No football!

It looks like we have a couple of weeks to cool our heels as the premier league takes a two week break. I have never been a fan of these international games during the season and if I am to be honest, they are nothing but a pain in the arse. You see, I need my weekly fix of football, it is as simple as that!

A quiet weekend of football
A quiet weekend of football

So as this weekend approaches the realization will start to loom large that I will begrudgingly have to look to make other plans that don’t involve watching football.Β  I try not to let on to the missus know that there are no games as plans may be made for me without my consent… These are worrying times indeed!

So in the down time between fixtures, we will no doubt be bombarded with media speculation around player movements, the sacking of managers, the odds on new managers to take over and the usual tabloid nonsense that gets printed. Don’t get me wrong, all of this stuff gets printed anyway but with no games to distract us, all the attention towards it tends to be a little more focused!

I could also write about the chances of our players getting injured during these international games but this article is not about them, it’s about us fans and the pain of not being able to watch the lads play on the weekend. As horrid as some of our performances have been this season, I still look forward to the next game because who knows, this could be the game where we come good and get that win we so desperately need. These two weeks can’t pass quick enough as far as I am concerned but living in the southern hemisphere like I do, I will get a little more shuteye time so maybe it is not all bad.

Bring on Leicester !


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  1. morning all, LONG LONG TIME, since i last wrote a comment on here, Good to see TROY still winding YOU ALL up!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    id like to say thanks for the “links” to have all provided for the TOON games over the past year, even if it has been very painful to watch πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

    any way, get this crazy international break out of the way, so we can look forward to wor next game πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    keep the faith πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  2. Well the good thing about this 2 week break, is that it has given Percy a chance to sort out the defensive problems with the Lads not away.
    I’m sure we will see a vast improvement from now on, with a solid back 4 most teams will be envious of.
    The run up to xmas won’t be as bad as predicted
    manager of the month is a certainty.


  3. Here’s what Stewart Robson said when asked what Pardew will bring to the table that Christ Hughton didn’t:

    β€œA Massive Ego… I have never been happy with his touchline antics. I’m not sure what he does on the coaching field. I know one or two people who have played under him, and weren’t too impressed… Jobi McAnuff being one of them, said he didn’t enjoy his time at West Ham because of Pardew.

    β€œI just think that he’s got a massive ego. When West Ham were doing poorly he took a step back. When they started to do well, he became very big time and he’s promoted himself more than the team. So, I am not a fan of Pardew, and I think it’s the worst move Newcastle could make. I don’t know how he got the job. He must know someone on the board whose a friend of his.

    β€œAlan Pardew will tell you he tries to play good football; that’s rubbish. He plays long-ball football, it’s very direct, there is no creativity in midfield. He just wants to play route one football… At times he can be a conman.”


  4. Troy says @300:

    “So Eric. I’m still waiting for a decent argument to be presented which already hasnt. Everything you’ve said has been said many times before on here. I’ve responded suitably to those points. I’ve waited 2 days for that?”

    You think I memorise your responses? That is why you and Pardew get along so well, you have matching egos (see @306). I think I gave reasoned answers to your questions. Maybe not original, but that is because everybody can see Pardew’s shortcomings except the wise and wonderful Troy.

    You really should go back and read some of what you write. Saying I had a “hissy fit” is comic gold from the guy who wrote a 25 page missive to his brother.


  5. Troy vs Eric… wow.. great stuff… regardless of the outcome of the war of words, Troy will always be my ****! πŸ™‚


  6. BB, I gave it a shot. I tried to reason with the unreasonable. He is exacerbating to talk with because he has such a thick skin (head). He thinks people are trying to score points off him, for whatever delusional reason he has.

    Trolling a troll is OK for a while but it gets old and Troy has much more patience than I do – that’s why he is still a Pardew fanboy.


  7. Here is a definition of internet troll:

    “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

    I freely admit I trolled Troy, to an extent. But he does it every day, you would think he would get bored by it πŸ™‚ smiley


  8. Pardew is teaching the midfielder’s how to score goals from set pieces and free kicks. It’s a problem he has now completely solved, whilst organising the defence. He needed that extra week to address the issues. Top of the league by x max. Deluded


  9. Here are my opinions of Pardew. They have been said before but are worth repeating:

    1. He has a proven trajectory of starting off strong and then sinking like a stone, probably because his players catch on to all of his management speak and simple tactics. More likely that other managers catch on to it being the same old Pardew and then make adjustments to overrun his simplistic tactics.

    2. He is a loudmouthed, egotistical jerk who contradicts himself even in the same interview, quite often in the same sentence. An example – I am not going to criticise the players, BUT, today I fort our young players didn’t show up.

    3. Troy defends him, so he must be cr@p.


  10. And Troy, before you ask, I am not going to give you an exact reference to my point 2 above. We all know this is what he does, we have seen the interviews. He says he isn’t going to blame or criticise and then goes on to blame and criticise to deflect attention from himself.


  11. This should be named the eric sykes blog yawn ,troy change your pic as i think there is a lot of people think its you and quite fancy you πŸ˜†


  12. Here’s an example of Pardew Speak:

    “People fink I am arrogant and have an ego, and that is their right to say that. But, it is about the players and the real fans, who support the team.

    He has this pattern of speech where he appears to be accepting blame and then changes the subject to deflect criticism. It is a conman’s trick.

    His best one was about Crystal Palace this year when he blamed fans for cheering the team on at the end of the game and causing the final goal. He should not be at our club, just so we don’t have to listen to him anymore.


  13. Batty: I will shut up then. I don’t really see anyone saying I was wrong about anything I have said though. Apart from Troy, but I expected that.


  14. Dave@316, Pity he didn’t say that before the window closed, apparently he was **** a hoop back then. This is a case of him looking to place the blame elsewhere because he knows letting certain players go and his own short comings are now so apparent.


  15. Eric,
    You are now representing the Expectation Express which Troy has repeatedly tried to derail.
    Keep up the good work and count me in.
    SACK THE FOOL!!!!!


  16. Kimtoon: As Pardew would say: “To be honest, I fink getting those players over the line in January will help. Mike has supported me frewout my time here and that last 4-0 loss to Soufampton is dedicated to him. We have a triffic roster that I couldn’t possibly fit anymore players on, unless you ask me in 30 seconds when I will completely change my mind.”


  17. Batty πŸ˜† nice to see you back me old bean πŸ˜‰

    Kim I have never believed that Pards would have been really happy with the squad he had when the window closed, but he has to say he is because he has to let the players think he has full faith in them, and he has to say it to please Jabba.


  18. Big Dave: he p!ssed off and alienated some of the players who might help now FFS. Perhaps Ashley said to him that if he wasn’t going to play M’Biwa, Ben Arfa and Marveaux he should just get them off the wage bill?

    That doesn’t defend Pardew for falling out with players in the first place. He is a half-wit and that is me being generous to the other half-wits out there – Troy, that means you.


  19. Wow. 😯

    Eric is obsessed with me. πŸ˜›

    Aussie, you have competition with Eric mind. He’s determined to get in my trunks and have feel. πŸ˜›

    Got to say like, Pards has remained professional throughout his tenure, (apart from the head butt, but I put that down to passion).

    He continues to show the fighting spirit we need, instead of the negativity being expressed on here.

    Mind, I would drop him like a stone for a top manager. A top manager might just be able to keep us up. I did say might. πŸ˜‰


  20. At the risk of becoming even more boring, I will say that there might be something inherited or learnt by Troy from Les Kellett. Wrestling is essentially a show, a fake, a pantomime. What Troy does on here is very similar posturing and prancing. I suppose that is why he has this affinity with Pardew.


  21. Aye it’s good to see Batty back.

    He was on the original Reality Train when most of the blog were slagging us off for criticising Ashley. It’s funny like. Watching the worms turn over time. πŸ˜›

    They all deserted the Expectation Express before it collided with Stardusts little Red Bus. πŸ˜›


  22. And Troy man @333. An obsession would mean I care about you. I obviously don’t since I have kept quiet for a number of years whilst reading your inane and often insane ramblings.


  23. Eric

    Grandad Les was a great man. Black n White thru & thru. His favourite comedian was Eric Sykes. Now he was funny. A comedy genius. πŸ˜‰

    The original was but the impersonators are ****e. πŸ˜†

    Eric, who do you fancy to take over from Pardew?


  24. Troy: I enjoyed Les Kellet’s show on World of Sport, it was quite funny. It was a show though, with no substance – sort of like your performance on here.

    Asking me to provide alternatives to Pardew is hiding from your opinion that he is above average and I think he has been proven to be sh!t at NUFC and all of his previous jobs.


  25. And Troy: I am not impersonating Eric Sykes, it was a semi-random name I chose. I could have as easily took the name Alf Garnett or Puff Daddy.


  26. Tory – ” who do you fancy to take over from Pardew?”
    a pointless question really, as it is not our problem, but IS one for the fat controller himself.
    HE has dug this hole for himself, and it is going to be very interesting to see how he gets out of it, before it is too late.


  27. What I am saying is that why listen toa man who goes on constant rants on here and has no real answers to being asked simple questions? Or being asked why he is a d!ck about most things, and to most people? His answer most of the time is an emoticon after saying something nasty.

    That’s the real Troy. An internet troll, hiding behind repetitious, boring statements about Les Bloody Kellett who most people forgot about years ago (me excepted πŸ™‚ ) smiley face


  28. Troy says @333:

    “Got to say like, Pards has remained professional throughout his tenure, (apart from the head butt, but I put that down to passion).”

    He hasn’t remained professional at all. He changes what he says mid-sentence and falls out with the better players he is supposed to be ” managing”. Calling Pellegrini an ‘old c*nt” is professional? Passion and stupidity mesh in the Troy and Pardew world.


  29. Pardew changes like the wind. That is not “professional”, that confuses all of his players and all of us. If he was “professional” he would be consistent and not spout shyte all of the time – although he does consistently spout shyte all of the time.


  30. Wont be surprised if we end up by selling Sissoko Gouffran and TiotΓ© at some point. If we get that commanding CB or give a run to Streete and bring big AC back, i see Abeid stepping up for 1st team. If Ryan Taylor is fully fit, then he has to start, his set pieces abilities are indispensable atm.
    ——————–Colback———-de Jong————————–
    During ACN


  31. Dave@329 Fair point mate, but then why is he now voicing his concerns. It will surly upset jabba and the current players I’d of thought. For me it’s him looking to deflect blame again. Granted it’s not the best squad we ever had but this bunch should be more than capable of getting better results with decent coaching imo.


  32. Batty

    He’s wound up ready to snap. It’s 3 yrs of pent up anger being unleashed in two days!! πŸ˜›

    I must have been on his mind constantly. πŸ’‘

    The thing is, I’m more superior in every way than Eric. He’s finding it tough to take it, but we’ll get there. πŸ˜›

    He’s going to tell me soon who he wants as manager. πŸ˜‰


  33. Troy he certainly has a lot of pend up anger towards you, nearly as much as he has for Pards πŸ˜† he has that much venom for Pards he reminds me of some of the .org crew πŸ™‚ .

    Batty the way Krul has been playing I dont think he will be that big of loss πŸ˜•


  34. I’ll bite about the manager, Troy.

    1. How about Zidane? Not much experience but familiar with the Real Madrid system.

    2. Basil Brush. A puppet with a fat man’s hand up his ars*. He would probably have a better strategy than Pardew though.

    3. Herbert Chapman. He has about the same number of functioning brain cells as Pardew (and Troy for that matter).

    4. Gloria from the corner shop.

    They would all do a better job than Pardew at the minute.


  35. And Troy: those Kellett wrestling genes must be good for something? Having your ****es Dig Dave and Batty stick up for you.


  36. I mean, Big Dave and Batty, you defend a total imbecile. What, next time you are down the pub he might give you a slap, Grandpa Kellett style πŸ™‚ Wimps.


  37. Eric did I touch a nerve when I said about the .org crew πŸ˜† πŸ˜† whats up was I right ❓

    As for sticking up for Troy no need he is big enough to fight his own battles, but then you haven’t really give him a fight yet πŸ˜‰


  38. eric iam nobodys **** ,but i feel alot of jealousey coming from your end , just to let you know were not that way inclined sweetie πŸ˜‰


  39. Mr. Big said:

    “As for sticking up for Troy no need he is big enough to fight his own battles, but then you haven’t really given him a fight yet “.

    If putting a load of smileys on post and endlessly repeating himself is fighting a battle, then I will be a monkey’s (Troy’s) uncle.


  40. Ice to be honest sometimes when I look up my email,s on my phone there is that much junk from fb I tend to delete loads and sometimes there is important ones get deleted by mistake πŸ˜₯


  41. Come on Eric spill the beans are you one of the .org crew ❓

    Ice at 371 yeah and it gets even worse when there is no footie even though it has been ****.


  42. KIM@370 the answer to wum is,the older I get the less I care what people think of me therefore the older I get the more I enjoy life πŸ˜€


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