Newcastle United V Northampton Town – League Cup Thread

Will Toon survive a Giant Killing?
Will Toon survive a Giant Killing?
Steve McClaren and Lee Charnley have both gone on record to state that Newcastle United will now be taking Cup Competitions seriously and actively try to win them. Some might say that’s supposed to be the whole point in football – but the club adopting this approach is better late than never! So here is your dedicated match thread to comment on the game currently under way at St.James’ Park.

Steve McClaren has made 9 changes from our recent draw with Manchester United following Tim Krul’s suggestion that the team is shattered after a long season of 3 games thus far. It is an opportunity for the fringe players to stake a claim for the 1st team whilst a couple of players will be trying to showcase their skills to potential suitors knowing that they are surplus to requirements (aka Mike Williamson and Yoan Gouffran).

Earning starts tonight are the likes of Rolando Aarons, Florian Thauvin and Siem De Jong. Despite being a back up team – it looks rather strong. It will be interesting to see what condition Aarons and De Jong are in following long lay offs last season and if they have the stamina to pull through 90 minutes. Meanwhile we get a more thorough look at future world’s best player Thauvin and the new English lads at the back (Karl Darlow and Jamaal Lascelles) get a chance to impress. Our recent future prospect signing Ivan Toney may get an opportunity to hurt his former club should the management decide to give him a run later in the game. He starts on the bench.

Unfortunately there are no match threads so its a case of looking at the live feeds from BBC etc for your updates.

No dedicated live commentary either, but click here and you will get live updates every now and then including when any goals go in.

Newcastle United:
26 Darlow, 22 Janmaat, 15 Lascelles, 06 Williamson, 19 Haidara, 24 Tioté Booked, 11 Gouffran, 16 Aarons, 10 de Jong, 20 Thauvin, 17 Pérez. Substitutes: 03 Dummett, 04 Colback, 05 Wijnaldum, 18 Mbemba, 21 Elliot, 36 Toney 45 Mitrovic.

Northampton Town:
26 Clarke, 19 Watson, 04 Taylor, 23 Yates, 16 Buchanan, 15 Potter, 10 Adams, 08 Byrom, 18 McDonald, 06 Cresswell, 09 Richards. Substitutes: , 01 Smith, 07 D’Ath, 14 Hoskins, 17 Corry, 20 Calvert-Lewin, 21 O’Toole, 22 Hackett.

Referee: David Coote

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107 thoughts on “Newcastle United V Northampton Town – League Cup Thread

    ya still think we should drop janmatt over there 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆


  2. TDS
    I never said based on this game. I’ve said for the last 3 I’d play Perez on the right. Even suggested not buying Thauvin and spending the money on a centerhalf. I also mentioned tiote for colback before our last game. Colbacks not at his best and doesn’t blend with Anita. If anything I’d play Sissoko and tiote as the defensive midfielders.


  3. @sham

    Collection at the box office was 200metres long and very slow for 5 windows open. Then the queues at the turnstiles were very slow. People were going mental with the security who blamed the club for not delaying the game.

    Perez was excellent, chasing down defenders, very intelligent runs and some great skill/ tricks, got a standing ovation.

    Tiote was steady without his recklessness. An improvement on Colback.

    Lascelles looked ok but needs to commit a little more in winning headers, didn’t win many all game.

    Mitro hold up play / first touch was good and Goofran looked decent, full of energy but faded towards the end

    Janmaat was back to his best


  4. I wouldn’t mind Sissoko and Tiote either. It’s nice that we’ve actually got some choices! Quite a few different options there with Wiji, Anita, Colback as well. I want to see SDJ playing too. Looks classy.


  5. Krul
    Janmaat, mbemba, Colo, 19 Haidara,
    ….Sissy Tioté
    Thauvin, Wijnaldum… Pérez.


  6. Sissoko breaks better than Anita and colbacks.
    Tiote breaks up play better than the two of them.
    We’d be more attacking with Sissoko joining our attacking 4.

    I don’t think we’ll score many goals playing 1 up front. We’ll not by playing Anita and colback together and won’t if Perez is not in the team.


  7. “It was good to see Ayoze up front with Papiss Cisse being ill.

    “It was good as I have never seen him there before.

    Should of watched last seasons vids steve. . Perez is very good up front 🙄


  8. It is good to have a selection headache, isn’t it? Although, I think Steve will pick the team he played against Man U with Thauvin for Obertan, and possibly Janmaat coming back in.

    I still agree with AMF that Janmaat should be on the naughty step, but he is an experienced right back whereas MBemba isn’t, so I see it as 60-40 that he gets the game.


  9. Fair call TAE, lets bring Janmaat back, he was awesome against a 3rd division team. . fuk the team culture I say, a player should be allowed to get sent off as often as they like. .. only if they are a good player tho! That’s the important thing to remember! Squad players are not encouraged to do this.. and people wonder why we have been mediocre for so long…


  10. AMF: you are being over-generous there. Northampton are in what would have been the old 4th division.

    I get a bit confused myself about it, but it is PL, Championship, League 1 (not France), League 2. So, 4th division.


  11. Its been a long time since my last post. I feel confident for this season, everything is possible. I just hope Taylor stays fit as when he is, he is a quality defender in my opinion even if prone to mistake. If we bring no one else I just hope McClaren fox this starting line up and eventually rotate Haidara and Dummett, Tioté, Aaron or Cissé and keep de Jong as sun until when fully fit. I reckon this is our best team and hope we go for this this season:


    Subs: Darlow, Dummett, Anita, Tioté, Aarons, de Jong, Cissé

    Defence is key, hold up with Mitrovic is key, and set pieces are key. I beliveve we can play well.


    so what he got sent off **** happens 🙄 but the way you talking over there he gets sent off every game 😯


    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< would like to watch ya good self marking the dude he was when he got sent off 😆 😆 😆


  14. and janmatt wont be the only rightback that gets sent off this season marking that dude


  15. ————————-Krul———————–
    -Janmaat–Mbemba- Dummett Haidara
    ———————Tiote ——————–
    ——Thauvin————————Aarons —

    Subs: Darlow, Collo, Anita, Colback, Ayoze, De Jong, Cissé


  16. TAE, if I was marking Montero I would have hurt him properly with the first yellow and then played the rest of the game out in relative comfort! 😉

    In fairness, it could be anyone in the team getting reds or not doing the right thing by the team… if we truly want to get better as a team, it can’t be about induviduals doing that kind of ****… Put the team before your own frustrations and it will be a start…


    and droping our best right back is puting the team 1st in your opinion 😆 😆 😆


  18. my point is that players need to be putting the team first….. not the manager… if the manager has to make a statement to the rest of the team then so be it….. just because someone is the ‘best’ at their possition, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to discipline… I could only imagine the rabble that would be your team if you were manager. 😆 😆


    rasbble let ya good self with this comment at 94 😯

    TAE, if I was marking Montero I would have hurt him properly with the first yellow and then played the rest of the game out in relative comfort! 😉

    and you have the front to talk about puting the team 1st 😯 maybe you should practice what ya preach 😆 😆 😆


    is pleased you aint the manager bud your team would prob be runing out for the game wearing jack boots 😯 and giving a funny hand signal to you standing at the dugout 😆 😆 😆 😆


  21. “if I was marking Montero I would have hurt him properly with the first yellow and then played the rest of the game out in relative comfort!”

    Aye, but you might have got a red instead of a yellow for that piece of thuggery.

    If I was marking Montero I doubt I’d get within cooee of him to actually make a tackle, whether to clog him or otherwise.


  22. come on Vegas, I am not a thug, never got a red in my whole playing career…………………. for one tackle! 😆


  23. TAE, it seems I have touched a nerve with the rabble comment… sorry if that has hit close to home mate! 😆


  24. Bris – I’d be happy with that strategy. If I was marking Montero I’d give it ten minutes and then ask Haidara to switch flanks with me..


  25. I reckon Graham Carr had a cheeky Brandy and cigar last night and muttered the line ‘I love it when a plan comes together’ having watched Thauvins performance last night 😛


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