Five in a row t shirts are being sold over in the land of the great unwashed. Oh how they gloat, and who can deny them their 5th moment of glory, or the gift of yet another 6 points to ensure they stave off relegation for yet another season. Yes, 6 points that we could do with right now to stave off our own fears of getting dragged into the relegation mire. It’s inconceivable to me that we can lose yet again, not because we are brilliant, more because Sunderland are awful as their recent league form shows. Even allowing for our team being at the bare bones in players we should have put up a better fight than we did. Only Janmaat and Jonas can come out with their heads held high and the former played the entire game injured (tear in calf)! The fact he played and could possibly have worsened his condition is proof positive that this club is operating at a rank amateur level. Credit to the lad for risking his health on the day but it’s utter madness it really is.
If the likes of Sissoko and Krul are looking for a big move away in the summer they didn’t do their credentials much good yesterday, indeed in the case of Krul, congratulating Defoe in the tunnel all smiles to boot over his wonder goal, you’d have to question his team player skills. There is a time and place to high five an opposition player and it isn’t half time in the tunnel in view of the cameras. As for Sissoko, he was anonymous as were most of them to be fair.
For all Carvers rhetoric in the build up to the match, in the end everything from the team selection down to tactics and game plan (or lack of) was a damp squib. That Sunderland only got the one goal first half was the biggest shock for me. How you can have Defoe, Wickham and Fletcher up top and still only win from a wonder strike is quite shocking and says more about them than us. Like Newcastle, they may survive, just.
So around about the mid way mark I started to ask myself, what’s the point? We start out at the beginning of the season knowing full well we won’t win the league, won’t win a cup, won’t make Europe and will be lucky to make top ten. That’s assuming our owner hasn’t sold our best player/players by then and replaced with cheap and cheerful or worse not replaced at all. Well there is always the Derby, our own little cup final, except there isn’t even that anymore is there? When is the last time we sent out a team who were really up for it on the day? Forget the fact they change their manager for every Derby, they just seem to take it more seriously than our lot do. If they played with that passion every game they wouldn’t need 6 points a season from us to avoid the drop.
So if we can’t obtain Europe, cups or titles and now the Derby is seemingly off limits, what’s the point? Surely the point of any sport is to start the campaign with the aim of winning something, isn’t it?
We need an injection of enthusiasm from our owner, a renewed sense of pride and if he cannot bring himself to see the damage he has done not just to the club and it’s fan base but to a city too, then frankly he needs to go and the sooner the better for me. To be honest, the way I feel at this moment, this club feels like it’s going to hell in a hand cart.
The club has been likened to a Zombie club in recent days by pundits and rightly so. It’s the perfect analogy, but unlike the living dead the chances of this great club being resurrected to what it was to the fans is getting smaller by the day.



  1. What about the majority of the seasons prior to Ashley ol’ Huff snr? They were just as ****! I will allow for your short term memory issues and cut you some slack! πŸ˜‰


  2. CC

    Have you checked the managerial records of most managers who have been in the game as long as Pardew?

    You will find very few, Wenger and Fergie have unblemished records. In fact, the nature of the game shows that instantaneous results are required and mangers don’t get a chance to work through the bad periods. If the club had listened to you then Pards might have been sacked seasons ago. Yet he got us to 8th before leaving of his own accord.

    Charlton were in the relegation zone when he took over and were favourites to go down. He came in to try and save them. Not an easy task at all. But don’t put that in your post as it might not help your argument. Big players were sold under his nose at Charlton. Don’t mention that either.

    He got West Ham to an FA Cup final. Don’t mention that either.

    Some well respected managers have had countless sackings.

    Don’t mention how he did a good job at Reading either. How he took us to the final game of the season and we could have qualified for the CL.

    Don’t mention what a cracking job he’s done at Palace.

    He’s not a top manager but he’s not bad. πŸ˜‰


  3. Huffstar.

    What about pre Ashley? We are talking about Ashley where money is being thrown at clubs by TV companies and we don’t compete in the transfer market but prefer to keep profits in the bank.

    The club pre Ashley threw too much money at players TRYING to win things.

    He’s gone too far the other way.


  4. On the same point Huffstar. Pre Ashley 2007.

    Bobby had us in the CL for two seasons. 2002/2003 and 2003/2004.

    Keegan in the 90’s had us entertained for 5 yrs.

    We finished 2nd under Dalglish and had some trips to Wembley and Millennium.

    But yes, we had a few mediocre seasons but the club has the right intentions.


  5. Fat Fred and co were Labour spending willy nilly to appease the punters and Jabba is conservative/ lib-dem, hammering us with his austerity measures πŸ‘Ώ


  6. β€œThese lads are in for their breakfast at 8.30 in the morning and won’t leave until eight at night,” he said.

    β€œThey become academy players at under nine right up until under 18.

    β€œUnder 9’s have three coaching sessions a week and one game, by the time they get to under 12 they have four coaching sessions a week plus a game. By the time they get to under 16 they’re training five times a week and once they hit 17 these boys are no longer at school and are with us full-time on our scholarship programme.

    β€œOnce you include all their training, education and competition it’s a six-day working week for these boys.”

    No wonder no-one makes it, by the time they reach late teens they are absolutely exhausted and fed up with football. Which parent would subject there child to this kind of intensity ?


  7. Not saying it isn’t **** now at all ol Huff snr!
    But, it has been **** for a long long time now! You can pick a few good season out but the cupboard is ****en bare! No doubt the next owner will be roundly hated once it dawns on everyone that we will not be where we need to be!


  8. MM@307, My daughter has just said us fans are the Raving monster looney party for still following them πŸ˜‰


  9. So Huffstar. The best you can come up with is the previous owners were ****e so what’s the difference with Ashley. Got to say, I’ve had approximately 12 great exciting seasons out of the last 25 since the Premier league started. Only one of those seasons was under Ashley. I’ve also witnessed the worst season under Ashley.

    Your point us absolute rubbish. πŸ˜‰


  10. But don’t go in the huff cos I dissed your comments. πŸ˜›

    You’ve just started to get over the last time that happened. πŸ˜†


  11. I’m still looking forward to seeing how the club explain away the Β£25m extra running costs. 😯


  12. 12 good seasons out of 25 πŸ˜† care to back that up! So approximately on average every second season is a good one over the past 25 years πŸ˜† my god you are full of it! Don’t get angry by my response, remember the crew on eds blog thought you were full of it as well so you can’t run back there! πŸ˜†


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