Shearer says the price tag of this Premier League star is crazy

Speaking to the Chronicle, Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has labeled Paul Pobga’s transfer fee as ‘crazy’.

There is a lot of money in the English game today due the massive television deals and as a result, Premier League clubs currently possess seemingly unlimited spending power.

Well over £1 billion was spent by English top flight clubs this summer and the transfer which stole most of the headlines was Manchester United’s £89 million purchase of Paul Pogba.

United outlay on Pogba means that the Frenchman is currently the most expensive player in the world and considering the current climate of the English game; it would not be a surprise if even the midfielder’s transfer fee is surpassed in the foreseeable future.

Alan Shearer knows all about being the world’s most expensive footballer after Newcastle splashed a record breaking £15 million to secure his services from Blackburn Rovers in 1996 but the 46-year-old has gone on state that £89 million shelled out on Pogba by United is simply ‘crazy’.

Shearer said, “I sort of enjoyed it (being the most expensive footballer). I thought to myself ‘No one’s worth that money’. Still no one is worth that money. If someone is mad enough to pay that type of money then the pressure is on them not on me.

“I enjoyed it. I thought it was great to live with that expectation of what was needed of me and the performances that were expected. I loved that ‘world record fee’ tag that came with it. But £15million then and what is it now? £89million for Pogba, it’s just gone up a little bit, hasn’t it? It’s crazy.”