ˜†

    Maybe something new to talk about as well i have had to avoid this place for two weeks now. πŸ™‚

    Seems i agree with the majority for a change i hate the games when we our odds on for the win. I keep thinking of Wigan hammering us πŸ™

    Still i am just looking forward to seeing us playing ffs it seems like an age since we last played. I do think we should win the game but should means **** all in football.


  30. Glad to see we’ve moved on from talking about Pardew. Looking forward to the game.

    But before that, there’s a few other games of interest in a league that shall remain anonymous.

    And howay the Heed (or should that be howwhere or howon the Heed?)


  31. Fulham are wank, they’re going down, they have ****e players and a new manager who hasn’t won yet.

    We’re missing our best player and we haven’t scored a goal when he’s been out – this is a nailed on Fulham win! πŸ™„


  32. Sharpy17@35, the two Germans in that six are bit-part players in two poor teams languishing at the bottom of the Bundesliga. Of the other four I would consider Kaboule, as the bloke is a beast. If the rest can’t make it in poorer French teams, then I don’t see them in the toon line up to be honest.


  33. No disrespect to a gash Fulham side, but surely a draw today is possible, even with a powder puff toon front line ?


  34. Premandup, Lucien Favre, who is an excellent manager by the way, has just extended his contract at BMG, so I reckon the door is firmly closed on De Jong.
    I reckon we will borrow him next season, which will entice his brother Siem to come to the toon. Unless we can buy him for around 5 -6 mill euros, cos if he can’t make it in the Bundesliga, he’ll struggle in the EPL.
    What you see now with De Jong, it aint gonna improve. He’s a link up player, not particularly robust, and not a finisher.


  35. MM
    Why if Favre does not play him will he not sell him?
    Good link up play is a weakness of ours, he may have a role?


  36. Prem@42, I reckon BMG would sell, him, it’s just they will want there 18 mill back, or whatever they paid for him, and we won’t pay that for him… and rightly so. Hence, him being a rent-boy is the best option for all parties…except BMG of course :-).

    Regarding Alan at Salzburg, I know of him, but not too much mate. The Austrian league is, apart from Red Bull Salzburg, pretty gash. I reckon if he was any good a Bundesliga team would have snapped him up. That they haven’t done that perhaps answers your question mate.


  37. Going to my first league game of the season today. We’ve got nothing to play for and I’ve not got high expectations but I’m still absolutely ****ting it!


  38. Solano, 4 pints of guiness before kick off will do the trick mate, calm your nerves at least πŸ™‚


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