Game On! Newcastle v Manchester City

Game On at SJP
Game On at SJP
Good afternoon all, and welcome to our first game of a new Premier League season. First up, a tough game against Manchester City.

A new look United will want to start the season off with a win in front of our own fans, at least in part to start putting some gloss on what has so far been a poor year in terms of results.

In the blue corner, Manchester City will be wanting to extend a rather fearsome unbeaten streak against us and will no doubt want to signal their intentions as they set about trying to retain the Premier League crown. Not that early indicators matter – City having won the league last season whilst spending the least calendar days sitting at the top of the table – but they will be wanting the win just as much as us.

Early team news, stats, facts and injury news can be found here in the match preview so if you haven’t already done so or just wish to have another look please feel free to take a peek by clicking the hyperlink above.

The game is live on Sky here in the UK and is also being shown on any number of overseas channels so picking up a stream shouldn’t be too much trouble. If you do find a particularly good stream then please share it by posting the link in the ‘comments’ section below.

Full team news will be published below as and when it becomes available.

As I said in the match preview, games like this are dead rubbers for me. I tend to expect nothing and hope for a lucky break. That being said, I’ve always said the minimum I expect is 100% effort from the players, and that should apply whoever we are playing against.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Daryl Janmaat, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Paul Dummett; Vurnon Anita, Jack Colback; Moussa Sissoko, Remy Cabella, Yoan Gouffran; Emmanuel Riviere

Subs: Rob Elliot, Massadio Haidara, Steven Taylor, Mehdi Abeid, Gabriel Obertan, Rolando Aarons, Ayoze Perez

Manchester City: Joe Hart, Gael Clichy, Vincent Kompany, Martin Demichelis, Aleksandar Kolarov, Fernando, Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri, David Silva, Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko

Subs: Willy Caballero, Dedryck Boyata, Pablo Zabaleta, James Milner, Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Sergio Aguero

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658 thoughts on “Game On! Newcastle v Manchester City

  1. Things have been very quiet re Tiote since pre season. Too quiet perhaps?
    I’m not bothered as I’m not his greatest fan. Ashley will want too much for him and he’ll stay anyway.


  2. BRIS

    I had Dier, Ivanovic, Sterling, Berahino and Naismith in my squad in the few days building up to kick-off…Long and Bertrand didn’t do much…

    Relatively happy though…


  3. Tiote is the right age for Ashley to sell. He’s at his peak and therefore is pretty much the finished article in terms of a club looking to buy. For Ashley, his value is probably only going to go down after this season too.

    But it’s still a matter of him getting the fee that he wants. Every single player will have a value that the club put on them, every single one.

    Personally, I don’t want any player to leave because that only weakens us. I definitely don’t want a first team player like Tiote to leave unless we get in a first team replacement. Who would play his role? Anita? Colback? They’re not the same players…

    Would you take Tiote leaving if it meant signing Grenier?


  4. So Pards, Carver and Colo were at the funeral this morning of Liam Sweeney.

    Fantastic gesture


  5. LIAM

    That’s spot on. Two incredibly loyal fans killed while travelling to the other side of the planet to watch a pre-season friendly…there aren’t many like them and they will be sorely missed.


  6. I just don’t understand how a club is supposed to build a successful team if it keeps selling its better players – for a profit or not.


  7. Stuart – We are no different to anyone else……

    Man utd sold Ronaldo, Spuds Bale, Lpool Suarez, Everton Fellani, Arsenal RVP, fabregas….

    Unless you are Man City and Chelsea funded by a fantasy fictional scenario then unfortunately thats the way of every other club


  8. I sold all my best players!! 😆
    6 of my original team were showing as injured so late Saturday arvo (my time) last week so I sold and bought but choose poorly… long season tho.. to paraphrase Pardz “I am happy with the players I have” 😆



    Just checked your team. Oops…

    Also can’t work out how your team value is showing as £98.7M and yet you have £1.4M in the bank…how could any of that lot gone up in value?!


    August 21, 2014 at 11:18

    I am not sure we are anything like Arsenal, Man Utd or Liverpool. Or even Spurs for that matter.

    All the clubs you mentioned held onto them players until they helped them achieve something. Spurs kept Bale until they got in the CL, Arsenal kept hold of Fabregas for a couple of seasons before selling when they didn’t win the league, and Liverpool wouldn’t sell Suarez until they got in the CL. They also use the money to develop a better squad – unlike us.

    But the main difference between us and them is that the clubs above have an ambition to achieve something more than just staying in the PL. They give themselves the best possible opportunity to achieve that by keeping their best players, until they achieve that ambition (which helps them keep the players or build further) or they don’t achieve the ambition and then they sell them as per their probably agreement. Us on the other hand, just have a valuation and once its met, its goodbye. No long term thinking, no planning and no thoughts of keeping the squad together to move forward and improve.

    Is it any wonder we are up, down, up and down in the league. We get a decent team, finish higher up the league and then sell, next season we finish further down the league. It’s not rocket science.


  11. Stuart – Im not so sure. The Glazers havent put a penny into the club they simply reinvest what they earn through publicity, sponsorships etc.

    We cant command that level of income so are reduced to selling our biggest assets, our players in the hope of progression.

    Spuds reinvested and didnt get champs league.
    Lpool will be interesting to see how they cope.
    Arsenal have only recently started to pay more for players but they have consistently been in the champs league season after season.

    Its all relative. Its just unfortunate that we dont appear to progress once we sell these players rather we pad out with more average bunch.

    Cabaye, Debuchy, Remy, Tiote
    Cabella, Janmaat, Riviere, Colback

    I know which I would prefer but if he sells tiote and brings in 2 of Ayew / Richards / Remy / Grenier / Van Dijk then its definitely progression


  12. Stuart they have a budget to match their ambition. We don’t have a budget to compete at that level. We have ambition to meet our budget.


  13. Spurs hung onto Bale but before that they sold Modric and Berbatov and Keane etc.. just saying… lot of selling of best players going on… 😉


  14. I think it’s fair to say Stuart79 that Newcastle will be successful but not in our lifetime. It will take decades before we can compete with Manu financially. Mike will get richer and jack **** will change. Is it any wonder that the fan’s get impatient because they deserve something more than there getting in cup games and in the league.


  15. Spurs were under pressure to sell Bale and Modric before they got in the CL. They held them and reaped the rewards. Regards Berbatov and Keane they sold them and used the money from them to improve their squad to such a degree that they got in a position to get in the CL.

    Arsenal have always signed good players and have always spend decent money. They had no issue buying the likes of Walcott and Ox for more than £10m They also bought the likes of Reyes, Henry and Wiltord for good money.

    The facts are we have had two chances of pushing the club on to be in the position of Spurs and Everton and maybe get into the CL and we have blown it by selling our best players or just not even buying any players.

    The money that this football club has brought in over the past two years is gargantuan and it would give us a real, real chance of pushing on. That by the way is still spending within our means, but we don’t even do that.

    Spurs didn’t have a turnover anywhere near ours until Ashley came along and now were so far behind we just can’t compete.

    Pathetic really.


  16. Prem,

    We don’t have an ambition to meet our budget as we haven’t touched the huge increase in TV money or the new sponsorship money that has come in over the last year or two. We are still relying on selling players to fund our purchasing


  17. Arsenal had bought **** all players after they built their stadium. They sold heaps and were very miserly with their spending. They have only started spending now that the stadium has been paid off.. Stuart stop editing the truth to suit your arguments mate 😉


  18. I wonder how much money the fat greedy *******’s made on these deal with Puma. How does anyone know for sure he hasn’t pocketed the cash.


  19. Arsenal spend.. or lack of.. 😉
    08/09 -3.5m
    09/10 -31m
    11/12 -17m
    12/13 +8.6m

    This season and last season are showing more spending .. both +30m . .. imagine how much whinging Stuart would be doing if he were a gunners fan! 😆 😆


  20. Aussie. They also sold Fabregas, RVP, Vermalen, Song, Clichy & Sagna. Most of there best players sold in recent years. They mustn’t have much ambition.


  21. Santii, even worse, they bought unproven pl players with the money.. 😆
    MDS .. 😆 agree..


  22. Not quite Prem. We have had a relegation, two bottom half finished and got tenth by the skin of our teeth last year. Either way, we have a budget to be getting us top 8 and even higher before Ashley came in and killed the commercial side of the club.


    August 21, 2014 at 12:24
    Arsenal had bought **** all players after they built their stadium. They sold heaps and were very miserly with their spending. They have only started spending now that the stadium has been paid off.. Stuart stop editing the truth to suit your arguments mate 😉

    WOW! Now who’s editing for their own arguments…

    Look at the players Arsenal actually bought with the money they received from selling the players. They did buy players, so once again you’re talking ****e. They didn’t have a problem spending what they received and they had a stadium to pay for – we don’t!

    They had no problem spending £15m on a player because they had the money to do it albeit from selling the players. That is exactly how Arsenal have managed to stay in the top 4, but they also didn’t win anything during them years and their supporters were complaining about lack of ambition.

    You’re not taking the situations and looking at them relatively, you’re just comparing the two clubs, which if course are nothing like each other.

    Try again. 🙂


  24. I know can you imagine wasting so much money on players with no pl proven experience… We missed out on the likes of jordi Gomez, Kieran Richardson, joe cole & Carlton Cole.


  25. Stuart, so who did they buy during those seasons? Please name them.. Do you research mate, you won’t embarrass yourself so much as a result! 😉


  26. Aussie – During the period since they moved into their new stadium Arsenal have bought players like:

    Walcott, Hleb, Adebayor, Eduardo, Sagna, Nasri, Ramsey, Arshavin, Vermalaen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Arteta, Ox, Podolski, Giroud, Corzola and Monreal. Plus many, many more, but these players costs a fair bit of cash!

    Wow! I wish we signed, how was it that you put it “Arsenal had bought **** all players after they built their stadium”.



  27. As I said previously, the majority of these purchases were funded from selling players, however look at the quality of the players they replaced them with and unfortunately they cost quite a bit of money – which they had no problem in spending!

    As I have said time and time again; I would have no problem selling some players if it funded incoming players of the quality of the players above. The problem is of course that Ashley does not see any value in paying £10,000,000 for one player – however good they may be.


  28. Stuart, they actually sold half those players in the past 5 seasons.. including rvp, song , sangna & fabergas.. they also bought sol cambell but I guess you forgot to mention him! 😉 I am not trying to argue with you mate, I am actually trying help you out because you seem to be struggling some what.. I am here for you if you need me.. 😉


  29. So now you’re changing the goal posts? You asked me to name the players they bought during the period since the stadium was built, so I listed a few. I also stated that they sold players to fund these purchases – can you not read?

    I am guessing you can’t read as I also made the point that the quality of the players they purchased with that money were very good and cost a lot of money – something Ashley is not prepared to do with us.

    Next time you want shown up, let me know as it would be much more humble of you to just accept it and retreat with your dignity rather than trying to change your argument. 😳 😳 😳 😳


  30. It’s maybe past your bed time though so that maybe a reason for your strange behaviour. Go get some kip and come back tomorrow with a clear head instead of an empty head. 😯


  31. They made huge profits in transfers, during those few years and they have just started buying quality replacements for the ones sold now they don’t have a stadium to pay off.

    We bought 9 players with two player sales and somehow Arsenal get praise and we get slated….


  32. Stuart, the fact remains that they have sold their best players and bought lesser players with the money.. sound familiar? Then again, you have never compared us to any other team 😆 😆 deary me. 😳


  33. Santti – Please look at the list of players they signed with that money, then look at the players we brought in. 😯

    We cannot compare. Arsenal were prepared to spend the money required to get in very good players – we are not!


  34. And if you think Walcott, OX, Nasri, Corzola and Podolski are lesser players then dear oh dear…

    I would stop now and go to bed – you’re embarrassing yourself. 😳 😀


  35. Stuart they still made huge profits on transfers alone, after signing those players because they continue to sell their best players year after year.

    Something you have just been slating Newcastle for.


  36. Stuart, You stated they have always spent good money and bought good players.. that is not the case… no matter how much you are trying to make it true! 😆


  37. Santii – Can you not read either?

    I said they had a stadium to pay for and we don’t! I also said i wouldn’t have a problem with us selling players if it meant we could go into the transfer market for good quality players – but we don’t. We buy players who might be good, or might not be good. It is value above all else for Ashley. If Messi became available for £15m Ashley still wouldn’t take him, because he doesn’t believe in spending over £9m for a player.

    It is holding us back, its as simple as that!


  38. Aussie – 🙄 😀 😀 🙄 😀 😯

    Sorry i have been completely and utterly mis led by Arsenal over the years. Walcott didnt cost £12m, or Podolski didnt cost £10m, or Ox didnt cost £12m, what about Corzola, I thought he cost £20m and not to mention Nasri who I was under the impression cost £15m…

    Silly, silly me. I didnt know they were on free transfers… 😳 😳 😳


  39. SANTII
    August 21, 2014 at 13:45
    and compared to Cole, Nasri, Henry, Fabregas, Sagna, RVP & Song. Those players are much lesser players…

    Nasri and Henry were bought for big prices, so don’t kid your self and Sagna left on free this summer so I don’t know why he is even mentioned.


  40. I wish people would accept it when they’re wrong instead of changing the argument every time.

    Next lesson will commence at 1900 this evening.

    Until then – Au Reviour.


  41. Stuart, I notice you and Geordie Two are never on at the same time.. You are not the same posters are you? Very similar posts as well! 😆 😛


  42. No its resale value above all else. We buy players that will almost guarantee to increase in Value. Which means mostly they are good players.


  43. Santii … players that are expensive are the best players you can get.. it is simple football knowledge. . Clubs and agents do not over inflate players value to profiteer, that would be bad for businesses. Eg: Carroll is one of the worlds best strikers because he is worth 35m 😆


  44. Aussie no way. Stuart makes a point and argues it. Wrong or right.

    G2 just spouts constant pointless drivel (on 2 blogs simultaneously) that i think is supposed to be funny.


  45. Aussie i haven’t seen much of it but it looks like him and his mate where over paying for players and agents just to get a wee handback or that’s what it sounded like when i was listening to 5 live.


  46. Christ alive, these text messages between Ian moody and malky mackay are kicking up a stink it’s all over SSN


  47. Santii, 😆 are you sure? Stuart finds no humour in anything in life and G2 finds no humour in any of his posts! 😆 😆 putting two and two together…. 😛


  48. Its escalated from overpaying for players; It explains the grovelling apology Mackay gave Cardiff when most felt he was the harshly treated party…


  49. Holy **** i had no idea it was stuff like that. What a scumbag and every pundit and his dog was crying, oh poor Malky Mackay and slating Vncent Tan for wrongly sacking him.

    I hope Cardiff sue the life out of the pair of them and neither of the scumbags get a job in football again.

    When i first heard about the over paying on the radio the presenter was defending Malky… saying Tan was wrongly badgering him because he had to pay compensation….


  50. Aussie, most were between Malky and Ian Moody when both at Cardiff I believe. Cardiff have sent a report to the FA for inappropriate behaviour or something like it .


  51. Ahhh.. not a clever lot then… makes you wonder what was going through their heads..probably not much it seems. 😕


  52. AP: “Siem de Jong has trained all week & will be in the squad for Villa. Tiote has been running outside & working towards training.”

    AP: “It was important to pay tribute to the memory of Liam Sweeney this morning. We wanted to pay our respects to a mad Geordie fan.”

    AP: “We will be facing a Villa side who will be full of confidence after a great away win last week. We have to be stiff opposition.” #nufc


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