Where do we go from here?

Kick off. Again.
Kick off. Again.
Fresh from a mauling at Manchester City I’ve been pondering just where we are to go from here.

No I’m not pressing any panic buttons just yet and I actually saw some positives at the Etihad Stadium yesterday, just like I’ve seen positives in some of our other games this season, mainly those against the bigger teams if I’m being honest.

Now admittedly there have also been some gaping negatives which have come against sides we should have been looking to get more out of, but our start has been difficult. I the opening eight league games we’ve faced both Manchester sides away from home with Chelsea and Arsenal at St James’ Park. Swansea aren’t too shabby either and neither are Southampton while West Ham can and have taken some notable scalps so far this term. The other game was Watford where we did fall woefully short.

And it is that part that worries me.

Yes we’ve had some tough games thus far but it’s not those games in which we’ve struggled to put a shift in. Against City we should have been two or three goals up and paid for it in the second half by allowing a world-class striker the time to shot at goal. The result was five goals for Sergio Aguero and a 6-1 defeat but for 45 minutes we caused problems. Real problems.

With ten men against Arsenal for the bulk of the game we held our own and against Manchester United our draw was deserved, as was the same with Chelsea. In fact against Chelsea you could argue that we should have got more than we did.

But we now have in international break to stew on all of this and when we come back there is literally no room for error. If we play like we’ve done against the big boys, all of the time, then we will pick up points and with games against Norwich, Sunderland (who will have another new manager in time for the Tyne-Wear derby!), Stoke, Bournemouth, Leicester and Crystal Palace taking us through until the end of November there are opportunities to collect points.

I’ve heard people talking about relegation already and with the sacking season already seemingly in full swing there is always the option to make a rather large change. But we should know by now that changing a manager is extremely unlikely in our current setup. Both of those are out of the question currently.

However the longer things go on like they have and the longer we go without picking up wins then it’s only natural that nerves will jangle but we’ll learn a lot more about this lot in the next few games than we have in the first few of the season and we can then see if they have the bottle for it.

What are your thoughts?

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620 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. I simply dont see maca getting the sack after 10 games, no matter the results. It’s just not the ashley way. Besides, it would bring up the very problem of who to replace him with. Which we have proved totally clueless at since this regime took over.
    No, Maca will get til xmas imo, by which time it could well be too late anyway.
    ironically I do see a home win on sunday, with a full house in attendance. That will lift the spirits of the ever faithful for a week, before another damming defeat to the unwashed.
    We are well and truly rooted to the bottom of the table now and going nowhere but DOWN
    This is one poker game fat ******* wont be winning.


  2. stevie mac on krul’s injury…

    “It’s a massive blow for us, you’re talking about one of the best players in our team.

    “He’s a vital player, very important, and he’d get us 18 or 20 points a season with the way he plays”

    …what a 42 carat plonker you really are.


  3. Troy – if everyone in football can see that Ashleys’ model doesn’t work, cant work, you’d have thought someone, somewhere would have told him. Maybe they have. I genuinely believe he’s completely disinterested in NUFC. Doesn’t care one way or another.


  4. You cannot believe the bloody cheek of jabba he wants fans to pay ยฃ3 for a poster of Krul which is free anyway to support him,the guy is unreal


  5. If we don’t win on Sunday and lose to the Mackems the pressure could be too much for Schteve. He has a history of resigning.

    Then in my pie-in-the-sky view the Fatman should step in. We could attract a decent manager and there are a few available including Lucien Favre. Here is my 6 step programme:

    1. Sack Charnley.

    2. New manager has final say on transfers.

    3. New manager keeps or appoints own coaching staff.

    4. New manager keeps or sacks Carr at the end of the season at their choosing (too late to sack him now for January window).

    5. New manager appointed to the board with – new MD, Chief Scout. Sack Moncur from board (what does he actually do?).

    6. Given our terrible start – guarantee job even if we get relegated.

    I think that would be attractive to a new manager but would be getting away from the “Continental” approach where the MD and Scout have power and a Manager is a mere coach. How has that worked out for us Fatty???


  6. ERIC luckily the better class of managers are digging their heels in and want full control on transfers which is the way it should be imo,but a lot of clubs abroad use just a coach that have no input on transfers in or out,this suits jabba down to the ground and I cannot see it changing


  7. Some of Schteve’s press conference mutterings are almost Carver-esque. The one about Krul saving 20 points a season. And what does he mean by saying he doesn’t look at the table during the first half of the season? Is it then news to him when the prefix to our games is “bottom of the table Newcastle”. As in “bottom of the table Newcastle are at home to Norwich in a must win game on Sunday”. Or as Schteve seems to think it is, and said so – a must play well game. Covering his arse, just in case.

    I never thought anybody would compete with Carvs on saying stupid things at press conferences but McClaren is getting there. YCMIU.


  8. Eric that is what any sane owner would do but this is Mike Ashley we are talking about.
    1. Ashley thought Dennis Wise knew more about spotting PL talent than Kevin Keegan ? Say’s it all really. What came next was relegation.
    2. Kinnear was out of touch in the modern game and got paid for zod all. I hope we get relegated this season, just to piss off Mike Ashley who deserves everything he gets.


  9. I mean, this is a results business. It is not ice skating where they give points for artistic merit or diving where you get points for degree of difficulty.

    If you don’t know where you are in the table, how do you expect to know what you need? This game needs a certain degree of pragmatism. Just look at Mourihno. There has been many a time he sets up a team not to lose first.

    It is OK being a dreamer but not when you are bottom of the league. That is more of an Ostrich.


  10. He didn’t spend a penny in five years. He never replaced a player that needed replacing. This is what happens when you do nothing. Buying only inexperienced PL players is destroying this club.


  11. I really haven’t wanted to criticise Steve even though his record is spotty at best. I didn’t want to be called a Chicken Little as everybody knows I disliked Pardew and thought Carver would fail miserably. However, it seems that if you assume the worst at NUFC then that is a good default position to have. God knows what they expected when they put Charnley in charge.

    It will all change Sunday though and we might pick up some style points as Steve has intimated that we need more than ACTUAL points. He can always console himself with the fact he doesn’t look at the table anyway.

    Just to be totally contradictory, I think we will win on Sunday and probably be only 2nd bottom ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. How many looked at the teamsheet last week and saw Gouffran in defensive midfield and thought “that’ll work”? We didn’t get any style points for the 1st 40 minutes either. What we got was a capitulation. I know the coaches are trying to stay positive but that is beyond sugar coating it.

    I am sorry, but that presser yesterday put Steve up to 11 on the BS-O-Meter.


  13. So, here we are at Hogwartz, I mean The Etihad for a game of Quiditch, no football.

    Harry Potter McClaren brings his team of under-16s to compete against the City all stars, and what’s this, Gouffy is anchoring a new look midfield.

    The whistle blows and the Magpies hold their own for 42 minutes. 5 imaginary points to Grifindor, I mean, NUFC. Can this last?

    Second half and 5 real goals scored in 16 minutes, and 3 real points awarded to Slizerin, I mean City. That’s also a 5 goal difference swing to Slizern.

    But well done Harry Potter McClaren. You were awarded 5 fake points for trying hard for less than half the game and conceded 6 goals against to get the goal difference down to minus 17. Hagred Ashley says he is fully behind you.


  14. And lastly on my McClaren rant. It is OK to have your head in the clouds and not look at the league table but watch out that your head is not up your arse after a few more games.


  15. Here’s something to ponder:

    Everton (2005/06)

    Eight games: 3 points

    End of season: 50 points

    Final position: 11th

    Tottenham (2008/09)

    Eight games: 2 points

    End of season: 51 points

    Final position: 8th

    Crystal Palace (2013/14)

    Eight games: 3 points

    End of season: 45 points

    Final position: 11th

    Sunderland (2013/14)

    Eight games: 1 point

    End of season: 38 points

    Final position: 14th


  16. Georgio @543: in touch with reality? Not yet. Hoping he turns it around as I don’t dislike him and certainly don’t want us relegated. After reading your post @544 there may be hope yet.


  17. Too early to be thinking in those terms you say? I think not. We need 3 teams to be worse than us. That is the reality that we face for the rest of this season and that includes hoping Fatman spends in Jan.


  18. I’m glad you lads and lasses are trying to get some humour out of our present situation. I believe we have the poorest owner in English football in terms of what he is actually doing to develop a good football club. Mike Ashley does what he has always done: make money hand over fist by using us to advertise his rags. And so I am now pleased to officially announce here and now the beginning of the Support Your Big Fat Donkey Rally of 2015. Get out there mates with your flags, signs, posters, whatever and make it clear how you feel about your Big Fat Donkey!!! And make it clear who the Big Fat Donkey is! Mike Ashley loves free advertising so let’s give him some!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  19. Eric and Terry these are worrying times. Spirits are low, points are few, goal difference is negative (as usual) but fear not!!! I will carry on mocking wor owner!!! And now a little ditty for you know who:
    What do you do with a Big Fat Donkey,
    What do you do with a Big Fat Donkey,
    What do you do with a Big Fat Donkey,
    Earl-eye in the morning!
    Way hay and up he rises
    Way hay and up he rises
    Way hay and up he rises
    Earl-eye in the morning
    Shave his nads with a rusty razor,
    Shave his nads with a rusty razor,
    Shave his nads with a rusty razor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


  20. And now the latest from deep within the bowels of wor club. Here it is mates, the eagerly anticipated Senior Official Club Journo interview with Steve (Iโ€™ve got some big ones so donโ€™t worry) McLaren!!!!
    SOCJ: Steve itโ€™s good to speak with you again as we approach another critical match.
    Steve: Well ta to you G2, itโ€™s always good to get the word out on what a tremendous club we have here.
    SOCJ: Excellent Steve. Now how is the atmosphere in the dressing room after the loss of Tim Krul and the fairly lengthy injury list?
    Steve: the atmosphere is excellent G2. Weโ€™ve got some mighty big personalities in that room. Colo has been seen crouched next to his locker muttering something in Spanish like โ€œwhy wonโ€™t they let me leave, all I want to do is leaveโ€, Cisse limps around with a big smile on his face slapping Tiote on the back and comparing bank balances, and Mitro has been banging his heed on walls and muttering something that apparently translates into โ€œIโ€™m going to kill my agent for getting me into this!!!โ€. So as you can see G2 weโ€™re up for a relegation battle, no doubt about it!!!
    SOCJ: Ahhh, I see. Yesโ€ฆ..well I had better let you get back to itโ€ฆ.


  21. Sometimes I worry a bit aboot Steve…..Is the pressure getting to him? Has the Big Fat Donkey already muttered something threatening?


  22. You are the weakest link, it is hard to tell who OUR weakest link is:

    1. Sacked from Derby and resigned from Forest, Twenty, and Wolfsburg?

    2. Cathro: 27 years old, and had one decent job that you quit. Later signed up for NUFC.

    3. Steve Black, last team you “motivated’ was QPR, yes? Yes, indeed you did leave QPR in 2015 AFTER your 18 months of sports psychology motivational speaking helped get them relegated. Who was there at the same time – YES, MCCLAREN.

    4. Paul Simpson: weren’t you with Steve at Derby? Other “fantastic” teams you were at as coach FFS – Carlisle, PNE, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Northwich Victoria.


    All of them??????????????????????


  23. I was totally remiss at not looking at our coaching staff’s CVs. Now I have, I realise why we are bottom of the league.


  24. Must be good team spirit at toon when Sammy says its nice to be out of the Newcastle scene as he’s happy at Cardiff ๐Ÿ™„ sure SM will love that


  25. Schteve is now going to throw a party when we reach 40 points. That soon turned around. I wonder if having 3 points after 8 games changed his mind, although he never looks at the table.


    But, don’t tell Steve Black you have given up already in case he starts putting motivational stickers on your locker (like he is doing with the players now) and giving you self help tapes to take home:

    – it has to rain for there to be a rainbow – (we’ve had the rain!)

    – think outside of the box – (no, think inside the box because that is where we leak goals most).

    – A chain is only as strong as its weakest link – (and we employ Paul Simpson of PNE, Stockport and Shrewsbury so we are ****ed).


  26. It must be great to have a moving target so when Schteve misses there is nobody to blame???

    Top 8
    Top 10
    Top half
    40 points (Partee!!!)
    I don’t look at the table before 10, no, 12 games, no 1st half of the season.
    The season starts after Man City
    We have had an extended pre-season to this point



  27. Managerial career of Paul Simpson (from Wikipedia):

    PNE: sacked 13 Nov 2007
    Shrewbury Town: sacked 30 April 2010
    Stockport County: sacked 4 Jan 2011
    Northwich Victoria: 1 Feb-24 Feb 2012, parted company


  28. McClaren says:

    โ€œAt the present moment, weโ€™re getting little setbacks that are causing us to disintegrate.โ€

    FFS sake get a grip man. What are the team supposed to take from that you pussy.


  29. I hated Pards for his arrogance but loved Brian Clough for his arrogance because he backed it up. Clough said:

    “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one”

    Now Schteve is backing down from everything he said and moving the goal posts, the cheese, backtracking. It is all on tape, in writing. I don’t get where these managers are coming from when they pretend they didn’t say what they said. Be a man, stand up. Call Steve Black to get your balls back if you need to.


  30. Eric
    You hated Carver for his arrogance but said the same quote as Cloughy. “I’m the best manage in the league”


  31. Looks like the onslaught has started. I predicted 12 to 18 months before the same people who wanted rid of Pards and then Carver would start slaughtering the next manager for all the same reasons. ๐Ÿ™„
    The merry go round keeps spinning.


  32. eric @ 554

    if it’s failure or yes men or 24 carat plonkers that you want to employ – then those are the cv’s you’ll need to be looking at.


  33. Troysta: the difference was that Clough could back it up. If you can’t see that there is no hope for you.


  34. Troy @568: why is it so difficult for you to understand that people do not like the terrible football that Pardew played at NUFC or the terrible football and results Carver produced. Or that we don’t think Charnley is qualified for the job.

    I gave Steve a chance but we are bottom of the league and he is now spouting nonsense. Up until now he didn’t spout nonsense.

    I hope he can turn it around but a failed motivational speaker might not be the best way forward and I didn’t realise that Simpson was such a loser. As they say here, my bad.

    Tell Baba Ganoush that her crystal ball was correct. That when we are bottom of the league I would complain about the manager. Now there is deep insight for you ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. Troysta says @568:

    “Looks like the onslaught has started. I predicted 12 to 18 months before the same people who wanted rid of Pards and then Carver would start slaughtering the next manager for all the same reasons.”

    Fantastic insight Troysta. When we are bottom of the league there might be cause to complain, yes? When someone says that we won the first 42 minutes but ended up getting beat 6-1 you might question their sanity. Yes?


  36. Troysta:

    What don’t you get about calling a spade a spade? Pardew was ****e for us in his last 2 years here. Carver was ****e for us, full stop. McClaren is starting to lose it a bit now and you will judge him after 2 more games.


  37. And with all UNDUE respect to ‘Boro, NUFC are not Boro. We are a much bigger and better club than them and having a ****ing party for 40 points would be demeaning. Money is everything in sports now and we have the 7th or 8th biggest payroll. We should be living up to that and not be bottom of the league.

    Yes Swansea, yes Watford, yes Sheffield Wednesday. We should be beating these teams. We should not have only 3 points.


  38. And another thing. I will probably be hated for this, but Beardsley should be sacked. He was a brilliant player who spoke with his feet. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate to speaking with his mouth.


  39. I sometimes get the impression that Troy is happy that we lose. Is content to say “I told you we would be ****e”. That is not good enough. And anybody saying they will be happy if we go down (Stuart) so we can get rid of Ashley are delusional. Who will buy us if we go down?


  40. That we should have a party when we get to 40 points.

    That it meant anything that we played 42 minutes of good football at Man City when we got beat 6-1.

    That Krul gets us 18-20 points a season.

    I could go on, but if you don’t see the ****e you will be covered in a ****storm.


  41. Eric – I’ve been away this week so haven’t seen much at all mate. Krul worth 18-20pts a season?! – maybe in a fantasy football team he is!!.

    I think if we hit 40pts this season I will have a party coz survival will be worth celebrating the way we have started this season. Plus if we hit 40pts, can you imagine what we could have achieve if Krul had been fit & the extra points we could have picked up ๐Ÿ™ we could have won the pissing league!!


  42. Sharpy: McClaren said in a press conference that Timmy-the-hoof was worth 18-20 points a season.. He is a good shot stopper but costs us about 5 or 6 points a season with his kicking so it averages out in my opinion. He is not Neuer or Cech or even that Giraffe that plays for Sunderland.


  43. Eric – it’s total nonsense and there’s not much more needs said about that. I also see he’s targeting survival and writing off top 8 – I think he’s talking sense there, but after 8 games of Ashley setting a top 8 target, I’d be interested in what he has to make of that comment.

    The thing for me is that a lot of top pros & ex pros and managers have credited McClaren as being a very good coach – so I can’t doubt that. But as a manager, and certainly as a media man his credentials are very questionable. I think his credibility with the media is still ‘wholly with the brolly’ and that ridiculous attempt at a Dutch accent – so coming out with ******* like Krul secures 20points a season just does him no favours at all.


  44. Sharpy: when managers talk utter ******* I think I am allowed to call them out on it. Troysta will give me a hard time, but he is in his own little world anyway.


  45. Just watching the Lpool v Spurs game and I like the set up of the Lpool team – 4-3-2-1.
    I’ve been saying for some time now that we should play 3 in midfield. It worked really well when Pardew had Cabaye/Tiote/Jonas in there and I really think that we have midfield players that could make that work.


  46. Wow! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    I tell the truth and some don’t like it.
    YKWYA ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m just pointing out I can’t believe you couldn’t see it coming.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You wanted rid of Pards. You got it. Deal with it ๐Ÿ™„
    You’re to blame for all this.


  47. I didn’t say he was sacked? YCMIU
    I said you wanted rid. You got it. Pards had every right to leave. Fans like you drove him out. Don’t blame everyone else when you are to blame.


  48. Troysta: I didn’t drive anybody out. “fans like me” didn’t like a gob****e and I still don’t like a gob****e. He is talking about leaving Palace to be the England Manager now. He is a total gob****e. Roy won 10 games in a row and Gob****e Pardew is after his job.


  49. utter tosh Tory Boy.
    We wanted rid of Percy because we wanted better.
    Better football, better entertainment better coaching, better everything that percy couldn’t provide.
    Since when has it been wrong to want more for our club than this awful nonsense we are having to endure ?
    I’m glad percy has gone and I dont care how well he does in the future. Quite simply, he failed at NUFC.
    Carver was a joke and Maca is taking a long time to even make an impression.
    Right now, the problem lies at the fat fools feet. It’s his investment that is gradually going down the swanny.
    The time for talking shyte is over. We need to see progress before it’s too late


  50. Wow! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ up pops the other one. ๐Ÿ˜› the same one that said Pards was out of his depth in the premier league.
    He left us in 7th place.



  51. Troysta:

    Yes I would sack him today because I didn’t want him in the first place. I tried to give him a chance but I didn’t want him in the first place. So, yes.


  52. Can you understand Troysta. That if you don’t want McClaren or Charnley in the first place then you don’t care when they are sacked? Is that too much for you to comprehend?


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