Do you dare to vote for a Player of the Season?

Have any of these three floated your boat?
Have any of these three floated your boat?
The end of the season brings with it all the awards and accolades that the performance throughout the season has merited.

The problem with this, from our perspective anyway, is that we’ve been largely awful for the second half of the season which makes it hard to nominate an NUFC Blog Player of the Season.

But we’ll try. I’ll bet most of you will be thinking that none of them deserve any recognition because I’m thinking along the same lines. However, surely someone somewhere, has performed admirably? I can think of three player who have been the best of a bad bunch throughout the course of the season, which is one of my stipulations for being considered for such a prestigious award, otherwise Yohan Cabaye would be my winner without a shadow of doubt. So who is left to consider?

Loic Remy

Now it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll see Remy in the black and white of United again. That is partly down to finance, which shouldn’t be an issue for us but apparently is for everything, but it’s also down to how he has played for us. His 14 league goals this term have reinforced the view that he can cut it at this level after signing for QPR last season and his goalscoring influence has been exceptional for us. I think we only won one game without him in the side all season although I’m prepared to be corrected on that.

Mathieu Debuchy

The former Lille right-back has been a solid performer for us this season after a shaky start to life in the Premier League previously. All in all, Debs made 32 appearances for us over the course of the season and I struggle to remember any real bad games from the lad. Of course as a full-back he’s not likely to chip in with many goals although he did manage to find the back of the net once in our defeat at Sunderland and grabbed three assists.

Cheik Tiote

Tiote hasn’t really done anything exceptional on the pitch if I’m being honest, but he has been steady and his performances as stand-in Captain in the absence of Fabricio Coloccini were impressive. No goals again and only one assist is not great but he’s kept thins ticking over in the middle of the park. However his influence waned somewhat with the departure of Yohan Cabaye.

If you’re looking for a damning enough indictment of our season then surely this is it? The fact that I can only pick out our top scorer and two other who have done alright kind of says it all. But perhaps I’ve missed something? Maybe I’ve been too harsh? Perhaps even finding a positive in three players is too much?

So you’re best option is to get involved. I’ve set out a poll below with my three suggestions and with the option of ‘other’ or ‘nobody’ but don’t forget to leave your reason as to why you’ve voted the way you have.

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232 thoughts on “Do you dare to vote for a Player of the Season?

  1. Troy – what does Pardew need for you to be happy that he has what he needs to properly show how good a manager he is in your opinion.
    It’s a genuine question mate?. I know you defend (for want of a better word) Pardew because he hasn’t been backed, so Im interested to know what he realistically needs before he’s in a position where you’d be happy to say that the success or failings is down to Pardew?.

    As I said earlier, I’m not asking you to name players coz I know you don’t like doing that, only what areas and how many?.

    Feel free to answer the question with a sarcastic answer if you want but I’m genuinely interested.


  2. I see todays papers have us linked with Zaha, Rodwell, Cresswell and Bassong – I’m not sure about any of those to be honest. Couldn’t say I’m particularly excited about any of them.

    I also see that Grenier has made the French squad ahead of Nasri. Fair play to the lad, coz he said he didn’t want to join us in Jan to concentrate on playing for Lyon and making the WC. I’d favour him over Cabella personally, but he may be out of our reach now he’s made the WC. Saying that, if we have got/get Gomis, I believe they are good mates and he could have a word.


  3. Sharpy

    I’ve told you in the past. I don’t speculate on who we should get, so therefore I can’t answer that question.

    I can only answer questions in relation to what we have and what he’s got to work with.

    Every position needs strengthening and cover but depending on who we get it can be judged.

    All I know is, he’s done a decent job with **** pot squad we’ve had. He’s finished where the squad should be.

    If we had kept Cabaye, Remy had remained fit then I would have expected us to have finished 7th.

    No quality cover for Remy blew us out the water.

    Anyone, especially Terry, who thinks otherwise. is deluded and needs their head tested. 😉


  4. @Sharpy

    To add, I know you’ve not asked for names but wanted to know positions that need strengthening, but how can anyone answer that?

    If I said we needed 2 strikers two, attacking midfielder, two wingers and then I would expect Pards to be judged. How do I know what quality the players will be? What their attitude is? They could be like Barfa, talented but lazy.

    Impossible to speculate. It’s for the club to strengthen and the fans to judge.


  5. Troy – I know you don’t like naming targets so wouldn’t ask that of you. I understand the whole squad needs strengthening, and realistically we should be improving the squad every window possible IMO.
    What I meant was, with there only being Cisse as our senior CF, do you think we need 2 or 3 CFs.
    We will have around £60m to spend (if what I read is true), which will only go so far, so what would you say are the priority areas – could we get by with the keepers we have or the defenders we have?. Which of the current bunch forms your team to strengthen round?.


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