Stat Attack! Toon DM’S Vs the Premier League,

Who comes out on top?
Who comes out on top?

A lot has been said about the effectiveness of our defensive midfielders, including failing to protect the back four, passing backwards too often and generally just not being good enough. Following the success of our central defenders and full backs comparisons, I thought we would take a look at Tiote, Anita and Colback in detail.

In order to give this comparison some perspective, two further Premier League defensive midfielders will be compared alongside our own players. First up is Oriol Romeu of Southampton. The Saints are flying high in the league and Romeu is not an expensive superstar. Next up is Wallsend born Michael Carrick of Manchester United. He is still going strong and has been talked abut as a potential Toon summer signing. This time there are 13 disciplines to judge the players on, with the usual scoring system of 10 points for first place, 5 points for second, 3 points for 3rd and a single point for 4th. These are averages over 90 minutes. At the end we will add up each players’ respective scores to see who contributes more to their team overall. I have not included goals scored or defensive errors, because these players produce so few of either. So lets get started:

The dreaded back-pass:

I hear Jack Colback in particular get hammered for this on a regular occasion. Sometimes it is an essential move, but if used too often it kills momentum – so who are the worst offenders? In 5th place is Cheick Tiote, with 25.50 over the 90 minutes. In 4th is Michael Carrick with 19.56. 3rd place goes to Jack Colback with 15.35 whilst Oriol Romeu takes 2nd place with 14.64. Taking this field then, is Vernon Anita with only 10.18.

Forward passes:

We will ignore sideways passes and crosses, sticking with simply forward and backwards passes. For this one Jack Colback shows he is not one for getting involved with forward drives too often, taking last place with 25.75. In 4th is Romeu with 30.22. 3rd place is taken by Anita (30.68) and 2nd goes to Tiote (38). Winner is Michael Carrick with an impressive 54.92.

Key Passes:

This is laying on goal scoring opportunities for teammates. The least useful here is Anita with only 0.20 over the average 90 minutes. In 4th place is Michael Carrick with 0.51. He makes lots of forward passes then, but not a lot of goal scoring opportunities from them. Third place goes to Romeu (0.56) and in second is Colback with 0.59. He might be shy sending those balls forward, but when he does – he sends them forward with purpose. Surprisingly that leaves the winner as Cheick Tiote with 0.63.

Passes Completed in %:

Backwards, Forwards, Sideways etc etc – it’s irrelevant if you lose the ball. Vernon Anita is only successful 80% of the time. Oriol Romeu can only manage 84%, whilst the great Michael Carrick stutters in 3rd place with 87%. In second is Jack Colback on 88% whilst the tidiest in possession is Cheick Tiote with 89% of his passes finding a teammate.


A big part of a defensive midfielders game is getting stuck into the opponent and letting them know they are in game, but if they give away too many fouls and that competitiveness invites pressure on their own teammates. Here Tiote shows he’s a dirty so and so with 2.38 fouls over the 90. In 4th is Romeu with 2.04. Third place goes to Colback (1.48) whilst 2nd place is earnt by Anita (1.45). The cleanest DM then is Michael Carrick, with only 0.51 fouls over the average 90 minutes played.

Yellow Cards:

We can accept our DM’S will pick up the occasional card – but when it becomes routine it stunts the player’s effectiveness because they have to take it easy for the rest of the game. As you might expect, Michael Carrick comes out on top with only 0.14 yellows. Next up is Anita on 0.26 and in 3rd place is Tiote with a yellow every 4 full games. In fourth is Colback on 0.53 leaving the wooden spoon for Romeu on 0.56.

Lost Possession:

Often these lads are our last line of defense before the ball finds it way into our own 18-yard box – so it’s important they don’t get dispossessed. If I say to you Michael Carrick, you probably think ‘tidy player. keeps the ball’. If you do, think again. He loses the ball 1.6 times for every completed 90 minutes. Tiote is up next with 1.3 whilst Romeu makes takes 3 points with 1.2. In second is Jack Colback (1.1), leaving Anita as the safest player to be in physical possession of a football (1.0).

Tackles Won:

We now head into the bread and butter of these players’ jobs. Bringing up the rear again is Michel Carrick with only 1.37 per game. Considering he is supposedly a beast – you might be shocked to find Cheick Tiote only wins 2.12 tackles per 90. In third place is Anita on 2.36 and taking 2nd place is Colback on 2.42. Winner by some margin is Oriol Romeu with a mighty 3.61.

Headers %:

If you think Vernon Anita is maybe a bit lightweight and weak in the air, then you would be right. He is the only player to drop below 50% with 45.83. Taking 4th spot is Carrick, who wins exactly half his aerial duels. In 3rd place is Romeu (55.56) and runner up is Tiote with 62.50%. Jack Colback shows he is a high altitude specialist with 65.22% of his headers won.

Total Duels %:

This includes take on’s, headers and tackles. Little Vernon shows he is no match for the opposition here with only 41.96% of his take on’s won. Cheick Tiote is not much better with 42.11. Romeu takes third with 46.41 and second spot is claimed by Carrick (48.39). Jack Colback shows who’s Boss by being the only player her to win more than half his battles – winning 54.07%.


Who spots those through balls and cuts them off before any real harm is caused? Cheick Tiote is switched on, stopping 2.62 over the average 90 minutes. Anita is not too far behind with 2.50. In third is Romeu (2.32) whilst Colback earns a single point with 2.24. Michael Carrick is last with 2.09.


Oriol Romeu does not react very fast, with only 1.39 to his name. Colback is not much better with 1.42. In third is Tiote (1.50) whilst 2nd spot is claimed by Michael Carrick with 1.66. Top Dog here is Vernon Anita, with 1.71 over the 90.


Final category then, this is the last ditch efforts to save out bacon! Fastest out of the blocks is Jack Colback with 0.59 blocks over the average 90 minutes played. In last place is Carrick (0.14). 2nd place goes to Romeu, who averages 0.56. 4th is Anita (0.26) and in third spot is Tiote with 0.37.

Final Table:

1) 63 Points – Jack Colback.
=2) 52 Points – Vernon Anita.
=2) 52 Points – Cheick Tiote.
4) 46 Points – Michael Carrick.
5) 38 Points – Oriol Romeu.

Final Thoughts:

First thing is to observe that different teams play different systems, so each player will be positioned further forward or further back than others – but they are all defensive midfielders and by including ‘forward’ stats, the the numbers should balance themselves out. From the above table, I think it’s fair to say that any talk of the Toon signing Michael Carrick this summer is nonsense. He is weaker overall than all 3 of our DM’s and is 35 on his next birthday. Anita has shown that he is actually decent player – but 2 big gaps in his game are head-to-head battles and pass completion. The stats are a bit deceiving here as he scores highly, but he seems to be more a reactor than a catalyst. He reads the ball well, but can’t command it. Jack Colback shows he is very well rounded and effective where it matters. There is no doubt he is underrated and should be a key part of our team.

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Like everyone here, support Newcastle United. Not the easiest side to feel good about at times, but it's our side!

211 thoughts on “Stat Attack! Toon DM’S Vs the Premier League,

  1. No I am not, Hitman and you know full well I’m not saying that. unless you can have a rational debate about this don’t bother with the stupid comments.


  2. The prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnson did what he was accused of. Discrediting his statements and having him admit he lied would help their case. It will be interesting to see how the judge directs the jury on what they must take into account to find him guilty – is the girl’s word enough?


  3. You’re right, Eric. But the prosecution have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt and a game of he said, she said becomes almost impossible get that. Maybe his very well paid barrister has advised him to do that? Which would be a disgrace by the way.

    But one point he makes is that during her evidence she says he was late for one of the games because he was engaging in sexual activity with her. He says he wasn’t and the fact he didn’t get fined by the club is proof of that before going on to outline the club rules about lateness and fines.

    It’s all such a mess and ultimately unless there’s serious hard evidence then the jury may just not be able to decide.


  4. your comments through this johnson carry on has been to sympathise with him,you have made excuse after excuse for him and his actions.
    hang your head in shame.


  5. Stuart: there cannot be hard evidence because there was only the two of them in the car and he did not admit to anything more than kissing. That is why they are trying to discredit him. As I said it will be interesting to see what the judge says the jury have to believe in order to convict him.


  6. I don’t know how it works in the UK but in the US you need to prove beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal case. In a civil case you need only prove on “a preponderance of the evidence”. I know this because the victims in the OJ Simpson trial took him back to court and won a massive settlement. If it is the same in the UK the girl could take Johnson back to court for damages and it looks like she would win.


  7. As I said Eric, because she was 15 it was wrong. But I can’t have it that he is being compared to serial and vile paedophiles like Glitter. If people live in such a black and white (pardon the pun) world then what sort of world do we live in? Someone who burgled a shop should be treated the same as robbing a bank? Someone who punches someone and causes a black eye should be treated the same way as someone who punches and kills someone?

    All I am saying is that in my opinion what he has admitted doing is wrong because she was 15, but not a hanging offence, not on a par with real, serious, vile and convicted paedophiles who ruin children’s lives. She was 15, she drank, she acted grown up, she had choices and was capable of making different choices – others younger do not have that luxury.

    I admit some on here will not even try to understand the rationale and that is your prerogative but think of this; If it was a 15 year old boy and he was playing around with a 27 year old women the reaction of many in the pubs, bars and Dressing rooms around the country would be one of “Go on lad! Fill ya boots – she’ll teach you a thing or two.”

    Please, perspective is everything and nothing is black and white!


  8. It’s like the Jeremy Kyle show on here today . . .

    Looks like I was wrong on Mitro and his injury is more serious than I thought. Another try for Perez up top?


  9. Stuart: it is an emotionally charged situation and I haven’t really said anything against your view but have pointed out a few facts as they have come out in court. The law is the law though and what he is accused of is a criminal offense. That’s the way we have to look at it and I think there are guidelines for what the punishment will be.

    Trying to define a paedophile is like trying to define porn. There are degrees of each and I think that is taken into account in sentencing. I can’t remember who when asked to define porn said they couldn’t but they knew it when they saw it. In this case the law is clear that what Johnson is accused of is an offense and I doubt he will be sentenced to the same as he would have if the girl was 10.

    Whether the age of consent should be changed is a different issue and certainly looking more than your age or going to clubs shouldn’t come into it.

    My hope is that if he goes to jail that some dumb fck doesn’t decide they will dish out their own punishment.

    OK, that’s me done with my Jerry-Springer-like rant for today.


  10. Aye, Ice. Guilt by association for them I reckon.

    Latest is the girls friend has given evidence and said she bragged about it and didn’t care about the fact he had a girl friend because he was a footballer…

    What a mess!


  11. Stu, For what it’s worth mate I kinda understand where you are coming from. But and it’s a big but, teenage girls are not like teenage boys, their emotions are all over the shot. Girls like to think they are attractive and sexy and capable of pulling boys much older than them but in reality most are simply not emotionally ready to cope with a sexual relationship at 15. Truth be told they probably aren’t until 18 onwards. That’s not to say they don’t do it unwillingly as many do along with getting drunk and other stuff. I said when we discussed this before that you see these players get so much so young and when you have everything you ever wanted you go looking for your next thrill. It would seem his was a teenage girl, had he got away with it would the girls of gotten younger with the need for a bigger thrill? That’s the really worrying question for me like.


  12. Whether she bragged about it or not doesn’t change the fact she was 15. I am sure there are many cases where girls of that age are ready for sex emotionally but if a 28 year old has sex with them it is still statutory rape. That’s the law and you have to remember that and not be stupid enough to cross that line (not saying Johnson had sex with her).


  13. johnson knew exactly how old this lass was and he didnt care and wanted sex with her.
    hes guilty and a fkin nonce end of.
    theres no grey area here.


  14. That’s something we will never know, Kim.

    Should the age of consent be 18? Then we’d have the same argument if someone had sex at 17 as the law would be the law in a black and white world.

    I guess the ultimate question is this; Did he do what he did because she was 15 or was it because he fancied her? If it was because she was 15 then that’s a real problem and puts a whole new slant on it! But only he will know that.


  15. He might have looked at her and thought “Jeez, she’s fit – she’s 15, nearly 16 so I’ll go for it!” I bet many a lad has thought like that in a night club.


  16. In the cold light of day it’s getting more sinister. Did he know she was only 14 at the time he first saw her and fancied her or was it retrospective?


  17. Just think there is something very wrong when a mature 28 year old man with a stunning girlfriend wants a bit of the other with a teenage girl. It has to be a thrill seeking thing but it’s a slippery road .


  18. Stu – were the 2 blokes who killed Lee Rigby not real terrorists coz they only killed 1 person. Should they not be treat in the same way as the terrorists who blew up the London Underground?.

    You confuse black & white with wrong or right mate. The age of the child is irrelevant, the fact is (and I know you like to deal in facts) that in the eyes of the law she was under age. The fact is he knew what he was doing was wrong and told the girl to delete his messages. The fact is he pursued her, he groomed her. The fact is he lied about what he did. The fact is he allowed people to call her a liar because he didn’t tell the truth. I have never called him Gary Gilter or Jimmy Saville, but the fact is he committed the same offence as they did.
    If it had been a case of him meeting her in a nightclub and not knowing and it was an isolated incident to that one night, then I may give some credence to your point. But that wasn’t the case.
    Should he be hung, no he shouldn’t. But he should be punished severely. Not just for what he did with the girl, but for his lies, deceit and total lack of respect for the law. He has shown little to no remorse for his actions and that is what I find disturbing.


  19. Yes Kim if the attraction was that she was 15, but if it was only because he found her attractive then that’s just a moral issue isn’t it seeing as though he had a girl friend and baby at home.


  20. Having examined his phone they know he was also in contact with other women in there 20s – yet he pursued this relationship.


  21. Actually Sharpy, if you killed 3 people you would get 3 sentences so not quite sure your point.

    Also Sharpy you are talking absolute and utter rubbish!!! How on earth has Adam Johnson committed the same offence as Glitter and Saville? Adam Johnson has admitted kissing a 15 year old girl after texting her. He has been accused of two acts of sexual activity (neither intercourse), Gary Glitter is a convicted paedophiles who was found in a court of law to have had sexual intercourse with minors aged under the age of 8! Saville was accused of having sexual intercourse with minors aged between 10-13!

    How on earth has Johnson committed the same offence?

    But thanks, you have just completely and utterly proved my point.


  22. End of the day hope he’s got some cash saved as he wont work again anywhere and imo his girlfriend will be off with the baby when this is all over,if he ends up in the slammer he will get the hammer,most cons hate this type of crime


  23. Stu – Glitter & Saville pursued a course of sexual activity with a minor – as did Johnson. The difference is that they saw through their intent and Johnson didn’t. I said I have never compared then & I don’t see that his offences are as bad as theirs. But is that because it was discovered before it got that far?. He’s already said he wanted to, which in my eyes is as bad as the act itself in my opinion.
    If you don’t, then that’s up to you. But you will not convince me that he is not a vile human being.


  24. He has admitted grooming her and sexually touching her – not the same as a kiss and a text. It is grooming and sexual touching of a minor.

    Nobody here compared him to Glitter. That was actually you at 137. In fact nobody here was even making a big deal out of it. You started the conversation all over again at 119.


  25. Any one on here who has or had a daughter of 15 will be incensed by his actions. If it was my daughter he’d have no balls about now.


  26. FFS Sham! Sharpy has just said he committed the same offence as Glitter! Glitter had sex with a minor. Johnson has not done that and he’s not even accused of that! That is a comparison in afraid.


  27. Sexual activity covers more than just intercourse, it’s all criminal at the end of the day. Whether 8, 10 or 15 it’s all under age, the age difference may have a baring on sentence length but it’s still the same law he’s broken.


  28. Stu – I never said he had sex with her. But Glitter & Saville gained the trust of young people through their celebrity status – that is what Johnson done & that was the comparison I was drawing. They went on to have sexual relations with those minors, Johnson didn’t but admits to wanting to – which in my eyes is just as bad.


  29. You made the Glitter reference, several times before Sharpy quite rightly pointed out that Glitter groomed children as one of his many offences, which is the same offence that Johnson has pleaded guilty to. So in that respect, it is a fact that they are the same. Johnson has signed the sex register as a result of what he has admitted. He is a paedophile, like Glitter is. Nowhere near the same scale – but that’s what he is. The poi t is, you said people were overreacting as if he was Glitter. Nobody has said that. Only you brought that name into the conversation.

    You also chose to use words such as ‘only texting and kissing’ – deliberately trying to reduce the gravity of what has occurred. That is a tad weird and instead of saying everyone is overreacting, consider perhaps that maybe it is your reaction/views that is abnormal and out of sync with the values of our society’s laws and moral compass.


  30. I notice nobody on here is even looking at my main point. They’re just hell bent on reacting with the same words and descriptions as someone who has actually committed much more serious offences than Johnson.

    How many more times do I have to say what he has done is wrong by the way before people can actually see what I am saying?


  31. Kim – thanks for that link. I wasn’t questioning Eric on it earlier, I just can’t believe the club knew & done nowt about it.
    It makes them sacking him look like a PR stunt now then doesn’t it!!!. It’s fine when it’s private, but now it’s public knowledge it’s unacceptable.


  32. I don’t suppose there is anybody that wants to put forward an article today to take us away from this subject and keep things fresh? I may get time tonight but got lots to do…


  33. Stu – the definition for your benefit mate –

    noun: paedophile; plural noun: paedophiles; noun: pedophile; plural noun:

    a person who is sexually attracted to children.


  34. ice @ 177

    if he does porridge he will be put on the nonces wing where he will get groomed himself – see how he likes it…

    no doubt he’ll be crying himself to sleep every night.


  35. And actually, Sham, maybe I am a little liberal but in my honest opinion a girl of 15 who was out clubbing, drinking, bragging and meeting footballers in cars has quite clearly a mental capacity to know what’s right and wrong the same as Johnson does. As the older person then absolutely he should have stopped it and stepped back as it was wrong (for the millionth time) but I personally would like to take into account all the goings on in this case and I cannot absolve her of all blame due to her social life activities as above.

    I’d also like to draw attention to the fact that only Kim has responded to my comparison to if this was the other way round and the reaction it would receive.


  36. Thanks Sharpy.

    Paedophilia is also defined as “someone who has a disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or over.”

    So plenty of descrepancies.


  37. So essentially I am saying that maybe the law is a ass to class him as a Peadophile due to the age and actions of the girl. He Should still be charged and dealt with by the way.

    The same way that someone older who has sex with a 15 year old after they meet in a club who didn’t know the other was 15 would be charged and found guilty of rape. In my opinion that ain’t rape – but on his criminal record it will say rape.

    I am trying to think of a easy way to explain this in a nut shell. In my opinion if the only offences he has committed is what he has admitted then he shouldn’t be ostracised and have his life ruined due to the circumstances I have argued.


  38. Stuart: nobody is saying she is blameless. She may well have led him on but the law says she can do that and he is still wrong because he is an adult and she is a minor. That’s the way it is, black and white, whether she drank or looked 35.

    What you are saying about picking someone up in a nightclub is wrong as well. If a 28 year old picks up a 15 year old in a nightclub and has sex and she later regrets it and goes to the police that is still a sexual offence.


  39. There is no descrepancy. He IS a paedophile according to the laws of our lands and what he did was extremely wrong according to the moral compass of our society. I’m not sure what you r original point was? You said he only kissed and texted her and that people had overreacted. Neither of which is true.


  40. The same way that someone older who has sex with a 15 year old after they meet in a club who didn’t know the other was 15 would be charged and found guilty of rape.

    No they would not….. Not if they did not reasonable believe or suspect that person was under the age of consent.


  41. There are different degrees of sexual offense and misconduct, that’s why there are different punishments. The law is clear on the age of consent and what happens if an adult has sexual activity with a child. Why are we dealing with hypotheticals when the facts of this case are clear – that she said they had oral sex and he put his hand down her pants and he said he didn’t. He admitted 2 other offences and the prosecution are saying he did the other stuff as well.


  42. In order to be guilty of an offence, unless it is an absolute offence – which sexual offences are not – you are required by law to have a guilty conscience in order to make the offence complete. It is called Mens Rea. That is where the nightclub analogy falls down. Johnson had the Mens Rea and is a dirty paedophile.


  43. Shamrock: is there no statutory rape law in the UK? In the US if a 20 year old meets a 15 year old in a club and they have sex it is statutory rape and he could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law even if she said she was 18 at the time.


  44. The child cannot consent due to age – say 15. But in the nightclub situation the ‘offender’ still needs to suspect or reasonably believe that the child is in fact a child. If the child looks 20 and pretends to be 20 – then the ‘offender’ has no reason to doubt this and therefore is not guilty.


  45. Stu – I have read your original post back which refers to the public outcry being an overreaction (if Johnson is telling the truth), and I have to say I disagree with that too.
    I remember not so long back the musician from the Lost Prophets getting done and think at the time that it wasn’t made public enough IMO.
    These are famous people who are using their status to gain the confidence of vulnerable people and it should be well covered in the media. It should be something people should be aware of because there are also non celebs preying on young people daily as well.


  46. Sharpy: my Dad told me a story about having tickets to see Jerry Lee Lewis in 1958 and then this happened (long winded but shows these things have been happening forever and the public and press appetite for this sort of thing has not diminished):

    Jerry Lee Lewis drops a bombshell in London
    The arrival in the United Kingdom of one of the biggest figures in rock and roll was looked forward to with great anticipation in May of 1958. Nowhere in the world were the teenage fans of the raucous music coming out of America more enthusiastic than they were in England, and the coming tour of the great Jerry Lee Lewis promised to be a rousing success. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Great Balls Of Fire” had both been massive hits in the UK, and early demand for tickets was great enough that 27 appearances were booked in what promised to be the biggest tour yet by an American rock-and-roll star. There was just one problem: Unbeknownst to the British public and the organizers of the coming tour, Jerry Lee Lewis would be traveling to England as a newly married man, with his pretty young wife in tow. Just how young that wife really was would be revealed on this day in 1958, when Jerry Lee “The Killer” Lewis arrived at Heathrow Airport with his new “child bride.”

    It was an inquisitive reporter for the Daily Mail named Paul Tanfield who unwittingly broke the scandal when he inquired as to the identity of an especially young woman he’d spotted in the Killer’s entourage. “I’m Myra, Jerry’s wife,” said Myra Gail Lewis. Tanfield followed up with a question for the Killer himself: “And how old is Myra?” It was at this point that Jerry Lee must have cottoned to the fact that the rest of the world might take a somewhat skeptical view of his third marriage, because the answer he gave was a lie: “Fifteen.”

    Myra Gail Lewis was actually only 13 years old, a fact that would soon come out along with certain other details, such as the fact that she was Jerry Lee’s first cousin (once removed) and that the pair had married five months before his divorce from his second wife was made official. Jerry Lee tried to set minds at ease on this last point—the second marriage was null and void, he explained, because it had taken place before his divorce from his first wife—but even the most skilled public-relations expert would have had a hard time spinning the unfolding story in Jerry Lee’s favor.

    As the press hounded Jerry Lee and Myra Gail Lewis over the coming week, the Killer tried to go on with business as usual, but his first three shows drew meager audiences, and those that did buy tickets showered him with boos and catcalls. When the Rank chain of theaters cancelled the rest of his dates and his fashionable Mayfair hotel encouraged him to seek lodgings elsewhere, Jerry Lee Lewis left the UK, less than a week after his dramatic arrival on this day in 1958. Back home, he would face a blacklisting from which his career would never fully recover.


  47. I doubt if I would have even followed the Johnson trial if he wasn’t a Mackem and had a habit of cutting in from the right and scoring against us.


  48. Personally, Sham I think that attitude is just so sad. If it had been one day before her 16th birthday you would still have the same view I am sure which is quite sad again. Especially taking into account the age and her own actions. It’s a bit like going round calling someone a ******* because their parents weren’t married. Simplifying I know…

    In my view and it doesn’t make me right or wrong but I think the words used in here are very harsh considering what has been proved guilty.

    Anyway, let’s move on. Debates with right wing fundamentalists are never easy… 😉


  49. Sharpy – That filthy animal from that group sexually assaulted a young child – that is disgusting and vile. There can be no excuse, mitigating circumstance or anything for that sort of vile action.


  50. If I were going to spend 66K a timeshare I would actually reach for those 3 cards first, in that order of priority, buying AMEX GC stock to pay. No, I won’t be cancelling Arrival when the annual fee hits.


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