Relegation: Fear not!

Well our curly haired on field leader has stepped forward out from the off field shadows to reassure fans that there is no fear of relegation this season. To quote our captain directly – “No, it feels very different because we have controlled games. Last time we went down, we could not control games. Now we do. We try to create chances.”

Don't you worry about a thing!
Don’t worry about a thing!

I am not really sure what to make of this statement. It really seems the leaders around the club are singing for the same hymn book when it comes to media quotes. Pardew has stated numerous times that we have controlled games but with no results. I have always been suspicious of talk that comes across as lip service. To me actions always speak louder than words and I really don’t draw much confidence from the quotes we have seen in the press recently. An example of this is the Mike Williamson “We are behind Pardew 100%” quotes from a few days ago. Once again, it rings of lip service, so maybe they should take a leaf out of Tiote’s book!  To me he has dead set made his mind up to leave at the first opportunity based on what he has been saying. If that is the case, I would be looking to make sure he had plenty of bench time from now until  December if he was not interested in signing a new contract.  Well that is what I would do if I were in charge but I can’t see Pardew benching his main man.

I guess it is a double edge sword in regards to the amount of information we want to be fed through the press from the players and coaching staff. Many of us now regard most of what we read with deep suspicion, particularly when times are tough as they are now. Like I mentioned earlier, I would prefer actions over words in these circumstances. Captain Collo doesn’t speak to the media very often so maybe his words carry a bit more weight as a result, or maybe he has been backed into a corner through bad results and simply feels the need to say something in response.

If things keep going the way they are and we do indeed get relegated, Mike Ashley will find out that talk is not very cheap at all!

387 thoughts on “Relegation: Fear not!

  1. ide give hadira and taylor ago at the back , an also wished we had kept forster instead of krul even though i am not slagging krul


  2. @Big Dave

    It’s still astonishing that it’s been 6 years since we have been predicting all this yet we get hammered.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s
    Fat Sam
    Nigel Pearson
    They all get the blame for not being good enough..

    I wonder what the common deninator is.

    One Mr Mike Ashley and his tight transfer policy maybe.

    We’ve bleated on about this for six years but the answer to most is just sack Pards and move on.

    Wow. How naive.
    Do they not think we will be in the same position in 12 months?

    For me, I saw it back in 2008 and nothing has changed. You did. We got abused and ridiculed for our views.

    It just so happens we were right and we are still right.

    Sone of the greatest victories in history resulted in the few defeating the mass. Great leaders. Great speech makers overturned gvnts.

    I don’t see much competition to be honest. We have the ranter BB who gives no thoughts to his posts.
    Aussie & Begas struggle to formulate anything constructive.
    Sharpy is on the verge of pubity and is confused.
    I know you like Ice and I understand there’s respevt for the elderly and I would immediately stand up if I was on the bus and I saw him doddering.
    Richie is Richie. I struggle to fall out with him cos he doesn’t have strong opinions. Funny though.
    Stuart fore doesn’t portray any sense of humour but he’s got the Ashley situation weighed up perfectly.

    Bootsy, well FTSOTB the most clueless blogger I’ve yet met.


  3. Have to say Cisse has played well this season. Has his confidence back which I didn’t think would happen under Pardew. Keep it up lad. You might be the only forward that will score for us this season.


  4. Batty

    theres something amiss when
    Fat Sam
    Nigel Pearson
    Chris Hughton
    Joe Kinnear
    And now Pards

    Are all to blame.

    Some don’t think too deeply. 😉


  5. the only good thing about the stoke game was when me and me elder bro walking back to the car walked in between 2 buses and this stoke fan tryed to squash me elder bro me bro bounce him off the bus he ended up on the floor and the 2 coppers stud watching were laughing and 1 winked at us as they saw what happend


  6. Batty

    Check out my facebook I’ve videod someone today giving it the big licks at Dunston gym.

    The poor thing was Australian and called himself Begas.


  7. Batty

    I’ve read somewhere that it’s legal to punch a Stoke fan anywhere on the British Isles. It’s a great piece of legislation. 😀


  8. Tory – I am still waiting for you to show where I predicted top 8.
    You won’t find it tho because I didn’t.
    I kept off the blog for most of the summer after the WC finished, as I couldn’t be doing with all the transfer BS.
    But if you look back, you will find my last couple of posts.
    To save you the bother I have copied and pasted them below.
    Beardsleys Boots

    June 25, 2014 at 10:07

    Its all well and good looking for strikers, but in all honesty what we really need are players who can service and supply balls into the forwards.
    If Parsnip thinks a good goal scorers is all we need for next season, then he is in for a real shock.
    I am dreading next season already 🙁
    We virtually need a whole new team of first teamers and a fair amount of good back up players too.
    Beardsleys Boots

    June 28, 2014 at 09:24

    It is definitely frustrating for the fans, that we have allegedly been chasing Gomis for the past 3 years, but with the proviso that he must be a bargain or we are not interested.
    I honestly think this method of running the club will come back to bite fatty on his ample arse very soon.
    Fatty will then cry ‘foul’ when we are propping up the bottom of the league table, with a ****e manager and an over rated squad of poor quality players.
    You reap what ya sow you fat knut. 👿
    Compare this to your post
    Troy Stavers

    July 17, 2014 at 09:23

    Ah ha. 😛

    I am the Predictor young Aussie. 😉

    It’s in my genes from grandma Baba Vanga. 😉

    We will no doubt start with a good first 11 but a **** squad overall.

    We will romp away at the start, competing for a Europa spot.

    Injuries will prevail and the young rookies will be thrown in en masse.

    Oh dear. Cometh the end of the season we will finish where we deserve Toby (to be).

    Timmy (to me) it’s all too predictable. 😉

    You hate the truth Aussie. Eyes just nose it. 😛
    Troy Stavers

    July 17, 2014 at 12:35

    Season after season the fans are duped. As always, we start with a strong 11 but the squad will be paper thin. A good start to the season no doubt. Shit second half ending in mid table mediocrity.

    There’s nothing difficult about predicting all this but I seem to get applause every season so I’ll say it again. 😉
    😳 😳 😳 😳


  9. troy it wasent even a punch just he thought he wud be a **** and try squash me bro but me bro just bounced him off the bus and he ended up on the floor it was funny even the coppers were laughing 😆


  10. Oh yes I’m the great predictor (ooh ooh)
    Predicting I’m doing well (ooh ooh)
    My need is such I predict too much
    I’m lonely but no one can tell

    Oh yes I’m the great predictor (ooh ooh)
    Adrift in a world of my own (ooh ooh)
    I predict the game but to my real shame
    You’ve left me to dream all alone

    Too real is this feeling of make believe
    Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

    Ooh ooh yes I’m the great predictor (ooh ooh)
    Just laughing and gay like a clown (ooh ooh)
    I seem to be what I’m not (you see)
    I’m wearing my heart like a crown
    Predicting that you’re still around


  11. BB take it easy on poor Troy. I used to call him Nostrastavers due to all his predictions. Its just a pity most of them are wrong.. doesn’t stop him from saying I told you so tho! 😆


  12. AMF to be insulted by someone you first have to respect their opinion, but when someone is mentaily.retarded you can only feel pity


  13. well sink quicker than the titanic if we bench tiote thats just shooting yaself in the foot 😯


  14. Troy…I have very strong opinions about NUFC most of which I put on here, I just don’t feel the need to keep repeating those opinions over and over and over again. Maybe you missed them as you were reading a certain 25 page manuscript. 😆
    I’ve stated(more than once) in the past that Ashley is the problem at NUFC as has the vast majority of posters on here and yet strangely I don’t feel the need to claim I was the only one who predicted it all along 😉 😆

    Ice… I think you’ll find Richietoon never stuck the knife into Cisse, though I will say that scoring in 2 games doesn’t mean he’s back to his best but here’s hoping 😉


  15. I’ll 2nd that Richie
    Most of us just want to see whoever is wearing the Black n White doing well.
    Some of us (me) do get upset when they are not played to their strengths or they suffer poor form etc,
    But I am glad Cisse is back and finding the net again.
    Long may it continue.
    HTL 😉


  16. RICHIE sorry I missed you out in that cissie quote,had a feeling you would shout up,now try it again when its your round 😆 😆 😆


  17. I see that little weed Wise was having another dig at toon fans again y/day he also said jabba will not sack Pardew even if we got beat by Swansea
    well I always judge a man by the company he keeps enough said


  18. I see Pardew is blaming impatient fans for the fact we don’t play out of the back and just hoof it up to the lone striker… 😯

    This club really is rotten to the core! Ashley is going to every match these days as a show of support for Pardew. 1 win in 15 and he gets a show of support instead of the sack and bringing a proven manager in.

    I have decided that during the January window of season ticket cancellation I will be cancelling and only returning one this cancerous, Ebola like Disease has left NUFC.


  19. Well I’ve seen it all now. 😛

    Bootsy deliberately misses off my latter prediction when I said we would be relegation fodder having seen them pre season.

    Do you want to redeem yourself and place it on the blog? Or will I have to rub your nose in it and score more points. 😆

    I’ll give you a couple of hours as I’m off playing footy but I bet you aren’t humble enough to put it up. 😉

    Got to love the blog for rubbing people’s noses in it. 😛


  20. Palace, Burnley, Leicester, Sunderland, West brom, Villa, Stoke, QPR, Stoke, Hull

    Hardly the strongest premier league ever; For us to be where we are with the fixtures we’ve had is a joke.

    Even ignoring the abysmal results and goals conceded/scored, He and his “coaches” still havent improved the record from set pieces (3 goals from corners in the last 3 seasons)


  21. Troy makes that many predictions (all slightly different) he basically covers every scenario. 😆
    When he gets called out by the likes of BB, he can then turn around and say “yeah but did you see my later slightly abridged version, which I changed to suit the current situation” 😆 deary me!


  22. Hitman.

    No mate. I have always been anti ashley. I fought for years against Aussie who Big Dave used to ridicule for being up Ashlets arse. So funny to watch. Those were the original hissy fit days. 😛

    Oh the memories. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much watching him burn up and fizz. 😛


  23. Bootsy hasn’t put up my prediction I see. 😛

    I tell you what’s funny. His logic.

    He basically blames Ashley for the pathetic squad we have and then blames Pards for not doing anything with the pathetic squad.

    Comical really. No wonder he struggles to convince anyone he’s sane 😆


  24. Ice…Those quotes from Wise were on BeIn Sports yesterday where he was a pundit. He’d said that the club belonged to Mike Ashley and that all the money was his to do with what he wanted, Andy Gray responded with the club belongs to the fans who were there before Ashley and would be there long after to which Wise replied well let them buy it and put their own money in 👿 …odious little prick, cos obviously fans never put their own hard earned in! 😯

    Troy… I predicted 8th and Chucky to finish top scorer(I think)… I truly am clueless 😆


  25. I wouldn’t worry about anything Wise has to say. He’s just a complete prick who is no longer involved in football and there’s a reasons for that.


  26. So we get service into our forwards and it results in goals – weird that isn’t it?!.
    An assist each for both Obertan and Sammy – both written off by some on here as not good enough.
    It isn’t rocket science is it, if you want your forwards to score then you get balls into the box.

    Our big problem again yesterday was defence. None of our midfield got close to Sigurdsson who pull the strings all day. Yet again there was no unity between Willo and Colo, and had it not been for Tim Krul, Bony could have had a hat trick. Janmaat looked awful and Dummett was a bit of a headless chicken I thought.

    To take a point from Swansea and come back from behind twice is a good result. But my overall feel about yesterday is that we were lucky.


  27. Dear God, Sharpy! Obertan and Sammy crossed a couple of balls and all of a suddent they’re good players who should have been written off! Have a word!


  28. I also predicted 8th and Ferrerya to finish top scorer so I am also clueless.
    At least I am not as clueless as Pardew or indeed those that think Pardew is being restricted by the players at his disposal.
    Pardew is the manager who got rid of Mbiwa so Colo could carry on giving away goals to the opposition.
    Pardew is the manager who couldn’t see a good striker if he was staring him in the face – just ask Tevez.
    I’ve seen comments from some that Ferrerya is not very good. Unfortunately I have never seen him kick a ball in the first team so I will reserve judgement .
    The guy has a goal every other game but he has always played with a strike partner.
    Pardew is the manager who dislikes a striker who needs a partner so we will not see him play – we will just pay his wages.


  29. Stu – both played well, added width and a threat going forward and were there to create chances – and both got an assist. Credit where it’s due fella.
    I’m not saying they are world class David Silvas or Di Maria’s. But playing them proved to be better options without doubt.


  30. I think that was a point we didn’t deserve. That happens sometimes. Balanced by the points we deserve but don’t get (so far, afaiac, Villa, Hull).

    Very pleasing to see some fight, and also pleasing to see Pardew doing some work. But not the best of games.

    Looking forward to next week … because the A-league starts up again after a 6 month off season.


  31. Sharpy – It’s probably Sammys first assist and Obertan will go back to normal in the next game as his career shows he does.

    If we are relying on these two players to improve our fortunes we will definitely go down.


  32. RICHIE Wise is nowt but a rat-bag,what beats me is how/why jabba involves himself with total gob ****es,pardew,wise,owlheed,thought he was a clever guy (although a prick),maybe he thinks like me 😀 ie be good to
    people that are good to you,the rest can feek off 😆 😆


  33. Europa really make Everton PL games bad like how Newcastle experienced…

    Everton just above Newcastle as of now. 😳 😯


  34. I predicted an improvement on last season with Evertons europa league fixtures and small squad affecting their form (Which doesnt look so daft) & southampton being a shadow of last season (which does)

    I did tip Cisse for top scorer though 😎


  35. I see the PAPERTALK today is that Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd all want Tiote, and £15.5m is the fee being suggested.
    I have to say that I’d be happy with that for Tiote like – so long as it was reinvested into the side and goes towards a CB and CF.


  36. Sharpy – So you’d be happy to lose our best centre midfielder and use his money to buy a striker and centre half? Mmm, so we just leave the hole left by Tiote without filling it?


  37. Amazingly QPR look as bad as us. Differemce is that they’ll address it in January, or at least try to address it.


  38. My hunch was correct. We are clearly a top 19 team. QPR is definitely worse than us. Burnley may be worse than us. That’s all I’ve gathered from the games of the bottom dwellers so far.


  39. On the other hand we have Cisse up and running. He may be enough to grab us 18th place! Just think of that Alan. Exciting to be managing an 18th place team. Not good for the long term career path though Alan. You may want to step down now.


  40. And why don’t you get an early start on making plans to sell the club next summer if we’re still worth anything by remaining in the Prem Mike? It makes good sense. Move on Mike. See what other club you can ruin. I hear you’ve got nearly 10% of Rangers now. Move up there and destroy their hopes for a change.


  41. Rag report that toon are looking to the Derby manager to replace Pardew,don’t know if jabba would pay compo its not his way to part with cash imo


  42. KIM yes its right mate,but what I find real strange it was a report on the site “caught-off-side”on the news now site that toon are reported to be going for the Derby manager,I went back to copy and paste it on here and found the report had been taken off???bloody strange


  43. Aye Terry mate. It’s time Ashley departed Newcastle for good. I think something is brewing. Mike won’t risk the golden egg of the Prem much longer with Pardew. We are an extremely weak side thanks to both of them. Ashley will try to save us from relegation. That much is certain. I can’t see Pardew being with us beyond 3 more games. If we get a point against Leicester and nothing against Spurs or Liverpool he will be gone for certain. That would give us 5 points from 10 league games. Assured relegation pace.


  44. Ime not saying I would holely agree with him being toon manager,but in saying that he done a canny job at boro into euro ect,got the England job but didn’t do well (who does) went well in the dutch lge and won title,doing canny at Derby likes attacking footy,would he be better than Pardew?? imo couldn’t do worse,he’s about the only one that “might”think about taking the job the way we are set up now


  45. Can you picture it? 5 points from 30. Alan standing in front of Ashley trying to explain:
    “If I’m honest Mike we’ve had a hard start to the season. Some very difficult matches. We’ve not got up to speed yet but it’s finally coming along. With 5 or 6 purchases in January we’ll be fine. No really Mike that’s all it would take. Say 40M pounds? That’s a nice round figure isn’t it?”


  46. ——————————Krul———————————-

    Make it work we’ll get the win!


  47. Ice, Yeah I’ve seen it mate, I can’t see it though tbh . Not sure how I feel about him coming in, couldn’t do much worse though.


  48. It certainly looks like we were correct to pass up on Sahko this summer… 😳

    How much did he cost? Sure too much for us.


  49. how embassing is collo hes gone from shocking to a bigger liablity than he was last year 😯


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