What are the three points really worth?

A few weeks back I wrote an article about the choice of a win in our next game and three points or Pardew getting sacked on the back of another loss. The response, dare I say it, leaned a little toward sacrificing the three points if it were to mean we were rid of Pardew.

Will it be all smiles this weekend?
Will it be all smiles this weekend?

Of course it was a hypothetical question and as it turned out, we only sacrificed two points after a draw with Hull…and Pardew remained in charge. The next game was another draw, this time against Swansea and even with the point gained, we still have not moved out of the relegation places on the table. That was a week or two back and as we wait for the return of the season proper, to me, there seems to be a real need growing amongst the fans, the players and Pardew to get a win from our next game. However, I believe our next game is about much more than the three points on offer. This international break has given everyone time to reflect of what has transpired to date and I get the feeling that most fans will now put aside their disdain for Pardew and will be desperately hoping for that first win. I am not suggesting that anyone was hoping that we would lose games, it was just that a few weeks back, things didn’t seem so dire. Also the players really need a boost that only a win can provide. The longer our win-less steak goes on the more pressure will go on the players. To me they are already playing with too much fear and I would dread to see it get any worse. Every on field mistake now seems to draw a exasperated groan from the crowd and the building tension can only have a detrimental effect on the players.
All that being said, I think Alan Pardew really needs the win more than anyone else. When he is down, it reflects in his teams performances. His nervous, try not to lose before we can win approach seems to be his best option this season. It would be nice to see him go all out and attack on the back of a good win but only time will tell if that ever happens.
So it is safe to say the three points would be nice for our position on the league table but I really think a win would be good for the soul of everyone associated with the club. I think everyone needs a pick me up and a win would go a long way to achieving that!

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  1. Troy @71: I think the context is Pardew looking for another scapegoat after another failure. He has proven that this is the way he operates, to blame the players.

    He has to prove otherwise to me now. Get a couple of wins and build some confidence in the side because at the moment I don’t believe a word he says.


  2. Give me something to cheer for Pardew and the team. Any gleam of hope will get us going – just look at the Swansea game.


  3. Ahhh Troy you can not have a go at other bloggers for using quotes from ex players and managers. You seem quite fond of that yourself. πŸ˜‰ Stan Collymore… deary me! πŸ˜›


  4. Kim

    There is one quote in both those links and this is it;

    We spent a lot of money on Cabella and he hasn’t really delivered.

    There is interpretation all around it. It’s absolutely taken out of context.

    I refer you back to my previous explanation @71. πŸ˜‰


    I don’t mind anyone using quotes as long as they accept the good ones. I’ve never criticised anyone for producing quotes which condemn Pardew but when I produce quotes, it’s others who criticise.

    All I want is for those quotes not to be twisted to suit people’s point of view.

    You’re terrible for that. πŸ˜› you do it with my quotes. πŸ˜‰


  5. Here’s one for Tory. – πŸ˜‰
    Former Newcastle United and England midfield player Peter Beardsley has told ITV News that fans shouldn’t worry about the season ahead.

    Speaking at Wallsend Boys Club, he said the club had a “great owner and a great manager”.
    “When I look at the job the manager has done, he has done a great job, so let him get on with it.”
    Seems the club is going all out in defending the indefensible.
    next it will be Sir John telling fans to get behind the team………………….


  6. It seems to me that the regime will look to turn bad results back on to the supporters any way they can.
    Percy has already blamed the fans for us not winning against crystal palace.
    If the protests continue they will use that to blame for relegation or whatever.
    So we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
    Those who wish to continue supporting the team should do so, and let Percy continue to dig his own grave deeper and deeper himself.
    He is doing a cracking job. 5 wins in 9 months 😎


  7. Troy, You asked for links to the quote, I gave you two, please show me how it’s taken out of context πŸ˜• . It is what it is and there in black and white. All I did was post the link, he said what he said end of. Are you saying he never meant what he said?, dear god Troy you really are clutching at straws. πŸ˜‰


  8. Willo would have to be certifiable to write that statement. Shame that the bullies at the club are picking on weak links and a bunch of old has beens and expros to trot out their pr spin. They must think we are all gullible.


  9. Troy says,


    For me, that’s taken out of context.
    He’s repeatedly said he rates Cabella. He’s just saying he rates him but hadn’t reached the level we know he can. That’s not dissing him. It’s telling him and everyone what everyone knows that his performances haven’t been good enough. But at the same time, he’s told everyone he rates and will get there.

    Totally unfair putting that slant on it IMO. πŸ˜‰

    Bollocks Troy, he said he isn’t showing the value we paid for him, and the flattery of him was when we first bought him .


  10. It’s great. It suits some to print posts criticising Pards but when someone prints a quote praising him, they don’t believe it. Haha. πŸ˜€

    You can’t have it both ways. I’m sure the quotes from both sides are pretty accurate.


    I’ve never agreed with Beardsley on anything. He’s further up Ashleys arse than Aussie. πŸ˜›

    Whatever happens at NUFC he supports it. Ashley could criticise Beardo and he would agree with it.

    But I’m confident they will be his words. πŸ˜‰


  11. Kim

    I suggest you’re very naive if you believe that’s all he said in the convo he’s had and to suggest he meant it in the way you suggest is laughable.


  12. Troy you’re tying yourself in knots trying to defend Pardew. It’s obvious you can’t stand him just like everyone but Beardsley.


  13. Here’s a real quote from Dennis Skinner.

    The Labour veteran attacks Mike Ashley, who as owner of the Sports Direct warehouse in Shirebrook is an important local employer in Skinner’s Bolsover constituency.

    Skinner, dubbed the β€œBeast of Bolsover” because of his savage way with words in the Commons, recalls: β€œI wrote to Ashley asking why at Newcastle United, the football club he owns, a trade union is recognised for the players, but he doesn’t recognise a trade union for the workers at Sports Direct. Ashley never replied.”

    Skinner adds: β€œBosses such as Ashley are why I will be a socialist as long as I breathe.”

    He goes on: β€œWorth an estimated Β£3.75 billion, [Ashley’s] loot increased by Β£1.45 billion according to the latest Rich List.”

    Skinner claims that Ashley has β€œamassed a fortune even bigger than that grinning tax dodger Richard Branson. The helicopter Ashley flies in, to and from that Shirebrook plant, is paid for by the sweat of men and women who struggle to afford a bus fare home.”


  14. Georgio

    I certainly don’t hate Pards. He’s an average premier league manager who does a decent job when given the tools to work with.

    It’s funny how some people can even feel qualified to even tell me what I’m thinking. 😯 πŸ˜†

    FTSOTB. πŸ™„


  15. I see Saturday is looking like it’s going to be a complete sell out! In that case we deserve all that we get!


  16. Troy@89 I think you’ll find you’re the naΓ―ve one believing the Willo quotes πŸ˜‰ Also what is utterly laughable is your defence of the flop that is Percy πŸ˜‰


  17. My issues with Pards once again is not deploying tactics that suit is personnel. He insists on playing one man up top when none of our strikers have ever thrived in that role (either here or elsewhere). He relies on a number 10 when we don’t have one (though De Jong was probably signed for that role). He then tries to convert offensive minded players into two way roles to which they are not suited (Cabella and Ben Arfa).

    IMO Pards either has no or little say in transfers in which case he is failing tactically to best use the players at his disposal, or he has a say and thinks he mould players to fit his system regardless of whether they are suited for it or not.


  18. Bit irrelevent as Kruls now fit again but i must be watching a different Rob Elliot to some

    Since his debut hes been solid and hasnt done much wrong imo


  19. Some recent comments from Pardew:
    “I definitely don’t feel that this is a must win game. We are still early days. I have assured Mike that we will win a game this season, but possibly not for a few more months. Mike sounded a little bit worried by this but he remains fully supportive of me. As I have said in the summer we have the strongest squad since I came to the club now and I remain confident we will win a game.” 😯


  20. Kim

    I believe Willo probably said it and I believe Beardsley probably said it. I believe Pards probably said the quote but he probably said a lot more as well which has been conveniently removed to change the context.

    Believe it or not, some gullible people believe it the edited version πŸ˜‰


  21. Shall I add one more thing to stir the relegation fear even more. The African Cup of Nations is in January and the qualifiers are being played now. Tiote will be shagged out (literally, as his two wives and mistress might be there). We will probably also lose Cisse and perhaps even Sammy. Of course, the teams have to qualify so I might be jumping the gun. It is a scary thought that we might lose these players for five games when we are going to need them most.


  22. Troy @103: Pardew probably did say a lot more as he is a walking stream of consciousness, diarrhea merchant. When he talks, he just can’t stop and reveals some of his true thoughts. That he tries to cover them up a couple of sentences later doesn’t hide his true feelings, he is just trying to do what he does – cover up for his mistakes.


  23. I meant verbal diarrhea. But, you probably got my gist. He is a fast talking conman, but in amongst his usual rubbish there are some of his true thoughts.


  24. More comments from wor Alan:
    “Call me foolish if you like, but I’ve got me sights on 2 wins for this season in fact. Yes, I believe we’re fully capable of 2 wins…..If we stay healthy that is…..and erm if Mike supports me in the January window. Not that we don’t already have a fantastically strong squad or anything….but still it might be nice to get that second win for the supporters. Just a thought anyway.” πŸ˜†


  25. Even if I accept Troy’s premise that Pardew has been failed by Ashley, Carr, Kinnear and everybody else, I still dislike him. I don’t want some used car salesman running my club, he is irritating with all of the rubbish that he says. That he is failing at his job now and has failed everywhere else just makes it worse.


  26. Stu
    most games are near sell outs.
    Don’t know how much your season ticket works out for each game but some fans who can’t afford to buy tickets earlier, do gamble on ticket availability, and wait until match day to get a ticket from Β£15.
    Ashley is not daft – a Β£15 seat is better than an empty seat.
    Could be that if no one bought season tickets or bought tickets in advance, Ashley would have turnstyle admission for a tenner.


  27. And finally this from Alain Perdue:
    “I’m fully confident we can get a draw at home against those lot from Sunderland. They don’t have a sleek, powerful squad like we do. Their manager’s pencil isn’t sharp like mine. They don’t have fantastic players like Obertan. Yes we’ll manage a draw! Fear not!!!” 😯 Beautiful Alain.


  28. Remember back a couple of months when he was thanking everybody for the fantastic transfer business in the summer. He thanked Charnley, Carr, Ashley – he even thanked himself. I could get the quote but I might be accused of taking his exact words out of context πŸ™‚


  29. As Official Blog Hobbit I’ve decided it’s time to make a serious prediction. Harrumph! I firmly believe that if Monsieur Perdue stays in charge for the entire season we will wind up with 30 points or less. Imagine that mates! We could get up to 30 points! It’s stunning really. It just goes to show the benefits of building a truly sleek, powerful squad in the summer. 😳


  30. Ref the quotes, obviously I the people say those quotes, doesn’t make any of them true though. Anybody who is connected with football says what suits them at the time and you have to be a bit naive to take any of them seriously, for example what Beardsley has said about Pardew this week is the complete opposite to what he says about him in private…and that as they say is a fact πŸ˜‰


  31. Imagine that mates. A 30 point season with wor Alan! And the excitement of looking forward to time in the Championship with Pards showing us his incredible talent! And ably supported by our wonderful owner! Beautiful.


  32. Eric

    Pards is part of the problem at NUFC no doubt. I’ve always said he’s Ashleys puppet and in it up to his neck.

    However, I only judge him as a coach and what he has to work with. He is he clubs PR and as a coach who is willing to be a puppet, has to big everything up. He has to publicly back his team and squad. He can’t criticise them. I fail to see how you and others expect him to say anything else.

    He would leave or be sacked if he said anything different.

    All I judge him on is the position we finish in and the performances in relation to the quality of the squad.

    Preseason I identified the squad of players were relegation fodder.

    He’s got us where I expected us to be.

    I believe, only a special manager could save us from relegation if we kept the same squad all season.

    I’m now of the opinion that we need to stumble and crawl to January. If we get beat on Saturday then a change of manager will be necessary to get points on board through a new manager having a honeymoon period.

    Once we get to January, heavy investment is required.

    By the way, I never expect to see Ashley appoint a special or top manager. He’ll gamble on a cheap option.


  33. Well said Richie mate. On the other hand what I say about Pards in private is exactly what I say on the blogs. He needs a good fonging.


  34. Richie

    You’re right. Tevez actually respects Pards and they have sunday lunch every week together. He loves winding Pards up with his dissing quotes.

    Beardsley needs to keep his mouth shut. He adores Ashley. I’ve spoke to him a few times about it. Hes my all time favourite toon player but he’s the closest thing to Ashleys subservient puppet to Aussie. πŸ˜†


  35. Troy πŸ˜†
    You’re right about Beardsley, he says the same in private about Ashley as he does in public. He thinks the sun shines out his arse, I don’t know how though when Pedro is so far up there 😯


  36. I don’t understand how people can say Pardew is NOT crap because they hate Ashley. That is the only argument I ever see now defending Pardew. However, Pardew can be crap all by himself independent of Ashley. He has proven it time and again and is reinforcing it here and now.

    Of course, Ashley should employ better football people and make better decisions but Pardew can be sh!t independent of that. And he is.


  37. Troy: the other thing is that even if Pardew is Ashley’s puppet, PR spokesman and lackey he is still intensely annoying in the way he spouts utter ****e. His spouting of utter ****e is independent of being Ashley’s puppet.


  38. Pardew’s inconsistencies and changing like the wind translate to his tactics and team selection. He could be given Chelsea’s squad and would be having Costa play left back and have them mid-table after a year.


  39. Troy said @116:

    “However, I only judge him as a coach and what he has to work with. He is he clubs PR and as a coach who is willing to be a puppet, has to big everything up. He has to publicly back his team and squad. He can’t criticise them. I fail to see how you and others expect him to say anything else.”

    Troy man. Your judgement of him as a coach is wrong because his track record is one of failure.

    He also does make these subtle criticisms that undermine a players confidence.

    He also doesn’t always back his team and squad. Witness the Cabella quotes and after Brighton. F@ck he doesn’t even back his sh!t coaches. What game was it after he was banned that he said we would have won if he was on the touchline. Stoke?

    He is a totally self-serving, contradictory sh!t sandwich. No wonder his players are confused.


  40. I can see I’m winding Eric up again πŸ˜†

    My angry little friend. Only the seldom few in football management don’t have a string of sackings on their record.

    Almost every manager who takes charge of a side who doesn’t splash loads of cash faces the sack after a season or two.

    I base my judgement on him solely at the toon cos I have knowledge of them and the circumstances he’s faced.

    He’s done ok with the squads he’s had. He’s currently performing ok with the squad he has. πŸ˜‰

    Chillax πŸ˜‰ your wrong and I’m right. You’ll get used to it. πŸ˜†


  41. Big news today mates! It turns out we’ve signed a top young prospect. Yes, his name is Horace Mook and he plays for the South Fenwick Scramblers! Wonderful news! Graham Carr managed to convince him not to sign for the Tewkesbury Rovers by telling him Mike will pay him slightly more in his second season with us! Beautiful! Well done Graham and Mike!!!


  42. Here, I will explain it a bit more. Mourihno is an arrogant ars#hole (but funny) – Bobby Robson let his mouth run but in a charming way – Ferguson was a surly old goat. The difference was that their confidence/arrogance was backed up by results and they didn’t undermine their players in public.

    Pardew is all of these things except funny, charming and successful πŸ™‚


  43. Troy: I am not angry. Honest. I am also not on a wind up because I know you are impossible to wind up. I tried, and failed πŸ™‚


  44. “I base my judgement on him solely at the toon ”
    Deary me Tory 😳
    You keep telling us you base all your opinions and predictions on ‘history’ and then come out with such a narrow minded statement as that.
    you then say “By the way, I never expect to see Ashley appoint a special or top manager.” But using your criteria there is no such thing, as you can’t count how they have performed previously.
    Seriously fella you need to get your story straight before typing, as you are embarrassing yourself even further. πŸ˜›


  45. look at percy’s history.
    He has been nothing but a complete loser everywhere he has ever been.


  46. Alright Troy. Pardew does face many challenges, but we really can’t do better and get somebody who is not quite so annoying? If we are going to be this bad then at least don’t give a London Cabby/used car salesman to listen to.


  47. Pardew is like the Jeremy Kyle of managers. He has somehow parlayed some limited ability into a career where he just bull****s all day.


  48. Bootsy

    You really must look at yourself. I’ve picked you apart or years. πŸ˜‰

    Credit where it’s due. i thought you had reached your limits in the clueless stakes. But no. You’ve surpassed yourself again. (Emoticom x 20 ).

    You really don’t read my posts. If you look at history, I never wanted Pardew. I’ve always maintained he’s not good enough for us. He’s an average premier league manager. Sacked on numerous occasions like most in the premier league. Steve Bruce is next on the list for many. His record is no different.

    However, since he’s been appointed, I’ve judged him on what I see.

    Please explain how you think I don’t think there are special managers?

    I’ll wait but I don’t expect an answer. Normality resumes. Bootsy on the back foot ranting. πŸ˜‰

    Dear me. πŸ˜›


    (For The Sake Of The Blog And Readers World Wide). (Lol emoticom x 55)


  49. I understand that the staff cannot citicise the manager, but Pardew subtly criticises the staff and players for his own failings. That is a bad manager, backed up by his own results.

    That he has not been sacked after these results doesn’t make him any less of a bad manager. That there are few alternatives, doesn’t make him any less of a bad manager.

    He is just a bad manager and has proven it over the years. We shouldn’t employ him and should get someone else. Who? Not him πŸ™‚


  50. Eric

    He’s an average premier league manager. I can’t say much more than that. It’s my opinion.

    You say he’s ****.

    We have to accept that there’s a difference of opinion. We could look at Martinez who took Wigan down with horrific results at times. Letting 9 goals in during one game. He’s now got Everton 4th bottom.

    Is he a good manager? I personally believe he’s overrated and explained this point two seasons ago when many on here drooled over him.

    I don’t expect Everton to get relegated. They have a decent squad, but he will under perform. It won’t be long before the Everton fans want him out.

    Bootsy wanted Pards sacked the season after Pards won manager of the year. He’s just got an abnormal hating of him. Eric you have the same. You aren’t rational or balanced. πŸ˜‰


  51. Troy: I am pretty rational and balanced – that’s why I can see Pardew’s flaws that most of us rational and balanced people can see. Perhaps you might want to listen to one or two of us now and again πŸ™‚


  52. I keep repeating this Tory and just for you, I will say it again.
    I don’t HATE Percy.
    I have just seen enough of his crap management and style of play.
    You say he is an average premier league manager.
    to which I would add ‘by default’
    imho he is way out of his depth in the PL.
    Sure this is the best job he will ever get, but he has been woeful for the past 2 years or so. During which I have called for his head constantly.
    Unchecked, he will relegate this club.
    Fortunately Mash wont let that happen.
    It’s only a matter of time.
    5 wins in 9 months


  53. Eric

    I was up against the vast majority on here for a number of years when they were defending Ashley.

    I predicted all this shambles but I got told to listen to their wisdom. πŸ™„

    They all keep quiet about it now. But I know who they are and so do they. πŸ˜‰

    I’ll name one to spice it up. Aussie. 😎


  54. I already did didn’t I ?
    Read wehat I wrote for a change.
    Your logic is defunct as per usual πŸ˜‰


  55. Troy @136: the straw man argument. Bringing up Martinez to defend Pardew! Picking out Martinez when he has nothing to do with Pardew.


  56. Bootsy

    once again you jump in the pool with your hands tied behind your back and lead weighted boots πŸ˜‰

    I stated I never wanted Pards in the first place. I based that on his average record. I made that quite clear in my previous post on this thread. That should suggest to you that I had a knowledge of his record at previous.

    I then went on to say, since he arrived at the toon, I’ve based my opinions on his performances and results. Again, I’ve stated he’s done a decent job with the players at his disposal. Even this season, as I could see preseason the squad was relegation fodder.

    So please tell me where I’ve said on this thread I don’t judge a manager on history?

    Please tell me how you think I don’t believe there are special managers out there?

    Back to normality of Bootsy and his erratic rants. ;-).


  57. Troy @136: It is the oldest trick in the book, man. Bringing up a similar, but different argument to defend your soft position.

    I am not angry either, just don’t believe your arguments. And I won’t insult you like on the weekend because I don’t think you are dumb ; just wrong πŸ™‚


  58. Eric.

    I’ve defended Pardew for years against the haters, without using Martinez or any other manager to compare.

    I just used him as an example on this occasion as it was appropriate in the conversation to highlight most managers without cash at their disposal compared to the elite end up being sacked at some stage or fail to live up to the fans expectations.

    No other reason. Count the hundreds of posts where I’ve defended him without comparing. πŸ˜‰


  59. Troy: One more thing. Perhaps Pardew can be a sh!t manager and have a sh!t squad. They are not mutually exclusive. I didn’t see that many people that even knew who we were buying/bought. The one that BIG UPPED his squad was Pardew himself.

    I didn’t see anyone else say to get rid of M’Biwa, Marveaux and Ben Arfa either.

    Or try to sell Obertan and now make him our possible salvation.


  60. I think one thing is clear from the points being raised and that is that sustained PL success is very difficult to achieve – whether you are backed or not.
    Kudos to Wenger for what he has achieved with Arsenal, but I go back to what Moyes achieved at Everton with very little money and keeping them a top 6-8 season as often as he did was real success IMO.
    Moyes in for me like.


  61. And so it is, Mr Alan Padew’s song:

    Big up me squad because they are ****in’,

    But 2 months later they are ****e because I am a contradiction.

    Judge me on me squad because I make champions league predictions,

    but I don’t have the courage of me own convictions”


  62. Here, Troy, is a description of the straw man argument in case you didn’t know what you do. It sounds like the unsuccessful arguments you make all of the time:

    From wikipedia:

    “A straw man is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent’s argument.To be successful, a straw man argument requires that the audience be ignorant or uninformed of the original argument.
    The so-called typical “attacking a straw man” argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and then to refute or defeat that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the original proposition.
    This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged emotional issues where a fiery, entertaining “battle” and the defeat of an “enemy” may be more valued than critical thinking or understanding both sides of the issue”


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