The mad Janmaater!

With a few wins under our belt and the pitchforks aimed at Pardew put away for safe keeping this week, I thought I’d take a quick look at one of our new recruits Daryl Janmaat. After a slightly protracted transfer due to the Debuchy move to the Gunners, Daryl Janmaat signed on for six years from Feyenoord.

I got the ball Ref!
I got the ball Ref!

Janmaat did come with some serious credentials as a world cup player for Holland and I think the general consensus amongst fans that he was potentially a very good signing. He did have some pretty big shoes to fill with the departure of Debuchy who really played well for us even when the side was struggling. To his credit, Janmaat has looked far from daunted by the crash and bash of the Premier League and has adapted quite well to the fast paced nature of the league. To me, he has looked better as each week has passed and has shown to be a good attacking outlet as well.
The thing I personally like about him the most is that he has a bit of mongrel in him. As far as I am concerned, every defender needs to have a bit of mongrel built into their DNA, without it opposition forwards would have nothing to fear and have an easy time of it. Take his tackle against Balotelli on the weekend. It was a no nonsense challenge that could have easily garnered a red card but it showed that he will not back down from a tough situation. I am pretty sure Balotelli didn’t touch the ball again from that moment on. I am not condoning bad tackles, don’t get me wrong, I am talking about tough mind sets and a bit of fire in the belly stuff. If he had gone in studs up and brought down another player, I would be all for him getting carded an suspended. Debuchy has a similar mindset but was a little more prone to cards. To his credit Janmaat has only 3 yellows from his 10 starts. Not too bad for a tough tackling defender. He has also popped up with a goal which shows he can mix it up in the forward half.

Like I stated earlier, I think Janmaat is improving with each game and he is going to be a key player as the season progresses. I just hope we can hang onto him a little longer than we did with Debuchy.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Newkie – I’m referring to the 2nd half of last season – when everything went to rat **** mate. Pardew hardly used Sammy or Obertan at all.


  2. Good to see some remembering that I was one of the few that backed Saylor over Willo.
    IMO Saylor is a better player in every aspect of his game, but as I have said many times the main difference is that Saylor is Toon through and through and would do anything for the club because he knows what the club means to the fans.
    I did mention a few days ago that I found it odd that some were saying that Pards has finally listened to the fans by putting Saylor ahead of Willo πŸ™„ real strange considering 98%of bloggers thought Willo was better than Saylor πŸ˜†
    But then fans can be fickle πŸ˜‰
    Same as Oba I cant remember many being too pissed off when he got dropped, after he got a long run in the team and was still a waste of space. But after a few decent games all of a sudden some are saying that it was about time Pards gave him a go.
    Oba will IMO always be the same and when he comes back from injury I expect him to prove me right that 90% of the times he is a waste of a shirt.


  3. Happy to be part of the Clueless Crew my man @375. At least I am not desperately trying to explain my frequent changes of mind over the last few weeks πŸ™‚ Now you are back in the Pardew camp. It is as if you never left. BUT YOU DID, matey, you did.


  4. DAVE I always agreed with you about Saylor but he went though a spell being a ******** with his dad when he was his agent then changing agents ect which didn’t help him imo,I never rated oba and still don’t,two canny games in thirty is no good,red nose made a lot of poor signings in his time we helped him out of the **** a bit


  5. Ice I agree about his Dad not helping him, one of the other things that I think harmed his game is that he has never had the benefit of having a long term quality CB partner to learn from, on most occasions he was the senior CB which I dont think helped him


  6. Eric

    I certainly underestimated the squad. I saw no comeback. We were heading for relegation in my eyes. But I never blamed Pards. My only consideration for sacking Pards was in the hope a fresh manager might have a honeymoon period which might have saw us to January.

    I certainly didn’t blame Pards. Fortunately Pards had the benefit of knowing his squad better than me. Thank goodness.

    You on the other hand doon rate Pards at all. You would have sacked him months, years ago. That’s the issue. Pardew and your daily crusade to see him sacked. Fortunately, he’s shown you up and it’s great to see. πŸ˜›


  7. I would have sacked Pardew in the summer definitely, I haven’t said any different and the reasons are for our unbelievably bad run of form and his seeming unwillingness to change anything except through injury. You got me there, I wanted him sacked and haven’t changed my mind. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until the Mackem 3-0 and Liverpool 6-0. Everything out of his mouth after that just made me cringe and I would second guess and question everything he did. I admit that.

    I remember Kimtoon saying on here after about a month of terrible results after the turn of the year that we had been extremely lucky to get to Christmas with the points we had when were still playing crap football. Even with Cabaye and Remy. She was right and man was she so right afterwards as we sank into the biggest slump, playing dross that wouldn’t even be tolerated in the Championship.

    I am a Newcastle supporter though and if he somehow performs a miracle I will be behind him. It doesn’t mean I was wrong for wanting him sacked because he should have been and we would not be having this conversation now and we would be best of friends πŸ™‚

    Troy, I don’t mind your little insults, I know that is the way you are. I wear the “clueless” badge with honour πŸ™‚


  8. Eric

    You do struggle. We were lucky to get the points tally we did by last Xmas, you say. πŸ™„

    No credit again eh? Haha.

    Honest answer, would you sack him now. Today?


  9. Yes, I would sack Pardew today. He had me almost not want to watch the games with his dire tactics, bizarre substitutions and bollocky press conferences. I like that he has turned things around temporarily, but I think that he will revert to type. If he doesn’t, great. But it has only been 5 games and we haven’t exactly blown anybody away. He does deserve credit, but not enough to keep him or make up for his past useless management. He shouldn’t have been hired in the first place, but that’s a different story.

    I know you will ask for the replacement, but that is a different issue. Give me time since Moyes has been snapped up and so was Di Matteo who I would have had over Pardew.

    Pardew for England.


  10. Eric

    It’s normally you blasting me Mr Halo πŸ˜‰

    But regarding your choice of sackings Pards for the reasons you’ve gave are poor in my opinion.

    Take any manager at any club other than Chelsea, Swansea Southampton and I bet their respective fans aren’t happy with their managers for similar reasons you give.

    We are a club with minimum resources compared to the fans ambitions. Whoever was in charge of us, with the constraints Pards has had, you would have the same problems, maybe in different orders but the same gripes none the less.

    I say he’s doing a decent job under the circumstances.

    I find your outlook totally irrational. πŸ˜‰


  11. Perez looks a goodun doesnt he!

    Im wondering if Cisse, Riviere, Tiote, De Jong, Santon will get their places in the team back?

    Of course they will but nice to see the kids hammering them along abit.

    Abeid makes Tiote look like a perfect Β£12m sale. And if the AFCON goes ahead we have a natural replacement


  12. Solano,

    I’ve always rates Taylor as quality. Look back to any posts. He gets so much slack for the odd error but every defender has those moments.
    He reads the game well, is powerful in the air. Is a threat from set pieces passes better than Willo and has passion.

    Obertan is another I’ve always defended. Said that his first touch is good, his passing is good, his crossing isn’t great but at least his pace gives us an outlet and if there are decent runners around him he has always done a decent job.

    Making Aarons and Obertan defend. Nope, don’t remember anyone saying that. What was said is that is isn’t nessessary for them to defend so deep. You can defend higher up the pitch. The higher you defend the more you force your opponents wing backs out of the game in an attacking sense.

    I’ve always stated Sissoko is BOX to BOX and is a ball carrier who can use his pace and power to drive the ball out of midfield. He needs to play next to someone who can sit back and protect the back four (Abied or Tiote) and then next to that we needed a distributer in Colback (previously Cabaye).

    Sammi, Aarons and Cabella, even Obertan are far more effective on attack than Sissoko was out wide and Gouffran who started to play far too defensively.

    Also the balance of having a left footed wing back and left footed wide left forward makes a huge difference because he was playing TWO right footed players down the left which constantly slowed down our attacking momentum.

    He dropped Willo after a good few months of terrible form.

    I stuck by Cisse when other wrote him off, he came back to score two braces and has looked good this season.

    If you can’t accept the amount of ridiculous decisions Pardew has made over the last 20 months then you are in denial.

    He’s got it right the last month. But crook or by fluke. Who cares. Lets hope he maintains this form.

    Whether you like it or not, many of the decisions were forced on him by circumstance. But again, who cares. As long as he’s finally clicked and we perform.

    I don’t think its necessary to start bull**** conversations about who was right or wrong. The fact is whether we were blaming lack of players ability or the manager, EVERY one was wrong to some degree.

    So can we all stop comparing **** sizes and just enjoy the results (while they last.

    And Troy, seriously, you the one who got more wrong that anyone so if I was you I’ll crawl back in the washing basket for a few months.


  13. Liam – I’m not so sure those players will get their places back. De Jong will be interesting because AP obviously had him down as our main creative player. Who will he leave out while he builds up fitness and gets up to speed with the PL? If he ever does! Sammy, Aarons, Cabella? And where will that leave Arma?
    For once AP needs to heed lessons about not fixing the unbroken. Several poor players have been out for whatever reason and the team is much much better for it!


  14. Blog h2h fantast league top 8:

    1 Stripes and no stars 27 (589)
    2 Haven’t Got a Kalou 25 (633)
    3 Natalie Sawyer No.1 24 (519)
    4 Newbriscastle Roar 24 (502)
    5 Solano’s Trumpet 21 (585)
    6 WaWa Toures 21 (571)
    7 Joshua 21 (543)
    8 Newclear Attack 18 (562)

    And there’re the usual suspects at the arse end.


  15. @JJ
    I heavily dispute your Saylor/Obertan claims but each to their own! πŸ˜† As I said, Sissoko has been playing in the centre all season with two other centre mids..
    Btw I’ve actually already stated that I think much of Pardew’s selection has been handed to him through injuries. The football and passion is down to the players though.

    Anyway, your second to last comment is right: after de Jong got injured and Cabella/Riviere looked to struggle with the physicality – we all thought we’d struggle – some like myself blamed Ashley and the poor squad quality, others blamed Pardew for his lack of managerial skill.
    For now.. we are all looking wrong.


  16. πŸ˜† JJ, out of curiosity I googled “ taylor williamson”
    First article up there and you’re first comment saying Williamson > Taylor.
    Being wrong is fine sometimes mate, I was a Williamson man (part of me still is!), it’s the outrageous claims of “being right” that I find amusing.


  17. Begas & JJ

    I am rarely wrong but once in a blue moon I make a slight error. I’m almost infallible. πŸ˜‰

    I think it’s good to compare ****s as it stops the blog getting full of buffoons who talk bull****. Without me checking on them the blog becomes the happy clappy pat on the back club. It’s nauseating. And to be fair, you’re right in the thick of it. πŸ˜›


  18. Solano, not sure when I ever said Williamson is better than Taylor.

    He had a decent spell of half a season where he deserved to be ahead of Taylor. But clearly you have never read my posts.

    I have said on countless occasions that Saylor I better. Perhaps a little more googling.

    Also, Sissoko has never been given am extended spell in the middle until now. He’s needed time and now it’s paying off. Should have been done ages ago.

    You believe whatever you need to to boos your clearly dented ego. πŸ˜›


  19. JJ
    November 7, 2013 at 19:46

    With the defenders we have available. They shouldnt just be picked on form. but also who can best shut out the opposition on the day.

    Powerful in the air – Willo.

    Pacey and skillful – Mbiwa.

    JJ-Did you miss the section on Taylor in that post or do we assume you meant he would be the no.1 regardless πŸ˜‰


  20. @395 Earlier post is supposed to say football and passion is down to Pardew and the players*


  21. Troy I think most of them are still in shock after recent results. You keep making them squirm mate. It’s hilarious πŸ™‚


  22. Newkie – You just couldn’t resist the “Willo powerful in the air” quote could you. Bloke’s as weak as water. πŸ˜›


  23. I’ve always rated Taylor and thought he was a future captain…IF he got his fits of madness under control. So far so good on that count.

    I for one was not disappointed in letting Mbiwa walk as he doesn’t seem to have the aerial ability or strength to be a Prem CB. would have probably kept him another year but think we ran into squad number issues


  24. Stem: why would I or anybody else that wanted Pardew sacked for the dire form and results of the second half of last year squirm? He played the same team and tactics even when they were not working and we had the worst record along with Cardiff in the second half of the season. He could have tried something different because we were safe, but he didn’t. He seemed stubborn beyond belief, and now this.

    A manager who is playing players in their correct positions and on the correct wings. He is having defenders defend first. He is picking pace over lumbering Sholas. He is giving youth a chance instead of picking the same underperformers. He is not falling out with half the dressing room (although we will see if that continues if Tiote doesn’t get his place back). He is mixing up his subs and even said he had Armstrong ready at West Brom if the game was deadlocked. In short, he has done a 180 from the Pardew of last year.

    Why would I squirm when I see him correcting some of his obvious deficiencies. I really never thought he had it in him though. I thought he was a stubborn, arrogant pr!ck. Maybe he is not so stubborn when he finally realises his job is on the line πŸ™‚

    We are stuck with him now. Hopefully, he has learned a thing or two and will not regress to the Pardew of last year.


  25. Newbie,

    I probably didn’t mention a Saylor because he was either injured a the time or not in contention for selection.

    I still want you to show me where I said Williamson I a better player than Saylor?


  26. See, Tom – now if had been Taylor who had left Jo open at that corner or had let Ireland make the run past him. You would have slated him.
    Dont get me wrong, I think Colo is world class and had a good game. But by highlighting one or two instances every game where attackers could have taken advantage of mistakes you can find fault in any defender. ; )
    I think Taylor had a decent game himself. And Bassong was very good.

    February 18, 2012 at 21:59
    Steve Bould, Tony Adams, Martin Keown,
    All played in a formidable Arsenal defence with no pace at all.
    I think Colo suffers when he has to cover for defenders not doing their job around him. Personally don’t think.he has as much faith in Willo as he does in Taylor

    February 18, 2012 at 23:39
    Well as much as people are saying Colo helps Saylor, I think from my viewing, Saylor has done his fair share to help Colo out the mess.
    His positioning isn’t always great. But he is brilliant in the air. not many beat him. And he covers for Colos lack of aerial dominance.
    He also does a good job of closing down shots and intercepting passes.
    He also chips in with a fair amount of goals. And is good in possesion, unlike Williamson and Simmo…
    He is a lot better than you give him credit for Stardust.


  27. I could find dozens more comments but if you want to continue debating nonsense where you are clearly wrong then you are welcome to πŸ˜‰


  28. Which way will our club head next? We had the dire start, unable to win at all, looking lost on the pitch. Then a complete turnaround which happened with the introduction of younger players and a change in the positions played by a key few. We also saw a resurgence in Colo and some steady play from Taylor. Dummett looks good so far at CB as well. To me it looks as if we will probably be able to retain a mid table place now which I never would have believed after the first 8 games or so. Strange days indeed.


  29. Kimtoon, how are you mate? How is Lew? I haven’t been on the blog much lately but I’m enjoying the footy much more these days. Hope you are as well.


  30. Who would have believed we would beat Spurs away and knock Man City out of the cup away? Am I dreaming this or did it actually happen?


  31. Santon still has something to offer in my opinion. Id put him and Saylor in rotation, meaning that Dummett will be starting Cb with Colo and Santon in, or with Saylor in Defense and Dummett left back. For de Jong, Id put him upfront as false 9, Colback Abeid and Sissoko still running midfield. And rotate between Sammy and Aarons when fit, Cabella on right flank. That means Geordie Ayoze as super sub or sometimes as winger. And times to times Sissoko is still a good option as Right winger. with de Jong playing deeper with Abeid Colback. Its all about keeping those options open and give them playing time. We can rotate Abeid and Colback too if needed.


  32. The thing is, we have to keep Aarons Sammy Ayoze Abeid and Dummett around line up, and Arma as sub, hope we can give a chance to Streete as he’s been recall. Give them the opportunity to him Dummett or Goodd or Satka to play with Coloccini Janmaat Tayor Saylor can only make their integration easier


  33. I finally figured it out. Aliens came down, removed the real Pardew and replaced him with an android. There is no other explanation for his change in tactics, personnel choices and even a bit of mellowing of his arrogance in a few press conferences. They equipped this android with super fist-pump powers so we would continue to think it was wor Al.

    Meanwhile, Alan is in the spaceship being probed. That’s the least he deserves after putting me through the second half of last season.


  34. Cholo – I defo think Santon has something to offer. The lad can cover either full back, but I’d also reckon he’d do a good job in that 3 man midfield. I’m not sure he’d get into my starting 11, but he’d be a great player to have on the bench.


  35. Cholo: have you transferred Tiote already πŸ™‚ I know you think he will be gone soon but for now he is still the vice-captain and I thought he was playing well.


  36. Sharpy17- Agree on Santon as Midfielder, even Ap got blast for that when he put him there vs Chelsea lol.
    Eric- If Tiote stays at least for the season, its fine. But we will sell him this january if no ACN, no doubt, would not be surprised him Cisse leave to, at worse end of season. But its going to be difficult to drop Colback or Sissoko( if he doesnt play Winger). But id settle for Colback tiote Abeid, Sissoko on the wing. That has to work


  37. So out of 3 and a half seasons we’ve come 5th, taking the season to the final game of the season to reach the Champs league, quarter finals of the Europe league, reached the club’s target of top 10 last season and we are 8th now, 2 points off CL position, having beaten man City, Liverpool and spurs. Pards won the manager of the league award.
    Wow. All that when we’ve sold our best players as well.

    Some people need a shake.


  38. “sold our best players” πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    Carroll = Β£35 million Amazing piece of business by the club.

    Demba Ba = Β£7 million Release clause poor by the club to put it in but we probably couldn’t have gotten him otherwise. He wanted to leave

    Yohan Cabaye = Β£20 million With our top ten goal pretty much secured. There was very little risk in this deal and in hindsight we were lucky to get so much for him. He forced the move. Just like he tryed to force a move to Arsenal.

    Debuchy = Β£12 million. Replaced with a far better player for half the price before we even sold him. He also forced the move.

    This patter is boring as ****. With all these transfer funds we have been able to bring in class players such as..

    Cabaye, Debuchy, Sissoko, Haidara, Santon, Cisse, Ayoze, De Jong, Cabella, Janmaat and various other good signings.

    Are transfer model is excellent and pretty basic. Used by some massive clubs across Europe.


  39. @Troys on the wind-up πŸ˜› @423
    So youre happy with Mike and the direction our club is heading? u might as well park up the reality train if alls dandy..

    Are you wanting to keep Pardew now after saying he must go after you gave him one game after the Palace defeat πŸ˜›


  40. Santii – I’m similarly bored of hearing it mate. Particularly as the counter arguement is that the likes of Krul, Colo and Tiote for example were all given long term contracts – so not all best players were sold from under him. Also, as you point out, there has been money reinvested in very decent players – albeit low, very boring fees paid for them like.


  41. Don’t get derensive boys. It was a generalisation to just the point across Pards isn’t a Championship chump like some say.

    I was just pointing out Pards has done a decent job under the circs.

    No Mark. Why would I applaud Ashley. Top 10 ambition is not good enough but it’s Pards target. I was solely referring to Pards and what he’s asked to achieve .


  42. Mark

    You are confused by my comments. I’ve always said I would sack Pards for a top manager. I would do it today. I want the club to show ambition. It’s like when we got promoted under KK and Ned Kelly had done a great job getting us goals but he was told he wasn’t in KK’s plans for the premiership. That’s ambition.

    Pards is a steady away manager. Average premier league level. I just don’t accept the criticism thrown his way constantly as I believe he’s done a decent job considering

    I genuinely thought we were going to be relegated or near to because of the poor standard of squad. I wasn’t blaming Pards. Fortunately Pards has excelled again and got the best out of them. Another decent performance by him which deserves credit.

    Listening to Eric, bootsy, et al is laughable. πŸ˜‰


  43. Oh JJ you get wound up so easily πŸ˜†

    Please tell me where I’ve stated that you stated Williamson was better than Taylor? I literally googled what Solano said and found the first quote I could for a laugh, it’s cute you’ve done some trawling though πŸ˜€


  44. Newkie,

    Simple really. Your backing up of Solano’s comment at @396 which was an out right lie. Just setting you straight.

    Not wound up at all. But I do get irritated with people who are liars. Which Solano seems to be.


  45. JJ – I wouldn’t say I had staked anything on it or backed it seriously, I just appreciated the irony of it.

    I personally don’t have the patience or the time to trawl through comments and repost to point score, I try to rely on memory as far as what people say generally and in this instance I really don’t have a scoobies on how you rate/d our centre backs and whether this has developed over time. Appreciate you setting the record straight πŸ˜†

    The taylor/willo debate will never be settled for good anyway.


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