Game On! Newcastle v Cardiff

Game On at SJP
Game On at SJP
Good afternoon all, and welcome to this ‘Game On’ article which will take us through our final home game of the season against Cardiff City.

Tensions are running high in these parts and a disastrous run of form since the turn of the year has heaped pressure on Alan Pardew.

Not helped by his own actions, such as abusing Manuel Pellegrini and headbutting David Meyler, it seems as though the second longest serving manager in the Premier League could be on borrowed time, at least in the eyes of the vast majority of fans anyway. The problem is that a win against the league’s basement club won’t be enough to appease fans and a defeat will only serve to crank up the pressure even further. It’s a no win game for Pardew who is managing a club with nothing to play for against a side who still has everything to play for in the form of Premier League survival.

Put simply Cardiff need to win this game. Our problems are of no concern to them and if it comes down to who wants it more on the day then it will probably be a good day for Cardiff.

Moving onto the match itself… There is no live TV broadcast here in the UK so once again we’re looking for streams if overseas channels. If you do find one then please feel free to leave a link to it in the ‘comments’ section below.

Full team news will be added in below in full as and when it becomes available but for now it’s over to you guys to do the talking. If only our boys could learn to do some walking…

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Paul Dummett; Moussa Sissoko, Vurnon Anita, Cheik Tiote, Yoan Gouffran; Shola Ameobi, Loic Remy

Subs:Cardiff: David Marshall; Fabio, Steven Caulker, Ben Turner, Declan John; Peter Whittingham, Aron Gunnarsson, Kim Bo-Kyung, Jordon Mutch, Wilfried Zaha; Frazier Campbell

Subs: Joe Lewis; Kenwyne Jones, Magnus Wollf Eikrem, Don Cowie, Kevin McNaughton, Jo Inge Berget, Craig Bellamy

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217 thoughts on “Game On! Newcastle v Cardiff

  1. This scoreline is highly deceptive. Pards will be blowing his horn relentlessly.

    Also, the last goal HE scores for us?


  2. I hear pards …we were fantastic ❗ we can work on this wa6 for next season ❗ 😎


  3. I noticed. You have as well. Anybody reading on here knows it as well. My personal protest has been noticed and is successful. I can rest easy in my moral superiority. I would never leave a comrade behind. πŸ˜‰


  4. Feel really sorry for Cardiff fans ,that Vincent Tan is an absolute ****, almost as bad as Jabba.


  5. Why can’t I be like Vegas! πŸ˜‰
    ****house game but happy with a win ….finally!


  6. Bristol Rovers drop out the League, I’m a city girl but still sad to see Rovers drop like, my neighbour will be in a foul mood when he gets home ,he’s a massive gas head.


  7. I hope Krul keeps a better hold of that baby than he did of that Cardiff cross earlier on…


  8. New slogan

    If newcastle done protest’s, they would probably be the worst in the world

    😳 😳 😳


  9. Cannot see Pardew surviving this to be honest. Never seen a home crowd boo the manager like that.


  10. 3-0 eh. Must be some very disappointed supporters around.

    Not having seen the end of the game I may be wrong, but given the comments on here, Pardew’s tactics worked a treat: soak up the pressure and pick them off on the break as they commit too many forward. Seems to have worked.

    Terrible game. Glad I missed it πŸ˜† Pity about the “outraged” fans who watched till the end – at the ground and on the internet.


  11. Santii@168, watching on the stream, things were really militant from 45 – 65 minutes with the supporters protesting loudly and aggressively, but as you say the proposed walk-out went down like a lead balloon.

    I’m pretty sure that Pardew and Ashley got the message though. No sign of neither Pardew nor Ben Arfa at the “lap of honour”…


  12. Good old Brisvegas, same old, same old, with not a lot of sense πŸ™‚
    I can imagine you enjoyed the game though mate πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  13. What really makes my piss boil is that ****er of a manager and the rest are now going to get a ****ing bonus .I mean WTF ****e tactics ,****e team selections ,complete bull**** excuses for defeats and head butting an opposing player and the ****er is getting a ****ing bonus . Its surreal its the ****ing twilight zone ,its madness its ****ing NUFC .


  14. Bris, I waited a whole 8 minutes, but I would have been quicker if I hadn’t been sitting on the netty πŸ™‚


  15. Axel@177, it’s probably more a reflection of the standard of the lower half of the EPL. πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  16. Pardew said after the game “The fans want us to be challenging at the top of the league but its difficult with the finance we have” No we don’t! We expect the club to be as good as it can be, by being as strong as we possibly can be commercially and spending money thats generated from that. Unfortunately we don’t do the first part so the second part is going to be a struggle too.

    He also went on to talk about maybe bringing in players in the summer so I doubt that will happen either.

    No point in this club existing anymore. Fuck it, just **** it!


  17. Three nil certainly flattered us. Surely Pardew was playing to hold out for a one nil win with his subs Taylor and Gosling for Anita and Gouffran. We will never see attacking entertaining football as long as Pardew is manager.


  18. I’m sure Pardew will get blamed for winning. Isn’t it strange how we start winning again when Remy returns. πŸ˜‰


  19. Troy
    Remy was **** today.
    How many games we win with remy Back, we loose the 2 games before.
    And did you see really Cardiff…? They have nothing and even with nothing they create 3 enormous chances I still don’t know how they missed it.
    We were ****, we didn’t play football and if we continue like that next season we will fight for relegation.
    We were sitting so deep in second half ****ting ourselves to keep this result against Cardiff at home…
    That’s a shame we don’t loose, WE ALL WANT PARDEW OUTTTTTTT


  20. Troy i blame a misfiring Cardiff city forward line for us winning ,they could of scored a boat load today but for poor finishing . Time and again our defence was split wide open ,how the hell it was 3-0 is anyones guess . Next week against the bindippers normal service will be resumed and we will get a right royal shafting .


  21. And right on queue. πŸ˜‰

    Remy may well have been ****e but he pops up again to score.

    Axel, I’ve been pointing this out for ages. All the teams below the top 7 are very much alike. However, the main thing that separates those at the very bottom is the lack of quality strikers. If we didn’t have Remy there is absolutely no doubt we would be there amongst them. Our other 3 strikers are championship at best.


  22. @HBA39

    Remy came on for 30 mins against Swansea. His first start back was last week versus Arsenal away. Howay fella, he didn’t get a sniff.

    He certainly helped fire us up the league pre January.

    He’s our only top quality player. In the entire squad.


  23. But why are we a one striker team Troy? Ba / Cisse / Remy? Is that not partly down to Parsnip and the coaches that we are non-existant when the main striker is injured? Good teams have goals coming from everywhere.


  24. @DJG

    It’s simple isn’t it? Pardew stated in January he was after a striker. We didn’t get one. That’s not Pardews fault.

    I’ve been saying it since the sale of Cabaye that there’s not another goal scorer in the squad and no creative player.

    You can’t blame Pards if he hasn’t got the players. Nothing to do with coaching. When he had players he did coach them. We were flying until Cabaye was sold and Remy got injured.


  25. Remy looked poor today, goal aside. The fact Pards went ultra defensive again once they started to look like they may nick a goal 2nd half, just shows how scared he is of us conceding, he must attack more next season if he is to stay. I can’t stand the thought of another season of defending one nils with such a fragile defence as ours. 3.0 really flattered us today but it’s a result we should of gotten against a relegation threatened team ,it’s just a shame that yet again we looked far from convincing.


  26. It’s not all about strikers, you need other players chipping in too and our set plays and corners are still terrible, what the hell do they do in training πŸ™„ We need a deadball specialist and a couple of wingers with proven quality and a forward and a CB and probably a RB too . Frankly we need too much in personal to set things right if he’s to stay. With a different manager we could possibly get away with less new players in as the new guy may be able to motivate who we already have.


  27. Yes Kim. Exactly what I’ve been preaching. You’re catching on. It’s other players.

    We need better ones tho. The current ones simply aren’t good enough.


  28. @Kim

    I recall people saying we should have gone for Ole Gunnar Sol….. (Can’t spell it).

    That’s exactly how you end up in the ****. At least with Pardew we have a record to suggest he will keep us in the division.

    That’s all Ashley wants. Gamble on another manager and we might get relegated.

    Without real investment I see no point in changing the manager.


  29. Sod Remy, don’t even put him in the 18 man squad and play Adam Armstrong and Gouffran up front or bring Armstrong on for Gouffran up front. We actually own those two on contracts that will have them here next season unlike Shola, De Jong and Remy so why play them?

    Focus on OUR team now, not loan players and out of contract players. Pardew is a ****.


  30. Troy,

    We play a very defensive game under AP, yet we have conceded 125 goals in two bloody seasons. This will probably increase to 130 by the time this season finished up. That is beyond abysmal for any team, never mind one that set up their entire system around protecting the defense and shunning attack minded players. Pardew has also publicly stated on a number of occassions that he was happy with his personnel in defence so go figure.

    He also stated at the end of both previous windows that he was happy with the squad. Therefore the responsibility lies solely at his door


  31. FJ, I agree Arma should be getting more time and I still believe Goofy could play up front ,we know he can score .


  32. @FJ

    Yeah. Great idea. If you want to get absolutely stuffed. πŸ˜‰

    What would be far better and what Pardew wanted was a striker bought in January.

    He has no say who comes and goes. How can you blame him for selecting Remy when he has **** all else to choose from.


  33. Troy,

    We’re gonna get pumped royally by a Liverpool team wanting 3 points and major goal difference. Remy and De Jong won’t stop that.


  34. I thought the supporters who we’re booing Pardew today were a disgrace! Total embarrassment to the club.

    Chanting him to get out is one thing but booing is a joke!

    Think Pardew will get sacked in the summer but I hope we’re not all rueing the day Pardew left…


  35. Lads and lasses, the lowest point has been reached, the local media has been alienated, a large majority of the fan base have been alienated, but the lackeys still rule the roost.
    A loanee has played a huge part in saving our bacon this season, the summer investment will show us what Pardew and Ashley are made of.
    It’s just a matter of time before Pardew goes, Ashley too perhaps, the issue of concern is where are the club when everything goes to rat **** ?

    No matter what happens, minimum 45,000 lemmings will still turn up for every home game on the hill. laugh, I laughed so much I nearly got the beers in.

    Hope Shola signs a new one year deal, because he is without doubt our best and at the same time only fit striker. Pity he can only play for 20 minutes a game, though it will probably be enough to get him to Brazil for the World Cup.


  36. Gouffran is the best striker actually signed with NUFC – but I don’t think he’s played one game as a striker. Such is the genius of the moron managing us.


  37. If Goufran is our best striker signed then that’s a very sad reflection on Graham Carr and Joe Kinnear not Pardew.

    It’s not that I don’t think he is our best striker (I’m assuming you are not including Remy as he’s a loanee and streets ahead of any other player in the squad), it’s just that Cisse, Je Dong are equally as bad.

    If Goofy is our best then it’s my point proven. Absolute dross in quality in the squad.

    That’s not Pardews fault. That’s Ashley and his recruitment team.


  38. Thank you. I have been saying this about Graham Carr for long enough now. He is not a good scout for this club and it’s coaching staff.

    I think you write Gouffran off a bit though.


  39. Gouffran has no chance to behave like a striker as he is too busy fulfilling his defensive responsibilities.
    At the same time, I think the bloke is a brilliant signing for 500K and a box of bovril crisps. If we had a deeper squad and could in fact rotate the lad, we might see more from him, but naahh knacker Ned has players like Marveaux, Ben Arfa and Obertan who never get a sniff, hence we must stick with the same starting 11, with the likes of Goofy getting worn out too soon..


  40. @MM

    You ok fella. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve got to disagree. Something has gone on behind the scenes with Marveaux. Who knows what but it’s clearly something serious. But that said, he still looks a pretty ordinary player whenever he got his chance.

    Barfa has been given chance after chance by Pardew. It’s quite right he’s been dropped IMO.
    He a great talent who has only himself to blame.

    Well, Obertan. I don’t need to explain how poor he is.


  41. @FJ

    The entire starting 11 for Athletico Madrid cost Β£30m.

    Graham Carr needs to have a word with their scout.


  42. i dont get the slagging off of Carr as chief scout , he hears what sort of players Pardew thinks he needs , then he goes out and try’s to find them within the budget that the ******** that owns the club sets out .The guys hands are tied behind his back because the ****er that is our manager only wants players that are devoid of skill but will bust a lung running for 90 minutes and a **** of an owner that wants players in that cost less than 2 tee shirts that he sells in his shops .


  43. @Axel

    Absolute rubbish. Where do you get it from? He has only stated that he advises Carr what areas want strengthening and Carr comes back with a list of players.

    Funnily enough he has accept Barfa, Marveaux and a host of other players that clearly aren’t noted for grafting.

    Even though the likes of Bigi, Obertan Albeid, M’Biwa, Ferguson, Hadeira are all model professionals and grafters, he hasn’t persevered with them. Simply cos they aren’t up to the job.

    Don’t say things off the top of your head without thinking about it. πŸ˜‰

    It does you no favours. πŸ˜‰


  44. Troy, agree 100% that the squad players don’t seem up to it, so hence it is difficult to rotate the core 11. Big knacker Ned played a big part in bringing these players to the club, so we can’t lay all the blame at Carr’s door, Pardew needs to take the rap for the fact that they haven’t developed as players.
    I’m not believeing any of Pardew’s bleating, he is wrong 90% of the time imo..


  45. @ MM

    I don’t see how you think he played a big part in them coming to the club. As I’ve said above, he identifies the areas he needs strengthening and Carr goes out and comes back with a list. Invariably, we bid for players who are first choice on the list and lose out. We then get choice b, c or d.

    Pardew has no say on budgets or who he wants from the outset. He has openly stated that is the system.

    If players aren’t good enough, no matter how much cosching you give, they aren’t good enough.

    It’s nothing more complicated than that.

    I don’t see how Pards can get the blame for the quality of players coming in.

    It’s quite strange tho, that when they were playing well and flying high, Carr got all the praise and Pards none.

    People can’t have it both ways. I’ve never given praise for recruitment to Pards whether playing well or poorly.

    That is Carr and Carr alone.


  46. Its pretty clear that Carr has a ridiculously difficult job. He flies here, there and everywhere to find players only to find the club won’t buy them. What’s the point?

    Pardew has very little say in who comes in. He may have a list but they buy the cheapest players – that’s it!

    Pardew said we will bring in 3/4 players this summer! 3/4!!!!! So yet again we will reduce the size if our squad like we have done every year Ashley has been here.

    This club may as well close down.


  47. Stuart79@212, no mate, I have a ridiculously difficult job. Perhaps you too for all I know.

    I could jet around europe watching football matches on behalf of the toon, and I would absolutely love it πŸ™‚ I’m sure I could unearth a few better players than have arrived at the toon in recent months. I could have advised the grown ups at the toon that De Jong was a diddy long before we started chasing him. There are a few more which I could add to that list too.
    If one goes shopping at a bucket shop, say Sports Direct you can’t expect to surprisingly end up with a dogs ******* cashmere sweater ? Or at least you can, but maybe with both arms missing and a skid mark on the back.
    We haven’t really “discovered” too many bargains, perhaps Tiote ? The rest, Debuchy, Cabaye, HBA were all on the fringe of the French international squad, so really not too great a “discovery”, though I would like to know how we persuaded them to join us πŸ˜‰ . I reckon there is always a gentlemans agreement in there somewhere, join us for a couple of years then we’ll sell you when a bigger club comes along. The rest of our signings were risk, or “damaged goods” signings, Gosling, Marveaux, Ben Arfa, Obertan etc. Should we now be surprised that they don’t make the grade, even ignoring the fact that we have the legendary man-manager of Pardew in charge ?

    Or like Troy intimates above, is Pardew totally devoid of criticism and the whole blame lays at Carr’s door ?

    I reckon Pardew hasn’t got a clue as to how to build up a footballing side. Somewhat like Mourinho, he is more a reactive as pro-active manager, letting the opponents force the pace, and reacting accordingly. This playing attacking football on the front foot is just another delusional Pardew blather statement which I’m not having…


  48. Troy@211, this one had me chuckling mate :-)…

    “It’s quite strange tho, that when they were playing well and flying high, Carr got all the praise and Pards none.

    People can’t have it both ways. I’ve never given praise for recruitment to Pards whether playing well or poorly.

    That is Carr and Carr alone.”…..

    When were we playing well ? My memory fails me ? Do you remember the absolutely pish stuttering Europa League campaign against the Greek and Belgian giants ? Do you remeber how well we played last season when we were almost relegated ? We have never played well throughout the Pardew reign imo, 90% turgid labourious, stuttering performances, with wonder goals from one of the best toon forward lines (Cisse and Ba) saving his ass.
    Now that Ba has left, you can all see what I was blathering on about…. As for Remy, the lad doesn’t even belong to us… Now THAT was a great move, getting the lad to sign for us on loan (and thank flock by the way)…. Was that down to Carr, Pardew, Charnley or Kinnear…or god forbid Ashley !! ? Stand up and show yourselves !!!

    A bit like Chelsea, with Drogba being Mourinho’s talisman. He’s been trying for years to replace him, but to no avail… Drogba pretty much single handidly raised Chelsea to another level…he is what Chelsea ar now missing…


  49. Munich – Carrs job is thankless. He has **** all money to spend and is expected to find gems everytime. The ****ing thing is flawed – always was and always will be. It’s just some supporters couldn’t see it when we were finding these gems.

    Carr doesn’t have the money to find ready made internationals. He said in an interview once that his job is to identify players for the positions the manager wants and then find out the probably price of the player, but often the price is way out of our league so he has to go to the next bracket of player. Its impossible!



  50. Stuart79@215….


    you said it bud … πŸ™„


  51. Come come MM. πŸ˜‰

    I’m on about when we were doing well in the league and everyone was raving about the recruitment. I’m sure you knew what I meant.

    Are you really telling me we haven’t been playing well and fans have heaped the praise on Carr? πŸ˜‰

    C’mon MM. πŸ˜‰


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