Mike-Ashley-and-Lee-CharnleyFirst off I have to say Saturday’s result wasn’t unexpected, though I had hoped we’d scrape a draw. We started brightly enough with Anita putting some tidy runs and crosses into the box and Rivi’s run and assist for Perez’s goal was sublime, though he faded badly as usual.
As we have seen too often this season when we concede we fall apart, heads drop and the pace drops to a jog then a stroll. It was refreshing in that first half to see us closing down the oposition, taking the game to them and giving them no time. Alas, we soon slipped into our old routine in the second half along with our old friend lack of concentration.
I must mention Siem De Jongs effort second half, to score after not long coming on when the game was lost was good to see and shows his commitment to the cause. This brings me to the point of this article. We simply don’t have enough players pulling their weight at the moment. Now whether this is lack of talent or lack of desire and care for the club is open to question, one thing is for sure though and that is they have no excuse.
No excuse not to get stuck in, no excuse not to fight and scrap to the 90th and beyond and no excuse to simply not try. I watched that match and actually felt sympathy for John Carver, he must be pulling his hair out at what he’s watching. The defending was dire, how the players can justify just standing and waiting for a team mate to deal with it is beyond me, what happened to collective responsibility? God above, you wouldn’t want that lot alongside you in the trenches would you? Carver has his detractors and rightly so, to not have attempted to try and change the set piece and corner routine by now is remiss and borderline negligent but he obviously has his reasons, though I can’t for the life of me fathom what they are. Ex pro’s say he’s an excellent coach, I’m not so sure I go along with that, but I’m sure he’s not as poor as the 7 straight losses show. I think he’s been hamstrung by a shocking injury list, the loss of our very foolish striker Cisse for 6 games and what would seem a game changer in De Jong and possibly young Aarrons.
Plus a very greedy and short sighted owner who likes to gamble with the clubs status.
With all that said, there are players in this team who simply do not fight enough and also aren’t good enough, it’s like watching our relegation run in all over again. Too many want away and don’t care enough for the club and it shows big time.
We will do well to avoid relegation this season make no mistake, and it will likely be because the teams below us have worse run in’s than us and play one another. We probably need a couple more points to be sure but where will we get them?
When this season ends whether we go down or not, there has to be a mass clear out of the dross and can’t be bothered’s. Some quality, not afraid to get stuck in lads need to be brought in. We need a good coach too as I fear John Carver is struggling.
Now all of this will cost a pretty penny and I know the club has said they intend to spend in the summer. The figures being bandied about though aren’t enough in my opinion. It’s going to take a fair wedge of cash to build a team to truly compete. Even at a mid table level, because we have slipped so far behind now through gross mismanagement.
In short, forget the figure you set mike, we’re gonna need a bigger cheque! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTRbQMLiJLY

By Kimtoon


  1. BB: I am hoping for a point. If JC would just shut his gob I wouldn’t be able to say anything. I certainly won’t look foolish if we win, as it will be despite JC and would not change my opinion of him one bit. I have said I think we will survive and would hate us to go down.

    I don’t usually complain about our players except Williamson. And when Carver proves to me that he has a clue I will lay off. You should read the Chronicle comments. I go easy on Carvs compared to them 🙂


  2. 1 point would mean Sunderland would need two wins and a draw to catch us. I hope De Jong’s fit because we need a goal or two.


  3. Stem – you do realise that when we play for a draw, we always lose, don’t you.
    No, we need to score first today (vital) and then go on and score again.
    We must not sit back and try to contain them because our defence just isn’t good enough.
    We will concede, of that I have no doubt.
    But I am believing we can get the win today.


  4. BB: you haven’t figured out that I am not JCs biggest fan 🙂 I didn’t want him to succeed Pards and it would be hypocritical for me to change my tune now. There are mitigating circumstances I know, and if he had punched above his weight I would have had to eat crow. He hasn’t though, although I think we have the easiest run-in and I will reluctantly give him a bit of credit if we can get a couple of wins. My love for the Toon far outweighs my disappointment in Carver.

    Howay the Toon.


  5. Eric don’t let Carver grind you down mate. We have the whole summer of Ashley spending big to look forward too 🙂

    Beardsley Boots a draw is being positive mate. I agree getting the first goal is vital but I think two would be better. It would make life easier on our poor defence.


  6. I felt more confident last week than today. Our defence is just dreadful this season, so I agree with Boots. We will concede goals without doubt, so we should be more offensive and use the pace of our forwards to discourage our opponents coming on to us.


  7. BB, even neutrals are seeing Carvs for what he is. Here is Daniel Story from Football365 on today’s game.

    “John Carver
    The ‘John Carver experiment’ continues to lurch from the ugly to the ridiculous. Sometimes I think these reality TV programmes where an average Joe is put in charge are getting a bit silly. There must at least be some essence of believability or nobody will watch.

    “I said to the two lads: ‘Come and see me afterwards and I’ll explain what I’m trying to do,'” said Carver of his spat with home supporters during the 3-2 home defeat to Swansea last weekend. “One of the lads said: ‘Are you threatening me’? I said: ‘No.’ But he obviously thought I was. There was no way in the world I was doing that.”

    Good to hear, John. Nothing to see here. You wouldn’t do something like that. You’re a good guy and a calm character.

    “I did that once before [as Alan Pardew’s assistant at Southampton earlier this season] and I said then I’d not get involved in something like that again and I ain’t.”


    “I think if they sat with me and understood where I was coming from they’d understand. But when they’re blaring at you for 45 minutes it’s very difficult. They expect me to put the ball in the net, stop the headers going in, stop the opposition from scoring. I can’t get on the end of the corner and head the ball clear which would have kept us one up at half-time.”

    We’re not sure we should be having to explain this to a Premier League manager, but Newcastle supporters aren’t expecting that at all, John. They’re expecting you to manage the team to do and not do those things – there’s a crucial difference. In fact, that’s precisely the job of a football manager.

    On February 28, Newcastle were 11th in the table, as close to the top four as they were the bottom three. By 5pm on Saturday they could be two points ahead of Sunderland in 18th having played a game more. They’re accelerating up s**t creek, with a paddle that nobody knows how to use.”

    And having a go at Carvs is not necessarily not throwing support behind the team when I never wanted him in the first place and thought he would fail regardless of the resources he had.


  8. DAVE@571,Sorry mate, didn’t hang around on blog yesterday as busy trying to get care coming in to help me with Lew. Aggravated it very badly on Thursday afternoon and now cannot drive which is a bloody nightmare. still waiting for an MRI scan before they’ll do anything to fix it 🙄


  9. not feeling overly confident at all, if things aren’t already ugly they soon will be if we lose. Anyway HWTL and hope we can grab a point at least. Bloody internet keeps dropping out today as well, perfect timing 👿


  10. Sharpy – If it was me I would go for Klopp. But we all know that’s not how the owner works, he doesn’t want the best he ants the cheapest.

    But in the real world with this owner I would probably go for McClaren myself. But that’s based purely on the limitations the owner puts on the criteria.


  11. Sad to say but the result in Sunderland is more important to us than our game. I feel that if they don’t win we’ll be OK. They pulled off the great escape last time but history very rarely repeats itself. Just as well as we’ll lose again today. 🙄


  12. Stu – sounds like we’re about on the same page when it comes to the manager then. My 1st choice would be Benitez, but if it was Klopp I could live with that too. As it will never be either of those 2 under Ashley, McClaren over Carver any day.

    I’m watching Fletch & Sav on BT Sport before the game and Fletch interviewed JC earlier in the week. He basically said that we are in the position we’re in because the owners haven’t signed the players we need – if nothing else, he’s more honest than Pardew.


  13. STUART@613 agree 100% on Klopp but jabba couldn’t handle another KK type manager mores the pity


  14. Yes I saw the Carver interview and it was quite telling when he said in the past we had owners who would spend money but now we haven’t. At least he tells it like it is.

    I’m still not too sure nobody could have done a better job than him though!

    Georgio – You’re right about Sunderlands game today. If they win were in trouble (if we don’t win another game) but if they lose they effectively have 2 games to collect 5 points as there last two are unbelievably hard games.


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