Time for a change?

People have had enough
People have had enough
I found myself angry after the game against Manchester United. Really angry in fact.

So angry that I’ve avoided pretty much avoided Newcastle United altogether until I calmed down. Reading lots of swear words isn’t good for you although writing them would have allowed me to vent.

So here I am, some six days later, and truth be known I’m still simmering away. It’s not just about the Manchester United game though, it’s about much more than that. Our latest game came on the back of resounding losses against Everton and Southampton so everything has just kind of bottled up and I’m now (finally) at the point where enough is enough.

Somehow we sit in the top half of the table. I don’t know why as we’ve been awful pretty much all season. In fact I struggle to remember a game where we’ve played well for half of it let alone all of it.

Selling Yohan Cabaye and not replacing him was a huge error. He was a cracking player so important to us on and off the pitch and losing him, although not surprising in the slightest, was still a blow.

Unfortunately it’s a blow the manager must deal with. This is how the club works and those decisions are out of his hands so all he can do is get the best out of what he has left.

And that is the sticking point for me because I just don’t think Alan Pardew has been getting anywhere near enough from the players we have at our disposal.

We do have some talented players with perhaps none quite as talented as Hatem Ben Arfa. That lad can win games on his own but that unfortunately comes at a price and that price is that he is not the best in terms of defensive ability.

So what do you do? Build a team around him that allows him to play to his strengths or ostracise him and blame him for your own ineptitude like Pardew has done?

Let the lad attack and let someone else worry about defence. I remember Ginola and Robert never had to worry much about defence because what they gave in attack made up for it but it seems that whatever talent you have it doesn’t matter unless you fit in Pardew’s strict system. Mind you he has form for that kind of thing at West Ham.

It’s not so much results that bother me. Yes they hurt but as long as the performance is acceptable there is at least a positive. What we’re seeing now is poor results with really poor performances and that is no good.

Pardew said recently, post Manchester United I think, that we need a lift. Sorry but that is his job and he is failing at it. Don’t let a couple of bad results cloud this glaring fact. I think the time has come for Pardew to be moved on.

I doubt it will happen as he seems bulletproof. I mean how many times have we been humped? How many times has Pardew been in trouble? None of it matters though unless we stay in the league I and go out of the cups guess.

What a life eh?

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84 thoughts on “Time for a change?

  1. I reckon we will lose 17 nil today, we are the worst team ever! There is nothing to be happy about!


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  3. Ice , Never heard of a dreambox, who are the company that supply them then?, quite fancy one of them like, better than the virgin set up , darn sight cheaper too. 😉


  4. Small mercies but christ this situation is better than being in matches like fulham/norwich today; Horrible, nervy matches with so much riding on them


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