The Five Greatest Newcastle Players of the Premier League Era

  1. Peter Beardsley
    Peter Beardsley

    Peter Beardsley

Any player who played with Beardsley has nothing but admiration for him. He was a player who not only performed brilliantly individually but made other players around him better. Andy Cole attributes much of his success when at Newcastle to Beardsley’s vision and creativity.

Excellent when striking the ball with either foot, Beardsley was able to pass the ball beautifully. For all of Beardsley’s assists for Cole, it’s a sumptuous cross he delivered for Ferdinand to powerfully header home against Aston Villa that sticks in my mind for underlining Peter’s ability to ‘stick it on a sixpence’.

Perhaps Beardsley is best known though for his dribbling ability and in particular that trick he did when he used to cock one leg back before quickly shimmying the ball between feet. Defenders were powerless to stop him, even though they had seen him perform the manoeuvre so often before, they were bamboozled by the speed. One great example of this amazing foot speed was when Pedro scored against Bolton, entering the area, Beardsley quickly tapped the ball from instep to instep so rapidly it sent two or three defenders into psychological despair, one of them stumbling to the floor as if they had just been caught with a classic combination by the late Muhammed Ali. It was truly magnificent stuff from Beardsley.

His character was excellent too. Less ‘in your face’ as others, Keegan still referred to Beardsley as a general leading from the front. He was a good captain because the other players had respect for his ability. Beardsley was also very respectful to his fellow professionals and enjoyed helping and supporting the younger members of the squad. He also considers Newcastle to be his club and has tremendous adoration for it. Yep I’ve got no problem sticking Beardsley in my top 5.

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95 thoughts on “The Five Greatest Newcastle Players of the Premier League Era

  1. So we have signed a keeper who is supposed to be very good and look like signing Gayle and Ritchie. Now can anyone explain to me who Ritchie is as I am assuming he can’t get in the Bournemouth team which might bother me if that is the case…



    Stu – Matt Ritchie did that against the scum mate. He plays week in week out for Bmouth and I believe recently signed a new deal with them – so I was surprised that they would let him go. West Ham recently went in for him too, but obviously didn’t meet Bmouths valuation.


  3. Just reading that the Gayle fee is £8.5m as well. There will be a further million paid if he scores 20 plus goals and a further million if we get promoted.
    I reckon that’s a pretty decent deal personally.


  4. W/Ham wanted to sign two of their players but got knocked back,so bid a maximum 8mil for Richie which was knocked back,looks like toon bid up to 12 mil which was accepted


  5. Ice – I think our central defence has missed a physical presence for a long time now – Hanley would certainly provide that. He’s far from technically gifted, but then neither is the likes of Huth & Morgan and they haven’t done too bad.
    Id take him mate, coz at 24 I think he’s young enough to develop a bit as well.


  6. I think there’s still a chance Townsend will stay – unless he fancies playing left back. Would love pardew getting the england job.
    Watched the vids of the new goalie – seems like he never catches the ball, it’s all parries and push outs. Not sure on that one but looks like Rafa fancies him as No1. Richie’s a decent alternative to Townsend.


  7. I know we have signed a goal keeper and looking like gayle from palace and townsend likely going the other way but our problem last season was defending so when are we going to see defeners come through the door


  8. Well I for one will miffed if Pards gets his mitts on Andros. Why would Andros wanna play under him instead of Rafa, especially considering how much their form dropped off last season under Pards.

    Not sure about Gayle or Richie, will reserve judgement on them until I have seen them 5 or 6 games in. Got to agree with Billy, we need defenders in.


  9. Sharpy , that Farage link you posted, saw bit of it on the news. How to win friends and influence people lesson obviously passed him by. #tosser


  10. Sharpy17: Andy – I’m amazed his dad hasn’t featured on the shortlist yet to be honest mate.

    I’ve defo heard Jamie raving about Roy’s credentials as England manager over the last 4 years though.Then he fails & pretty boy jumps all over him.

    Sharpy: they all did it man. I know they could have been accused of being unpatriotic if they had said too much but they never questioned any of his stupid decisions. They all approved of him taking out of form and injured players, not taking any wingers, trying untested formations in the tournament and allowing Rooney to dictate where he played. Some, like Keown, actively supported these decisions and wrote columns explaining why it was better to take Wilshere and Henderson rather than Drinkwater and Barkley rather than Townsend. Now they are all acting like they never said it.

    The tabloids are even worse. They all have their knives out now. They are a bunch of winps. They all saw the writing on the wall but said nothing. Maybe it is editorial policy but there are all these stories about discontent within the camp coming out now.


  11. Big Dave:
    SRF Good read mate and I would have them all in my top team, the only thing that annoys me about this type article is that it makes you think back to how good we were.
    I don’t think we’ll ever get back to there, but I think under Rafa with proper backing we could get close.
    As for Townsend I would be amazed if he even thought about going to Palace , I think he will be playing for us this season.

    Cheers Big Dave, I think Palace may well be relegation candidates next season and that might put Andros off as he won’t want to go through that again. Thanks for your comments Icedog too, you can go back a bit can’t you? Hopefully we’ll have a great season to look forward to.


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