Transfer Wrap – Deadline Day

Well I awoke this morning, quickly made myself a coffee and switched on my tablet and headed straight to the Newsnow link to catch up on all the last minute deals we were working on in the dying hours of the transfer window. I must admit as the page on the tablet was populating, I felt a little trepidation based on our recent performances on deadline day.

Not again!
Not again!

From there it only took but a moment to realise that most of the headlines were centred around the loan departure of Yanga Mbiwa to Roma and a last minuteΒ loan deal for Ben Arfa to go to Hull. I then doubled check all the headlines looking for a small glimmer of hope that we had replaced these players but there was none to be found. Even now I am struggling to see the sense of letting these players go without replacing them. I can understand it if they are wanting to clear some space in the squad for new signings but you think the next logical step would be to fill those space with new signings. Both of the players we have let go have not figured prominently in the first team in the second half of last season and the start of this one. But what they do offer is options should we need them. We have now removed any chance of utilising these players and we are probably going to look at some of our younger guys to fill the void. To be honest I am all for giving the younger lads a go but we tried this the season after we finished 5th and look how that played out. We now have a high number of inexperienced premier league players and the board are playing a dangerous game going into this season proper.

Maybe there is some greater master plan that the board has in mind. Come January we will fill the gaps in the squad and the master plan will be complete. It is one hell of a gamble if this is indeed the thought process behind these two players been loaned out. Sure there is a financial benefit but it is hardly break the bank stuff if you ask me. So once again Toon fans have been left wondering “what if” (or what the f*ck) at the end of another transfer window. We have seemingly fallen one or two steps short of doing a really good job once again. Even as I am typing this up, I can barely muster any positive thoughts as I contemplate the aftermath of another deadline day.

What are your thoughts?

341 thoughts on “Transfer Wrap – Deadline Day


    That’s why I say that something must have gone seriously wrong. Either MYM was considered crap in pre-season, one of the youngsters just provide himself to be better, or perhaps MYM kicked up a fuss about something and there wasn’t much choice but to ship him out as there’s no point in a sulking player on the bench.

    Colo was immense in the last game in terms of clearing the ball from set-pieces and crosses. I just think there isn’t the organisation in the box that we need. Someone like Terry or Adams who commands the box and orchestrates the defence. Even goalkeepers can do that sometimes but I don’t think that’s Krul’s skill either.


  2. TDS – if Cisse could knock 13 goals a season I’d happy keep him!. Remy got 14 for us last season so we’d be sorted if Cisse to cover that – I somehow don’t think he will like πŸ™„

    The Chucky situation puzzles me a bit like. I’m wondering how much involvement Pardew had with that one. The lad is obviously fit coz he’s playing and scoring in the reserves, yet he’s not even making the bench ahead of Perez?!.


  3. @ Sharpy
    That’s exactly it. I would look at the whole scenario with a different mind-set if it looks like the intention was to give the youngsters a chance. (though I still would likely have wanted someone to replace Williamson)
    However it wasn’t planned, it was just classic nufc incompetence.
    I don’t know why you keep mentioning Blackett – he regularly featured for Man Utd in preseason – unlike our young CB’s. (And there are 4 cbs in front of him – Jones/Roja/Smalling/Evans.)


  4. TDS – agree about MYM. Satka looks very competent, but he’s still very young and inexperienced – but has bags of composure. I’ve seen him quite a bit with the youth and reserves and I like him alot as a CB mind, Pardew has been playing him RB in preseason.

    I disagree about Colo against Palace though. He was gash and to blame for all 3 goals IMO – and was very lucky with their disallowed goal. He’s captain and senior CB, so for me it’s HIS job to organise the defence in open play and defending set pieces.



    I don’t think he will either. But he’s injured at the moment. I’m kinda hoping that the additional attacking threat from the likes of LDJ and Cabella will take the pressure off him and he can start to knock in some goals.

    The player who I’m more concerned about is Goofy. He works hard but he’s turned into Jonas from a few years ago…maybe that’s the plan?!

    Confused on Chucky too, but then there is an argument for selecting our own player over a loan player when they’re in similar nick. Would like to see a bit more of him though. I reckon Pardew has been surprised by Perez.



    You’re really hung up on pre-season. I think I already addressed this! From minutes played (a cursory look earlier), I’d say it indicates that MYM was 4th choice and Satka 5th. But something obviously changed here. We may find out or we may never find out but it isn’t exactly a season-defining moment if we let him go. Mike Ashley can hardly be accused of being greedy for this one…so it looks like it was for football reasons.

    Players have to break through into the first team at some point, it’s not all about whether they played in pre-season. Maybe Satka looked great in the games he played and was flying in training and the under-21 games? Who knows…



    I said Colo was excellent in clearances from crosses and set-pieces. Not that he organised the defence well as captain and the senior defender….

    Can’t remember the 3rd goal but remember 3 players all together and then trying to charge down one Palace player, only for the ball to sneak through and eventually drop to their striker and I remember the 3rd being a scrappy goal and an unmarked player scoring via a deflection. But I do remember all 3 looking poor defensively…


  8. It’s clear that our defence which leaked far too many goals last season has not been strengthened, however the signing of Lescalles does imply some forward planning. Also and I don’t have the stats to hand I would imagine that our goals against ratio was worse in the second half of the season. If that is the case then the two CDM in front of the back four, eg Tiote with either Sissoko or Colbeck are probably better defensively than last season.

    Up front I think our three attacking midfielders with SDJ, Cabella & Aarons look like making more chances than last year but whether the CF whoever we pick can convert those chances is open to debate. We may need a CF desperately by January, or we may be wondering what all the fuss was about.

    Overall I think a solid top 10 is still the most likely outcome, but it could well be a season of change if things don’t pick up soon.


  9. I presume that those calling for Pardew’s head would be happy with Tony Pulis. He is after all the most experienced EPL manager out of work.


  10. Prem, I think that we need to stick with the manager, unless weare rooted at the bottom by Christmas, but if he did go, I can think of worse options than Pulis…


  11. I see no benefit in sticking with the manager. His record speaks for itself. We are currently on relegation form.For those who believe our new crop of players and some spotty umproven youths will save us, please let me have a taste of whatever you’re drinking.
    If we act quickly and find someone who can nuture their talent we may be ok. Left with this dimwit they will be playing like Gouffran has for months. I was at the first home game for many of the french crop and they looked exciting and energetic. Those who remain look a shadow of their former selves. Sooner he is gone the better and quite frankly I dont give a hoot at this point who replaces him, they can’t be any worse.


  12. Geordie Deb – the problem with Pardew is that his record does indeed speak for itsefl, since two top-10 finishes makes him the third-most successful Toon boss since Joe Harvey, but at the same time runs of relegation form every season are deeply worrying. There are two camps on here – those who think that Pardew is an average manager, and we won’t get better, and that he’s done an ok job with poor resources; and those who think he’s rubbish and want to get rid whatever. I think he’s got a lot further to fall before the risk of changing manager becomes worth taking, and even then we’d likely get a solid manafger like a Pulis or a Curbishley, whose appointment would be greeted on here with anger and who would have fans complaining faster than Pardew did.


  13. GTE I respect your view but I’m afraid completely disagree and want rid of him. Apart from results being terrible, his breaking all manner of negative records, no discernible style of play after 4 years of trying, pitiful tactics, constantly playing people out of position and several of our players regressing, we now have a very fractured support. The majority of people are sick to death of him, the rubbish he spouts,and his massive unjustified ego. After watching the job Tony Pulis did at Palace last year quite frankly I would prefer him over this charlatan any day.


  14. I am with GTE in the Pards debate, but if he does go then I think Pulis would be a slight improvement. However, If I’d just sacked a manager for flirting with Relegation then there is no doubt I would go for Pulis. The chances of picking a continental manager with the idea of developing an academy and playing beautiful football is never going to happen with any owner let alone Ashley.


  15. Too true, Prem.

    My mate is a Charlton fan. All those years that we were impressed at little Charlton finishing high mid-table in the Prem, they were all boiling hot mad with Curbishley, accused him of being too defensive, accused him of ‘Curbing’ good players, and effectively hounded him out. Be careful what you wish for is the moral of the tale. Its complicated a bit by the fact that by the time Pards got the Charlton job they were already doomed, but the same mate looks at us and thinks that Pardew’s doing a more than decent job, given that we have had negative net transfer spend, season in and out and are, to his eyes, competitive with teams spending net Β£20m a season.

    Pards isn’t terribly bad. He isn’t terribly good. He’s just, like Pulis, Allardyce, Curbishley and Hughes, good enough to keep you in the division, and finish mid- table. With our resources, maybe he’s a little better than that.

    Unless that changes and it really looks like he’s taking us down, stick with. I don’t btw buy the argument that nothing has changed from last season – then we looked shambolic at times, whereas for large parts of the three games this season we’ve looked good, with faults, like most mid-table teams.


  16. GTE – it happens everywhere though, you don’t have to go back as far as Curbs at Charlton. Look at Stoke afew seasons ago – ironically with Pullis. He had them a stable PL side, but the fans didnt like his style so forced him out and ended up with Hughes. Is the football better?, I don’t follow Stoke enough to know that, but the bed sheets have been put away so it worked.
    Chelsea is another, with Rafa winning trophies but the fans still forced him out coz they didnt like his style of play. I know people will jump on that saying yeah but they got Jose – but they didnt know that at the time!. They got rid of a successful manager because the football wasnt right. That’s how I feel now with Pardew. Of course I don’t expect a Jose or Rafa, but someone who can get the squad playing better football is all I would like.


  17. Not disagreeing with that Shapry, not least becaue if you’re going to buy technical players from the French and Dutch leagues, they>But which manager, realistically?


  18. I’m with GTE and PREM. Pardew is just Pardew. He’s an average PL manager. I’d put him on the same plane as Pulis. Apart from Pulis’ long period with Stoke, what has he really achieved? A good recovery with Palace last year? Great…he can motivate some players. But he’s never managed a club as big as ours or a squad as good as ours.

    There’s no doubt that Pardew is lucky to manage our club. He didn’t earn it by spectacular performances for a smaller club and he didn’t earn it by having a proven track record at other big clubs. He got lucky because our owner was looking for a solid PL manager who wouldn’t rock the boat.

    I’m frankly bored about hearing about “relegation form”…it’s not strictly relevant. We all said it was ridiculous when Cabaye was sold and it clearly had a huge impact on the way we played in the 2nd half without replacing him. We also mostly agree that Pardew should have done better in having a plan B to cope without a playmaker for several months. But frankly…where was the creativity in the team? HBA failed when given a chance and nobody else seemed to be able to create any decent chances. Can’t blame Pards for that, blame the idiots that was JFK.

    He’s an average manager and he’ll probably see us into the top 10 again this season. And I know, for some fans, that’s exactly the problem…


  19. Pulis’ highest finish in the PL? 11th…with Palace last year and Stoke a few years ago. Stoke then finishes 9th last season without him as manager.

    I’m not saying he’s a poor manager, but he’s by no means a top PL manager. He seems to be a good motivator of players, in a similar way to Pardew. But Pardew comes across as this dull puppet when he’s interviewed…from hearing what the players say it doesn’t seem that they have the same impression of him.


  20. I’ve always known that, until we give a manager time and back them through bad times, we aren’t going to develop a squad capable of competing with wealthier clubs. I’ve also always thought that Pardew was good enough, given the constraints of Ashley – I don’t agree that he can’t play decent football, as we saw some good stuff in the 5th season, and t
    First half last season. However he always seems to be very limited when things go badly. View currently remains ‘keep’, but, looking for better results (obviously) and performances, in terms of a clear style of play (some hopeful signs, some less so).

    Remain very worried about the ‘sack the manager’ aLl will be well approach – if we went down this time, we might not get back up.


  21. TDS – Pardle knew from the previous summer he was going to lose Cabaye last January. Did he use that six months to try something new. No. What did he do – absolutely nothing. He continued to focus play around Cabaye and then cried like a baby when Cabaye was removed. He seriously expected us to believe that he was somehow powerless to do anything about it. His criminal lack of foresight, hoping for the best and a bit of magic from one or two players to pull him out of the mire are not characteristics of a half way decent premiership manager but of a chancer way out of his depth.
    No-one is saying Pulis is a top class manager but most alternatives would be an upgrade on the current incumbent.
    I’m sorry you’re bored about hearing about relegation form but that is the reality. Does it mean we are going to get relegated, not necessarily but would i put my house on us avoiding it based on current results and the quality of our back up when injuries start to hit, not on your life.


  22. TDS – the vast majority of the squad last season was players HE brought in!. If there was no creativity in it then that’s down to HIM mate. He’s stood scratching his head looking at the likes of Anita, Marv, Obertan, Tiote, Sissoko and Gouffran – these are all HIS players. But the fact is, he tried nothing!. I never once saw for example him play Sammy and Oba as wingers, Sissoko and Tiote in the middle and play Gouffran up front. I’m not saying that was the answer, but at least it would have showed he was trying different options. He did bring Gosling and Shola back into the team mind, but he had already told them they weren’t staying. He threw the towel in mate and let the pressure get to him (headbutt).

    GTE – I don’t know mate. I saw an article linking us with the St Etienne manager but I’m sure it’s paper talk, and I don’t know anything about the bloke either to be honest. I would love Frank De Boer personally, but I don’t suppose that’s likely at all.
    There’s Pullis and Moyes, Di Matteo is still out there – I honestly don’t know mate. The only thing I’m certain of is that Pardew has lost my support.


  23. We would never get FDB, more likely to get Gary Johnson if he walks out on Yoevil which looks likely ( not happy with lack of transfer activity ) lol.


  24. Been talking to a few season ticket holders today, and the general consensus seems to be what’s done is done. We need to move on from here. Its over to Pardew now, to show us what he has got planned.
    The Lads deserve and will get the full support of the fans.
    Pardew has made his bed and must now lie in it.
    He wont be able to use the excuse of the fans for his failure. He has no excuses left to use.
    How many matches he gets is unknown as yet, but it wont be many.
    He will be judged before xmas for sure.
    Seems fair enough to me.


  25. BB, god knows mate, I suppose it depends how crap the others are or injuries. In the absence of a new CF why not give a home grown lad the job he probably knows what’s required more than Perez and Rivi anyway. Quite like the thought of him and Aarons on the pitch.


  26. BB – fair enough on managers, mate – Jabba winn’t go foreign, though. And re- season ticket holders, that’s what I’m hearing too (although most of the lot I hear from are mostly too drunk to actually remember the football) πŸ™‚

    On Arma, no chance, shame.


  27. Boots – if he doesn’t, he risks loosing him. Pardew has the players to rotate up front now, and if the likes of RiviΓ¨re counting to struggle while players like Chucky and Armaz are scoring in the reserve team, then he should absolutely be giving them a chance in the first team.


  28. Got to love the whinging and negativity which is non stop, from the very same people who complained about other being negative only weeks ago.

    They really are hypocritical gloops. πŸ˜›

    Dear me! πŸ˜†


  29. It’s great seeing all the back tracking from the Clueless Crew regarding where they now believe the toon finish.

    I simply can’t see how they couldn’t see how bad the team are by watching the preseason games.

    It’s incredible how slow on the uptake they are. πŸ˜†

    President Aussie and his Deputy Sharpy of the Clueless Crew are reversing so fast they are in danger of end up in the sea. πŸ˜›

    Meanwhile, Begas continues to shake his head uncontrollably. πŸ˜†


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