Janmaat joins as Debuchy departs!

Going Dutch with Daryl...
Going Dutch with Daryl…
Newcastle have completed the signing of former Feyenoord defender Daryl Janmaat.

24-year-old Janmaat joins the United having put pen to paper on a six-year-deal for a fee believed to be around £5 million. He becomes our sixth signing of the summer to date following the arrivals of Ayoze Perez, Jack Colback, Siem de Jong, Remy Cabella and Emmanuel Riviere.

He was a regular for his previous club Feyenoord making a total of 74 appearances for the Dutch club, scoring five goals along the way. He also chipped in with seven assists last season but couldn’t do enough to help his team win the league, losing out to Siem De Jong’s Ajax in the end.

His good form earned him a call up to the Netherlands World Cup squad where he started two group games and put in a few impressive performances before being dropped for the knockout rounds. He did make three very good substitute appearances in the latter rounds and even set up the third goal in Netherlands’ final game against Brazil.

This is what he had to say in his first interview as a Newcastle player:

“Newcastle is a fantastic club, with a big history and a great stadium. I have also been told all about how great the fans are,” said Janmaat.

He added: “This is the perfect move for me, and I am really looking forward to being with the team and getting started here at Newcastle. I think we are going to have a great season.”

This is Mr Pardew’s take on the signing:

“We are delighted to bring Daryl to the Club. He is the perfect example of a modern full-back; someone who is good defensively but offers a real threat going forward as well.”

Adding: “Daryl had an excellent World Cup and we are looking forward to him continuing that form for Newcastle.”

Here is a quick YouTube video of Janmaat in action. Just to whet your appetite a little…

Another signing done, the squad is shaping up nicely and the atmosphere around the club has improved dramatically in the last few days though there are still grumbles here and there. Is he an improvement on Mathieu Debuchy? Well that is up for debate and I’m sure debate it we will but I’m just glad we have got him in before letting Debuchy join Arsenal.

What are your thoughts on Janmaat and the summer transfers in general? Is letting Debuchy go for a fee in the region of £10m and replacing him with a player at half the price a good piece of business?

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749 thoughts on “Janmaat joins as Debuchy departs!

  1. Can’t really get excited by the Carroll link. It was great while he was here, and we all want Armstrong and Campbell to do well because we love seeing local lads come good, particularly if they’re going to score plenty of goals 😉 But Carroll? And Carroll in a partnership with Cisse? People think a big lad would help Cisse out and while I do think Cisse’s game would improve with direct crosses and knock downs the prospect doesn’t really excite me. If we want someone physical we need someone with brilliant hold up play and the ability to get an attack going either by running with the ball or releasing it to a team mate. That is why Lukaku would be perfect. Carroll has the touch and passing ability of a donkey and Cisse is about the same, the two of them up front together would be hopeless and really frustrating to watch.

    Let’s not forget, we needed to play Shola as the distributive “target man” for Carroll when we were in the prem, because Shola was actually capable of picking out a pass once the ball went long to him. Carroll can’t cope with it.


  2. Kim: what I gather from it is that it has been the aim for a while (yeah yeah, I know, they stuffed it up) and this is the best chance so far. That is to say, Pardew thinks this is the best squad he’s had. That being the case, he’s just put himself in the firing line if there’s no improvement on last season.


  3. I don’t know why he just didn’t say, roll up, roll up get your season tickets here, we’re trying to win stuff honest. 😉


  4. BRIS the biggest problem is Pardew he opens his gob and anything comes out,he forgets to engage his half brain


  5. @ Newkie
    Lukaku would do if his manager dont want to sell him wants to keep him at chelsea


  6. Aussie I didn’t see Shola’s name mentioned there ? Why not or Obertan’s stats. If they ever read this site they would probably be so angry you!!!!! You can’t leave out our best players mate!

    Troy I think Pardew’s style of footballs great 🙂 You don’t win manager of the month Dec 2013 and LMA manager of the year for nothing. Europa QF and top 4 in the table with two weeks to go.

    P.s I would like to congratulate Ashley for balancing the books. Your get freedom of the city one day.


  7. Anybody wanting Carroll back is insane.

    Very average player. For the same kind of money we could get a far far better striker in.

    He has failed everywhere he’s been since he left here.

    Yet some people still want him back? Crazy.

    The team has to be build around him, and we have far better players to build a team around here already.


  8. JJ-I think it’s just the emotional link. As we all know, there are some very emotional personalities on here 🙂

    TAE-I think Mourinho is crazy to let Lukaku go and get Drogba back, it just makes no sense to me. He had a pretty poor world cup but already people are writing him off? He’s 21 years old for god sake! Perez is 20 himself and we’re talking about him being one for the future, blooding him in gently etc etc.

    But I agree, his fee would be too much, which is a real shame because I think if we signed him we’d be transformed as a side. We might still need another centre back but he would give the fans and the team a massive lift and he’d give us a real focal point to build our side around. Fingers crossed we can sign someone of similar statue though eh..


  9. NEWKIE,I don’t think you can build a team round Carroll mate,l/pool gave it a go and it knocked them right back,w/ham also and nearly cost them there PL place because of his injury and did nowt when he came back,kna mate not for me


  10. There is something Jose does not like about Luka and he’s not a bad judge,yes I thought his movement was very poorin WC maybe because it was a step up with better class of player and wasn’t on the same wave length, he is just a kid like


  11. Ice-I agree mate, I meant I think you can build a team around Lukaku because for me he has a bit of everything and he can play any number of roles, he can thrive in long ball teams (WBA) or in possession/passing sides (Everton) and he can partner any type of player.

    Carroll is too one dimensional, and definitely too injury prone to ever build a team around.


  12. I agree with you about Lukaku Newkie. Now, let’s see. Where are you getting the £18m from again?


  13. Don’t like building a team around one player,when they are out for one reason or another your Donald ducked,its a team game for me


  14. Ice-Pardew likes to think they are mates anyway, I’m thinking it might be a one sided friendship 🙂 He likes to style himself “Jose-lite” I think…

    Georgio-it’s just off the roughish guesstimates of the press. Going on current player values and sales it’s probably pretty close to what you’d expect. We’ve paid 6 mil for Riviere who’s scored less professional goals than Lukaku despite having three years on him. Definitely think that gives Lukaku a fair old price tag.


  15. Ice-I know what you mean, I’m not saying that everything should be built around Lukaku and every team needs to be flexible, but I think most teams whether they plan to or not get a “talisman” player – someone who might just have that extra bit of class who everyone can look to to change a game. Cabaye was probably that last type of player for us, I’m not sure Cabella or De Jong will quite fill the void – but here’s hoping they can. But if we could get a striker who could do that it would do us a world of good..


  16. I’m starting to like Bens common nonsense craic 😛

    Careful Ben, you’ll have the now Mr Serious Aussie on your case. 😆


  17. Sorry to hi-jack the footie talk but just watching the news, and I’m so angry at the way these poor folk on that plane have been disrespected . They been left on the ground for bloody days now, it’s disgusting treatment. Putin should hang his head in shame, they should of been taken to the morgue much sooner, there’s still 28 bodies on the ground as I speak. The news anchor is spot on when she says he’s effectively allowed a bunch of criminals to stay in control of a crime scene 👿


  18. Kim-I’m no fan of Putin but I think there’s only so much influence he can exert over the separatists. If they are guilty of shooting it down they will want to hide or destroy whatever evidence they can, regardless of what he wants.

    Obviously he could pull the plug on them militarily/financially, but that would mean the Ukranian state would crush them and reassert control and he doesn’t want that happening…

    It is a total disgrace though. Even the bodies that have been taken away on trains have been stopped at checkpoints and left there. Those videos of bodies basically being robbed must be heartbreaking for families watching on.


  19. Have fun Bris! I thought that first video was a pre season friendly as there wasn’t anyone visible until the celebrations for the first goal kicked off!


  20. KIM Putin used to be head of the KGB so you will get no change there,I hate them reporting on body’s ect no thought for family’s grief they are only interested in who can get the best storeys bloody animals

    Hope we don’t get Carroll mind,spend 15mil somewhere else


  21. Newkie, It’s heartbreaking for them mate, I keep thinking what if that was my loved one, it’s just too awful what has happened since the crash. I know what you mean about Putin but the weaponry needed to down that plane must of come from Russia, for me he is as culpable as the separatist acting in the name of Russia. I think he’s an egomaniac, hell bent on protecting his image no matter the cost .


  22. Kim I read that Russis have a naval base in Ukraine and wont let them have it. Like the USA have a military base in Cuba and no cuban allowed on it. Some ukranians want to be apart of Russia and causes conflict between both sides. Hope Putin punishes the people responsible.


  23. Ben, I said yonks ago that, that bloke won’t be happy until he starts another world war. He’s the type, he’s completely nuts, he rides his horse bare chested because he thinks his people admire him for it . Ask yourself who you’d fear upsetting the most Obama or Putin?


  24. Kim-then we get into the grey area where Putin can rightly criticise us for hypocrisy. We sold weapons to Iraq and god knows how many others, and you only need to look at Gaza now to see what US/Western arms given to Israel is doing in Palestine, and the Western-backed Saudi Gov is supplying to ISIS.

    Just a messed up world, and I’m grateful that football can at least provide some distractions.


  25. What the Israelis are doing in Gaza again makes my blood boil.
    Thought the nazis were bad!

    btw Newkie – I meant where are the club going to get the £18m not where you got the figure from.


  26. Oh my.. you think its bad when we talk about football and disagree..

    Lets bring politics and religion into the mix we will see some good fights. 😆 😆


  27. Santii, In my humble opinion, most all religions and politicians are corrupt or corruptible , it’s human nature to err .


  28. Georgio-well even after all our buys we’re still in profit after the sale of Cabs and Debuchy. After our profits recently and the rise in TV money we should still be in the black by 30 mil or so, so 18 mil for the transfer fee and part of the rest can be put towards Lukaku’s wages for a few years or saved as a nice little profit to make the books look good for Mike…


  29. Russel Brand talks about all these things and how we are being manipulated by certain people.

    His youtube show the Trews is funny and pretty surprisingly enlightening. Well worth a watch if this stuff interest’s you, which it should


  30. Think the Carroll link is nonsense. Think we will get it every summer. Feel we have the bones of another good team. But as always it’s the lack of strength and dept in the squad which will let us down


  31. Santii 😉

    You mean you don’t follow the teachings of Pardiola, the one and true Geordie Messiah? 😀


  32. Newkie

    I just can’t get past the Ashley’s arc story it would be impossible for him to fit all his money on a giant boat. Only idiots would believe a story like that 😆 😆 😆


  33. JOHNO

    Agreed. I think the Carroll link is nonsense too. We’ll be linked to him every single window because a) we need a striker and b) he’s a Geordie.

    Creates lots of hits on websites though…

    Question: “Andy Carroll, would you ever consider going back to NUFC?”
    Answer: “Yes.”
    Question: “Alan Pardew, would you ever consider re-signing Andy Carroll if he became available for the right price?”
    Answer: “Yes.”
    Result: Newspaper and website stories galore…


  34. NUFC first team as it stands;


    Janmaat, Colo, Taylor, Santon

    Cabella, Sissoko, Tiote, Gouffran

    De Jong, Riviere

    Second Team as it stands;


    Raylor, Willo, Mbwia, Hiadara

    Ben Arfa, Anita, Colback, Marveaux

    Cisse, Perez

    By my reckoning thats not too bad thus far…. just a thought!


  35. I don’t agree with some of the maths bandied around on here…but I do think we’ve got enough money to get a real top striker if the will is there. SDJ, Riviere and Goofy can all play attacking roles both in midfield and up front so we have options there but Cisse is our only out and out striker right now.

    I really really want to think that we didn’t sign Gomis because we’ve got serious ambitions to sign someone like Lukaku, Bony, Benteke or Carroll. I know Benteke is unlikely because he’s injured and Carroll is unlikely because of his wage demands and injury record, but you know what I mean…


  36. Liam Southern Toon

    Shocked by your inclusion of Saylor as one of the best 2 centre backs I have to say. But agree it’s not that bad at all overall. There will be teams in the PL next season with a worse first 11 then our second 11 on paper…


  37. MDS

    We don’t have enough space in the squad to accommodate them anyway. We’ve currently got 28 players that need to be registered and we’re only allowed 25.


  38. I think the two MDS mentioned, Jonas & Obertan are the ones that should be sold/released to make space. Abeid & Ameobi could get loaned out or sold though if we can’t get rid of the other 4


  39. Krul; Santon; Janmaat; Tiote; Sissoko; Cisse & Cabella are not in New Zealand, but will no doubt be in the squad.

    Good; Ferguson; Bigi; Kemen; Jonas; HBA; Marv & Oba are not there either. All for the chop?


  40. Dear me 😯

    If it’s not Santii talking golf, it’s Aussie doing long winded stats or people talking about the Gaza Strip. 🙄


    (For The Sake Of The Blog And Boring Posters ) 🙄


  41. Prem

    I think the ones that take squad spaces will be the ones we are trying to flog as the club obviously see no future for them at Newcastle. I am surprised Vuckic made the tour squad and Bigirimana didn’t.


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