Where do we go from here?

Kick off. Again.
Kick off. Again.
Fresh from a mauling at Manchester City I’ve been pondering just where we are to go from here.

No I’m not pressing any panic buttons just yet and I actually saw some positives at the Etihad Stadium yesterday, just like I’ve seen positives in some of our other games this season, mainly those against the bigger teams if I’m being honest.

Now admittedly there have also been some gaping negatives which have come against sides we should have been looking to get more out of, but our start has been difficult. I the opening eight league games we’ve faced both Manchester sides away from home with Chelsea and Arsenal at St James’ Park. Swansea aren’t too shabby either and neither are Southampton while West Ham can and have taken some notable scalps so far this term. The other game was Watford where we did fall woefully short.

And it is that part that worries me.

Yes we’ve had some tough games thus far but it’s not those games in which we’ve struggled to put a shift in. Against City we should have been two or three goals up and paid for it in the second half by allowing a world-class striker the time to shot at goal. The result was five goals for Sergio Aguero and a 6-1 defeat but for 45 minutes we caused problems. Real problems.

With ten men against Arsenal for the bulk of the game we held our own and against Manchester United our draw was deserved, as was the same with Chelsea. In fact against Chelsea you could argue that we should have got more than we did.

But we now have in international break to stew on all of this and when we come back there is literally no room for error. If we play like we’ve done against the big boys, all of the time, then we will pick up points and with games against Norwich, Sunderland (who will have another new manager in time for the Tyne-Wear derby!), Stoke, Bournemouth, Leicester and Crystal Palace taking us through until the end of November there are opportunities to collect points.

I’ve heard people talking about relegation already and with the sacking season already seemingly in full swing there is always the option to make a rather large change. But we should know by now that changing a manager is extremely unlikely in our current setup. Both of those are out of the question currently.

However the longer things go on like they have and the longer we go without picking up wins then it’s only natural that nerves will jangle but we’ll learn a lot more about this lot in the next few games than we have in the first few of the season and we can then see if they have the bottle for it.

What are your thoughts?

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620 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?



  2. Call a spade a spade I say, if it’s ****e call it out…

    Some people meekly accept things, some don’t 😆


  3. Troy’s logic never makes any sense;

    he says we couldn’t get any better than Pardew – yes we could.

    he says we should settle for Carver – no we shouldn’t

    he says give McClaren 8 games – we shouldn’t have given him 1 game.


  4. So Psychs now thinks we could have got someone better than Pardew. I warned you we couldn’t. You didn’t listen. Do you ignore who’s in charge?
    YCMIU 🙄


  5. Look lads it doesn’t matter who you get in as Manager, Led-Coach or what ever else it’s calling itself this week because the outcome will always be the same on Ashley’s watch !
    It’s his failed “Transfer Policy” which is to blame and Guardiola would struggle under the constraints that parasite has set up.

    McClaren asked for Austin to be signed and the other board members overruled him.

    He asked for Colliccini to be moved on and a replacement to be brought in but they overruled him yet again in favour of giving that pile of crap an extension to his contract !

    I knew his place on the board was nothing more than further lip service and subterfuge by “The Football Bored” to keep the faithful onside.
    There were those who said at the time that all they would do is overrule or out vote his suggestions !

    It’s the idiots running the club to blame and true to form they have f**ked it up again which was wholly predictable.
    Throw in Ian Cathro and Paul Simpson already seeing that the job was not what it said on the tin and it is yet another disaster in the making.
    Hopefully this will put a huge nail in the coffin of Ashley’s pathetic regime because when these latest recruits walk out there has to be no one who will work with those knackers !


  6. Joe Hawkins
    That’s what I’ve preached from day one and tried to educate the Pardew bashers on here. The facts were, whoever Ashley replaced Pardew with, he was never going to be better. So we had a steady pair of hands in Pardew, an average premier league manager, but by changing him was always going to be a risk. Yes, we might have got another average manager, creating the same problems but the risk was that we would get worse and face relegation. It looks like Psychs and the rest YKWYA got what they wanted and now they don’t like it. 😉
    Pathetic really. :-/


  7. Troy – wasn’t your patience running thin with Pardew?, I can’t recall the comments verbatim, but I’m pretty sure you questioned how much longer Pardew would get before the Leicester game last season.


  8. Troy – I’m not attacking you there, which is why I’ve avoided saying you were calling for Pardew to be sacked or anything like that – I’m just saying, it wasn’t just the extremists who had or were loosing patience with Pardew.


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