Will the axe fall?

After much gnashing of teeth and shaking of heads the dust is slowly starting to settle after the transfer windows closure. 

A man under pressure!
A man under pressure!

That is not to say that the anger and resentment is still not bubbling away amongst fans as they try and fathom what transpired on deadline day. There is no doubt that there were multiple parties involved with the dealings that went down but one man seems to be taking the brunt of the blame and that man is Alan Pardew. How much say he had in the Ben Arfa & Mbiwa deals is anybody’s guess but that seems not to matter as the heat builds on our silver haired supremo. Defensively we have been a shambles and to loan out and not replace a defender is fraught with trouble and I can’t help but feel that we will suffer the consequences of this gamble. The mountain for Pardew to climb to win back support from the fans almost seems insurmountable when you couple this with the departure of Ben Arfa. In the past Pardew has not been fully supported in the market place by the board/regime and has had to make do with what he has been given. Last season was particularly bad when you consider what he had to work with. However this season, he has seen new players come through the door and it could be said that he is building a squad with the players that he wants. To me this is going to put added pressure on Pardew and the board/regime will want to see some results from the investment made. We fans will also want to see some improvement from a footballing perspective but to date it looks like we are still a work in progress (to put it very nicely).  No one is expecting the new players to hit the ground running and time will be given for them to customize themselves with the pace of the premier league. I guess the big question is how much patience will the fans and the regime allow before Pardew’s position as manager becomes untenable . There is popular belief amongst a lot of fans that Pardew is safe no matter what happens. This could be true and only time will tell.

For the record, I don’t hate or dislike Alan Pardew and if we were playing some good football and moving in the right direction I would be happy for him to stay. Personally I think he has run his race and has nothing more to give to the team. I am not knocking his commitment and his work ethic as I think he tries as hard as possible. I just don’t think he has any tricks left up his sleeve and his time as Newcastle Manager has run it’s course.

What are your thoughts?

471 thoughts on “Will the axe fall?

  1. TROY nice to see SHARPY putting his thoughts out on blog if you wish to debate it its there to do,or would you prefer it to be a Troy thoughts only blog?,not for me like


  2. Georgio @437, Kim @436, like I say, I go to games or otherwise watch the games and no two people I go or watch with ever has the same view.

    Second half of last season, I saw us just going through the motions, barely bothering with positional play, no aggression, just looking to tick off 90 minutes after 90 minutes, and rightly tonked several times for it.

    In the three games this season the problems have been apparent – struggling to find a style of play that gives us a real cutting edge, brain farts in defence and a lack of athleticism in central midfield – but there has also been evidence of clear roles and plans for full backs and midfield, good nullifying of the threat from City and Villa away, evidence that Riviere, Cabella and Sissoko can play together (balls into feet, please, no crosses), good levels of aggression, no shortage of effort. The team of the second bald half of last season would have lost all three games heavily.

    I’d like to see free-flowing football as well, but all teams have to learn how to defend first – SBR’s teams were pretty sterile for three seasons and even then became next to toothless whenever Bellamy was injured.

    It just seems that right now everything is criticised, even when there is some good in it – Liverpool last season unleash an 18 year old
    Sterling signed from a lower league club and nurtured and are hailed. We play Aarons and it’s a problem because only an 18 year old saved us. Riv is getting torn to shreds on here, and out of the squad on many posters first 18s, but i’m still seeing a good hold the ball up / lay it off link man, who needs Cabella and at homeAarons pushed closed to him / beyond him.

    Just opinions, like.


  3. Ice

    I didn’t think I was stopping him or anyone else debating. Have I pinched his keyboard?

    I have my opinions on his lists which I’m entitled to comment on. It’s good to see your pulse is still pumping though Ice. Keep taking the pills. 😀


  4. TROY you be-little,or rubbish peoples comments or called clueless crew,is yours the only view to follow without those remarks,Ime sure you would go do own really well in a comy country where there is only one view or thought,its no wonder there are less and less lads coming on the blog


  5. Ice – I’m grateful to you mate, but whilst I think you are right, I honestly believe you are wasting your breath – and also giving Troy the exact reaction he looks for. I’ve tried to debate with him, but the recent mention of B&B made me realise it’s an absolute waste of time. This is a man who lets his own stubbornness and childish ways on matters about football to cut ties with his own flesh and blood.
    I truly don’t mind Troys comments, coz they really don’t belittle me, they actually make him look the fool – but I think most get that and have come to expect it from him now. I believe some even find it entertaining – go figure mate.


  6. Wow. I never knew they were so sensitive. Shame they are like that. Here’s me thinking myself and Stuart were the only ones who got hammered as well. 😛

    Just out of interest Ice. How many times have I ridiculed anyone today? Bootsy first thing this morning for his rant last night in response to my post and Sharpy tonight.

    I’ve posted quite a bit today and had my views on Pardew pulled apart and snapped at.

    It doesn’t bother me one iota if that happens to me and I would suggest if the level of ridicule I give is too much for anyone then I suggest they join your night night club only, as I’ve usually lost the will to live once you chair that at 10pm. 😛

    Ice, you are free to leave the blog as well if it’s too much for you. I can’t be doing with wet drips. 😀


  7. Sharpy

    Let me add, it was B&B who cut ties, not me. I would never do that and I would never be huffed by anyone on this blog. I just get that mentality. 😉


  8. Troy – I’ve said to you before mate, when you talk football you can actually have some decent points to make. I understand and acknowledge most of the points you make, I also happen to disagree with alot of them – but that doesn’t mean they are not valid. I’ve also said that I switch off and ignore you when you belittle or ‘ridicule’ as you’ve admitted to above. It’s something you do, and as you say it’s done to most on here, so a form of entertainment rather than bullying or anything like that. I simply don’t reply, and that’s all I’m saying to Ice.
    You know I like my lists mate, and if I were to put together my **** list – you really wouldn’t be on it.


  9. Play nicely kids 😛

    Just debate with each other, everyone likes to debate, debating is good for the soul, come on let’s all debate cos there’s nowt like mass debating to ease stress 😯 😆


  10. TROY you say I should leave the blog,as I’ve said before can you remind me once again who was banned from this blog but came crawling and crying to toonsy to be allowed backime sure you will remember who it was


  11. Ice
    Every time Troy mentions the clueless crew I think of Pardew, Carver and Stone.
    Like thousands of fans, Troy gave up his season ticket (and his son Chips’ ) because of the boring , negative football the players are forced to play.
    Troy will never accept that we have good players in our squad being stifled by a very poor coaching team.


  12. Ice.

    You are entitled to your opinions. But I must point out, that the only ones I take the piss out of are those that have had a go at me in the past.

    To be fair to Sharpy, he seems a canny kid, but he’s very difficult to debate with and often misquotes what you’ve said, which can be very frustrating.

    If you really observed my posts instead of just seeing the piss taking, you would see that’s it’s targeted at a few individuals only.

    I know you hate my banter with Aussie, which can take up a fair bit of thread, but again, it’s only banter and like me I’m sure Aussie shares no malice.

    I will be honest though. There’s nothing worse than someone like yourself who interferes with others banter which has nothing to do with you.

    If you can’t hold a debate by working around others comments, then that’s more of a reflection on you than anyone else.

    Of course I’m not going to suit everyone. That’s what happens on blogs. If people are staying away from the blog because of it, then again, I can’t be responsible for their inability to work round me.

    I get hammered on a daily basis regarding my opinions on Pardew, often abusive, but seriously, it doesn’t bother me but it gives me a valid reason to use ridicule instead of abuse which they choose to use.

    I am really sorry for interrupting your nighty night club cos I know you like to get cosy with your buddies at 10pm. 😆

    FTSOTB 😛


  13. SIDEKICK agree mate,I think you are being very kind calling them a coaching team too,they were canny in the 80s end of


  14. Ice

    I was banned repeatedly when I first joined the blog because there were too many sensitive souls. Plus Toonsy was living on a knife edge between sanity and insanity.

    I often emailed him to justify his decision and requested to be back on.

    One thing for sure, there will not be an email from Toonsy showing me begging. Quite the opposite fella, and I still possess the evidence.


  15. TROY Ime leaving it there,I have a very happy life in all areas,pity you come over as a very sad person and look to others to improve your ego,end of,I will not reply to any of your comments,but try to improve your conduct Ime sure it will help you in life


  16. naughty Troy, upsetting more people, if its not the authors, its the bloggers and the females and your brother. get a grip man, youre in your 40’s 😛

    I can remember my mate Chad, poor lad… 🙄


  17. Hahaha. Thanks Ice. I’m
    Sure I’ll cope without your advice. 😛


    There’s some sensitive people in this world. 😆

    I’m starting to think Ice is jealous you know. You know what they say about women who are spurned. They say some nasty things but deep down it’s their love coming out. 😛

    Anyway, off to bed. Nighty night Ice. 😆


  18. Troy 425, You make a very good point. I can’t fault your judgement about Ashley at all. Just think there’s better managers than Pardew.


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