Sack Him?

Usually I’m not one for getting out the bed sheets and writing protest messages. In fact, if anything, I’m all for giving plenty of time and a good deal of leeway for owners, managers and players to make their mark.

Dead man walking?
Dead man walking?

I’m not the hysterical type that makes pronouncements of doom at the latest defeat or because we didn’t whoop the arses of Sydney and Wellington in pre-season games or because the owner doesn’t run the club the way I want him to. But there comes a point when change has to happen, and somewhere along the line you have to make your feelings known.
That time has come for me now.
I was quite prepared to give this current crop of guys half a dozen games to get their act together. I was quite prepared to see if Pardew could get something out of them. After four games of the current season I’ve lost much of my generosity of spirit.
There appears to be no change in the direction we were heading in at the end of last season. What was clear at the time was that we needed about half a dozen players, and in positions all over the park, and a new game plan. Instead we got some useful signings on paper, some replacements for exiting players and a baffling decision to weaken our very suspect defence. There was also some talk about a new style of play.
I’m still willing to give the players the benefit of the doubt, although the rash of mis-hit shots and air swings by players when in very good scoring positions casts a few doubts about their technique and value, and the link up play is too slow and laborious for the Premier League, and there’s far too much room given to opposition in midfield, and defending leaves so much to be desired that … oh what the hell …? Everything is all f***ed up and unbalanced. Everything.
The guy that has to take responsibility for the way the team plays is Pardew (and Mike Youknowwho, of course, but he’s not selling and is hardly likely to sack himself). We all know our record for this year, so there’s not much point in rehashing it, and we all know about the Pardew Out chants. For me, it’s this that needs to be addressed.
The fans want Pardew to go. Another bad performance v Hull and St James’ Park will become as toxic a site as it was in the relegation season (and didn’t that start against Hull as well?). That toxicity will spill down from the terraces and affect the players. That cannot be allowed to happen; they are already a bunch of question marks running around like headless chooks, they don’t need more pressure on them. Supporting the club is all about the team and anything that gets in the way of that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.
I’m all for a new approach, a regeneration, a reboot, with new personnel in charge. I doubt this is the best time to get rid of the manager, but when is? I say better now than risk a drawn-out battle with the terraces. That can only lead to frustration and anger, and will most likely have a negative effect on the players. A new manager at least gives the players a chance to be born again.
For the sake of the team, Pardew must go.

By Brisvegas

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  1. GTE

    I read this:

    We’re listed as 11th highest here, behind the obvious top 7 and also Villa, Fulham and QPR. I imagine Villa have reduced theirs since, while QPR and Fulham are overpaying to sign better players than their status normally allows. The latter two both paid the price with relegation at the end of the season too.

    I don’t agree with your rational that we’re now down to 16th-18th though. We may have saved money on a few players wages, but it seems we’re still paying a lot for MYM and HBA and we are paying the wages of 9 players, several of whom will be on good money. Surely Janmaat, Cabella and SDJ have similar status to Debuchy and Cabaye when they joined so will likely be on similar money, while Rivière and Ferreyra won’t be too far away. Colback will probably be on good money too as he’s English and was free. Says to me, our wage bill is probably higher than last year.


  2. I could believe the Colo story over the last few days but not before that. No way is Ashley going to risk his investment with an unproven 32 year old manager who has expressed his desire to move back to Argentina when his contract allows.


  3. If Colo’s running things then he’s doing a **** job, therefore why would you get rid of Pard’s who, if you believe that story isn’t running things and therefore cannot be held responsible for the current chaos and install Colo who has us in the current mess(again if you believe that story)…I call bull****! 😉


  4. Kim

    Good read about Ashley/Pards/Detek etc

    I sense there will be some truth in it somewhere but the money Ashley has, won’t affect his decision to peddle Pardew if we get beat off Hull.

    Not a chance. A few grand to pay Pards off or lose £50m by getting relegated.

    I think people need to get real here.

    He wouldn’t think for a second about sacking Pards if he thought we were going to get relegated.

    There wouldn’t be a seconds hesitation.


  5. Thoughts with Jonas and his family. I hope he recovers well and continues his career.

    Please beware the stories saying Pardew told him to leave after finding out. I really doubt that would have happened.


  6. Stuart… Echo the first bit and agree with the second.

    I vote for Sharpy as manager, I hear he already has a list of players to sign…and coaches 😉


  7. He has relied on Pards being an average manager and stopping us being too successful.

    He’s hoping that a win on Saturday would show we are capable of rising out the fire. That would justify his loyalty to pards.

    Everyone’s expectations are so low now, survival will be a success.

    That how. Sports Direct work.

    It’s like, the quality of the club shop is cheap but half decent but unless you I turn up weekly then the


  8. Best of luck and a speedy recovery Jonas… I hope everything is all clear going forward..

    just a quick comment regardinging the treatment and a hypothethetical question. Who’s current employer would cover cancer treatment if it were needed?
    I doubt any would.. the regime are a pack of ****s but lets not get too carried away with making them out to be guilty of things that near on every other employer would not cover also


  9. Don’t believe the stories about Pardew and Jonas either. Pardew might be a ****, but he’s not a ****ing ****…

    Private health insurance covers most things so I’m not sure of the problem here. I suspect it’s just complete hogwash.

    Quite a few sportsmen have recovered from this, so I hope Jonas seeks out their advice. Good luck to him in his recovery anyway.


  10. It sounds like Jonas was sent home to get well while being paid by the club. Let’s not read any more into it than that without facts.


  11. And I don’t believe the Pardew and gambling debt thing. If it was true then I simply refuse to believe that some trashy newspaper wouldn’t investigate this and splash the story all over their front and back pages. It would be a shocking story to prove that Mike Ashley bought a PL club and hired a man in a senior role for this reason.

    I don’t believe that someone wouldn’t have broken ranks and it became public knowledge rather than an urban legend.

    I’d be shocked if it’s true so I choose not to believe it until I see some proof.


  12. Positive interpretation…

    The club offered to pay for treatment but Jonas wanted to pay for himself.

    Jonas returned to Newcastle but Pardew told him to go back to Argentina and recover at home.

    What a lovely chap Jonas is…what a kind manager Pardew is…

    And then Pardew included Jonas in his 25 ahead of MYM, Fergie and HBA…


  13. Craig Moore, our Aussie stalwart centre back ( 😆 ), had testicular cancer a couple of years back. Fully recovered now apparently.


  14. Cheeses. I was that pissed last night I fell asleep half way through my post! 😛

    I suppose it beats others falling asleep when they read them. 😆

    I must have been Knackered. 😆


  15. Ritchie – I had the boy on a stadium tour earlier this year and had a photo taken sat in the managers seat in the dug out – fit like a glove mate 😛
    If I see a bed sheet with Pardew Out, Sharpy In!!! I will apply 😆

    Regarding Jonas, it’s not about who picks up the bill for treatment, it’s about the level of support he’s received from the club. He didn’t say ‘I’ve had testicule cancer but NUFC have been brilliant’, he said ‘I returned to England and NUFC told me to leave’. If a player has been that ill we should care for him, not send him away just to clear the wage bill. Look at the support Petrov got from Villa in comparison.


  16. Sharpy 😆 I’ve read your comments for a while now so luckily as soon as your reign starts there’s already a chant available “You don’t know what you’re doing” 😆


  17. SHARPY

    Every instance is different. Maybe Jonas wanted to keep it quiet and Pardew said he should go back home to recover. We shouldn’t be so clouded in our judgement because of a bad start to the season.


  18. Ritchie – a chant I hear regularly from our lass, but it’s never stopped me trying 😛
    Actually it would be nice to see a bed sheet with Sharpy in, coz our lass has Sharpy out – any sod else in 🙄


  19. TDS – I’m basing it off the fact that Jonas has not once made mention of the support he’s had from NUFC, but has instead said that they told him to leave.


  20. Sharpy, he also didn’t say ‘… Newcastle were a heartless bunch of *******s’. So why infer that rather than something else?

    Instead he got to go home to his family and friends, to spend time relaxing on the beach, taking it easy, putting his feet up. And was then included in the Newcastle squad, which probably ensured he was paid according to his contract. Seems like he was treated quite well to me


  21. See, this is the problem we now have with the regime, they have done so many scummy things over time and treated players and managers so poorly that some of us automatically think they have let him down. The way he worded his interview would indeed suggest they have but it could of been lost in translation , giving them the benefit of the doubt.
    What ever the outcome of what they did or didn’t do my only wish is he recovers to full health as he was one of more committed players .


  22. Follow up post from that guy whos comment I posted yesterday

    HatemOrLoveHim // Sep 17, 2014 at 12:19 AM

    And before I forget and to confirm something that has already been said before and pretty obvious but I am saying it’s got legs, Tiote was fit to play but MA was waiting to cash in on him. The whole injured story was rubbish but again everyone knows that just kind of confirming it lol

    Colo is an actual prick. He will most likely play a part in picking the team and team talks against hull. When ben10 had a go at pardew it was also against Colo which is why together they got rid.

    Mbiwa unfortunately was never given a chance because again of Colo. It was either him or Mbiwa that had to go as apparently Mbiwa had a bust up with him in training. I don’t know how much of it is true but again just passing on info whether it’s true or no we won’t ever know I guess. In a nutshell Mbiwa wasn’t happy about being behind Williamson so spoke out and got shown the door. I guess you really can’t speak over pardew or Colo. Frizzy haired t**t like I said has lost all respect I had for him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s manager or assistant next but I honestly have no idea atmo on managers. The last thing I was told is ash and pards to meet end of this week and Ashley ideally wants someone with a previous record so we are not in the situation we are in now


  23. A source close to the players has told the Chronicle this:

    “He hasn’t even managed to get a regular game for the reserves.” “And there have been a few raised eyebrows in training.

    “But he came to the club as a friend of the captain Coloccini and isn’t thought to be the manager’s pick.

    if this is true its madness.its like the blind leading the blind…
    this club is a total fkin mess from top to bottom.we will have the tea lady doing the team talks next.



    I agree. And that extends to the media, especially certain blogs. Some people are so quick to jump to conclusions and spout erroneous headlines that they don’t stop to check if it’s true.

    And the vicious circle continues…


  25. I personally doubt it is true; When we first signed him they were telling us he was a long term target, Who we had first scouted when he was playing for Banfield years ago.

    The chronicles credibility must be at an all time low after the Jonas Showdown talks story last week when the poor guy has been undergoing chemo

    Staggeringly bad journalism from Ryder (who else)


  26. CC

    Agreed. They have an agenda and any half rumour that supports that agenda gets published as so called news. Absolute gutter reporting. Doesn’t even make sense either! Why would Carr, Charnley and Ashley agree to sign this player purely on Colo’s recommendation? They must have scouted him, he just can’t be ready yet. Most likely fitness related so he’s better off training hard than risking injury in reserve games when half fit.


  27. Bris – “Instead he got to go home to his family and friends, to spend time relaxing on the beach, taking it easy, putting his feet up”. – aye mate, I’m sure it was a right holiday for the lad :roll:. Before you start the head shaking, I know that’s not what you were implying, but the wording isn’t great like!.

    When I hear people saying that players were signed without the managers say so – there is only Chucky I believe that to be the case with. I think Pardew had input and consultation on all the rest.
    Chucky is a loan signing for around £1.5m – not a permanent signing and it seems to have been done for sanctuary rather than footballing reason. If it was Colos call, let him foot the bill 😛


  28. Terrible news about Jonas. So sad to see the photo of him but good to see him still smiling and with a positive attitude which will help him a lot as he undergoes his chemo. Sure the Toon Army will raise up as one in support of him. A great character and loyal servant of the club.
    If the timeline is correct and he had his surgery then returned to Newcastle to be shipped out on loan without explanation of what he had done to deserve it – (previous interviews from Jonas earlier this year when he was very unhappy at how he had been treated) then regardless of contract situation NUFC’s pastoral duty should have been to look after him and keep him at Newcastle rather than farm him out. If the timeline is incorrect fair enough, but due to their history of lies, deceipt and general skull duggery i would take the word of Jonas over anyone associated with NUFC.
    Get well soon Spiderman. You will soon have your lovely hair back bonny lad.


  29. Well said Deb! I agree with all of that. Tasteless United ring any bells? It’ll be Toxic Untied on Saturday.

    Anyone else see this? HBA – apparently there’s a clause in his loan to Hull. While NUFC cannot recall him, HBA can choose to return to NUFC anytime he chooses in the year long loan. See ya soon mate.

    So who’s on your list for manager Sharpy? I know you’ll be applying but if somehow you don’t get it . . .


  30. Georgio it is tragic that our level of distrust of the club has plumbed to the levels that they have where we cannot believe what they say. What a situation to be in. In my heart of hearts I cannot believe they would be so heartless, but in my head it’s entirely possible. Main thing is Jonas receives the support he needs to help him through this terrible situation.


  31. northern mag // Sep 17, 2014 at 10:08 AM

    Just reporting what i saw here. Was out for a bite to eat in Jesmond last night, in steps Colo and Lee Charnley. They had dinner for over two hours alone. Found this quite interesting with everything going on/potentially happening around the club at the moment. There was plenty of conversation going on but sadly didnt have my hearing aid in (ha-ha). Seems strange that an MD and club captain would go for a meal alone at this time………

    and the plot thickens 😆


  32. The journal are suggesting Pardew raised concerns about the lack of strike force at the club but was given short shrift by Ashley.

    That is why I don’t criticise Pardew the some do. He’s in a no win situation.


  33. Right now I just don’t believe anything that appears on any of these sites or posted on a blog. I’ll believe official news when it comes from the source and I’ll believe what I see on the pitch. All of this rubbish back and forth is clouding the real issues.
    1 – good luck with your recovery Jonas
    2 – can Pardew survive a dreadful start to the season off the back of a dreadful end to last season?
    3 – are the summer signings going to prove themselves to be good enough? And when?


  34. Hitman

    I agree he has to accept flak as he puts himself in this position. But if you are sitting on an 8 yr contract with 6 remaining and it’s likely to be your last job in football, I don’t think you or many others would walk away.

    The point I’m making, he’s pointing out that he needs to strengthen the strike force and is not getting listened to.

    I can’t see any manager doing anything with that squad. Any team without a proven goalscorer is destined to fail.

    Sack Pards and the next manager has the same problems and the fans will be on their backs within a short period of time.

    The cycle continues all the while, Ashley sits out of the way letting the manager carry the can.

    Only this time, the can has major holes in and it’s leaking liquid gold. He’ll be wishing he had listened to Pardew come Xmas and we are rooted to the bottom of the league.


  35. TROY

    Last job in football?? No chance! Listen to those in football and they mostly seem to think he’s a decent manager. There are certainly a lot worse!

    But I can’t see him ever managing a club as big as Newcastle again. I don’t blame him for clinging on for as long as he’s got the belief he can turn the results around. If he doesn’t have that belief, he’s better off leaving before things get worse though.


  36. TDS
    1 Agree
    2 no
    3 no

    Which source are you talking about? Official Wendy? You have a strangely naive attitude at times mate. You want the press to tell the truth. The accounts to present a real picture. What next – honest politicians? Honest policemen? The real issues have lines which you’re supposed to read between.



    Hehe. I want all of those things mate! Not gonna get them though…

    The accounts do present the real picture but you need to be a bloody accountant who deals with big businesses to properly understand them! What we need is an unbiased accountant fan who can go through them and make it simple for the rest of us! 🙂

    The source I’m talking about is the affected person mate. When I see an interview with Jonas saying that the club treated him like crap, I’ll believe it. When I see Colo making management decisions, I’ll believe it. When I see a slightly reputable news source (even The Sun would do!) publish a story of Pardew’s gambling debts to Ashley (surely this would qualify as in the public interest??), then I’ll believe that too.


  38. Perhaps I was little harsh there TDS. No offence meant. I’m like you in that I only believe what I see on the pitch and what I’ve seen on the pitch this season is just a continuation of last season’s dross. You used a tennis analogy a while back when you inferred last season was like losing the first set in tennis. I disagree. It’s like a player who has only won one of his last 12 matches.



    I know what you’re saying. But if a player has only won 1 of his last 12 matches and then he changes his technique on his serve and forehand, you give him some time before saying he needs some bigger changes. Obviously there is a line where you have to say that their coach is taking them in the wrong direction and needs to be replaced but there needs to be time.

    For me, a manager should only really be sacked in the following circumstances:
    1 – misses targets that were set
    2 – serious disagreements with other senior staff
    3 – loses the dressing room
    4 – loses the fans to the point that there’s no return
    5 – gross misconduct

    I think we may have reached 4 now…or very close to it…I also think he did 5 when he headbutted Meyler last year and I’d have sacked him then.



    No outstanding candidates that I can see to be honest. No managers of smaller PL teams setting the league on fire like Pochetino, Rodgers or Martinez really…can’t think of any really exciting up and coming managers in the championship like Poyet either.

    Expect Bruce or Pulis for stability. Like most fans, I’d like to see someone with a more expansive style of play and an ambition to target the top 6. Just don’t see Ashley taking that risk.


  41. It wont be easy to find a replacement for Pardoom if he does get the boot soon, unless there is going to be a change of policy at the same time.
    Just cant see anyone else coming in and agreeing to the same **** Pardoom does. (It beggars belief that any right minded person would agree to it in the first place if I’m honest).
    So for me that means only one thing for it. Promote from within the club.
    Not Carver or Stone, but Beardsley could be persuaded I reckon.
    Would be the last roll of the dice for Ashley though, in the hope he could stave off relegation.
    Would the fans turn on a past legend ❓
    Clearly not.
    Could he save the club from the drop ❓
    I doubt it.


  42. Beardsley-Clearly you like Beardsley, but how successful as he been? Mediocre results in a gash youth league system. Who are our best products? We all like Aarons now, though he was only with the youth side for what, two years? The people that have been there youngs have achieved nothing. People blame Pardew but I think our whole coaching system is poor because we don’t really invest the money in it.

    We’d all love to see beardo come good but I can’t see it. If Pardew goes someone might come from below, but I think we’ll try for a steadier hand, give Moyes a chance to redeem himself? I think Pulis had the pick of who he wanted while at Stoke and they never had to sell their best players-they barely sold anyone good and constantly spent money year on year. He’s used to that now and threw the toys out at Palace. He expects money.

    Pulis is above our level 😆


  43. Has our club, Jonas’s employer made any official statement yet? Seems every other club in football are wishing him well and making statement and as yet there is silence coming from NUFC. What the hell are they waiting for?


  44. BB – as much as I admired Beardsley as a player, I think he would be a disaster as a manager – no-one would understand him for a start. 🙄 Seriously I could see Fat man going for that cheap option but imho it would be a disaster. He’s also lost a lot of credibility with over zealous support for Ashley over the last few years.


  45. GD,aye toon have no thoughts for the lad,disgrace,Jonas has now said the cancer has spread to other parts of his body,my best wishes and thoughts go out to him and his. Family


  46. People are really taking this “the club told me to leave” comment way out of context. It just sounds like he was told that the most important thing is his health and that he should go home and be with his family or whatever.

    Jonas also said “I removed the left testacle”…. Now am I to believe that Jonas picked up a scalpel and chopped his own testacle off ? If you take his quote literally (and remember English isn’t his 1st language) then that’s exactly what happened. More likely someone removed the testacle for him though.


  47. still no response from the club about jonas.this is a disgrace and it shows what sumbags are running the club.fkin riot saturday chase the lot of them out the club


  48. @Bootsy

    So you want to get rid of Pards and would like to see Beardsley given a chance. 🙄

    Dear me. 🙄

    Beardsley drools over Ashley. He would be a bigger puppet than Pardew. He never has a bad word to say about Ashley. I’ve spoken to him on a number of occasions and he always praises him.

    Beardsley has no managerial experience to speak of and therefore your choice is laughable 😆


  49. Paulos – he went to the club doctor who told him it was nowt!! – where was the referral?. Where was the better safe than sorry approach?. How far had the cancer spread in the time of him seeing the club doctor to him finally getting his scan?.

    Also, they didn’t tell him to go home and rest – from Jonas himself:

    ‘I was training by the end of November, the team was in a good moment [of form] and in the middle of December the coach told me that the best option was that I looked for a [new] club.’


  50. i really feel for Jonas. To catch it so late for it to spread to other organs is very worrying. exactly the same happened to a mate of mine, he died a year later. I’m sure he’ll receive the best of care and hopefully its not too late.


  51. Newcastle United can confirm that winger Jonas Gutierrez is continuing to receive treatment in Argentina after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

    The Club has been aware of Jonas’ condition for some time but has respected his wish for privacy as he undergoes treatment with his friends and family around him.

    Newcastle United managing director, Lee Charnley, said: “We have and will continue to offer Jonas our full support.

    “We thank our fans for their kind messages of support for Jonas and the thoughts and best wishes of everyone connected to Newcastle United are with him at this time.”

    The club kindly requests that Jonas’ privacy is respected ahead of further enquiries.


  52. Tory – you thick ignorant knut 👿
    ffs can you not read
    Deary me you are embarrassing yourself even further.
    No surprise really, you are from Gateshead after all. 😆
    All I was saying is what I thought might happen.
    I didn’t say it was who I wanted, and I didn’t know he didn’t hold a pro licence.
    I just thought it would fit Ashley’s requirements is all.
    I did say at the end that I didn’t think it wouldn’t work.
    I still think NONE of the names mentioned will work under Ashley unless there is a change in club ethos.
    tbh I don’t think anyone will be successful at 2nd guessing Ashley.
    remind me again which TOP manger you would like to see again ❓
    oh yeah too busy trying to be clever and taking the piss to even read a comment properly.
    silly Tory boy.


  53. Pack of *******s told him to leave – oh, to go rest. But the pack of *******s didn’t look after him – oh, they did. But the pack of *******s haven’t said anything – oh, they have. Well, the *******s could have done it sooner – oh, wait on, maybe they needed to clear it with Jonas himself. Well, they could have been more gushingly sympathetic.

    [shakes head, leaves]


  54. Bootsy 😛 😛
    Not a day goes by when you don’t make yourself look a top prized plum 😆

    Let’s get this straight 😉
    1. You have cried on like Elizabeth Violet for years because you hate Pardew and want a new manager.

    2. You have a go at me constantly, because I suggest Ashley will just replace him with another puppet.

    3. You then suggest in your post above, that no right minded person would agree to work under the same conditions.
    4. You then suggest that the best option is to promote from within and suggest Beardsley, who has no first team management experience.

    5. You then suggest you doubt that would work.

    So in summary, you’ve bleated on for years, even when we were comfortable in the league, for the sacking of Pardew, yet you now state no right minded person would work under the same conditions but suggest an ex-player who has no managerial experience as an option and clarify this idea as doubtful to work.

    Bootsy, you’ve excelled yourself in stupidness today. 😳


  55. oh btw ‘hate’ is the wrong word.
    I don’t hate him at all.
    I just don’t rate him as a premier league coach.
    He is so far out of his depth, I actually feel embarrassed for him.
    But you continue to twist my comments to suit yourself.
    Nee botha Tory Boy.


  56. @Bootsy

    I twist your comments? Do I ?

    Please enlighten us all and explain how?

    Very accurate I would suggest. 😉


  57. Tory Boy – Try reading what I actually wrote and comparing it to the drivel you came out with.
    No comparison because you twist things to try to be-little people and make yourself look clever.
    “4. You then suggest that the best option is to promote from within and suggest Beardsley, who has no first team management experience. ”

    where did I say best option ???? 😳

    my post
    “Just cant see anyone else coming in and agreeing to the same **** Pardoom does.
    So for me that means only one thing for it. Promote from within the club.
    Not Carver or Stone, but Beardsley could be persuaded I reckon.
    Would be the last roll of the dice for Ashley though, in the hope he could stave off relegation.”
    as to whether it would work
    “I doubt it”
    I then went on to say
    “I still think NONE of the names mentioned will work under Ashley unless there is a change in club ethos.
    tbh I don’t think anyone will be successful at 2nd guessing Ashley.”
    These are my thoughts on the situation, that’s all
    feel free to twist them around once again, and call me names.
    Nothing new there either,
    ftsotb 😳 😳


  58. Pardew said: “I don’t know about patience. This is a time to stand up and deliver.

    “We have a home game against Hull where the pressure’s really going to be on us.

    “Southampton was tough to take.

    “As a group and individually we’re better than that and I take responsibility.

    “It was a heavy defeat. It was a tough day for our fans, a tough day for the team and, certainly, a tough day for me.
    “The worry is how many goals are we going to score? We need to find a formula which will get us some goals.

    “We’ve spoken about how important making a good start against Hull is because that’s something we haven’t been doing.”


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