Terrific Toon!

Kwoar this bloke has us playing some great stuff!
Kwoar this bloke has us playing some great stuff!
Well Ladies and Gents it was another fabulous day in the office today for our lads and credit must go to Schteve for making it possible. Not only are we still firmly in the relegation zone but we don’t look like ever getting out of it. Great stuff.

Now I’m not saying Scteve and his charges are the finished article. Far from it in fact. It will take a dogged determination and lay down and die attitude if we are going to fall to the depths of despair and boredom that John Carver and his truly dull football brought us last season, but credit where it’s due – this seasons squad is slowly but surely taking us there again. Marvellous.

Now Chelsea and Man Utd have played some damned fine anti-football this season too, but they have repeatedly let themselves down by scoring occasionally and accidentally gaining points. Thanks to to the fabulous 3 of McClaren, Cathro and Simpson though we have not had to worry about that happening to our wonderful club and we are now looking dead on for the Drop to the promised land of Championship football, having no hope of ever winning a Cup or playing in Europe again. Phew.

There was a time not so long ago when Pardew and his squad had (brace yourself, I’m about to use a dirty word) ambition. There I said it. Please accept my apologies but it had to be done. We have to face up to the truth of our past, no matter how painful. That ambit@@n saw us travel on the Continent and almost earnt us (two more dirty words. Sorry again…) respect and status. Thankfully though Parsed saw sense and ensured we bombed on and off until his time with us ended, having never repeated that ugly mistake again.

Ambi#$%n is for mugs. Aston Villa know what I’m talking about and they are doing a fine job of ensuring that filthy word is eradicated from the terraces of Villa Park forever.

Schteve pretty much thanked the Ref for getting us out of jail today by not rewarding the penalty, which would no doubt have seen us win the game. Forget the fact that the Baggies had 866% of the possession or 59 corners. They were that close to getting their proverbial behinds handed to them by Newcastle’s truly excellent style of play. Yes. Schteve makes a good point.

Before I sign off I just want to address this whole silly ‘Sack Schteve’ nonsense I’ve been hearing. Read my words and ask yourself if you have maybe been a bit harsh on him. I will summarise his time with us so far…

1) We play counter attacking football at home and always lose.
2) We play a big striker up front who loves crosses then field no wingers apart from 3 minutes at the end of a game when it’s already lost.
3) We don’t rotate our squad during a busy festive program.(Rotation is for wimps).
4) £50m later and we are firmly in the relegation zone with Arsenal up next.
5) Scteve extended King Colo’s contract and retained him as Captain. After all, having a leader as Captain would be suicide. We’d probably start winning games and we can’t have that.

So, have you been harsh on Schteve? Yes thought so. Send him an e-mail to apologise. I hear he likes emails.

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Like everyone here, support Newcastle United. Not the easiest side to feel good about at times, but it's our side!

128 thoughts on “Terrific Toon!

  1. shamrock, the pish poor tactics are all down to the three stooges. ive said this for years, EVERYBODY looks more comfortable on the ball than we do, even Sheff Wed reserves taught us a lesson.

    we arent conceding 3 and 4 like a few weeks ago, but we are losing just as badly, with shockingly adept performances. too many dim players who dont understand a team ethic, and for sure mcclaren sure isnt creating a team here. the bloke has absolutely no fire in his belly, and you can see that in his teams performances, absolutely devoid of pride and passion, mirroring the manager perfectly.


  2. MM: I might be in Munich in the summer. Probably my favourite city in the world. Chicago is 2nd. Anyway, Karl Hienz Rummenigge and beyond.


  3. eric if you are give me a shout. i fear ill be out of town from easter onwards, but if im here you can buy me a Franziskaner on the Isar 🙂 and we can lament our relegation together…


  4. the mind boggles at who clown Charnley might be thinking of to replace SM.

    Ashley will have parameters to abide to, including being a yes man and having no say to transfers.

    Even managers like Moyes might be too optimistic.

    Back to Troys list of Hoddle, Big Ron. El Tel, and Arry.. even these might run a mile at the thought of working here. 🙄

    I’d go for someone like Krancar, fresh, young, attack minded who may be tempted.


  5. Can you recall me saying that it would take 12-18mths before Pardews replacement would be getting slated and the Clueless Crew would be demanding his sacking.
    It’s not even 6mths! 😆
    YCMIU. 😛 😳


  6. Troysta: Quinn played for 2 years in the 2nd division. He likes to run his mouth. I don’t know what your definition of legend is? I think my standards are higher than yours.


  7. Quinn wasn’t even that good. A second division striker with a decent run in the second division. Legend, you’re having a laugh.


  8. I think you have to have played a while at the top level to be a “Toon Legend”. I wouldn’t even say Gazza was because he scarpered off to Spurs at the first chance he got. And Mick Quinn, give me a break 🙂


  9. Quinny wore the shirt with pride and his brief spell here was memorable. He always champions nufc on national radio.
    He was a natural goalscorer and I enjoyed watching him.
    Just because shearer and others may have done more and were better players, I still consider Quinny a toon legend.
    Just my opinion. Entirely subjective


  10. Troysta: do you ever read Mick Quinn’s articles? Everything comes back to him. He will say that Elliot had a good game but “I remember the time I chipped a goalie like him, and it made me horses neigh”. He doesn’t seem that bad, just a big blow hard tooting his own horn so he can be on the radio.


  11. Everything is subjective on a blog unless it is a fact. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of lard, fact. Mick Quinn is not a legend, conjecture on my part.


  12. I agree with me as well Mark 🙂 Whenever I see Mick Quinn, Toon Legend , it makes me think Mick Quinn, professional scouser (not Toon Legend). Same with Barton, Gerrard and Carragher.


  13. nah, the scouser legend youre thinking of is bob carolgees, micky quinns look-a-like.

    Now hes a PROPER legend 😆


  14. I wonder why the headline toon legend is used for Quinny?
    Cos he’s considered a a toon legend by many maybe? 😆


  15. by many numpties 😆

    the Chronicle will sell more papers to the public if they add legend to the story. just like they give “victims” toon tops to don to get the sympathy vote.. so very predictable, just like Troy choosing El Tel when I suggested it 😛


  16. Mark: don’t call Troy names man. His one redeeming quality is that he is unwinduppable. He also made me think a little bit about Pards, but I still came to the same conclusion that he is a bit of a tw@t.


  17. the only players I would consider legends would be SuperMac, Keegan, Peter B, Shearer, Andy Cole, Big Les, Albert, Given, Solano & Pavel, Rob Lee, Gary Speed

    fond memories who came close.., Waddle, Gazza, Mirandinha, Ginola, , Asprilla, Varadi, David Kelly, Harper, Dabizas, Robert, Bellers, Amady Faye, bob carolgees


  18. Gash – scratch the last 2, I just saw you said players – but certainly Jackie & Hughie must make the list?!


  19. I could name a few legends but I can also name a few who are not legends. Mick Quinn is not a legend and anybody that calls him such (Chron, Troy) are idiots.


  20. Yes Sharpy. Milburn & hughie probably would be but its mainly players ive seen, apart from Supermac who I can remember people talking about when I was a bairn.


  21. What the Chron are doing is trying to lend some sort of credibility to Quinn because he is their paid spokesman. He played in division 2 for 2 years for us and is a scouse gob****e. If that makes him a “legend” then Lee Ryder is a good writer and needs a pay raise.


  22. What I do not like is when a term is so misused that it degrades the proper use.

    I could say “Newcastle Legend Alan Shearer said…”


    “Newcastle legend Peter Beardsley said…”

    I cannot say ” Newcastle legend Mick Quinn said…,” because he is not a Newcastle legend, he played 2 seasons in the second division.


  23. Now, if Ryder does a proper lead in and says “Quinny” is a

    “total gob****e living off a minor career when NUFC were even ****er than they are now and is a sometime failed horse trainer, Mick Quinn, who I had a game of golf with yesterday and said I should bestow the status of legend on him and stop calling him a thick scouse git”


  24. 5 things I have learned:

    1. Lee Ryder is sh!t at writing.

    2. Mick Quinn is not a legend.

    3. Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley and Bobby Robson are legends and there are a few others as well. But not Mick Quinn.

    4. 4 comes before 5.

    5. Sean Connery really was the best James Bond. He could keep a straight face when saying “Pussy Galore”.


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