Game On! Newcastle v Manchester City

Game On at SJP
Game On at SJP
Good afternoon all, and welcome to our first game of a new Premier League season. First up, a tough game against Manchester City.

A new look United will want to start the season off with a win in front of our own fans, at least in part to start putting some gloss on what has so far been a poor year in terms of results.

In the blue corner, Manchester City will be wanting to extend a rather fearsome unbeaten streak against us and will no doubt want to signal their intentions as they set about trying to retain the Premier League crown. Not that early indicators matter – City having won the league last season whilst spending the least calendar days sitting at the top of the table – but they will be wanting the win just as much as us.

Early team news, stats, facts and injury news can be found here in the match preview so if you haven’t already done so or just wish to have another look please feel free to take a peek by clicking the hyperlink above.

The game is live on Sky here in the UK and is also being shown on any number of overseas channels so picking up a stream shouldn’t be too much trouble. If you do find a particularly good stream then please share it by posting the link in the ‘comments’ section below.

Full team news will be published below as and when it becomes available.

As I said in the match preview, games like this are dead rubbers for me. I tend to expect nothing and hope for a lucky break. That being said, I’ve always said the minimum I expect is 100% effort from the players, and that should apply whoever we are playing against.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Daryl Janmaat, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Paul Dummett; Vurnon Anita, Jack Colback; Moussa Sissoko, Remy Cabella, Yoan Gouffran; Emmanuel Riviere

Subs: Rob Elliot, Massadio Haidara, Steven Taylor, Mehdi Abeid, Gabriel Obertan, Rolando Aarons, Ayoze Perez

Manchester City: Joe Hart, Gael Clichy, Vincent Kompany, Martin Demichelis, Aleksandar Kolarov, Fernando, Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri, David Silva, Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko

Subs: Willy Caballero, Dedryck Boyata, Pablo Zabaleta, James Milner, Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Sergio Aguero

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658 thoughts on “Game On! Newcastle v Manchester City

  1. Chronicle: Newcastle aren’t looking to recruit wingers in the remainder of the transfer window, which rules out a move for Andre Ayew #nufc

    Does this we are still planning to bring in new players? πŸ˜•


  2. Oblong

    Graham Bailey who has been pretty good so far this summer (in terms of getting things right) said he knows we are in for a player but he couldn’t say who for now.

    I think he is the North East correspondent for Sky.

    I am not expecting any more players in or big players leaving but i wouldn’t be surprised now if we got another in.


  3. The funny thing is, you can put your life on the fact that some toon fans somewhere would have said they wanted Mackay because he was a young, up and coming manager, with fresh ideas and seemed open and honest in interviews with barely a glimpse of smugness.

    Just shows you never really know who you’re cheering on, like good ol Emre πŸ™„


  4. I think this Geordie Two fella might just have what it takes to become Director of Football. Mike would love him because his always trying to find ways of improving the team on the cheap. If he can get players names right and the wage bill down.

    Hope Troys having a good holiday. His very intelligent and should really consider getting his coaching badges to become the next Alan Pardew.


  5. I’d like to think we were still in for 2 players before the window closes (but I’m forever optomistic and probably just a little bit naive)

    Richards or Nastasic from city and a proven goal scorer and I’d be over the moon.

    Saying that I’m just of the opinion that Cisse will come back strong this season


  6. People slag off NUFC for not taking cup competitions seriously…well Spurs rested Kaboul, Rose, Lamela, Eriksen, Lennon, Capoue and Adebayor for their Europa League game compared to the West Ham game and Hull have rested everyone bar Chester and McGregor for their Europa League game compared to the West Ham game.

    This is no different to us resting a few players against Gillingham…


  7. Lovely chap that Mackay…and to think our manager just called another manager a c**t and headbutted a player…


  8. We could discuss, debate and argue players we want in and out of the football club but the one big factor would remain, Pardew. I have lost total faith in the man. The brand of football he wants to play is for no hopers.
    Get rid of him and we might just have a chance of respectability. Eight defeats out of the last nine league games and he is still in a job.


  9. Wow! 😯 just tuned in for 5 mins to see how the Stuart v Aussie fight was progressing.

    Bang! Pow! Crack! Stuart knocks Aussie all over the ring! πŸ˜†

    Compelling stuff! πŸ˜›

    Go Stuart! Hit him with more facts! You’ve got him on a standing count! πŸ˜›

    Stuart. Totally right about Arsenal. πŸ˜‰


  10. Jesus Christ just seen the MM texts – what a complete tw*t. Hope the FA throw the book at him. What a despicable individual. Well done Cardiff weeding him out.


  11. Deb. I knew they’d do that, it’s stupid to say you would say or text racist remarks when under pressure. I’m often under pressure but never feel the need to be racist.


  12. Hi Kim. Agree. If he’s going to attempt to defend his despicable actions he needs to come up with something better than that. The Cardiff owner has played an ace card just when he thought he could walk into another job with his partner in crime at Palace, he was thwarted at the eleventh hour. Also the LMA attempting to try and defend him, are they for real?


  13. Any of our US contingent know if our game is likely to be shown on Saturday? Just leaving the West Coast for Houston. Thanks in advance for advice re best chance of catching the game or highlights


  14. I am so pleased to see that Troy & Stuarts blossoming relationship has survived the tyranny of distance. What a cute couple! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜›


  15. Aussie you know its going well when you have to keep repetitively telling yourself and your buddy, you are winning the argument……..

    πŸ˜› 😎 😳 πŸ˜†


  16. πŸ˜† Ha this is true Santii… I actually enjoy debating with Stuart.. he is good for a laugh πŸ˜‰ Troy, well I picture him as a parrot sitting on Stuart’s shoulder πŸ˜› “Troy want a cracker”? πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  17. Deb…As far as I now the tv network that shows the games in the States (NBC I think) show every Premier league game.


  18. Deb – you can always catch a stream or two. There’s probably a branch of Houston Mags hiding away somewhere in Texas.


  19. So Pardew says its time for one or two players to move on. Well he obviously means HBA for one. It looks more and more likely he’s waiting to run down his contract as he doesn’t look in any rush to leave. Pardew isn’t going to play him so why not give him a free transfer and save a couple of mil in wages? Then we can bring someone in who will play.


  20. Jesus…imagine if we’d sacked Pardew after his headbutt and then hired Mackay to replace him…what a laughing stock we’d be now!

    First time I read the text messages I thought they were out of order, after I read the LMA’s press release, I went to reread the messages to see if there could be taken out of context. The one about the agent was just unprofessional and demeaning and maybe the one about the “white faces” could have been taken out of context (though probably not) but there’s no way with the others…

    What an idiot…


  21. STUART

    Firstly, they’d have to find someone willing to pay his wages…secondly you don’t just give someone a free transfer if you think he’s worth a few million. It would be a bit like giving your car away because nobody has met the 5 grand asking price…

    Even if we did let him go somewhere on a free and they covered his wages, we’d still need to spend a lot more on transfer fees and other fees to get someone in to replace him! I can’t help but think we have enough in that area with Cabella, Riviere, Goofy, Aarons and Obertan who can all play that wide attacking role.


  22. We don’t need to replace him as he’s not in Pardew’s plans anyway. It is the club’s current way though – 1 in 1 out. Childish view of running a football club in my mind. We have a financial strategy not a football one. πŸ™„



    What do you suggest we do? Sign so many players that we have players we can’t even register in the squad of 25 and they’re kicking their heels for months?


  24. Ok…compare our squad to Everton. We still need to get rid of 3 players and Everton still have room for 2…

    Position Newcastle Everton
    GK Krul Howard
    GK Elliot Robles
    LB Haidara Baines
    LB Santon
    LB Dummett
    RB Janmaat Coleman
    RB Raylor Hibbert
    CB Colo Jagielka
    CB Willo Distin
    CB MYM Stones
    CB Saylor Alcaraz
    MF Tiote Barry
    MF Anita McCarthy
    MF Colback Osman
    MF Jonas Besic
    MF Abeid Gibson
    MF HBA Barkley
    MF Vuckic
    Wing Goofy McGeady
    Wing Cabella Oviedo
    Wing Sissoko Pienaar
    Wing Obertan
    Wing Fergie
    Forward Riviere Lukaku
    Forward Ferreyra Naismith
    Forward SDJ Mirallas
    Forward Cisse Kone
    Forward Atsu

    Might be debate on some of the positions listed and comparisons…but you get the idea…


  25. All I’m suggesting is that we make decisions for football reasons not financial ones. Most of our 8-9 useless players were signed because they were perceived as financial bargains at the time.


  26. Georgio, do you honestly believe we simply buy players because they are cheap? 😯 You are having a laugh…. we try and buy good players for cheap and that is why we miss out on them more often than not.. πŸ˜•



    A player is only a financial bargain if they actually deliver something and then increase in value…that’s like spending Β£1,000 on a car that doesn’t actually run and calling it a bargain…

    I don’t believe for a minute that we have 8-9 useless players either!

    I think we all need to accept that football has moved on and they’re now big businesses. They’re run by businessmen, not fans but a big part of what players are signed has to come from the football people. But the money side still has to be right. That’s the same with every club apart from those with stupid money to spend.


  28. TDS – I couldn’t sell my car because nobody wanted to pay for it and it was constantly letting me down and If I was paying Β£40,000 per week for my car and I knew someone could take it for nothing in 10 months time I think I would give it away and save myself a hell of a lot money.

    I get the impression you would rather let him sit in the reserves, costing the club Β£2m a year and then give him away for nothing next year?


  29. Stuart do you think we can just release him and not have to pay up his remaining contract….

    Well we can’t, unless he is sold he won’t be leaving.


  30. STUART

    If it’s constantly letting you down, why would someone else pay Β£40,000 per week for it? At what point do you decide to write off an asset as worthless?

    If HBA really is worth nothing to other clubs, then there’s no way they would pay his wages…if he is worth something, then the club needs to try to sell him.

    And of course, there’s always the possibility that he sorts his head out and contributes this season.


  31. STUART

    Considering what most English football fans think of Welbeck, do you think most NUFC fans would want him? Funny how we always slate the English players…

    What do you think he’s worth in terms of transfer fee and wages?


  32. Plenty people in football really rate him and certainly the players he plays with.

    Personally I would pay Β£10m for him. In today’s football he will probably be picking up Β£60k a week which is a no go for us I think – so that’s that.


  33. One thing puzzles me about this Jonas situation. Why isn’t he playing in our reserve squad ? Surely, no club will want him if his not playing games ? Why aren’t the club trying to persuade norwich again. Even if it’s a loan deal but he seems happy just getting paid for training. Surely coaching might be a better job for him. Take into consideration Pardew’s a defensive manager and on Jonas’s day he was brilliant.


  34. STUART

    Plenty of people in football also rate Pardew and certainly the players who play for him…

    Welbeck’s career total of 37 goals in 175 appearances and he’s currently on close to Β£80kpw according to the web. Also according to the web, they want Β£15M for him.


  35. Re HBA – football clubs are always taking risks on taking players who have chequered pasts. I can’t believe you try and say nobody would want to pay him to play. He’s a great talent who happens to have fallen out with Pardew and has no future – that is clear!

    Let’s just keep paying his wage then and let him rot. Please open your eyes and don’t be too blinkered.

    Santii – NUFC didn’t have to pay Barton up – they just gave him a free transfer. If they were to cancel his contract they’d probably have to pay him up a la Ranger, but not a free transfer.



  36. STUART

    Please don’t start getting rude and tell me top “open my eyes”. I could say the same about some of your comments on this blog but I choose to discuss them with you rather than be insulting.

    If someone wants to sign HBA, then they just need to contact the club and put in an offer for him (free or £££), assuming they’re also happy to pay his wages and any other related fees. Simple really. We have no idea if there are several clubs interested right now. Not long ago, there was a rumour apart a part exchange for Grenier.

    Like I said…you don’t just write off an asset just like that…there needs to be a damn good reason for doing so. If he joined…say…Juventus for free…and then had a great season, wouldn’t you be saying the club was a joke for not getting a fee for him??


  37. The most comical thing about Ronnie Delias comments is not this continuing view that Celtic are big time; Which is shot to pieces repeatedly with Wanyama, Hooper, Kelvin Wilson, Joe Ledley, Forster & now Samaras joining lesser lights down here. But that he said Van Dijk has to show more consistancy, He plays in scotland ffs

    Why are on earth are we bothering when Richards who isnt tall (Neither were Cannavaro, Cordoba, Baresi or Passarella) but is powerful, Quick, Has a superb leap, Excellent in the air. Can play across the back and is available for about half the price. He would flourish alongside Colo imo


  38. If you think telling you to open your eyes is an insult you need to get out more!

    Also please show me where I advocate giving him away rather than selling him? I asked the question; would it be better to give him a free transfer if he was intent on running is contract down. It would save the club an awful lot of cash. But yet again some on here dobt or can’t read.

    Eh ho


  39. STUART

    When you say “Pardew isn’t going to play him so why not give him a free transfer and save a couple of mil in wages?” that kind of insinuates that you think we should give him away…

    If he is intent on running his contract down then there’s absolutely no way we can stop him other than paying up his contract in full and releasing him. We can’t force someone to take him.

    Pardew will play him if he can sort his head out, be professional and do what a professional football player is supposed to do. There’s a point that he’s written off and given a free transfer (like Barton) but unless you’re directly involved in the situation you have no way of knowing how close we are to that point.


  40. CC

    Answer…we’re not bothering…it’s only paper talk. No way are we going to spend that much money on a defender from the SPL again!


  41. TDS – The fact there was a question mark after the comment kind of insinuates its a question not a fact or opinion don’t you think?

    Another who can’t read obviously 😳


  42. STUART

    Well then I’ve answered your question of why not…because you don’t give someone away on a free transfer if they’re worth something…

    If he’s not worth anything, then nobody would pay his wages either….


  43. He is only worth something (A transfer fee) if someone will pay something for him. At this stage it doesn’t look like anyone will pay for him. That doesn’t mean to say they wouldn’t take him for nothing and pay his wages.

    I think it would be stupid of us to keep him and continue to keep paying his wages if he wasn’t going to play for a whole year. I think his relationship with Pardew has broken down beyond repair.

    We did it Barton so they have set a precedent – that is clear.

    But don’t get me wrong (as most try to do), if we can sell him great, but if on the 1st Sept he’s still here and Pardew isn’t going to pay him – we should give him a free transfer.


  44. STUART

    You know that’s simplistic right? And you know one of the main reasons that Barton was released is that he was toxic around the club and wouldn’t stop mouthing off about his bosses. If he wasn’t a millionaire footballer, he would just have been sacked for that anyway.

    Of course you’re right that there’s no point in paying HBA for a year rather than let him go for a free transfer. But that’s assuming:
    a) He doesn’t sort himself out and plays some games for us
    b) Another club isn’t willing to pay for him
    c) Another club is willing to pay all/part of his wages

    So unless you have a crystal ball that says he won’t sort himself out and no other club will offer cash for him, it’s simply a judgement call as to what to do…


  45. Well once again, you appear not to have read my comments. I did say that if nobody has bought him on Sept 1st we should drive him a free transfer.

    Reports say he is a toxic influence in the dressing room, the captain himself is thought to be totally pissed off with him and agree with the treatment Pardew has handed out to him. Don’t forget this is a guy who was signing autographs in the ground while the last hime game of the season was happening, let his mouth go in an un sanctioned interview last season and was about to have his own little meet and great at the Back Page recently when the club had their open day. Tell me, what is the difference between him and Barton?

    So in case you gloss over the point; if nobody pays anything for him this transfer window and Pardew is adamant he has no future here then he should be given away.


  46. STUART

    And that’s assuming that he’s been completely written off to play for us again this season? And that’s assuming he wants to go to a club that is willing to take him?

    Pardew isn’t adamant that he has no future, in fact he’s said the opposite.

    Anyway…time will tell…I’d love to see him pulling his finger out but I won’t cry if he goes either…he’ll probably play really well elsewhere for a year, our fans will kick off, and then he’ll sulk again and cause problems…


  47. Great craic! Stuart has destroyed Aussie and Santii has just gave up altogether. He’s now destroying TDS (very sensitive soul) πŸ˜€

    I wish I had wifi abroad. Not that Stuart needs my support but just as a referee cos I know the Clueless Crew, twist words, make statements up and accuse others of being something they aren’t. It would be good to be there to referee and blow the whistle and award red and yellow cards.

    Aussie & Santii would be on reds already and TDS would be getting a word in his shell about being too sensitive.


    FTSOTB TDS. Man up and stop being sensitive. πŸ™„


  48. @TDS

    I’m sorry fella but I don’t believe Stuart could have explained his point any clearer. Yet you still try and leave it as if you are right.

    He’s telling you that IF Pards doesn’t see him in his plans he might as well give him a free. He’s not saying give him a free no matter what.

    Just read, digest and acknowledge Stuarts valid point.


  49. TROY

    Yes Troy. And if Cisse isn’t in Pardew’s plans and nobody wants to buy him, then he should be released too…obvious.

    But Stuart is making the assumption that Pardew isn’t going to play him anymore…which is contradictory to what Pardew has said.


  50. He’s not saying that from what I’ve read. He’s basically saying IF Pardew is not going to play him or in his plans.

    Why would he say that if he thought he was in Pards plans?

    To me, it looks like Pards has totally ostracised him and all indications are that he’s not in his plans. However, me, you or Stuart don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and it could be Pards’ effort to motivate him.

    But it’s a perfectly reasonable and valid point that Stuart has made. Instead of cutting off your nose to spite your face, and try and show Barfa that he can’t get his own way and play him in the reserves for another year, why not just offer him for free and save on wages.

    It’s you that doesn’t get the basic point that Stuart is making IMO.


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