Is it a case of deja vu?

426-newcastle--124324593813139800I don’t know what’s worse at the moment, the pain in my knee or the pain in my heart. As I sat perched with outstretched leg watching that mess of a team play Leicester I felt physically sick. The lack of endeavour, the total lack of discipline and awareness was simply astounding. I said it last week and I will repeat it again, they are not pulling their weight and it’s not good enough. To lose the ball from the first kick and contrive collectively to concede in the first 30 seconds is pathetic and must have left John Carver shell shocked. And you knew, just knew it was game over from that point on, because this lot have no heart or guts for the fight, it’s that simple. Carver is flogging a dead horse at the moment or should that be donkey? Either they have collectivly gone already or they don’t want to play for him. There is talent in the squad but for what ever reason it’s not showing right now. Sissoko, Janmaat, Krul, Perez and Colback are all capable of pulling us out the muck, yet just aren’t performing and we have to assume they either can’t be bothered or Carver is not getting things right. I don’t think Mike Ashley can afford to let this slide a day longer, he HAS to bring in another coach now, if only for a shot in the arm and kick up the players backside before it’s too late.
Let’s face it, if we go down there will be no swift return this time, the likes of Sissoko, Perez, Janmaat, Cisse, Krul, Tiote and De Jong will not fancy Championship football and will all want out. So too would Cabella and young Aarons, the latter already eyed up by Premier league clubs prior to his never ending injury.
As I type this it’s reported Carver has told a bbc presser that he thinks Mike Williamson got his self red carded on purpose! Well if he hadn’t lost the dressing room he surely has now. Much as I don’t rate big Mike, you don’t EVER come out with that in a post match presser. If true though, then I hope the lad has played his last game for us.
We are falling apart like a cheap piece of tat from one of Ashleys shops and frankly our owner deserves nothing less than relegation, we fans on the other hand do not and for that reason I hope we survive this crisis.
Reports are coming in that Steve Mclaren is talking to his bosses in light of not reaching the playoffs and interest from Newcastle. It’s looking like we could yet see him in the Newcastle dug out next week.
With Saints and Everton both failing to give us a helping hand today those fans of Villa who happily waved us goodbye have leap frogged us in the league and our rivals Sunderland have made serious strides on us and now are only 2 points behind us with a game in hand. Frankly, lads and lasses, it don’t look good at all.
This season is very reminiscent of the 08/09 relegation season, with us seemingly safe but then drifting after losing our manager, going on an awful run and ending with a Geordie trying to save us. We had a glut of red cards in the last 4 games for Barton, Bassong and Edgar, like now with our present lads and signed a duff in Xisco (see Riviere) and a strange loanee in Ignucio Gonzalez (see Chucky). We had a captain in Owen who wanted away with his management producing a 34 page booklet of his highlights to show interested clubs, just like our current captain Colo who left us ages back truth be told. Finally and perhaps most chilling of all, the team we lost to on the final day of the season played in claret and blue, you have to agree there’s a real sense of deja vu going on.

By Kimtoon

480 thoughts on “Is it a case of deja vu?

  1. Kim
    David Cameron had a Claret and Blue nightmare when he forgot who his pretend football club was (Villa) and said something about supporting West Ham. 😆


  2. Sharpy@454 thought of that yonks back mate 🙁

    DJG, : 😆 I know, bloody dip stick, what a tit.


  3. I honestly didnt expect anything else. Now lets get behind madman Carver and our solo defender for the game v W Brom 😕


  4. 12:35

    Andrew Fowler


    Daniel Abela ‏@dan2882: Is John Carver taking training today? Do you believe that the squad still want JC as their head coach?

    Lee says: John Carver was at the training ground today. There have been meetings with the players as he said on Saturday. Some of the squad don’t want to be here never mind entertain the idea of who the head coach is.

    And there you have it, a festering pile of ****e that they can’t escape from quickly enough 🙁


  5. we just cant compete with the likes of Derby 😯

    80 applicants and we’re back to nut-job Carver after the wally with the brolly knocked us back… what a fu**ing joke we are.


  6. Just wondering if anyone believes Carver will be replaced by a better manager than Pardew?

    It’s just the vast majority on here are now coming to realise that Ashley doesn’t do the sensible thing.

    I just wish you had realised when Pards was the manager and you screamed like Elizabeth Violet for Pards head.

    Oh the irony of all this watching you. 🙄

    “Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the wisdom of reflection”
    Troy Stavers 2015 😯


  7. Fine strategy that Mike to increase your exposure for SD. 2 relegations in 5 years. Must be the 5 year plan. You’ve also done the impossible job of alienating many thousands of toon fans.
    A final word – Mr Carr you should hang your head in shame! How you thought Riviere and Cabella would succeed in England is beyond belief.


  8. @Troy

    you also lost faith with him v Leicester so stop beating the Pardew Drum 🙄 😉

    we arent out of it yet, I don’t want to be relegated but if we can get rid of Ashley in the next 2 years, hounding Pardew (who left because of a better offer, by-the-way) and not hiring MCclaren may be worth relegation… relegation or Pardew for 5 years and Ashley for longer may be worth the risk…


  9. Georgio.

    As much as I agree with you regarding Rivi. It must be difficult for Carr to find a player, Nearly out of contract, has potential that we could sell for 10mil plus, will cost less than 7 mill & must be under 25


  10. Troy: as Mark says, you have now turned on Carver when only a week ago you had said to me it was too early to tell. Pardew should have been sacked in the summer when we would have been able to attract a better calibre of coach. Now, after the Carver debacle, who knows who we can attract this summer. Depends on what league we are in I suppose?


  11. I said a year or two ago that Charnley really didn’t convince me and that in actuality he could well be worse than Llambias as he totally lacks a spine. Think that statement confirms all that. We’re absolutely pathetic.


  12. Oh, and it is absolutely pointless rehashing the Pardew arguments. I did a bit above but I might have gotten away with it 🙂


  13. Troy
    I think Pardew is a good coach and has a good initial impact. Players also seem to like him. I’m not convinced he makes good signings (if he is now CP manager with total responsibility) or builds long term success. Lets see how he does. 🙂


  14. as much as its totally ****. what can we expect with 3 games to go. No manager in their right mind would take charge of a relegation threatened team.

    I suppose a coach, even Carver is better suited to lead players who couldnt give a f*** than nobody at all.

    I would be nice if we had of tried Hoddle, Redknapp etc but that costs money 👿


  15. We could really do with Hull getting stuffed tonight, sad having to rely on others showing poor form.


  16. As poor as Carver may or may not be, the players are a collective disgrace and I still wanna knock out at least two of them. 👿 As for Jabba, don’t get me started.


  17. I’m sure the regime realise they’ve made yet another complete **** up in the name of saving cash but to be honest that really doesn’t help us. Can only hope they learn but don’t hold your breath as it hasn’t happ need previously.

    Reality is that we should be able to pick up a win out of the three games we have but Jesus Christ I can’t see how! It might need to be a point against WBA first and build from that but good God it’s going to be hard! I also believe Sunderland will get another 3 points at least. So we need to get at least 2 points.


  18. Oh dear. Gashley you know where I stood with Pards. Pyschs you know it wasn’t last week. Please find a quote from last week. You will find it was after a couple of games in charge that you started slating him.

    You do this all the time. 😉

    Sorry boys but I just look at most of you and think you brought all this on.


  19. DJG

    If you’ve followed my long term stance on Pardew you will realise I think Pards is nothing but an average premier league manager but a safe pair of hands. Nothing else. I don’t rate him highly.

    I’m just sickened by some on here who screamed for years to have him sacked cos they believed Ashley would appoint a better manager.

    I warned them repeatedly that Ashley would take the cheapest option available and there was a bigger risk a worse appointment would be made.

    I got abuse and called a troll for years.

    The irony of it all now. It makes me laugh at their sorrowful self pity cries now.

    Unfortunately they’ve spoilt it for me as well, as it’s my club not just theirs. 😉


  20. “Get out of his club, get out of his club, you Mike Ashley, get out of Troy’s club”


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