United hit the £50 million mark with Thauvin capture

Florian Thauvin
Florian Thauvin
Newcastle United have taken their summer spending beyond the £50 million mark with the £13 million capture of Florian Thauvin from Marseille.

The 22-year-old has signed a five-year contract at St James’ Park in a deal which will see Remy Cabella depart Tyneside for Marseille on an initial season-long loan deal which could be made permanent next summer subject to certain conditions being met.

I’m intrigued with this one. The sounds from France seem to suggest that Marseille have got the better end of the deal as Cabella is, or was, a full French international while Thauvin has just potential to unlock. But a 22-year-old has the time to unlock that potential and it seems that within the corridors of St James’ Park he has been deemed as worth the risk.

The club have been tracking him for a long time and now it seems as though they finally have their man. Described by Arsene Wenger a couple of years ago as the brightest young talent in French football the attacker doesn’t have a hassle free past. He rather publicly fell out with fans at Marseille after a recent defeat to Caen and got himself involved with a fan after reportedly being spat on. Mind you if someone gobbed at me I’d give much the same response…

There was also the time he signed for Lille only to get loaned back to Bastia. That summer, without playing a game for Lille, Marseille became interested and he then basically went on strike to force a move. But hey, a Frenchman going on strike isn’t exactly surprising is it?

Anyway, let’s have a look at what Thauvin has had to say about his move to Newcastle and the Premier League:

“I am delighted to be a Newcastle United player. I have come from France to a really big club and am very happy to be here,” said Thauvin.

He added: “It is a big honour to know that Newcastle have been after me for such a long time and that they wanted me that much. They have put their trust in me and I am looking forward to playing for the team.”

Meanwhile, the guy who is tasked with unlocking the potential had this to say: “Florian is a player the club have been watching for a long time and I am delighted that we have been able to sign him.”

“He is a perfect signing for this club – someone who is young, with great potential and is one of the best young players in Europe. He is an exciting, creative talent who can score goals and make assists, and we believe he will have a very bright future at Newcastle.”

*Obligatory YouTube video below*

So signing number five then alongside Georginio Wijnaldum, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Chancel M’Bemba and the yung lad for the future, maybe, Ivan Toney.

What do you make of this piece of business?

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254 thoughts on “United hit the £50 million mark with Thauvin capture

  1. The only sensible thing TDS said today is “sadly I think we’ll get battered on the weekend.” How very true….That’s what happens when you don’t have a Prem quality defense….


  2. Ta ice mate. I hope you had a good summer. I’ve had a horrible one but I hope it improves soon. Probably why I’ve been so grumpy on here as well lately.


  3. Wow…you do like putting words into my mouth…

    I’ve never said that Ashley is a “good owner”, although there are worse out there, that’s for sure. I’ve slated him several times for simply not getting the fans, although I think he has stabilised the club and put it on a footing that it can move forward.

    And I’d be delighted if we signed a top defender, but the reasons I don’t believe we will are simple:
    1 – I do not think it sensible to have a back 4 of a young attacking left back, a rash right back with 1 year in the PL, a very young centre back in his first season and another centre back in his first season. I don’t think we can sign a player of a suitable level from another PL team.
    2 – McClaren has already backed Colo. To go back on his word after 2 games when Colo isn’t fully match fit would damage the team spirit and players would not believe when the manager has confidence in them. Colo will expect to play most games on that basis, as long as he can get back into the kind of form that McClaren clearly expects he can.
    3 – McClaren has also backed Taylor as an important part of the club so I don’t expect him to leave either.
    4 – Lascelles needs to be given a chance to train with top players (and hopefully coaches) and see that he has a chance to be in the first team squad if he trains well
    5 – Dummett can cover both LB and CB

    So I don’t see a CB being brought in to replace the first 2 and I don’t see the point in bringing someone worse than Colo and Mbemba either.

    I’m always happy when we strengthen, but when the decision is made not to, I just move on. Obviously if Colo’s form doesn’t improve then I won’t be happy and I’ll blame it on McClaren for making the wrong call. But it’s his call and I want to get behind the players

    I am wondering if there will be another signing…I didn’t expect Thauvin…


  4. Priority:

    CB (Colo is ****)
    CB/FB (Say no more)

    …Thauvin can kiss my furry black ass. Another ******* with an attitude problem. Step on to the $ports Direct Arena $tage (rubs hands with gloy).


  5. So…

    Krul – been Pardewed
    Haidara – can’t defend
    Colo – past it
    Mbemba – inexperienced
    Lascelles – unproven
    Taylor – ****
    Janmaat – rash
    Tiote – been Pardewed
    Anita – too small
    Thauvin – *******
    Cisse – ****
    De Jong – injury prone
    Sissoko – ****
    Willo/Obertan/Goofy/Riviere/Elliott – all ****

    So…we have Dummett who is ok, Colback we quite like, Wiji who looks good, Aarons is exciting and Mitrovic is an unknown so far…is that about the general consensus? In which case, we’re ****ed.

    Does anyone have anything good to say about our squad? So we can leave the negative stuff to the mackems?


  6. TDS – I wonder if there’s a football club on earth that all their supporters are 100% happy about. Doubt it.


  7. Stuart

    Excellent point! So why do you constantly whinge about a situation you know will NEVER be perfect? So you’ve just admitted that you’ll continue to whinge no matter how good things are because there will always be something that isn’t perfect. Great…


  8. I expect Mackems to think that way about our squad, however I think a little differently…

    Stuart, please don’t go to matches…I don’t want your negativity about our players affecting them…


  9. The players can get over Stu’s feelings regarding the playing squad bearing in mind they earn truckloads of cash.

    I have a couple of observations:

    1) we all have a different view on the strength of the squad and how the club is run. Some of us lean further to one side of the camp than others. That’s human nature and no amount of arguing will change people’s perceptions. We all have our own minds and find faults that need fixing according to what we subjectively think is wrong. The only way to change our mind is not being beat down by another blogger, but by those failings within the club being addressed.

    2) @232 is a good point. I believe people are not being unreasonable asking for an established quality CB and secondary option at RB though. Janmaat is proven to lose it and leave the squad without cover in that position – and what do we do if he gets injured? Saylor and Willo have proven for years that they are not good enough. Lascelles will take time and Colo IS on the way down. That experienced CB would give us genuine depth for a.change and make us a real force. It should be seen as an investment, not a cost.

    3) I see very valid points from the optimists like Bros and TDS but equally valid points from the less easy to please Stu, Eric and Rods.

    4) last point – Stu has given credit where its due but calls it as he sees it if he feels more could be done or the club is left wanting – which is fair enough.

    I personally feel the club has made great strides to improve from the changes in the coaches to playing staff and vision for the future. There are a lot of positives to take fro this summer but I do feel we will be.missing a trick and a real opportunity to push on if we don’t strengthen in defense between now and the end of the window. However I reckon we will survive with a mid bottom half finish even if we don’t get a new defender or two in…


  10. An optimist! (presuming you mean Bris rather than Bros). I wouldn’t consider myself to be an optimist. More like I’m ‘ever hopeful’ ie sometimes we unexpectedly do well; however, most times we don’t – it’s been that way in the 50 or so years I’ve been fully conscious of the Toon. I’ve been a fan for too long to have any sort of confidence about the future or to think we’ll win anything. I just hope and hope and hope.

    I don’t consider our squad to be useless, but I don’t think they are worldbeaters either. They all have qualities and faults (yes, even Willo). I’m not a coach. I’m not a tactician. I watch games as a football nut, but I’ve played at a good enough level and been associated with coaching enough to have some idea about what goes on on a football field and in the dressing room. Broadly speaking.

    I might seem optimistic because I challenge (and snipe at 😉 ) those who rely on myths and newspapers for their knowledge; those who speak about tactics as if were just a matter of formations; those who know what others are thinking; those who rely on football manager for their knowledge of how transfers are done; those who speak about all manner of things as if Newcastle United existed in a vacuum, beyond economics, politics or history. You can easily identify these sorts of people because they often call themselves realists.

    Unfortunately there are many people like this on here and other websites (and they chatter away ad nauseum). So, when I vent, it might seem as if I’m defending Ashley, Charnley and co. I assure you I’m not.

    I’m no optimist. I’m just a hopeful fan.


  11. If you look at comments I have made over the last year or so about the actual team and the club, you’ll find that:
    1. I dislike Ashley and Charnley etc and think they have mismanaged the club.
    2. I don’t think our current coach is too different to Pardew and wanted somebody with some bright new ideas.
    3. I think we need at least another 5 players (that was before the transfer window opened).
    4. I think Cisse is not very good.
    5. We have issues with defending.
    6. We are too lightweight.
    7. We are a lower mid-table team.

    On the positive side:
    1. I don’t expect a relegation battle.
    2. I’m happy with our signings so far
    3. I’m glad Carver and Pardew are gone and that the coaching team has changed.

    There doesn’t seem to be much evidence to count me as being an optimist there. (I’m again just pointing out a fallacious point of view. This is a view promulgated by the ‘realists’ of the blog – god bless their little knee-jerks).


  12. Just thought of a couple more positives mentioned in comments:
    1. Perez had a good season
    2. Riviere isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be.

    An optimist! Love it. Next I’ll be called a happy-clapper. Oh, wait … 😆 😆


    just what has jonas got to do with us being crap in the air to high balls bud you trying to change the subject cause you on a loser backing collo,as for Laschelles i watched a good few of forests games last season and if you think hes ready to play prem football you deluded bud


  14. I’m rather skeptical on Thauvin. He has shades of Ben arfa skill and left footed. But his crossing is equally not that skilled yet.

    Is he a replacement of Ben arfa? 😯


  15. And what’s with the talks of certain players not playing?

    Those who didn’t get to play PL games will have the chance to prove in the upcoming cup match.

    Do remember we got Perez that hasn’t start any PL games yet, Yoan Gouffran even Aleksandar Mitrovic might just sit out Man Utd match.


  16. Oz, the only nerve touched is the usual one – false claims being portrayed as fact, or opinions that are based on false information or perceptions.

    I guess being the subject of the said falsehood is a factor. Just trying to right the mis-perception.

    I’ve nothing against optimism per se. I do think being optimistic about Newcastle United’s forthcoming season is a little misplaced, though, as it is every season. But there’s always hope.


  17. BrisV: I might not go along with the general consensus, instead:

    Krul – been Woodmaned
    Haidara – more of a winger than a fullback
    Colo – past it, but good on the ball. If we can find a good defensive partner, he still might be seviceable.
    Mbemba – promising
    Lascelles – he is not Williamson so that gives him a head start in my book
    Taylor – tries hard and gets injured a lot
    Janmaat – rash, might not be quick enough to handle the likes of Montero, but solid against most teams.
    Tiote – probably wants away for a last pay day
    Anita – improving (bloody well took long enough)
    Thauvin – who knows?
    Cisse – scores goals
    De Jong – injury prone, but let’s give him a few more months before writing him off.
    Sissoko – not much end product but can run fast with the ball
    Wig – one good game and one average game
    Mitrovic – seems a bit of a nutter so should become a legend at the Toon
    Willo/Obertan/Goofy/Riviere/Elliott – subs at best.


  18. Couple of points, TDS for you to read at your leisure or in the waiting room for your next shrink appointment;

    1) As Sham has said, I have given the club great credit this summer for their improved communication and their transfer dealings.

    2) I go to matches and support the team, the club, the manager and the players 100%. I have never booed a NUFC player, I have never shouted for a manger to be sacked and I have never chanted derogatory songs towards Ashley (sometimes I’ve wanted to). But I come on here and vent my frustrations aboit certain players, managers, owners or the club in general. Now, unless all the above read the comments on here I doubt my opinion is causing the club any great issues.

    3) My whinging as you put it, is giving my opinion on the club. I am allowed that you know. Just like you’re allowed to have your opinion – even when, for instance on the defence when all the coaches, the supporters and the pundits have an opposite opinion.

    But that’s the thing about football isn’t it. We all have opinions and if we all thought like you it would be bloody dull!


  19. Well I don’t believe it. 😯

    Stuart getting pilloried for disagreeing with the happy clappers ( couldn’t resist Bega my auld drinking buddy). 😉

    As far as I can see, he’s one of a few on here who keeps the happy clappers in check. He never runs when challenged and explains his points in detail.

    To be fair, you know you’re winning when the happy clappers start whinging about you. 😉

    Keep it gannin Stuart. You’ve got them rattled. 😀


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