No football!

It looks like we have a couple of weeks to cool our heels as the premier league takes a two week break. I have never been a fan of these international games during the season and if I am to be honest, they are nothing but a pain in the arse. You see, I need my weekly fix of football, it is as simple as that!

A quiet weekend of football
A quiet weekend of football

So as this weekend approaches the realization will start to loom large that I will begrudgingly have to look to make other plans that don’t involve watching football.  I try not to let on to the missus know that there are no games as plans may be made for me without my consent… These are worrying times indeed!

So in the down time between fixtures, we will no doubt be bombarded with media speculation around player movements, the sacking of managers, the odds on new managers to take over and the usual tabloid nonsense that gets printed. Don’t get me wrong, all of this stuff gets printed anyway but with no games to distract us, all the attention towards it tends to be a little more focused!

I could also write about the chances of our players getting injured during these international games but this article is not about them, it’s about us fans and the pain of not being able to watch the lads play on the weekend. As horrid as some of our performances have been this season, I still look forward to the next game because who knows, this could be the game where we come good and get that win we so desperately need. These two weeks can’t pass quick enough as far as I am concerned but living in the southern hemisphere like I do, I will get a little more shuteye time so maybe it is not all bad.

Bring on Leicester !


436 thoughts on “No football!

  1. BB@375 you could be right mate,mind most of the children from that blog went to EDs,still there is the odd one on here 😉


  2. Big Dave @372: I only read Ed Harrison’s blog occasionally because I find it a bit simple and juvenile. It comes up on Newsnow all the time and that’s when I hit a link to it. I usually read this one because it has a few decent articles and some informed and funny people.


  3. DAVE did you know that Worky writes the odd bit about the toon in the METRO newspaper,its a free newspaper given free on buses and at shopping centres,so a mate told me,that’s why I won’t pick it up for free 😀


  4. Big D: Worky Ticket had a blog a year or two ago but nothing comes up on the newsnow links anymore. I see this one, Ed Harrison’s, True Faith and The Mag. Plus the papers – who have come out much more anti-Pardew recently, as has Ed Harrison.

    The Mag are even more riled up about the waste of time Pardew is putting us through than I am.


  5. Ice I did read a while back he was writing for some paper, maybe thats why the blog has died, but then we really know why it died 😉

    Eric he still has the blog it’s just that he doesn’t write anymore so no one goes on it apart from a couple every once in a while


  6. Ice, I think you have the right idea, not giving a hoot, I agree as the older I get the less I care what folk think of me, lifes too short as they say.


  7. DAVE kna mate work does not write on org as he fell out with the lad that owns the server wonder why lol,I forgot his name,did he not have a go with you on this blog over the way the lads on this blog were treating worky of coarse he left with his tail between his legs,you bad man you lol


  8. Terry: we still have a week left of downtime, the subject is Troy and why anyone puts up with him? I even got bored with myself talking to him because his answers were always the same: a smiley, it is not Pardew’s fault, give me answers to my questions and then I will ignore that you gave me answers!!! and then he asks the same question again!!!

    People on here have the patience of saints, listening to this man’s drivel week after week.


  9. TERRY very much so,and a crook to-boot 😉

    Reet off to do some packing for my trip

    DAVE aye Hugh that was his name


  10. And Big Dave and Batty. That is not anger @391, I am not angry, I am exasperated because I can’t get an answer to a straight question when I ask Troy anything. All I hear is: “woo hoo, hoo / Grandpa Kellett won the nobel prize in pretend wrestling and is therefore a genius / who else could we get now apart from Pardew?” Like not knowing who we would replace Pardew with makes Pardew any less cr@p?

    I said earlier that Gloria from the corner shop could have done a better job in the past year than Pardew. So could Cynthia and Paul. At least they wouldn’t have loaned out three of our better players because they fell out with them.


  11. And, why did we make the late loans we did? It says a lot about Pardew’s judgement and man management:

    1. M’Biwa is doing really well at a Champions League Club.

    2. Marveaux is doing quite well in League 1.

    3. Ben Arfa. Oh, Ben Arfa. He is about the only one who gave us any entertainment in the past few years and Pardew wanted to make him a defensive midfielder instead of using his obvious talent.


  12. Icedog @393 said:

    “ES,do as I do and just bypass his comments, simples”

    I will do that and won’t comment that much anyway. I just thought it was about time that another of us who have to put up with him polluting a very good blog think he is a moron.


  13. *say we think he is a moron 🙂 I am not against using smileys and emoticons, by the way. The Troy overuse of them becomes pathetic and infantile – which I am against 🙂


  14. I am going to make a few last comments on Troy and then I really will shut up about him:

    1. He is what he is. He is neither funny nor interesting but he is persistent. I tried to rile him up a bit to see if he would say something different to his usual and he plowed straight ahead ignoring me and doing what he always does.

    2. He is who he is. Some people probably like him, like they like circus clowns or performing seals. I have to accept that.

    3. He does what he does. Like sticking to the same argument until you want to stick an ice pick in his or your own head. But, that’s him. Nothing you will say will change it so you have to deal with it. There is an infinite supply of emoticons, so I can’t really sweat it, can I?


  15. You see Eric, you will find that everyone repeats themselves on here. You have been on 3 days and you’ve already sounded repetitive.

    Just as you get bored with me, I get exactly the same with many on here.

    I am entitled to my opinion on Pardew which of course rankles with the populist view. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

    I’m really starting to think you have an inferiority complex in relation to me.
    It’s manifesting into rages of Eric, I mean Epic proportions. (Emoticom)

    Now just as you get frustrated with me and my views on Pardew, I too get frustrated. I ask you for a manager to replace Pardew and you come up with Zidane. A man who has never managed a first team in his life yet you would have him take over a side in the bottom 3.

    Would it not be better to name an experienced manager with a proven track record?


  16. Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the fat man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the fat man’s world
    All the things he could do
    If he spent a little money
    It’s a fat man’s world.


  17. Well I haven’t been on to post for a few days, but I see I’ve missed the usual flirting and fighting that goes on during the international breaks 😆

    Ice – you ready for the off mate? 😎


  18. SHARPY @403 been ready for weeks mate 😀 I think Carroll is a big risk mate,is he ever going to be injury free don’t forget he was out injured a few times when he was here


  19. Troy
    I love reading your posts and , knowing that you are a wind-up merchant with lots of fishing lines out all the time , I quite enjoy when you get the occasional bite.
    When you started the clock against Eric I thought I would give him a little help to get off your hook but he didn’t take full advantage of the hints I gave him.
    As you are still banging on about poor Pardew being given a poor squad and asking who we could get to replace him , I will reluctantly respond..
    Why should Ashley give him world class players? It cost West Ham £40m and near bankrputcy to give him 2 world class players that he destroyed within a few weeks.That was eight years ago – what would that cost be today?.
    Do you remember Tevez being substituted by Pardew and walking off the pitch and walking out of the club? Brilliant man management skills eh?
    Alan Curbishley replaced Pardew and resurrected the careers of Tevez and co, finishing the season on a seven? game winning streak to achieve the seemingly impossible task of avoiding relegation.
    I nominate Curbishley as a better manager – It’s already proven and you cannot argue that choice.
    Now get back on the reality train or even the expectation express – it doesn’t matter which , they’re both out of control and heading in the same direction.


  20. Ice – I bet you have mate, hope you’ll still be posting mind buddy 😉

    I agree re Carroll. It would be great to have a CF of that ilk and while £6m seems a decent price, I reckon he’d want top end wages. His injury record is shocking and I would avoid it personally.
    I reckon we could probably get Cheick Diabate from Bordeaux for that money. He carries as much physical presence but his scoring record is around 1 in 3.
    I know it’s going back to France but I expect them to do that anyway 🙄


  21. Aussie Magpie Fan: I am done with the personal attacks. I will keep it to football. I think I already said I was getting bored with myself and what In was doing 🙂


  22. This is what Aussie Magpie Fan wrote on the transfer deadline:

    “it only took but a moment to realise that most of the headlines were centred around the loan departure of Yanga Mbiwa to Roma and a last minute loan deal for Ben Arfa to go to Hull. I then doubled check all the headlines looking for a small glimmer of hope that we had replaced these players but there was none to be found. Even now I am struggling to see the sense of letting these players go without replacing them. I can understand it if they are wanting to clear some space in the squad for new signings but you think the next logical step would be to fill those space with new signings. Both of the players we have let go have not figured prominently in the first team in the second half of last season and the start of this one. But what they do offer is options should we need them. We have now removed any chance of utilising these players and we are probably going to look at some of our younger guys to fill the void… We now have a high number of inexperienced premier league players and the board are playing a dangerous game going into this season proper.

    Maybe there is some greater master plan that the board has in mind. Come January we will fill the gaps in the squad and the master plan will be complete. It is one hell of a gamble.”

    I think that is a very good summary of what we all thought. Ashley said to Pardew that if he wasn’t going to play them then he would get them off the wage bill.

    I actually think it is a convergence of factors that have us in our current state. Ashley is being the pragmatic business man and Pardew has done what he always does and fall out with players who could provide a good back up plan.

    I also think our football at the moment is not that terrible to watch. It is just that there is no end product (after the cameo from Aarons and until Cisse came back) and our centre backs look terrified whenever there is a ball hit in their direction.

    What do we do about it? Sack somebody! Pardew is the obvious one, but Carver or Stone would do. Anything to give us a few more ideas to get us to January when we can get a centre half with pace and perhaps Siem de Jong will be the player Pardew thinks he is.

    I hate being negative about Newcastle United, but I think we all need a lift at this point so I am going to start a website called SACKCARVER.COM.


  23. And I really don’t have many alternatives to Pardew. I said Zidane as that might be the inspired choice like Keegan was. Perhaps some Frenchman or German, but I don’t watch their leagues enough to say.

    The record of Championship managers coming into the Premier League has been very poor as well.

    The ones being mentioned, like McClaren, Lennon and Pulis might do OK, who knows? McClaren’s press conferences would make Pardew look like Shakespeare though.

    Perhaps Sherwood? He did OK at Spurs and would carry on the Cockney theme.


  24. Eric – I would maybe have went with Sherwood if his coaching staff included Sir Les and Ginola. He had Spurs playing some decent football and his win rate was pretty good. Mind you, so was Pardews in his first year at NUFC, so doesn’t mean much.
    My preferred choice would be Moyes or McClaren.


  25. SHARPY I think the way jabba works a new manager must accept players will be sold from under him,also have to work with players the “club”sign that he won’t have much input into in other words work with what we give you and leave you with which imo points to a manager from abroad that already work in that way FDB has worked that way and still does,I don’t think Moyes would accept that,McClaren he may accept that


  26. Troy – yes you are! 😆 But I’m not trying to convince you, I know you don’t rate any of those higher than Pardew – (or don’t believe that Ashley would pay compo).

    Ice – I’m not sure about Moyes like. I think the draw of what’s seen as a top 10 PL club may be too great for him after what happened at Man U. It’s McClaren I wouldn’t be sure of with him already being in a job at Derby.


  27. Troy @414: I am not convinced at all about any I mentioned. Perhaps I am looking at this like a bad marriage where you just want to get out, even if there is not an exact place to go.


  28. I would drop Pards like a stone for a top manager. Danger is now looming though in that, (I believe) we have such a poor squad only a top manager might save us from relegation.

    I’m hoping Pards gets a result on Saturday otherwise a change of manager might be necessary. Certainly the manner of the result will be important. Anything other than a strong performance which if not a win, a performance that gives us hope, then Pards needs to go.

    I don’t blame Pards for the performances as I don’t rate the squad.

    My only hope is a new manager might provide a honeymoon period which may give us enough points to limp to January. Then Ashley needs to splash the cash.

    It’s got to the stage now, where we are desperate that if we do get beat then we may have to target Moyes.

    Moyes is not a top manager that I consider good enough for us. His style of football will frustrate many fans but currently the football is dire anyway.

    Moyes is a proven premier league manager and of those out of work, he’s the best choice IMO.

    This is how far we’ve gone back cos at one time, I would have been devastated with replacing Pards with Moyes. We just need to do something if the performance on Saturday is not good enough.


  29. Troy/Eric – I’m convince Sherwood, McClaren or Moyes could get more out of this squad than Pardew currently is.

    Here’s the thing for me. I don’t hate Pardew and I do feel a little sorry for him when it comes to our transfer policy. But Pardew is a stubborn fool at times who perceives with a loosing side rather than make necassary changes. I think he’s been given some decent players in this window – however they are not being played in the right formation – but also have been signed from other leagues, so have taken time to settle in.
    But our transfer policy isn’t set up for footballing improvement – it’s set up for financial gain. With restrictions placed on age, wage and fee – it’s fair to say that Pardew may not be getting the players in that HE wants. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a say in who does come in though – and to be fair, if Pardew worked without restriction then it’s likely Darren Bent would be our no. 9 and James Tomkins in CB.


  30. Troy – you know how you would rather listen to ex players about Pardew?
    Do you mind if I use the same methodology when it comes to Moyes – the man Alex Ferguson (the most successful PL manager) put forward for the top job at Old Trafford 😉 😆


  31. Sharpy

    It depends what ex players and ex managers say about them and in relation to what.

    When it comes to Pards, none have said he’s a top manager like Ferguson believed Moyes was. Results and performances tell you whether they are that good or not. I never had Moyes down as a top manager. Behind the scenes and how he got on with players may have been totally different. I never heard that he had any real fallouts and always had his team working for him.

    When comes to personality and management, then that can’t be judged from those on the outside. That is why I would rather listen to ex players and not someone on a blog who simply has no idea other than reading headlines in newspapers and the odd player dispute.

    Who knows what goes on behind the scenes.


  32. Sharpy17: Ferguson also gave a glowing endorsement of Alec McLiesh to Villa. Perhaps it is a Scottish thing?

    The frustrating thing is how limited our options seem to be. There aren’t any obvious candidates because they know they would have to work on the cheap, both with their wages and the transfer budget. If they have a brain, they would also know that Ashley has banned a lot of the press so they are all just waiting to twist the knife even more.

    Are there any other Dutchmen like Koemans? It would be a big step up for them, apart from Ajax. I don’t follow the Dutch league at all so couldn’t begin to suggest anybody, bar de Boer.


  33. Troy @418: Would Pardew really be sacked this weekend when we have just had the perfect time to sack him? Surely some decent manager would have the balls and the ego to take over a club that was recently in Europe and under Robson in the Champions League (I know that goes against some of what I said, but I am clutching at straws here)?


  34. Troy – Moyes did well on a shoestring at Everton and if he was brought in then that’s how he would have to operate under Ashley.
    I agree though, I think his style may frustrate. It wouldn’t be the free flowing football that some hope for, but I reckon it would be organised and disciplined. I think he’d win matches without setting the world alight – but I’m not sure this squad would set the world alight with Pep G at the helm to be fair.


  35. that is why, when we were floating mid table’ish to 5th, I saw no point in sacking Pards as the options are so limited. I just never see Ashley appointing a top manager and all the other options are limited managers. Within 12 months the same criticisms would arise of a new manager.

    Ashley remains my target of abuse not Pards.

    Eric, your too tame now. This is not fun anymore. 😉


  36. Troy – if Pardew could achieve 5-10th regularly then I’d keep him as well.
    In my opinion there are only 2 top managers in the PL – Jose and Wenger.


  37. Troy @426: I got my zen back 🙂 It is the total humiliations that make me think Pardew is a bad manager. Spurs away 4-0 after about 20 minutes, Liverpool at home 6-0 and 21 more. They are just too frequent and too many to think he really knows what he is doing.

    Then there is the falling our with our better players.

    This run we are on has just made me give up on Pardew. I have lost patience.

    Troy seems to be the only one defending Pardew at all and he likes a fight, so I picked one. If you read the comments on the Chronicle board it is almost universal that Pardew should go.

    Part of this is the 24 hour news cycle, Twitter and the internet. We have had crap managers before but there weren’t forums to vent on. I never much cared for Bill McGarry or the Bald Eagle but only a few friends down the pub knew about that.


  38. Pardew has run his course, and been found out by all a sundry, toon fans, opposition managers, and sadly his own players. we will flirt again with relegation this season, and we most definitely don’t have the quality to get us out of this mess, no matter what our deceitful manager is trying to preach to us. our style of football stinks, and is ineffective. pardew has filled our team with lightweights and we have had a soft underbelly for years. ashley is going absolutely nowhere, he is making way too much easy money at the toon, its tragic. he has the fans so split that protest wise they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. pardew may make a good number 2 roll, but as time has shown he has a shelf life which tends to suggest that the main job is too much for him..


  39. Munich Mag: dead right. Almost every fan is singing from the same hymnbook now and going against a few pampered players who wouldn’t get a job again at this level and coachs who wants fans not to express themselves. It is like Venkys, I hope it doesn’t end up the same way.

    Coloccini turned tail on confronting Pardew to protect his position, but he is past it anyway and knows this is his last job. The one’s that stuck to their guns are gone. Tiote is indispensable now, but I bet those rumours that he wanted out are true. That injury he had, and miraculous recovery when his country called him up, was just too convenient.

    I have no idea if our new players are any good. You don’t usually get immediate success with massive changes in personnel. People point to Southampton but that is unusual and only seven games. Teams normally struggle for a while like Liverpool this year, Spurs last year, and just about every promoted team that invariably changes their squad. You can ease players in as long as you don’t fall out with everybody and ship them out.

    There are ex-players and current managers who seem to be supportive of Pardew. They don’t have any current first hand knowledge of the dressing room or what Pardew is doing. Not much more than us anyway.

    I have always thought that the ex-players are all too clubby, playing charity golf and going to press parties and such. None of them want to step out of line and get off the gravy train that all of these TV and press jobs offer nowadays. They tow the line, stick together, because they know what side their bread is buttered – a few more golf junkets Sky, a night at Sportsman of the Year BBC, a trip to sit on the couch at the European Championships BT. It all seems like a big mutual c*cksucking party if you ask me – maybe they spent too much time in those communal baths after games!? (is that too un-PC?)


  40. It is almost like The Masons the way these ex-players and managers stick together so I hardly believe anything they say. And the Press, oh the Press? They have their lips so firmly attached to Harry Rednapp’s and ex-players’ ars*s it is a wonder they can breathe. It is all a big club.

    Funnily enough, the exception might be us, but the Chronicle has not given up on getting into Ashley’s good graces yet and the London based press have always had it out for us.


  41. I will give an example of the mutual appreciation club. Ryan Giggs. F*cks his brother’s wife and it is a scandal for a while to sell a few papers. Now it is all: Giggsy, played 900 plus games, isn’t he great and Van Gaal only has good things to say about him. It is like it never happened because there is this unwritten code that they all have to stick together and protect their money/jobs/ride on easy street.


  42. Hey Troy: does that explain why I pay very little heed to Lovenkraands 🙂 I am shocked you didn’t get mad at me and applaud you for it. It has sort of changed my mind a bit about you.


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