Relegation: Fear not!

Well our curly haired on field leader has stepped forward out from the off field shadows to reassure fans that there is no fear of relegation this season. To quote our captain directly – “No, it feels very different because we have controlled games. Last time we went down, we could not control games. Now we do. We try to create chances.”

Don't you worry about a thing!
Don’t worry about a thing!

I am not really sure what to make of this statement. It really seems the leaders around the club are singing for the same hymn book when it comes to media quotes. Pardew has stated numerous times that we have controlled games but with no results. I have always been suspicious of talk that comes across as lip service. To me actions always speak louder than words and I really don’t draw much confidence from the quotes we have seen in the press recently. An example of this is the Mike Williamson “We are behind Pardew 100%” quotes from a few days ago. Once again, it rings of lip service, so maybe they should take a leaf out of Tiote’s book!  To me he has dead set made his mind up to leave at the first opportunity based on what he has been saying. If that is the case, I would be looking to make sure he had plenty of bench time from now until  December if he was not interested in signing a new contract.  Well that is what I would do if I were in charge but I can’t see Pardew benching his main man.

I guess it is a double edge sword in regards to the amount of information we want to be fed through the press from the players and coaching staff. Many of us now regard most of what we read with deep suspicion, particularly when times are tough as they are now. Like I mentioned earlier, I would prefer actions over words in these circumstances. Captain Collo doesn’t speak to the media very often so maybe his words carry a bit more weight as a result, or maybe he has been backed into a corner through bad results and simply feels the need to say something in response.

If things keep going the way they are and we do indeed get relegated, Mike Ashley will find out that talk is not very cheap at all!

387 thoughts on “Relegation: Fear not!

  1. I am concerned that Cisse is being risked too much too soon. Would like to see Perez after his wicked outing with the youngsters earlier this week.


  2. He was always going to score wasn’t he. The swansea coaching staff have worked wonders with him and put hughton/pardews lot to shame


  3. Hilarity ensues when player not good enough for us scores against us.

    Sammy for Gouffran?


  4. I am so pissed off with this now. And another player Percy deemed not fit enough for us and allowed to go scores against us. 👿


  5. Cisseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    How crap is Cisse mind, half fit and still banging them in, shame he’s so poor eh 😉


  6. Stuart – The defence was awful mate.
    That’s down to Pardew
    He’s still under the kosh mate


  7. Great effort from our **** players 😉 ….two strikers made all the difference. Pardew is revolutionary!


  8. Pardew has finally listened to the fans and played two up front. good team effort, excellent point.

    If only he changed a bad situation more often we wouldnt be struggling 😉


  9. Cisse saves the day again. But man this shows how to what depths we have gone where a draw feels like a win.


  10. I hope the 1 week of international break will bring in some sort of order in defending… 😡 😡


  11. Tory Boy – October 4, 2014 at 15:35

    “I only hope he plays 4-4-2 to show it will make not a jot of difference.”

    Is that egg on your chins or what ❓ 😆


  12. STUART79
    October 4, 2014 at 16:48
    Pardew haters will not be happy with today’s performance will they…

    Worth reposting. 😉


  13. Bootsy.

    Nothing has changed for me. It’s simple. The squad is not good enough. Pards is on a hiding to nothing.

    I’ve predicted from first seeing them preseason we are relegation fodder. Cisse never even featured at that stage. I saw Riviere, Cabella, De Jong, Colback, Janmaat. I saw and can still see they aren’t ready for the premier league.

    It was you and others that thought different.

    I said we lacked a striker. Remy saved us from relegation last season.

    Cisse has been the ONLY decent player so far this season and that’s only the last 3 games. If he gets injured we are doomed.

    He will be our only hope to keep us in you h with 4th bottom. Nothing has changed for me.

    Pards continues to motivate his players. 3 years plus and it’s remarkable that he manages it. That is when managers normally get the sack when they lose the dressing room.

    Not Pards. He always keeps the team motivated.

    You won’t see it. I do. But you don’t think deeply I’ve noticed. 😉


  14. lol
    I remember you telling everyone how Cabaye never impressed you too, and that he wasn’t ready for the Premier League.
    Oh how we laughed at you then, and still do even now.
    Always good for a laugh is wor Tory. 😛


  15. Bootsy

    Nothing has changed with me regarding Cabaye.

    I always said and still maintain that it took him a good season and a half to see anything from him.

    I was critical early doors and even wrote a blog article about him in his first season, cos you were waxing lyrical about him at the time. Most sensible people ended up agreeing that he wasn’t as influential as they first thought.

    I then saw better performances from him in the second season and acknowledged that but as I always maintain, you need to give players time.

    My whole point is, Cabella, De Jong, Riviere may well turn out as decent players in due course but as a club, we don’t have the quality in the squad to buy en masse and expect them to hit the ground running.

    I want to see us progress season on season. But I can clearly see and saw, we were never going to do that this season with the transfer policy.

    You really don’t think deeply at all Bootsy. I put you down as one of the most clueless on this blog to be honest. 😉


  16. Seriously now though
    I do agree that the squad isn’t good enough at the minute.
    We have all been saying that since BEFORE pre season.
    Everyone and his dog knew we needed a good quality striker or two and a better CB.(2 since MYM left)
    I hold Percy responsible for that failure, you don’t.
    Our defending is utterly hopeless
    I blame Percy for that, you don’t
    Our set piece routine is mind numbingly bad
    I blame Percy for that, you don’t
    You defend Percy 100% Its never his fault is it.
    Yes Mash is to blame for 99% of all the failings at the club, but what happens on the pitch for 90 mins a week is down to Percy.
    Plain and simple.
    That is what he is judged on nothing more, nothing less.
    With my eyes and in my own opinion he is abjectly failing, to get more than a 75% performance from his players.
    I honestly believe they are capable of more, but Percy has run out of ideas how to push them on.
    I don’t hate the man, I just think he is way out of his depth and it is time he moved on.
    Out of shear desperation today, he tried something different up front and Cisse saved his bacon. But the defence that HE is coaching and is happy to start the season with, is leaking goals like a sieve.
    He is as much of the problem as the players.


  17. Where are all these footy wizz kids that said Cissie was **** should be shipped out same guys that’s said Rout was not a PL player,think only me
    Kim,and big Dave kept faith,imo it proves Pardew cannot put a team together to jell together i won’t even talk about other players he pardewed


  18. Icedog – I’m one.
    I totally lost faith in the Lad it’s true.
    It would seem the break did him some good, he has got his hunger back for sure.
    It seems he was ‘Pardewed’ before, so most likely will be again.
    I’m happy for him though, just hope he can keep it going now.


  19. BB takes a good fan to admit he’s wrong and not hide behind words,we all rush to judge players at times without knowing all the facts,I don’t even take a lot of notice of so called pundits, i do think we have some real good players I do go along with some of the pundits saying pardew cannot blend a system with what he has,there a lot of clubs now where their managers don’t get a lot to do with signings,they just get on with what they have


  20. Bootsy

    I was the only one who predicted relegation fodder preseason

    Nobody else. Don’t try and say you forsaw this. Kimtoon was the closest in terms of predictions to me. Everyone else predicted top ten.

    I was amazed how you couldn’t see it

    You predicted 2 years ago Pards would be sacked yet we finished tenth and we’re within a short distance from CL position at xmas last year.

    I am being serious when I say you are one of the most clueless on here. You just rant and have no structure to your argument.

    Bearing in mind, this is an open forum for anyone. That means anyone who can type. I put you down there with the most clueless.

    You either don’t think before you type or you type as you speak instantly.

    Dangerous for a reputation but each to their own I suppose. But that gives people like me, an abundance of ammunition 😛


  21. Well I am glad to see Cissie pull us out of the **** again, not bad for a **** player that couldnt hit a barn door 😀 .
    I never seen the game but from some of the comments I didnt miss much apart from the goals.


  22. @Big Dave

    Cisse is the only one who has the class to save us from relegation.

    It’s a shame others can’t see it. 😉


  23. Troy I have been real disappointed with the new guys but am not surprised, we cant expect to see all new players hit the ground running , but under Jabba’s transfer policy they have to or we are screwed.


  24. Is it possible we can get worse on defense? We were abysmal today at the back. Congratulations to Cisse and Sammy but many of the rest were terrible. Colo and Willo are more like onlookers now. We’ve let in 13 in 7 games. A big question for me: Is it time to use the genital cuff on Pardew?


  25. Is it possible Cisse had some nagging injuries that he never got a chance to rest and this layoff with his kneecap has basically just let him reset physically and mentally?


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