Pre-match Banter!

If I am honest, I am really not looking forward to this fixture! A Boxing Day away trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United is not the game I would have picked after a tough loss to Sunderland. I guess there are no easy games in the Premier League but it is a daunting task to pick up three away points against one of the premierships form sides.

Magpies v Red Devils
Magpies v Red Devils

United have won seven and drawn one of their last eight games at home so the likelihood of a victory is remote. I think most fans would like to see a battling display and for us to take it up to them for the full ninety minutes. We will be without Tiote who has picked up enough yellow cards to earn a weeks rest and Krul and Elliot are still out with injury.
Manchester United have a few injury concerns as well. Chris Smalling looks like he may return from a groin injury but Luke Shaw and Marcos Rojas are still nursing some wounds. Also missing are Fellani and Blind from their midfield ranks.
I personally think that Man U will be too strong for us but saying that we have performed really well against some of the so called ‘top’ teams this season. I can only hope that Man U come out expecting to win and we catch them sleeping.

One can only hope!

Ps: Have a merry and safe Christmas everyone!  – Aussie.

851 thoughts on “Pre-match Banter!

  1. Hot breaking news mates. Phone conversation between Mike and Colo:
    Mike: congratulations Fab mate, I’m putting you in complete charge of the team. You’re my new manager. I have full confidence in you.
    Colo: Qué? ¿Qué es eso que usted dice Mike ? Me va a hacer qué ?


  2. Don’t worry Kim mate. The club is in safe hands with Mike. He knows so much about the game now after nearly 8 years with us. I know I’m completely confident in him. 🙄


  3. @Sharpy.

    That’s what I’d wish for but in all honesty, Colo may have been given assurances of a future here. hopefully not another 8yrs 😀

    he did supposedly have a say in Facundo signing. Some are saying he had a say in Barfa playing for the u21’s

    Maybe he had a word with Mike regarding Pardews job. ❓


  4. We are a bit of a comedy club when you think about it. A total tosser like Pardew leaves us for a w@nk club like Palace, highly likely to be relegated and twice as likely with him in charge. Comedy gold Jerry, comedy gold.


  5. I like the fact we’re being very bold with our managerial predictions. I’m putting forward Jimmy Carr. At least that way we would have something to laugh about after the losses.


  6. Still clinging to the possibly u Adhley will one day make a good decision.

    I think a couple on here who will not remain nameless (Troy and Me) said Ashley would choose a left field selection and Colo is certainly that.


  7. If Pardew does leave it will be for a bigger pay packet and nothing else. .. I reckon he is trying to force a pay rise out of Jabba off the back of the palace interest..good luck with that one Pardz! 😛
    I also see that Troy is using his sex predator mate Collymore to back up his arguments.. deary me! 😕


  8. Think Pardew has done a decent job given he has had very little money to spend his best players sold etc etc that’s not to say he didn’t have his faults. But he took us as far as he could and he should of gone in the summer after last seasons collapse.

    Worried about who will take over. Colo has to be a joke. But you never know with big mike. Would love if went for De Beur , plays good football brings through young players and a shoe string in comparison to a PL club. But we wait and see


  9. Interesting development. If he goes I can only wish Pardew all the best and thank him for his efforts. Pardew did a reasonable job on the whole, but a terrible job for a lot of the time.

    And now I hold my breath and hope for a creative replacement ‘to take us to the next level’ (And, no, I’m not going to add a miserable rider to that; I’ll leave that for those of you who live on the dark side of the world). Whoever it is has my support – until such time as he hasn’t.


  10. Eric I see you’ve just started ignoring me now after I’ve given you a rinsing, nee bother, another one to the list! 🙂

    Sharpy – Agree mate, FDB I’d be happy with but as for the obvious choices none excite me. Pulis spent contentedly at stoke and never broke into the top 10, one cup run they had they got a rinsing in the semi final and nothing else if I remember right. Did well at palace but it’s not enough. He’s also a pure ******* so I don’t see the interviews improving. Sherwood did alright with Spurs, but he’s not got much experience. Also a ******* and whinger. McCoist is ****, and also a *******.

    Previously a French manager might have been an obvious choice, but no Cabs, no Benny, Sissoko possibly on the move and now a host of local lads coming through I don’t suppose we’ll get linked with them anymore.

    As for Colo…the lad doesn’t even have the stones to be club captain, could he really do a job as a manager? Not for me. He’d be a good time charlie but his poor runs would probably be even worse than Pardews, I can’t see him laying into anyone properly.


  11. Although if Colo became toon boss he would presumably have a to renegotiate his salary to be a lot lower than what it is now. Ashley would love that like! 😉


  12. Will it be Mike Ashley not giving green light for Jan transfer force Alan Pardew to leave?

    It seems rather sudden to me….

    Right now, at this timing…. who is best suited for the NUFC Job….

    If only i can applied it somewhere. 😳 😆 😆


  13. Just read previous comments 🙄 Same old thought bubbles being taken for reality by the same old crew.

    Good to see TDS posting again. We rationalists are still here, mate, we just let the empty vessels rattle on.

    Newkie (from an earlier post): “I did warn you when you turned up on here that most of the population was only mildly less depressive than the other blogs” God help the other blogs if that is case.

    I’m hoping JJ gets Pardew’s job. We’d never a lose a game for all eternity then.

    Ok, back to the sun and the water and the cool cool breezes. Time for another beer and watch the pretty maids all in a row along the beach front. Then off to the pub to watch the Roar v Sydney on telly.

    Crisis? What crisis? It’s all part of following Newcastle.


  14. Well, it’s not a surprise to see the Clueless Crew looking vacant now. They’ve screamed for years for Pardew to leave and now they are scratching their heads, fearing the worst, wondering who Mikey will bring in.

    All i do know. The same people who criticised Pardew for his tactics and style, will be criticising the new manager for his tactics and style within 6 months.

    Nothing more predictable than the Clueless Crew.

    Now off to bed, to get out the freezing cold and dream of pretty maids all in a row. Crisis? What crisis? It’s all part of following Newcastle.


  15. MM

    Despite what you say, there is a high percentage of toon fans who acknowledge the decent job Pardew has done.

    He’s not a loved character, but that is down to his personality more than anything. He’s played the role of Mikeys puppet but so will the next manager.

    The high percentage in the survey, will be a) down to the extremists who make the effort because of their unrationised hatred towards him and b) the fact that most want to see a top manager in place, but the reality is, the top manager won’t appear.

    I bet outside of tyneside, the vast majority of fans and those in the game acknowledge the decent job he has done. Ask your friends in Germany.

    There were many who said Pards wouldn’t get another job after the toon, yet he’s been head hunted by another premier league club.


  16. Is Pardew gone yet? :mrgreen:
    some on here have boomed him up to be irreplaceable! 😯 I just hope we invest our profits into getting a new manager, apparently investing the same money in the transfer market will solve our problems! 😆


  17. Stu – ill always hope for the best for the club, I’m not saying i realistically expect that to happen. I don’t believe for a second it will under Ashley, as he’s never went out and appointed the best possible candidate in his time here – for any post.


  18. Moussa Sissoko insists he’s “happy” at #nufc and looking forward to 2015 at SJP:

    that’s him gone then 🙄


  19. Coloccini now favourite for the job.
    Can all the morons that called for Pardew to be sacked and replaced with Benitez, Blanc etc please stand up. 🙄


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