Where are they now ?

This blog has been going for a while now and our group has seen some good times, along with many more bad times – but there has always one constant positive, the Craic in this ‘room’. We have Toonsy to thank for setting this site up and it’s unfortunate that he does not make it on anymore, hopefully all is well and we’ll see him soon.

Can I take this opportunity to gently encourage our past writers to join the cause and begin to contribute regularly again. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I miss those contributions. For a long while we had a diverse group of writers, from NUFC and his stats, Premandup’s look at finances etc, the bloke who lives in Dubai or Qatar who produces humorous anecdotes? MarkToon and many more.

Its good to see the likes of Kim chipping in these days too and it would be great if more people wanted to have a crack at it. Don’t worry if you have strong opinions, the more debate the better – lets kick this blog back into full swing again! If you have ideas for a series of stories, go for it! I used to run a series based on our fringe players for example. We could have series on our youth players, coaches, players we have sold in the last few years, players we have been linked to in recent years – how have their careers panned out?

We will still be the Toon Army long after Ashley has gone, so lets get the place buzzing again. If you can remember the names of past contributors and what was unique about them – comment below. Lets see if we can prize them out of their hiding places!


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95 thoughts on “Where are they now ?

  1. Icedog, Klopp is waiting in the wings for the FC Bayern job, but at the moment wee Pep can’t wangle his way past the Bayern board…


  2. MM doubt he would take another job in Germany at the moment think he will try his hand elsewhere imo


  3. Troy @ 38. Two different issues, that don’t necessarily follow one on the other.

    Ashley gives the parameters and Charnley runs the club – at least that’s how I understand it. So I’d say that Charnley does the hiring and firing, meaning that the appointment of Carver was Charnley’s bag, as were the sales of Mbiwa and Santon.

    Sure it falls to Ashley for appointing Charnley, but that decision is a bit removed from what has gone down in the last few months.

    Carver has turned out to be crap. That appointment would appear to be an immediate Charnley decision. He has to wear that, just as Carver has to wear the consequences of his day-to-day failures, and the players have to wear the consequences of their failure to deliver the goods on match day.

    We’re all responsible for our actions. Or do you blame your mam for everything you do wrong? Or your granda? Or maybe it’s all the government’s fault.


  4. Sidekick yeah maybe asking about him being ( run off the Blog ) was a bit strong but alls good now anyway, this was his last article
    Cant believe how long ago that was 😯

    Kim i’ll maybe get it stuck up tomorrow

    Bris @ 79 sorry but I will never believe that Charnley would make that decision himself, yeah maybe Jabba lets him run the day to day side but I don’t believe he lets him take major decisions by himself.


  5. Ultimate Radgy @ 71 yeah most people are too young to remember stuff that Ice can remember, rumor has it that he helped kill the last woolly mammoth 😀


  6. Dave, Dream scenario- Wonga sack us, Ashley sells up and I can go back to buying shirts and looking forward to the future. 🙂


  7. Can’t see McClaren coming now, not after all that and refusing to help out for 3 games.
    I can, however, see Derby appointing Clement and him turning out to be an absolute gem that we missed out on.
    We won’t pay going rate, and won’t take a punt.
    Odd that, from a certified gambling owner.


  8. I seem to remember Bobby recommending we hired a certain Mr Mourinho for the post when he wouldn’t break his contract to join us as a point in case.
    How different things might have been.
    Or how similar, who knows?


  9. So McClaren turns down NUFC and then gets sacked! Would like to wage that Jabba will be back in for him with the begging bowl now he doesn’t have to pay compo!


  10. Stu@90,He didn’t want to come 3 weeks ago so why would he now? I don’t think Jabba should be appointing anyone until we know what league we’re in. Steve failed to get Derby up so why would he succeed with the Toon, we’ve hardly the players to get back up and if we drop I don’t see much talent arriving any time soon. 🙁


  11. Paul Scholes, Danny Mills amongst many predicting Hull will survive, don’t think anyone gives us a hope in hell tbh.


  12. Ice

    Yeah. Hodgy Park is still there also there’s a Benwell nature park just above Pipe Track lane.


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